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alazredzyga: Hi there ! I made the install of snapd from scratch this morning.  There are a few things that seems off When you have a few min look at the step i took to install it. Thanks! https://pastebin.com/Mu53z5km09:20
zygaalazred: can you show me the packaging file, it seems some things are wrong09:21
zygafontconfig bits are something mborzecki should look at next week09:21
zygahe's off today and tomorrow, can you show up on Monday and chat with him please?09:21
alazredzyga: the font config thig is an error related to telegram tho09:22
alazredzyga: Yeah1 I'll try to to seek him on Monday.09:23
zygait's a more complex issue09:24
zygafontconfig broke compatibility09:24
zygaand writes cache in different format without saying the version is different09:25
zygathere was some more differences that were a factor that got partially resolved recently and should be released soon09:25
alazredzyga: here is the PKGBUILD file https://gitlab.manjaro.org/manjaro-arm/packages/community/snapd/-/blob/master/PKGBUILD09:27
alazredzyga: Those are the change that has been made yesterday. https://gitlab.manjaro.org/manjaro-arm/packages/community/snapd/-/blob/master/snapd.install09:28
alazredreguarding starting the snapd.apparmor.service09:28
zygathe post install feels wrong09:29
zygathe socket should be started, not the service09:29
alazredthat was my next question09:29
zygaand the other service should be *enabled*, not started09:29
zygaand it should not be restarted on upgrade09:30
zygaand is it snapd-apparmor.service or snapd.apparmor.service?09:30
zygathe snapd apparmor service only matters on boot09:30
zygadoes not need to be restarted or anything09:30
zygaon upgrade snapd.service should be restarted09:30
zygaon install snapd.socket should be enabled and started09:30
zygaand snapd apparmor service should be enabled but not started (no need to)09:30
zygacompare with our first-party arch version: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/blob/master/packaging/arch/snapd.install09:31
alazredOk and snapd.service will get started when snapd.socket will be enabled. right ?09:32
zygaand even that is buggy as it doesn't mention snapd.apparmor.service09:32
zygasnapd.service is socket activated by snapd.socket09:32
zygaso it will start when needed09:33
zygayeah, I need to talk to maciek09:33
zygathose are all low hanging fruit09:33
alazredSame for snapd.apparmor.service is handled by snapd.socket09:34
zygawhat do you mean?09:35
alazredI mean when .socket get enabled and started it handle snapd.service and snapd.apparmor.service  when it needs it09:36
zygaalazred: snapd.apparmor.service is different09:38
zygait's not socket activated09:38
zygait just needs to be enabled to run once on each boot09:39
zygait's not needed after booting09:39
alazredok all clear ! =)09:41
alazredSo the change needed to be done to have a proper install are: enabling and starting snapd.socket and enabling snapd.apparmor.service.09:42
zygain addition there are some things done in the arch version that should be ported over09:43
zygalike handling reloading snapd09:43
zygaI would sync with Maciek on Monday to discuss details as he knows this part better than I do09:43
alazredok I'll refer that09:44
alazredPerfect thanks again for the help!09:44
zygasure, it's a pleasure :)09:44
alazredzyga: One last thing. someting need to be done with the apparmor.service at all ?09:47
zygaI don't quite know what's the state of apparmor in manjaro but it has the same purpose as snapd.apparmor.service - it loads profiles on boot09:48
zygaapparmor profiles are text files09:48
zygathat are compiled and cached into a binary form09:48
zygathat is then loaded into the kernel to become effective09:48
zygathat service performs that step09:48
alazredok so the snapd-apparmor.service should be sufficient09:49
zygait's not a replacement, it's just handling the part that snapd generated09:50
zygaboth are needed, one loads system wide profiles from packages09:50
zygaand the other loads system wide profiles generated by snapd09:50
mupPR snapcraft#3168 opened: plugins: fix loading of catkin-tools <Created by cjp256> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/3168>11:49
cachioijohnson, when you have 10 minutes, could you please take a look to #8755?12:20
