lotuspsychjegood morning02:21
joelcrumpgood morning lotuspsychje02:22
lotuspsychjehey joelcrump02:22
ducassegood morning07:34
blogtenhi, what's the recommended way to share files from a linux server to a mac?08:39
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marcoagpintoheya guys and girls16:42
marcoagpinto>:) <- the demon16:43
* daftykins hides16:43
marcoagpintoI have been so busy16:43
daftykinseverything's finished, then? great!16:43
marcoagpintonothing is finished16:44
daftykinsi am disappointed16:44
marcoagpintoI have been working on LanguageTool, Unity and thesis16:44
marcoagpintoLanguageTool takes several hour a day because each test of rules takes 10 minutes to perform16:44
marcoagpinto(using 200 000 sentences for the tests)16:45
marcoagpintoWikipedia + Toboeda or something like that16:45
marcoagpintoIs Apple going to use AMD CPUs?16:52
marcoagpintoI couldn't read the article as it was in German16:53
daftykinsno there are rumours they're going to abandon intel and move to using their own ARM SoCs across the entire product stack16:53
marcoagpintowhat is that?16:54
daftykinssystem on chips, the chips in tablets and phones etc16:54
* daftykins sips Dr. Pepper17:01
marcoagpintoDoctor who?17:05
marcoagpintowell, today I spent hours working on a Unity game, fixing LanguageTool rules and wrote two or three paragraphs in my thesis17:08
marcoagpintodaftykins: Is Eulaer's number the exponential?17:09
marcoagpintoI can't ask to the Professor17:09
marcoagpintoit is a dumb question17:09
marcoagpintoBut I want to have a paragraph about exponential and other about e17:10
marcoagpintobut if they are the same, I might join in one paragraph17:10

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