jrpasoliniOlá a todos. Que saudade do IRC. Viva a todos que viveram essa época.00:38
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coubertxare u there?09:16
coubertxim new09:16
lubot<tbs61> hello coubertx09:19
slowstoopHi everyone. I have recently installed Lubuntu 18.04.4 to a USB stick and it is painfully slow, even by USB boot standards (have used Lubuntu on a stick going back to 12.04, so have some familiarity with performance hit). I suspect it is related to this error [https://pastebin.com/yRMzqH3B] which pops up whenever I try to install a package and also during the installation process (which took forever). I have found an alleged fix for15:51
slowstoopsaid error here [https://gist.github.com/jeffcogswell/62395900725acef1c0a5a608f7eb7a05] but it seems to apply to GNOME and I believe lubuntu uses LXDE. Wondering if anyone has any feedback or suggestions at all?15:51
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linux_nDoes lubuntu 20.04 come with snap by default?20:35
wxllinux_n: we are forced by ubuntu to install it but even the core snap is not installed so snapd isn't running by default20:36
wxllinux_n: long story short, the overhead is just a wee bit of disk space. if you want to stay away from snaps, don't install any (including chromium, which will result in a snap even if you don't install it as a snap)20:36
linux_nThanks wxl.20:37

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