pi0in ubuntu most of the binaries that run without having to set the path are in /usr/bin?00:09
pi018.04 that is00:09
sarnoldpi0: try this to see how many programs are in which of the common executables directories: for d in {,/usr}/{,s}bin/ ; do echo $d ; ls -l $d | wc -l ; done00:10
pi0sarnold: nice! usr/bin has nearly 200000:16
nkinmrnbiwngomrnVery quickly, what is the current best method to transfer a whole firefox profile from a Windows OS to Ubuntu?00:19
nkinmrnbiwngomrn*Sorry, very quick question, not very quickly00:19
Munskoyou mean bookmarks?00:20
nkinmrnbiwngomrnI mean everything00:20
Munskotheres a option on firefox00:20
nkinmrnbiwngomrnHistory, bookmarks, saved data, containers00:20
Munskowith the account00:20
nkinmrnbiwngomrncan't use the account00:20
joshhjust find the windows profile dir00:21
nkinmrnbiwngomrnno internet00:21
joshhif it works the same00:21
Munskoyou can save bookmarks with a generated. html file00:21
Munskoand import them on your os00:21
nkinmrnbiwngomrnthe bookmarks are the least important00:21
nkinmrnbiwngomrnit's mainly all the containers and history00:22
nkinmrnbiwngomrncopying the profile dir is enough then?00:22
Munskocheck where is saved the history and copy that00:22
Munskoi have no idea, its just a suggestion00:23
Munskowith that at least you could see the directions in a .txt maybe00:23
joshhprofile dirs have been all ive needed between computers before, but always either a mac or linux00:23
joshhwindows probably works the same though00:23
Munskobecause firefox isnt "installed" the same way in both os00:23
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goddardwhich package to install the whole budgie desktop?00:43
goddardsudo apt install budgie-desktop-environment or budgie desktop?00:43
Bashing-omgoddard: See: ' apt show budgie-desktop ' and go from there " This package installs the minimal GNOME based package-set".00:46
goddardBashing-om: not sure if it is right or now but looks like it installed very little apps00:48
goddardive never tried solus before or budgie spin00:48
goddardis that normal?00:48
Bashing-omgoddard: I expect as the description indicates "minimal" that will only install what is absolutely required and none else.00:49
mesaboogiegoddard: ubuntu-budgie-desktop is the meta package for the full-meal-deal. YMMV installing on top of mint, but it should be OK? use at your own risk of interference with the mint cinnamon DE. or visa-versa00:50
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goddardthanks a lot00:51
goddardi was trying to find that sucker00:51
goddardBashing-om: you are always in the IRC chats do you get paid ?00:53
goddardBashing-om: you should get paid for always help man00:53
goddardif not00:53
mesaboogieboth gtk based so I suspect it will be alright. not sure what display manager it may install or if it uses lightdm.00:53
goddardmesaboogie: ya lightdm is pretty good00:53
goddardgonna see if it boots brb00:53
Bashing-omgoddard: Payment comes in many forms :P00:54
goddardnope doesn't work01:06
goddardshows the budgie lightdm theme i think and then black screen01:06
goddardwhat file controls which display manager is shown?01:07
sarnoldgoddard: file /etc/systemd/system/display-manager.service01:10
goddardahh looks like it is a sym link that points to lib/systemd/system/lightdm01:12
sarnoldrepoint that as needed01:12
goddardahh so budgie doesn't work with lightdm i guess01:18
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goddardsarnold, thanks01:32
goddardanyone know how to fix scaling in budgie?01:32
sarnoldnvidia? or other?01:32
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k_szewow, 2 intel-microcode updates in such as short period of time. What's going on?02:15
Bashing-omk_sze: https://9to5linux.com/intel-srbds-vulnerabilities-now-patched-in-all-supported-ubuntu-releases ; https://9to5linux.com/canonical-outs-important-ubuntu-kernel-security-updates-patch-now :D02:18
jvwjgamesI'm having issues authenticating users on my RADIUS server I add the user to the users file like it says too and I even just to test added the user to users in the Web GUI. But my RADIUS server still cannot auth them. :(02:18
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cgihas anyone setup a 2-factor with google authenticator on ubuntu recently?02:49
bparkercgi: what is your actual question? what are you trying to do?02:57
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CoDeAmRohey guys i am ubuntu user for many years and i stopped using windows is there a way to watch tv channels on ubuntu because there is many apps for windows but i havent succeed in ubuntu can anyone help04:59
CoDeAmRocan anyone give me iptv links for beinsports please or iptv sites05:02
BlueShark_Hello. What's the proper way to add a startup script to Ubuntu 18.04 MATE?05:03
CoDeAmRogo to ##linuxmint room05:04
OERIASdoes anyone know where I can chat about Nemo?05:04
BlueShark_Why would I do that?05:05
CoDeAmRohere its ubuntu05:05
BlueShark_CoDeAmRo: OK. I am talking about Ubuntu, not Mint.05:05
OERIASBlueShark_, Unity Remix is a lot better05:06
BlueShark_How so?05:07
lotuspsychjeno polls here please, use #ubuntu-discuss for that05:10
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callan919Hey guys, I'm using ubuntu 18.04 on a thinkpad t480s. I just got an eGPU with an AMD Radeon RX580 and I was trying to set it up. I have tried the instructions at https://amdgpu-install.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ but I get a very choppy framerate when using the GPU. Also tried using ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers but still getting the same problems. Can06:46
callan919anyone help?06:46
TheWildI just encountered an odd situation.06:57
TheWildI copied a ~900 MB repository from a disk (ext4) and then accidentally moved back to this disk to another directory, that already had about 100 MB of free space left. Surprisingly mv command didn't report any errors. Now it has 0 bytes of space left, but the repository seems not damaged. WTF just happened?06:57
