pavlushkaKilos: o/07:34
Kilospavlushka \o07:39
Kilosi am outside most of the time getting some sun07:39
pavlushkaKilos: good for you07:39
Kilosi hate winter07:39
Kilosyou ok?07:39
pavlushkain here, we are trying to avoid the sun as much as possible07:40
Kilosoh my why?07:40
pavlushkait's grilling07:40
Kilosfree vitamin d07:40
Kilosi got tanned brown as a berry in summer and now its fading07:41
pavlushkaKilos: there's a thing called vitaminosis07:41
Kilosyou all scared of skin cancer07:42
pavlushkaKilos: you can always use fake tan :p07:42
Kilosnono i enjoy the sun07:42
Kilosdont forget i was a surf lifesaver for 3 years07:42
pavlushkaKilos: I meant incase of loosing the tan in the winter07:42
pavlushkaKilos: and we are not really scared of skin cancer but getting tanned or from heat stroke, once I had to rescue two goats from heat stroke07:44
Kilosoh ya thats not good07:44
Kiloswhat temps do you get up to there07:44
pavlushkawith all those fur, so think about us.07:45
Kilosi tan and work in the sun up to 40 degrees07:45
Kiloson the beach you cant sit in the shade07:46
pavlushka100-104 fahrenheits07:46
pavlushkawith 80% humidity07:46
Kilosthats like beach weather07:47
pavlushkaor more sometimes07:47
Kiloshot yes07:47
Kiloscan your bot convert fahrenheid to celcius07:47
pavlushkaKilos: I don't know but we all suffer here, it's a general issue, not a working env07:47
Kilosi see that other guy is gone07:47
pavlushka.temp 40c07:50
u-la-lapavlushka: 40.00°C = 104.00°F = 313.15K07:50
Kilosyip thats when most people bburn blisters07:55
u-la-la[ Gofile ] - gofile.io08:03
Kilos-pavlushka you see that?08:04
pavlushkaKilos: no08:06
Kilosoh no08:06
pavlushkaKilos: I know what is tan, and yes i can see that now08:08
Kilossee i am almost an indian08:09
pavlushkaKilos: could be latino08:09

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