guivercHas anyone been able to run 'live' daily tests on hardware over the last few days?   I've had issues with ISOs wanting acting like netboot loaders, wanting to download... ubuntu-studio, kubuntu, xubuntu written to multiple (4) thumb-drives and from 2 boxes  (had no issues with lubuntu on past weekend though)01:42
guiverclubuntu too; "unable to find medium container a live file system \n Attempt interactive netboot from a URL?"   (I can't rule out bad thumb-drives.. but only had this issue since sunday)02:07
guivercditto ubuntu (destkop) too :(03:08
Bashing-omguiverc: What is it that you need ? I can boot an old xubuntu 20.04 .iso and see what the haps be there.03:11
guivercnah, it's groovy issues since sunday (my local time) I've had issues with; booting to netboot (download; focal didn't do that)03:11
guivercbut hanks Bashing-om 03:11
Bashing-omguiverc: :D03:12
guivercissue only occurs on older BIOS boxes... media will boot on UEFI; bug raised03:48
Bashing-omguiverc: Good man that you are :P04:02
guivercyeah... just had it boot on one box, my UEFI good, BIOS bad oversimplied, newer BIOS still boot maybe...  (my older BIOS wording does sort of fit; but I was thinking all BIOS)04:03
guivercone dell d755 fails, another d755 boots... i've got lots of bios boxes anyway for a minimal survey I can add to report..04:05

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