TheWilddoes ext4 utilize some deduplication?06:57
eoli3n_iceatea-plugin is deprecated07:49
eoli3n_how to install configure java in ff ?07:49
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blogtenhi, what's the recommended way to share files from a linux server to a mac?08:37
lotuspsychjeblogten: try #ubuntu-discuss for that08:38
blogtenEriC^ Jordan_U : https://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub/html_node/gfxpayload.html08:41
ubonei have fan issues with kernel 4.15 that's in 1804 so i installed 4.8 to test and it looks like this downgrade fixed it but the video (radeon) is not as good, any idea why is that09:21
lotuspsychje!rootirc | dinis09:27
ubottudinis: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.09:27
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omega_doomi have a problem with sound. I have usb headset and i cannot chose its mic and headphones at the same time. I can only chose mic or headphones.09:46
omega_doomIf i chose usb headphones then internal mice is chosen automatically and vise versa.09:46
omega_doomSometimes ago alsa reinstallation help me but now it doesn't help.09:48
omega_doomDoes anyone have an idea how to fix that issue?09:48
omega_doomCurrently i have 2 devices in the sound settings. If i chose usb headphones then built-in mic is chosen automatically for some reason.09:50
omega_doomBuilt-in mic is selected by system automatically.09:52
omega_doomhow can i remove everything related to a sound and install it again?09:53
omega_doomI tried: "sudo apt-get remove --purge alsa-base pulseaudio" and sudo apt-get install "alsa-base pulseaudio" but still i cannot select usb headset headphones and mic at the same time.10:03
omega_doomI can use mic or headphones but not both.10:06
raddyHello Everybody10:13
raddyI am having couple of issues in ubuntu10:13
raddyubuntu stopped responding in gnome shell10:23
raddyOnly mouse cursor did work10:23
raddySo, is it a gnome-shell problem or system problem ?10:24
raddyI have to restart the laptop by using power button.10:25
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raddyAnybody there ?10:27
blueavocadoHi everyone! Not sure if this is the right place, but does someone one know if it's currently possible to boot the current Ubuntu 20 Pi 4 image via USB with no SD Card inserted?10:28
waveformblueavocado, no it's not; u-boot is the issue there10:28
blueavocadoaw, thats a shame, but thanks10:29
waveformblueavocado, I'm working on it but there's no quick solution here unfortunately (u-boot currently lacks USB drivers for the pi4 although there's some preliminiary patches on their mailing list - worse still though, I haven't got USB MSD support working on u-boot on prior pi models either, where the USB drivers *do* work, at least for HID devices)10:30
blueavocadowaveform, thanks for the background info! Been struggling to find some intel about this. Guess I'll keep my SD card for now.10:34
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kaur_devel_if can make an application in c language for USB connectivity10:46
kaur_devel_i have searched and i come to know it is possible through libusb. but here is an another issue. For libusb i have to provide product id or vendor id to open the device . but it can't be static. So here is any idea can we make USB connection without using Id's.10:50
mw_raddy, so you're on a multiboot setup? i'm on kde, so no clue about your issue, but you can get textmode terminals pressing ctrl-alt-F*10:52
NVIDIAwhereuAtHow can I save my Screen settings in ubuntu 20.04 . So annoying everytime i log out all settings reset10:59
raddymw_: I tried that as well, didn't work.11:05
raddymw_: But how you know that i am on multi-boot setup ?11:06
pacmexxHoy, how can I find out which commands a package contains?11:16
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mw_raddy, it's just my subjective misconception, i have one machine, if it goes down, i'm not on irc asking for help11:25
NVIDIAwhereuAtWhy is it not possible to save nvidia-settings in 20.04 LTS ? it always resets after logging out11:38
futureRichhello how can i make usb for installing ubuntu?12:12
quadrathoch2futureRich: on which OS are you?12:13
futureRichon hardware12:13
futureRichinstead of os12:13
quadrathoch2I don't understand you futureRich12:14
futureRichi will install ubuntu on desktop directly12:14
futureRichinstead of using vm12:14
MunskofutureRich, you need to make the liveusb thing12:15
futureRichMunsko: ?12:15
Munskoare you on windows?12:15
sayhisnamehey my bluetooth is not working12:15
MunskofutureRich, try with rufus, the iso that you want and some pendrive12:16
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sayhisnamehey im runnin 20.04 my bluetooth isnt working and i have the following system https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SDHQtbSJjV/12:17
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sayhisnameobjerr, hello12:17
sayhisnameobjerr, hello12:18
objerrhello sayhisname12:18
sayhisnameouyes, , hello12:18
sayhisnamehey im runnin 20.04 my bluetooth isnt working and i have the following system https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SDHQtbSJjV/12:18
futureRichwhich version must i download?12:19
objerrsayhisname, do you see any BT when you scan ?12:20
sayhisnameit wont switch on consistantly - most of the time.12:20
futureRichno one is here?12:20
sayhisnamehowd i do a log dump?12:20
sayhisnamefutureRich, are you the youtuber?12:21
objerrsayhisname, check the dmesg -T command for errors after plug it12:21
objerrfutureRich, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS or 18.04.412:22
futureRichthanks i will go to 20.0412:23
CryptoSiDI just installed Ubuntu 16.04 on a server and everytime the server reboot the network interface are getting renamed. How can I stop Ubuntun from renaming the interfaces?12:24
objerrCryptoSiD, try this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1158443/rename-interface-permanently12:26
