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Fuseteamit is not currently in an usable state14:26
Fuseteamcurrently the focus is to get lomiri, the new name of unity8, to work on wayland instead of mirclient; there's also work being done to upstream lomiri into debian14:27
bdjuis the OS called ubports or is it called ubuntu touch?14:34
ikmaakUBPorts. butthe channel has been a bit quiet, as the bridge bot died. everybody is on telegram14:48
Fuseteamthe OS is called Ubuntu Touch14:56
Fuseteamthe community is called UBports14:56
bdjuI wasn't sure if both were called UBPorts or not14:56
Fuseteamwasn't the bot up again?14:56
bdjuand yeah, I saw the bridge bot die the other day14:57
bdjuI wonder why most of the activity is on telegram. I've never liked telegram.14:57
Fuseteambecause most people join via telegram14:57
Fuseteamthere's almost 3k people on there14:57
bdjumatrix or xmpp would've been better, imo.14:57
bdjuoh wow. 3k people is a ton.14:57
Fuseteamthere's also a matrix room yes14:58
bdjuoh, what's the address to the matrix room?14:58
Fuseteambut migrating 3k ain't easy ya know hehe14:58
Fuseteamdoes that render correctly?14:58
bdjuit appears as the plain text14:59
Fuseteamgood :p14:59
Fuseteamlooks fancy on my end so i wondered if the bridge handles it correctly14:59
bdjudoes the matrix room connect to the telegram room or is it also separate?14:59
Fuseteambridging a 3k group with a 500 room isn't a trivial thing to do sadly15:00
bdjufair enough15:01
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