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saunawhat's the linux equivalent to the windows nslookup command?00:46
ruben_hola, tengo una pregunta quizá tiene sentido en este canal, uso kubuntu hace poco, y vi que pronto saldrá la nueva versión de kde, entiendo que kubuntu 20.04 utiliza todos los paquetes estables. En ese sentido, cuando salga la nueva versión de kde,  ¿conviene instalarla en kubuntu?01:03
BenaqueHola Rubén. La versión 5.19 de Plasma está en la versión de KDE Neón. En kubuntu puedes obtenerla vía -> sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports pero por el momento no la han subido.01:11
BenaqueTodavía contine bugs y el equipo debe de probarla en Kubuntu01:12
ruben_Muchas gracias <Benaque>01:40
BenaqueDe nada, ruben_01:40
ruben_Realmente me gustó mucho la flexibilidad de Kubuntu y está robusto, funciona muy bien01:41
ruben_usé mucho tiempo ubuntu, y durante un buen rato elementary, por lo pulido, pero se volvía muy lenta mi laptop01:42
BenaquePara mí, funciona perfecto con Plasma y los paquetes .deb, pero es cuestión de gustos. Otros prefieren plasma en OpenSuse, Solus, Endeavour, etc. En lo que te pueda ayudar.01:42
BenaquePlasma funciona rápido en kaosx, pero no es base ubuntu, es base arch01:43
ruben_acá no me quejo, tengo una dell xps 13 9370 y va muy bien01:44
BenaquePerfecto. Tengo que reiniciar, estoy instalando. DAme 1 min.01:45
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lordievader1Good morning06:05
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> How r u06:06
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lordievaderDoing alright here, how are you Swift110?06:12
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nicholasthani ant to use make xconfig for kernel building but asks for qt, how can i isttall it on kubuntu?11:22
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hajducsekbHey! I've just bought an HDMI-to-VGA Adapter (I will no longer have access to the HDMI monitor I was using), and when I started up my pc (running Kubuntu 19.10), it went completely black. It was working fine until the login screen, but when the KDE logo appeared, it went out after a few seconds. Since I have Kodi installed, I've tried to load it up as a desktop session (from the login screen) afterwards, and that11:48
hajducsekbworked just fine. My first suspicion is that it detected it as a dual monitor set-up, but I forgot the default shortcut for changing the layout of that (split/mirrored/etc.). Can someone please tell me that? Thanks in advance!11:48
hajducsekbWell, I plugged in the HDMI monitor while I still can, and played around a bit in the display settings. I somehow managed to have it show up on the other monitor.12:12
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BluesKajHowdy folks13:28
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clay_Hello, Im not sure exactly what has happened... after logging in a dialog came up and asked me to choose betwen kwin and13:59
clay_Hello, Im not sure exactly what has happened... after logging in a dialog came up and asked me to choose betwen kwin and other option, which didnt function, so i have chosen kwin, now my desktop appears to be something called lxqt. All my panels and different user configurations are all messed up, I have no idea what happened or how to get it back, I have googled restarting kde5 and kstart5 plasmashell command in konsole gets it14:02
clay_looking somewhat like i had it before, but is only temporary and nothing functions like it should.14:02
BluesKajclay_, did you install Kubuntu or some othef flavour and then install kde/plasma ?14:11
clay_i did a clean fresh install of kubuntu only, i havent tried to install anything else.14:26
BluesKajok, make sure you have plasma-desktop and kubuntu-desktop installed for starters14:31
clay_plasma-desktop is already the newest version (4:5.18.5-0ubuntu0.1). kubuntu-desktop is already the newest version (1.398).14:34
clay_ok no problem14:34
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clay_BluesKaj: thanks, i figured it out... my kids changed the desktop to lxqt at the login screen. I didnt even realise this was possible. The option is hidden by the background and difficult to see... sillyness15:27
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user|80219COME SI INSTALLA16:16
IrcsomeBot<ahangarha> (Photo, 527x300) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/J1rGElt4/file_31800.jpg Is this Kubuntu issue or KDE or Okular?16:17
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* keithzg-M has Kubuntu 20.04 booted back into on his Pixelbook, gonna see if another round of updates has the GUI working again or not . . .16:36
keithzg-MWell shucks.16:50
IrcsomeBot<sigAIO> got home after being gone for three days and my hd was 100% full... found out that in / "timeshift" filled my disc up16:56
lsd_lsd|2: sssssssssssssssssss16:56
naidoehi everybody, earlier i tried to install the rtl8812au driver to use my alfa AWUS036AC wifi adapter, i'm using a laptop and already have an integrated wireless card (Intel Corporation Wireless 8260 (rev 3a)). After many different attempts to try to make the wirless adapter work, i realised that my wireless card was recognised as an ethernet interface (while still having wifi access), i think i broke it even more and am now plugged to my17:00
naidoerouter using a cable without being able to use wifi at all. Anybody willing to help ?17:00
paolo_can someone help me with skanlte17:20
paolo_so afeter the printer installation skanlite doesn detect any scan17:21
paolo_and suggest me to visit scan page17:21
paolo_I have to install sane back ends17:23
paolo_any help ???17:31
paolo_can u help me with skanlite17:42
keithzg-Mpaolo_: Sorry, haven't used a scanner in years, no idea. When in doubt, install the recommended packages?17:42
paolo_keithzg-M: I've installed the driver downloaded from the samsung website17:43
paolo_the printer works is the sca the problem .. the printer is samsung m2070 n17:44
keithzg-MAgain, I haven't scanned anything in years, no idea, sorry.17:44
paolo_my os is kubntu 18.0417:44
paolo_keithzg-M: thanx17:44
paolo_any other help17:45
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daumany ideas on when I use kde for power management settings of turn monitor off after 10 minutes, I can see in my xset q, it's set to 300/600.  But when they go to turn off completely the immediately reawaken, on 5.18.5 (kubuntu 20))19:04
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linux_nDoes kubuntu 20.04 come with snap by default?20:32
oerheksYes, snaps are great!20:36
linux_nOk oerheks thanks.20:38
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TBotNikAll: tried to upgrade to Kubutnut 18.04 LTS on my file server. Live DVD install seemed OK but reboot stalled at the "KUBUNYU" screen.  left it on over night to make sure and still stuch there this morning.  What patches are out there as obviously this Live DVD was not tested and errors?22:44
TBotNikAll: Wrote this up at: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1249313/live-dvd-problems22:47
spacefrogi don't know if this is kder or krdc, but it's very flaky compared to remmina22:54
spacefrogit randomly decides not to work, especially on locally hosted kvm guests22:54
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