CryptoSiDI'm trying to reinstall. Will try this if it's still renaming the interfaces12:28
NVIDIAwhereuAtWhy is it not possible to save nvidia-settings in 20.04 LTS ? it always resets after logging out12:30
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JDBugyHello with mitigations=off, life is better over 50% more CPU power!12:59
oerheksinteresting.. but it does not work as you say13:00
JDBugyoerheks: Why isn't it working for you? It works for me!13:02
oerheksplease keep this channel free for ubuntu support, thanks.13:02
C0nundrumhow do i repair a disk after disk errors show up. I usually fsck when it is booted in read only mode but i can't get it to boot into that mode13:08
C0nundrumWHen i start up recovery options and try the fix disk option it asks for root password13:09
C0nundrumleaving it blank doesn't work13:09
strywgrI was thinking of installing ubuntu 20.04 with my windows7 installation. I want to keep them both (dual boot). Read various articles but was confused as in one of them they were creating 2 partitions only '/' and 'swap' whereas in the other they are creating 4! which one should i follow?13:12
NVIDIAwhereuAtWhy is it not possible to save nvidia-settings in 20.04 LTS ? it always resets after logging out13:15
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BluesKajHowdy folks13:29
xbfrogi searched intel drivers for linux/ubuntu and they say they will release no more drivers because linux/ubuntu is mature enough to create their own. I also have a matrox tripplehead2go connected and their seems to be no drivers their beyond kernel 3x. any suggestions how to ask github about creating drivers?13:34
xbfrogor do i need to ask somewhere else?13:35
NVIDIAwhereuAtidk maybe call github support Kappa13:36
xbfrogbtw what is kappa?13:36
xbfrogi also have a fresh install of ubuntu 20.04 and one of he first things i tried to do was check updates thru the app launcher but when the gui came up nothing was there. then i installed 2 apps they showed but nothing else, couple of reboots later more app icons show but no ubuntu/software or full app installs what can i do besides reinstall?13:40
odphey.. im installing off a USB, i can move the mouse around in the installer, but clicking does nothing13:47
odpwent to a tty and back, fixed the issue. weird!13:53
xbfrogi'd say use the keyboard till you reach the desktop or install from iso disc, or plug your mouse into a different usb port14:03
xbfrogok good14:03
odpseems like a bug though? i tried 2 different USB sticks14:04
odpi did try plugging the mouse into a different port14:04
xbfrogi have never installed from usb so i cant say14:04
xbfrogso your mouse works fine now?14:05
odpyep. install went fine also14:21
SynfulAckAnyone install zsh-antigen before on 2004? Installed from source but when i reach the part of editing the the .zshrc and reloading the shell it says command not found: -antigen-env-setup ?14:47
leftyfbSynfulAck: sudo apt install zsh-antigen. Also, "2004" is not a valid version of Ubuntu14:58
renn0xtk9I want to build a docker image (from ubuntu bionic)14:58
renn0xtk9when i do that RUN apt-get install make gcc -y14:58
renn0xtk9I get : Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-libc-dev_4.15.0-101.102_amd64.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]14:58
renn0xtk9anyone an idea why?15:00
renn0xtk9I can ping this ip from within the docker15:02
renn0xtk9but still I get a 40415:02
renn0xtk9I don't understand why15:02
SynfulAckleftyfb, Yeah i already installed from the repo, that was the easy part. Im talking about the part where you gotta edit the file and reload the shell.15:06
leftyfbSynfulAck: "Installed from source"15:07
ioriaSynfulAck, it's broken probably: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zsh-antigen/+bug/1770915  ; check the github link15:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1770915 in zsh-antigen (Ubuntu) "command not found: -antigen-env-setup" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:11
altendkyany chance someone has a recommendation for a thunderbolt 3 'external video card' for a laptop that is known to work smoothly with ubuntu?  i am not looking for a pass-through dongle as my point is to stop having to deal with the nvidia card in my laptop.  (driver crashes and power consumption)  i don't need a full on desktop gpu in a box, just a thing to run an external 4k monitor.  thanks.15:24
SynfulAckleftyfb, oh wow thx. thats fked up, spent all this time trying to figure it out all to end up as a bug.15:41
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slowstooptest tes16:16
slowstoopHi everyone. I have recently installed Lubuntu 18.04.4 i386 to a USB stick and it is painfully slow, even by USB boot standards (have used Lubuntu on a stick going back to 12.04, so have some familiarity with performance hit). I suspect it is related to this error [https://pastebin.com/yRMzqH3B] which pops up whenever I try to install a package and also during the installation process (which took forever). I have found an alleged fix16:16
slowstoopfor said error here [https://gist.github.com/jeffcogswell/62395900725acef1c0a5a608f7eb7a05] but it seems to apply to GNOME and I believe lubuntu uses LXDE. Wondering if anyone has any feedback or suggestions at all?16:16
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slowstoopoh boy, I just read the topic :(16:28
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Sven_vBis it safe to assume that all methods of installing a debian package will use dpkg at their core?16:35
BluesKajyes as default afaik, all debian based package managers use dpkg16:38
Sven_vBthanks! :)16:39
bogsuvsomeone talk with me on https://meet.google.com/wfm-mvyy-tud16:46
housecatbogsuv: 1) Please don't send the same message to lots of IRC channels, it counts as spam and is liable to cause unforseen consequences courtesy of freenode antispam measures. 2) #ubuntu is a technical support channel, not a chat zone.16:51
