dokosergiodj: yes, please drop the Python2 stuff again06:42
santa_rbalint: hi, I got a crash in unattended-upgrades and I think I have a patch, if you have some time I would like to discuss how to get it fixed in ubuntu09:50
rbalintsanta_, hi, sure, how is it crashing?09:51
santa_rbalint: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unattended-upgrades/+bug/188308209:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1883082 in unattended-upgrades (Ubuntu) "Crash when using Package-Whitelist-Strict" [Undecided,New]09:51
santa_just reported a min ago09:51
rbalintsanta_, that's fresh  :-)09:51
santa_it always crashes with strict whitelist09:51
santa_I think I know the cause and I have a possible patch for this09:52
rbalintsanta_, ok, please attach it to the bug09:52
rbalintsanta_, thanks, the fix seems simple and if you attach it i'm including it in the next upload + sru and give the credit since you found the fix first :-)10:00
santa_rbalint: ok, that was what I was going to ask - SRU for focal; what would be the version you are going to use?10:01
santa_because I'm going to build a custom package in a PPA ;)10:02
santa_would be 2.3-0ubuntu0.1 ?10:02
santa_2.3-0ubuntu0.1 for focal SRU I mean10:03
rbalint2.3.0ubuntu0.1 i think, since it is a native package10:03
rbalintsanta_, out of curiosity why do you use strict whitelist?10:04
santa_rbalint: I'm working for a company which requested this10:05
santa_we used to have a home-made script to do this, but I'm rewrking the thing, if possible, with u-a10:05
santa_* reworking10:06
santa_rbalint: the thing needed is having just a small set of packages being upgraded automatically (firefox, openssh server, ...) and the rest manually if I'm not mistaken10:07
rbalintsanta_, thanks, make sense, i'd just would like to understand how u-u is being used in the wild10:08
santa_sure np10:09
Laneyjuliank: on a different note ;-)10:21
Laneycan you help me quickly to make https://salsa.debian.org/release-team/britney2/-/blob/master/britney2/policies/policy.py#L1032 work with xenial's python3-apt?10:21
Laneylooks like that has changed signature since10:21
juliankLaney: you're backporting?10:37
Laneyjuliank: nope, trying to run britney on snakefruit which is xenial10:37
juliankLaney: The architecture option does not exist on xenial10:37
juliankLaney: So I'm not sure this can be run on xenial, because that does the [...] architecture filtering10:38
juliankyou might have to implement architecture wildcards yourself and pre-mangle input10:39
Laneywas hoping for a way to do it anyway :P10:39
juliankLaney: Ah10:39
juliankLaney: You can set APT::Architecture before calling it on xenail10:39
juliankLaney: But like restore it afterwards10:40
julianknative_arch = apt_pkg.config["APT::Architecture"]10:41
juliankapt_pkg.config["APT::Architecture"] = arch10:41
juliankparse_src_depends(block, False)10:41
juliankapt_pkg.config["APT::Architecture"] = native_arch10:41
Laneyah, that's nice if it works, let me try it10:42
Laneyin an except:, maybe upstream will take it10:42
Laneysilly ancient machines10:42
Laneyneat, seems to be working10:54
Laneymerci juliank10:54
parideHi! Groovy live-server ISO images are successfully being built for all the 4 archs: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/groovy/ubuntu-server-live11:33
paridebut the ppc64 image is not published here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily-live/pending/11:33
parideIt use to be up to May 28.11:34
parideany idea of what could be wrong?11:35
cjwatsonabsurdly hard to read but I think the relevant error is:11:35
cjwatsonxorriso : FAILURE : -as mkisofs: Unsupported option '--netatalk'11:35
cjwatsonI think xnox was working on a xorriso upgrade at some point?11:36
parideyeah I saw his branch11:37
paridethe date of the latest comments matches the last day ppc64 images were produced11:40
paridecjwatson, thanks for pointing me to the right point in the build log. fiy this is the problem: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-cdimage/+bug/188310312:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1883103 in Ubuntu CD Images "Switch to xorriso causes failure in ppc64 image generation" [Undecided,New]12:25