mupPR #8755: tests: fix classic ubuntu core transition auth <Created by sergiocazzolato> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/8755>12:20
cachioijohnson, jello12:22
ijohnsoncachio: yes I will take a look at that test12:23
cachioijohnson, thanks12:28
pedronisijohnson: cachio: standup?13:00
ijohnson2fa sry13:01
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mupPR snapcraft#3168 closed: plugins: fix loading of catkin-tools <bug> <Created by cjp256> <Merged by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/3168>13:44
roadmrjdstrand: hey sorry didn't tell you yesterday - review-tools from 2020-06-08 (the one with the 2.45 snapdecl changes) is now in prod14:08
jdstrandroadmr: nice, thanks! (cc emitorino)14:23
* cachio lunch14:49
emitorinonice roadmr, thanks!14:57
abeatoijohnson, hey, if a kernel/core snap had a failed update, will snapd try to refresh again to the same revision that failed?15:56
ograhopefully not ... you'd end up in an install loop15:58
ogra(because it is likely it will keep failing if it didnt change)15:58
abeatoright... but I would like confirmation ;)15:59
ijohnsonabeato: iirc it depends on how it failed, if it was something like a network error trying to download we should retry but if the device fails to boot from it and it got rolled back no it shouldn't try again, but let me double check the code for you16:03
abeatoijohnson, thanks - I'm talking here about the roll back case especifically16:04
pedronisijohnson: afair we will retry, we need a different way to remember blocked to avoid that16:13
ijohnsonpedronis: hmm maybe I was thinking of `snbap revert` ?16:14
ijohnsonbut also you're right I don't see that code anywhere right now :-/16:14
ijohnsonactually I don't even know that a snap revert will prevent automatic refresh again16:20
ijohnsonI seem to recall John telling me/explaining to me how snap revert marked snaps we reverted _from_ somehow so that they were garbage collected at some point but I can't find that code at all anymore16:21
ijohnsonit's probably still there I just can't find it16:21
pedronisijohnson: yes, snap revert does16:24
ijohnsonpedronis: is that by manipulating the Sequence[] and then something else cleans up the Sequence ?16:25
ijohnsonthat's the only logic I can find in snapstate that seems like it would clean things up16:25
pedronisijohnson: snapst.Blocked16:25
pedronisijohnson: I mean look at SnapState.Block16:26
pedronisbut yes it relates to having Current not match the top of the Sequence16:26
pedronisbut it doesn't help for a kernel that failed completely because that doesn't go into Sequence16:27
ijohnsonI must say how this garbage collection works is quite unintuitive and non-obvious :-/16:28
ijohnsonyeah I see how it works now for snap revert and why it won't work for kernel/base snaps16:31
ijohnsonabeato: so I was wrong we will retry even if the kernel failed to boot and was rolled back unfortunately16:31
ijohnsonabeato: if there's not already a LP bug about this could you file one? unclear when we will be able to get around to it however16:31
abeatoijohnson, hm, I see...16:31
abeatoijohnson, yeah, I will do that, thanks for taking a look - it certainly feels like a bug16:32
pedronisit's definitely something we want to fix, but therer are some open questions around it16:32
abeatoijohnson, so when will it try again? which is the time between snap refreshes?16:33
pedronis6 hours unless configured otherwise16:34
ijohnsonabeato: what pedronis said16:36
abeatoijohnson, pedronis : https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapd/+bug/1883147 - thanks16:38
mupBug #1883147: snapd does not blacklists rolled back kernel snaps <snapd:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1883147>16:38
ijohnsondegville: hey I just noticed that the uc20 release page doesn't have an html title for the specific page ?17:31
ijohnsoni.e. https://docs.ubuntu.com/core/en/releases/uc20 shows up as just "| Ubuntu for IoT Developers documentation"17:31
degvilleijohnson: ah, good spot - thanks - I'll fix it. Most of the pages do place their titles ahead of that IoT stanza. It's probably because I'd quite like to drop it entirely but haven't been brave enough.17:38
mupPR snapd#8850 opened: dirs: delete unused Cloud var, fix typo <Simple 😃> <Created by anonymouse64> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/8850>19:58
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