slowstoopcan anyone help me out with the above query? everyone knows #lubuntu isn't as good as #ubuntu, I just need muh lightweight variant :(16:53
lordcirthslowstoop, I don't see much reason to believe that this error is related to your performance issue.16:58
joshhi thought some of the lighter weight default desktop ubuntu versions were actually "official", hmm17:00
joshhmaybe just not the lxde one17:00
slowstooplordcirth, I suspect the error is being generated constantly in the background, and thr writes to the USB are gumming up the system17:00
joshhi would guess either it's a slow usb stick or for some reason it's not using full usb3 speed or something17:01
joshhmore than a software/distro issue making it "slow"17:01
slowstoopbut in either case, I would like to solve that error, and then I can go from there on the overall slowness17:01
slowstoopjoshh, I have other boot sticks, none of them are this laggy. and I usually run off a 2.0 but my hardware allows 3.0 booting, so it should be the peppiest its ever been.17:02
joshhits probably harmless, i'd just search the code to try to see why it's getting logged, unlikely someone will just point exactly to the problem from that one line17:02
slowstoopcan I ask how I view the system events from the CLI in real time?17:02
lordcirthslowstoop, sudo iotop will tell you what processes are doing IO17:03
lordcirthalbeit not what files17:03
slowstoopcuz I can tell r/w's are happing constantly from the USB access light17:03
joshhwhat kind of system events do you mean?17:05
slowstooplordcirth, ty installing iotop now will check17:05
slowstoopjoshh, errors presumably17:05
joshhmost kernel errors should be in dmesg, other stuff in syslog or systemd/journalctl, etc17:07
joshhbut other events need to be traced differently17:07
slowstooplordcirth, hrmm, iotop doesn't seem to show anything unusual17:08
joshhout of curiosity what do you do with a gui from a usb?  some kind of work on the physical host system from it?17:09
slowstoopjoshh, a milion things really, but yeah system recovery is on that list17:10
joshhi wonder how the same usb stick would do with regular ubuntu with lxde installed, if you think the distro might be a factor17:10
joshhbut if the lubuntu is all patched and configured the same as other working systems, who knows17:10
slowstoopi'm not loving lobuntu lately... its just ive been running it for so long, and my gf loves it so trying to coalesce around just the one distro for the household. they switched from LXDE in 20.04 which I'll put on my actual hard drive and see how it goes17:11
funkyelfWhy is gimp-python not available in 20.04?17:12
slowstoopbut I do need to fix this. what can be causing this error message? https://pastebin.com/yRMzqH3B17:12
slowstoopthere is an apparent solve here, which either adds a package for gnome, or involves disabling it altogether. but I'm not sure what org.a11y.Bus even does17:13
joshhslowstoop: from googling that error it looks like installing install at-spi2-core fixes it (2 separate github discussions i saw)17:14
x9ichow can you get dash with line editing as a package?17:14
slowstoopjoshh, that's what I was gonna try, but it seems to alude to some GNOME problem but I am not running GNOME so... I was unsure what to try17:14
joshheven without gnome proper, you might have other things installed that either try to use it, use the same libs, work with it if it's available and log if not, etc17:15
slowstooptrying now17:15
oerheksfunkyelf, gimp-python is python2, one must look for the python3 version?17:16
joshhi see a pgimp for python3 in pip, is that the same?17:16
funkyelfoerheks, does this exist?17:17
oerheksfunkyelf, just saying what is going on, python2 is EOL17:17
oerhekswell, one can install python2 in 20.04...17:17
funkyelfoerheks, I'm aware... I'm a python developer.  I have python2 installed, don't know what pulled it in, but it's there17:18
joshheven though you can install python2 itself now, they did definitely remove a lot of python2 only modules17:18
oerheksi would switch and look for 317:18
funkyelfoerheks, does gimp work with python3?  there is no gimp-python3 package in Ubuntu17:18
joshhis this not it? https://pypi.org/project/pgimp/17:20
slowstoopok going for a reboot. thanks guys and will return17:21
oerheksjoshh, +117:21
slowstoopok i think that solved all my problems17:33
joshhspeed too?17:33
slowstoopaccess light isn't having a coniption fit at all times17:33
slowstoopnow the true test.. chromium lol17:33
slowstoopyeeesssss! fixed. everything is peppy, will check if error is still occuring on package installs but THANK YOU joshh and others!17:35
qaz101How to find the differences between debian non free and ubuntu?17:38
slowstoopjoshh, yes system speed is much improved, more like what I expected. thank you!17:39
joshhnp but all i did is suggest what you were going to do anyway :)17:39
slowstooplol yeah, but you gave me the confidence!17:40
MonkeyDustslowstoop  hint : Brave browser is a faster and more secure chromium based browser17:44
leftyfbMonkeyDust: feel free to take software opinions to #ubuntu-offtopic17:45
ph88_which package must i install when running ubuntu inside virtualbox ?17:48
leftyfbph88_: for what?17:49
ph88_for making the screen area bigger17:50
slowstoopMonkeyDust, will investigate... just using chromium as my 'open browser' for now. brave is well supported and developped?17:51
strkwhat's the meaning of "blinking" terminal ? color goes from dark to light and back17:51
strklike an alarm of some kind, but doesn't tell me what's the alarm about - I could guess it's because battery is almost over (red icon)17:52
strkbut still, battery estimator says there's still 1h+ left so I don't even know why it complains17:52
MonkeyDustslowstoop  come to #ubuntu-offtopic to discuss Brave17:52
strkoh, I just realized17:53
strkit does this kind of thing when there'a another window on the background17:53
strkreally annoying17:53
quadrathoch2ph88_: i assume you mean virtualbox-guest-additions-iso17:53