paridexnox, vorlon, ^^12:25
* cjwatson nods12:26
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xnoxcjwatson:  paride: i am in progress redoing ppc64el using cd-boot-images. I'll try to push a branch for that asap then.13:47
paridexnox, which does not use --netatalk13:51
parideso maybe it's not needed after all13:52
paridecould it be a legacy thing needed to support Apple PPC hardware?14:05
xnoxit is14:19
xnoxthe new cd-boot-images for ppc64el just has a couple of files and that's it, without any magic options14:20
xnoxand i did test it locally and it does boot14:20
santa_rbalint: I've just attached a patch for a u-a SRU, the first one was cheesy so please ignore it ;)15:02
santa_I plan to use it in the next few days, let's hope it works as expected15:03
Laneyxnox: oh yay for submodules15:04
* Laney grinds teeth15:04
xnoxLaney:  ooooooh is that good or bad?15:11
Laneyxnox: hahah well I've not enjoyed using them up to now15:12
Laneybut still, thanks for the work15:12
cjwatsonBetter than what was there before, probably worse than subtrees :)15:12
* xnox played a lot for with --prefix subtree & submodules15:12
Laneydid you fork all of the repos into Launchpad or something15:12
cjwatsonThe main problem with submodules is that the UI is awful even for git15:12
Laneysorry for asking instead of checking15:12
xnoxcjwatson:  so subtree wouldn't allow to rebase things nicely. Unless something like git-dpm to do the "rebase, but actually git merge"15:13
xnoxwith subtree integration.15:13
cjwatsonAnd likes to sometimes leave submodules mysteriously out of date15:13
xnoxLaney:  cjwatson: yes, i did setup git->git for all of the d-i projects, and then added ~ubuntu-installer team repos based off that, with ubuntu delta, on top of the right debian tag.15:13
xnoxLaney:  cjwatson: so i can setup a "subtree" based git repo with all of those things too, I guess for evaluation.15:14
cjwatsonIt can absolutely be handled, it's just one of those things where you need to pay closer attention than average at the client end15:14
cjwatson(Also doesn't work with recipes and it's not clear how to make it work, though you may or may not care about that - see https://code.launchpad.net/~tintou/git-build-recipe/+git/git-build-recipe-1/+merge/351699)15:15
xnoxright, in the worst case scenario of subtree "rebase" one just removes a subtree and merges in a new one.16:49
bdmurrayvorlon: looking at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PlusOneMaintenanceTeam/Status and "Things to pick from" nautilus-python has migrated right? I'm wondering how up to date this is17:08
vorlonbdmurray: only as up-to-date as the last +1 maint person who updated it :)18:09
arnatiousI'm trying to figure out how to make this SRU: flake8 released an update supporting python3.8 only after we released focal. Should I just make the issue "This valid python code is failing <insert 3.8 language feature>, flake8 3.8 addresses this?"19:37
Odd_Blokearnatious: I'm not 100% sure I understand the question; could you explain the issue in a little more detail?19:58
arnatiousYeah - the python3-flake8 package doesn't support all of python 3.8 as-is19:59
arnatiousOdd_Bloke flake8 released the update adding 3.8 support in early May, after we released focal.20:00
arnatiousWe're on python3-flake8 3.7.9, PyPi has 3.8.x now. flake8 is supposed to keep minor version in sync with python20:01
Odd_BlokeAha, right, I hadn't understood you were talking about SRUing flake8 itself, thanks for the clarification!  Do you have a bug for this?20:01
arnatiousI'm filing one, I was wondering if saying ^ that would be enough for a bug report20:02
Odd_BlokeI'm not a member of the SRU team, so I'm not the best person to be answering that specifically I'm afraid.20:06
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RAOFarnatious: I *am* a member of the SRU team, and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#SRU_Bug_Template is a good start.23:32

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