ph88_quadrathoch2, i installed that package now but the screen area is not getting bigger18:00
quadrathoch2ph88_: which DE are we talking about, as I know with KDE Plasma there are issues18:01
ph88_default one18:02
quadrathoch2hm that always worked for me :/18:02
quadrathoch2even without any drivers ph88_18:02
akemHey, can i upgrade a machine via ssh? do-release-upgrade?18:08
quadrathoch2yes akem18:09
akemOk, thanks quadrathoch2.18:09
saegiHi, I just upgraded from 16.04 to 18.04, and then from there to 20.04. The problem is, after upgrading the gui has been extremely sluggish, with keyboard inputs taking up to a second to process. Is there a known solution for this or should I go for a clean new install?18:14
ph88_try Lubuntu saegi18:15
JadugarPashaAny budgie users here?18:15
akemAny idea, why i get this message: https://gist.github.com/akem3210/1e83290344404469a9864ad1107c1b1c18:15
youndersaegi, I'd go for the clean install. Distribution upgrades seem to cumulate fixes tha make things unreliable and slow18:15
akemThe computer runs 18.04.02 LTS.18:16
akem18.04.2 i mean.18:16
JadugarPashaakem I think because the official 20.04 LTS support hasn't been rolled out yet18:16
JadugarPashafor 18.04 LTS18:16
JadugarPashaI think the date is set for July end18:16
JadugarPashaI did something to force upgrade18:17
akemJadugarPasha, Ha ok, i didn't know. Thanks.18:17
JadugarPashaBut the upgrade is stable so I suggest you do it.18:18
saegithanks younder, ph88_18:18
quadrathoch2akem: you first have to update to the latest ubuntu 18 release (which is 18.04.418:19
quadrathoch2and if you really want to upgrade you need to give the command another -d (as in development) as the official upgrade happens with 20.04.118:19
akemquadrathoch2, What is the command to upgrade to 18.04.4 please? I thought do-release-upgrade would take care of that.18:20
akemI don't see it in my tutorial.18:21
quadrathoch2akem: it's the normal apt update && apt upgrade18:21
akemquadrathoch2, Hm, it says: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.18:23
quadrathoch2hm then you should be on 18.04.4 not .2 ;) so try out 'do-release-upgrade -d'18:24
imihi can anybody tell me what is livepatch and if it's any better than apt update && apt upgrade?18:24
ikoniait's patching into live menu18:25
ikoniait's a very different approach18:25
ikoniaand has a very different usecase18:25
ikoniamenu ??? memory18:25
oerheksimi sure you know what livepatch is, yes it is better than apt, as it does not require your input18:25
oerheks* for LTS only18:26
akemThx quadrathoch2, looks like it works now. It tells me it is not recommanded to do it via ssh, i'll do it on the physcial machine instead :P18:26
quadrathoch2akem: yeha, something could go wrong, and without any way to interact with the computer is kinda bad then18:28
younderquadrathoch2, I always keep a monitor and a keyboard at hand just in case18:33
quadrathoch2younder: as long as you have the opportunity for that sure. but not in a datacenter ;)18:33
theverbgHave a weird situation occurring with Ubuntu Server and a scan that just reported a CVE... is here the right channel to ask on it?18:33
quadrathoch2you can try theverbg18:35
theverbgCool... I got a report back that we have a vulnerability circa Kernel 2.6... i.e. (CVE-2009-0065)... but our kernel when I run uname -r is 4.15.0-101-generic. (Ubuntu Server 16.04)18:37
theverbgWhat would make my kernel on version 4.15 still be susceptible to kernel 2.6 CVEs?18:37
theverbgOr would you suspect the scan is errant?18:38
ikoniawhat are the cve's ?18:38
oerhekscommit march? https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2009/CVE-2009-0065.html18:39
ikoniaand how do you know it's suseptible ?18:39
oerheks2.6 makes me think about vagrant boxes..18:39
theverbg@ikonia --- we have a third party who runs the scan18:40
theverbgin order to pass on compliance we need to check their boxes.18:40
ikoniathey probably use a crap tool18:40
ikoniathat would be a tricky vunerability to actually test for18:40
theverbg@oerheks --- do those patches get merged back into the main kernel branches as discovered?18:40
theverbglike, I shouldn't be experiencing a 2.6 kernel bug on 4.15, right?18:41
theverbgI tend to think the scan is wrong.18:41
ikoniathe 2.6 bug would not be present in the 4.X tree, it's a totally different code base for the majortiy18:41
ikoniatheverbg: I'd be interesting to know how they are testing it, as it's tough to do, and if it's just a signature based test, fire them, that's poor18:41
theverbgk, good to know. I'm going to report back to these cats and tell them to check their results. Thanks guys!18:41
qaz101How to find the differences between debian non free and ubuntu?19:06
Jordan_Uqaz101: That is such an open ended question that it can't be answered. Do you have a particular problem you're trying to solve?19:12
qaz101Jordan_U i want to learn how Canonical uses debian as base and make ubuntu. what changes they do to  include drivers, which packages are installed by default in ubuntu ?19:15
qaz101How ubuntu have better hardware support than debian non free ?19:15
oerheksa start .. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubuntu/ForDebianDevelopers19:17
qaz101oerheks drivers are also installed as packages ?19:22
oerheksfor Wayland nvidia is a troublemaker19:23
oerheksbut this is linux-wide, not just ubuntu19:23
qaz101oerheks diff apt list --installed, will help ?19:24
qaz101if i run it on same hardware ?19:25
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Inge-Did something change in 20.04 regarding disabling kernel drivers for NVIDIA? neither blacklisting of module or driver_override seem to have any effect (or I've overlooked something) - can't get the card bound to vfio-pci20:05
lpapp_hi, I have installed libusb both 32 and 64 bit, but when I am trying to link against it, I am getting an error, why is that?20:13
lpapp_/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lusb-1.020:13
lpapp_I have both /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libusb-1.0.so.0 and /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libusb-1.0.so.020:14
younderusb is a device you write to. Why do you need to link with it?20:16
lpapp_libusb is a programming library for usb comms...20:16
lpapp_it is a bit old Ubuntu should you need that information, although I think it is irrelevant for the problem at hand: cat /etc/issue20:17
lpapp_Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS \n \l20:17
Jordan_Ulpapp_: Are you trying to link against something you wrote and build yourself? What commands were used to build the object files, and what commands were used to try to link them? ##programming or a more specific channel may be better for this.20:19
younderlpapp_, seriously. I have used comm over usb for like 20 years including writing to embedded devices and never found the need. Are you sure you are doing things right?20:23
lpapp_I am 1000% sure20:25
sarnoldlpapp_: maybe pastebin the build output? maybe there's something else that's preventing it..20:25
lpapp_Jordan_U: but this is a ubuntu issue. It works fine on my Archlinux20:25
lpapp_as the output says: gcc example.c -lusb-1.020:25
lpapp_this is a standard example from the libusb project, really.20:26
younderlpapp_, well you have at least convinced me that your math sucks ;) lol20:26
sarnoldfair enough, if yuou don't want ot share, then you get a wild guess -- apt install libusb-1.0-0-dev and then try again20:28
oerheksor show some script on paste.ubuntu.com ..20:33
lpapp_younder: you are a very constructive person.20:33
lpapp_sarnold: good idea - I had it installed, but I tried installing the :i386 version and that worked.20:40
sarnoldlpapp_: heh, does that mean you wound up building a 32 bit executable? I never did much mixed-arch stuff20:41
GunArmfor years I have been using nfs shares and fstab mounts to get access to my file server from my htpc, it works but is a perpetual headache20:42
GunArmare there any other, better options?  aside from SMB20:42
DrManhattanwhy is samba out?20:43
sarnoldwhat's wrong with nfs? I'll admit it's been a while since I've used it in any serious capacity, but it always worked pretty okay for me20:44
GunArmwell, I actually also have samba, but doing samba linux->linux feels wierd to me, and except for my windows machines I'd kinda like to turn that service off, becauase it's not set up very secure (although that's probably my fault)20:44
GunArmnfs works 99% of the time but it seems very slow at enumerating files, which translates to UI lag on my htpc.  it's slow basically20:45
GunArmnot saying it's awful and want to throw it in the dumpster, just wondering if there's other options since I've always just been focused on nfs20:45
doreii'm using ubuntu18, how can i tell my system to not use the dns it receives from dhcp?20:45
sarnoldGunArm: oh, hmm. that'd definitely make navigating a directory structure of media pretty obnoxious.. I'm surprised though, I'd have hoped that to be decently optimized by now. :/20:46
MonkeyDustdorei  sudo -e /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base20:46
doreiMonkeyDust: no such file or directory :(20:47
MonkeyDustdorei  you can create it20:47
doreii think it'd be better if got rid of the systemd cancer20:48
doreithanks anyway20:48
romraysterHello guys, does somebody know how to debug hibernation? I've tried the commonly explained solutions like creating swap partition at least size of RAM, modifying /etc/default/grub, /etc/fstab but no success sofar. It looks like the machine hibernates but does not restore...20:49
romraysterUbuntu 18.04 is the distro20:50
MonkeyDustromrayster  try this https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/4SgwMBvQXP/20:50
romrayster@MonkeyDust: thanks, will try and let you know in a second20:53
MonkeyDustromrayster  there's also RTCwake (real time clock), which lets you wake up the machine from suspend or hibernation, at the time you specify20:56
Jordan_UGunArm: There's sshfs .20:57
romrayster@MonkeyDust: same issue, it looks like it hibernates but the restore does not work. Fyi, the configs I have:21:00
romraysterSwap: /dev/sdb8: UUID="10881865-bf16-4dde-870f-bb6a04e5ae79" TYPE="swap" PARTUUID="1dec4a36-e7f5-4245-a7bb-aac1b54b7461"21:01
xbfrogwhere is their a beginners ubuntu channel, apparently this isnt it21:02
romrayster@MonkeyDust: and /etc/fstab: UUID=10881865-bf16-4dde-870f-bb6a04e5ae79 none            swap    sw              0       021:03
oerheksxbfrog, there used to be #ubuntu-beginners21:03
xbfrogok, thanks, cause this isnt it21:04
Jordan_Uromrayster: What is the output of "cat /proc/cmdline"? Can you pastebin the output of "journalctl --boot N" where N specifies a boot that you made after hibernating? For example, if you just hibernated and tried to restore and it failed but still brought you to a working system, that would be "journalctl --boot 0" for the current boot. If hibernation failed in a way that caused you to need to reboot, it21:04
Jordan_Uwould be "journalctl --boot 1".21:04
xbfrogo get ignored alot with my beginner questions21:04
xbfrogi'll see if that channel still exists21:05
romrayster@Jordan_U : /proc/cmdline : BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.15.0-99-generic root=UUID=4cddc494-da8b-400f-b983-ccf8a26dc368 ro resume=10881865-bf16-4dde-870f-bb6a04e5ae79 quiet splash resume=10881865-bf16-4dde-870f-bb6a04e5ae79 vt.handoff=121:05
Jordan_Uxbfrog: You're not being ignored. It's just that it can be sort of random who happens to be in the channel, and what they feel that they can help with.21:05
Jordan_Uromrayster: I notice that resume= is in there twice, though I wouldn't expect that to cause a problem.21:06
xbfrogya i know that, but it seems if i ask a question too simple, immediatly someone comes in with a question way above mnie and gets instant response21:07
oerheksxbfrog, your question 8 hrs ago,  matrox tripplehead2go?21:07
xbfrog:P just my prospctive21:07
xbfrogi know, some questions are shooting in the dark cause i find no other outlet21:08
xbfrogbut not all have been like that21:08
xbfrogok lets see21:09
oerheksi bing this; http://ptouchman.blogspot.com/2020/01/fiddling-with-matrox-dualhead2go-on.html21:09
romraysterJordan_U: I will remove the double resume21:11
xbfrogok, thanks, i have since found the answer, matrox is not including linux/ubuntu video drivers since kernel 3x.o etc cause they dont support it anylonger, neither does intel, they think linux is mature enough to support there own21:11
oerheksintel is good supported in the kernel21:12
xbfrogyes video graphics21:12
oerhekslike ati/amd21:12
xbfrogok then iis matrox, i have an external box tripplehead2go that cannot support more than i forget 30xx by 9xx something? i need higher resolution21:14
xbfrogotherwise the onscreen resolution overfills the screen in some apps21:14
xbfrogso far i'm looking at ditching the matrox in favor of plugable usb to dvi adapters21:15
xbfrogi've detailed my setup to them waiting for a response21:16
xbfrogi'm sorry i'm not as tech inclined as most of your yousers, but i do understand alot, maybe not as much as you or someone else her, but i feel inferior21:17
xbfrogtreated infearior21:18
xbfroglike my questions i understand are not some times techinaclly clear, but beneath this room21:18
xbfrogif someone would have said go here, its ubuntu beginers i would have21:19
oerheksxbfrog, do not feel mistreated, sometimes that is the whole point, getting the question right, solves a lot.21:19
xbfrogyes i do understand that21:20
xbfrogbut having a selftaught background, i guess i dont measuer up21:20
xbfrogi just want help with the least interaction21:21
xbfrogi appologize if my questions arent framed in the "tech lango"21:22
romraysterJordan_U: for the boot log, what should I be looking for? For the hibernate there is nothing. For swap I cannot find my swap disk being mounted in the logs, instead there is another swap disk which gets Activated and then Deactivated during boot. I cannot make any sense of it because it's a 200MB partition.21:22
romraysterDo I have to add my swap partition anywhere else except for /etc/fstab ?21:22
xbfrogok, boo hoo, me, i'm not trying to say that. just point me to an avenue i can use. and you did21:22
xbfrogi'll try21:23
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romraysterJordan_U: the normal swap partition gets mounted.  swapon shows: /dev/sdb8 partition 65,4G   0B   -221:27
xbfrogwow, i had no idea this room existed21:28
sarnoldwb xbfrog21:29
xbfrogthank you really :)21:29
xbfrogi hope to be an asset here21:29
xbfrogi dunno much, but what i know, i learned the hard way21:30
xbfrogok with a few helps, but mostly on my own21:31
xbfrogok, with that said: i have lost my show all apps. they only show some not all, what happened? this is a newer install than my other ubuntu install on another laptop21:32
xbfrogthere is no dots on the right of the apps21:33
xbfrogok, is there a primer room? maybe i should ask there.21:34
xbfrogi'll wait21:34
xbfrogi'm using ubuntu 20.0421:36
Jordan_Uxbfrog: Can you post a screenshot showing what you're talking about?21:36
Jordan_U!screenshot | xbfrog21:36
ubottuxbfrog: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.21:36
xbfrogok thanks21:37
xbfroglemme think, and thanks :)21:37
xbfrogok for some reason clicking prn scr deleted this channel21:43
xbfrogbut i now have it now what?21:44
lotuspsychjexbfrog: you just got linked wich website to use for screenshots..21:45
xbfrogyes i hear ya, is imgr ok?21:48
insanidadehi all. anyone receving hash erros while trying to apt update ?21:53
xbfrogok i went to #ubuntu-beginners, asked a couple of questions, got disocnnectd from the room , now it says i need to be invited? really? what happened?, i see i did nothing wrong21:56
pjsHey all.. is there a way to make logind (or whatever) use pm-suspend when I close the lid? I already have the config set to suspend but it doesn't always work (randomly wakes up and drains my battery). It seems to be more reliable with pm-suspend21:56
xbfrog#ubuntu-beginners: Cannot join channel (+i) - you must be invited21:59
xbfrogis irc that closed?21:59
xbfrogno wonder irc is declining22:00
xbfrogthat is super unfrendly22:00
xbfrogno answer? really?22:01
insanidadethat channel is closed. it's only for beginners.22:01
xbfrogthats what i "am"22:01
insanidadeyou are not.22:01
Jordan_Uxbfrog: You never actually joined #ubuntu-beginners, which I think simply doesn't exist anymore (and is "invite only" just to keep people from thinking it still exits or hijacking it, nobody is in it).22:02
xbfrogic , so how am i classified?22:02
xbfrogic, it listed a nick list of many names22:03
xbfrogand someone answered me22:03
Jordan_Uxbfrog: This channel is intended to be for all experiences levels. I'm sorry that you haven't had a good time here.22:03
insanidadexbfrog: delusional. that channel does not exist anymore.22:03
xbfrogno i have not22:03
Jordan_Uxbfrog: I was the one that asked you for a screenshot, in this channel. Your IRC client probably just didn't give a clear error message when you first tried to join.22:03
Jordan_Uinsanidade: Saying "delusional" is not really helpful. Please try to be respectful.22:04
insanidadexbfrog: stay here.22:04
insanidadeJordan_U: trying.22:04
xbfrogi have been ignored way more than responded to, even if some one sensible says i dont understand your question or its beneath me22:04
xbfrogo, ok22:04
xbfrogi didnt realize that22:04
insanidadexbfrog: forget that channel.22:04
xbfrogi do have a screen shot22:05
insanidadeas you can see, people are active here.22:05
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Jordan_Uxbfrog: Can you post it to https://imgur.com , then post a link to the picture in the channel for us to view?22:05
xbfrogsure i can22:05
xbfroggimme a min or 222:06
shinobiis there a way I can open a file with sudo in the file explorer?22:06
romraysterJordan_U: coming back to my question about hibernate, I've solved it. I've made a mistake in the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT. It must be: resume=UUID=10881865-bf16-4dde-870f-bb6a04e5ae79 and not resume=10881865-bf16-4dde-870f-bb6a04e5ae79.22:07
xbfrogand i appreciate your patience :) thanks22:08
insanidadexbfrog: what is the problem ?22:08
romraysterJordan_U: thanks for the help!22:08
xbfrogi have two installs of ubuntu on two different laptops22:08
Jordan_Uxbfrog: If you search for an app that you know is installed but isn't listed in "all", does it show up in the search?22:09
xbfrogone shows all apps fine22:09
xbfrogthe other does not22:09
xbfrogyes it does22:09
xbfrogthe other install shows not only the first cscren but ...s to other installs, this one does not22:10
xbfrogand there are other obvious differences22:11
tttttccccc63there must always be a stereo duplex in the pulsemixer settings if the sound card has an input for the microphone and an output for the speakers?22:11
xbfroglike chrome22:11
Jordan_Uxbfrog: Try creating a new user, just as a test, and see if when you log in as that user you can see all apps like you expect to.22:11
xbfrogok, thats a good suggestion, thanks22:12
Jordan_Uxbfrog: You're welcome.22:12
tttttccccc63https://ibb.co/ynNJk0M https://ibb.co/tc4x8QJ https://ibb.co/JcYtSyd the microphone and sound do not work at the same time. If you choose separately, then yes they work. Windows - ok. Ubuntu-Mate 19.10 update to 20.0422:18
tttttccccc635.4 , 5.722:18
OERIAShi everyone I am currently having an issue with my aux connect headset22:18
OERIASaudio is now only coming through the left side but not the right22:18
OERIASit is a binaural headset22:19
OERIASI am running 20.0422:19
sarnoldTIL russian "entrance" and "exit" also mean "input" and "output" :) neat22:19
OERIASnevermind just fixed it22:20
OERIASturns out that the balance was offset to the left22:20
tttttccccc63Hey people, look into sound settings and tell me the you have stereo duplex in settings, if you have a microphone and an input.22:27
tttttccccc63 if you have a microphone and an out22:27
oerhekstttttccccc63, i think you want pavu control for that?22:28
tttttccccc63i think in sound settings if no duplex I cannot use both the microphone and the sound output.  https://yandex.ru/images/search?from=tabbar&text=linux%20pulse%20analog%20stereo%20duplex&p=3&pos=144&rpt=simage&img_url=https%3A%2F%2Fi.stack.imgur.com%2FcZV9s.png22:31
sarnoldtttttccccc63: in pavucontrol's Configuration tab, Thinkpad Dock USB Audio has both Analog Stereo Duplex and Digital Stereo Duplex -- Built In Audio, however, appears to be missing the Duplex entries22:32
tttttccccc63Only single microphone or sound output. By selecting input or output from the settings.22:33
tttttccccc63https://ibb.co/ynNJk0M I do not have duplex ( дупллекс ).22:35
oerheksthat is not pavu control, right?22:37
oerheks!info pavu-control22:37
ubottuPackage pavu-control does not exist in focal22:37
kostkon!info pavucontrol22:37
ubottupavucontrol (source: pavucontrol): PulseAudio Volume Control. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.0-1build1 (focal), package size 141 kB, installed size 1066 kB22:37
tttttccccc63inputs and outputs only.22:38
oerheksstandard simple gnome sound control, pavu is advanced, used in ubuntu-studio and such22:38
tttttccccc63Ubuntu-Mate. In pavucontrol the same22:38
tttttccccc63In ubuntu-mate not pavucontrol22:39
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tttttccccc63What is the name of the “dummy sound output” installation file in synaptic?22:48
TBotNikAll: tried to upgrade to Kubutnut 18.04 LTS on my file server. Live DVD install seemed OK but reboot stalled at the "KUBUNYU" screen.  left it on over night to make sure and still stuch there this morning.  What patches are out there as obviously this Live DVD was not tested and errors?22:48
TBotNikAll: Wrote this up at: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1249313/live-dvd-problems22:48
BarnabasDKTBotNik, are you sure it is actually trying to boot of your installation and not something else?22:51
BarnabasDKif yes try to set the bios from UEFI to UEFI+Legacy and see if that works22:53
BarnabasDKonly for testing purposes of cause22:54
tttttccccc63I don't remember well. I was installing dummy sound output. But I do not remember what he is called and deleted it or not deleted. Maybe because of this, stereo duplex disappeared.22:56
tttttccccc63And I'm not sure there was a stereo duplex. But I know for sure that the microphone and the sound output worked together.22:58
pjsHey all.. is there a way to make logind (or whatever) use pm-suspend when I close the lid? I already have the config set to suspend but it doesn't always work (randomly wakes up and drains my battery). It seems to be more reliable with pm-suspend23:04
OERIAShi I have a sound question can someone help?23:07
OERIASon Unity there was a  dialogue box asking me when ever I plugged a set of headphones or headset23:07
OERIASis there such thing in budgie?23:07
OERIASI currently had to fiddle around with the settings23:08
OERIASand change the internal mic to headset mic in order to listen to sound23:08
dtuxanyone ever have issues with yubikey on ubuntu? after awhile, i can't use the yubikey (static password) without 1) unplugging and replugging it or 2) opening the personalization tool (as if i were going to reprogram it). if i do 2, the yubikey often types the static password with some characters in the wrong case23:24
dtux^ this yubikey has worked fine on macos for years23:29
sarnoldI use an old yubikey in hotp mode for ~seven years no troubles23:29
Jordan_Udtux: What are you using your yubikey for specifically, and how are you using it? I will admit to having no experience, and little knowledge of Yubikieys, but I assumed that they contained a private key that was used as part of a challenge response authentication rather than simply storing and typing static keys as if they were a keyboard. Are you using it in different ways for different purposes?23:30
dtuxi used to run debian and had no issues... i'm wondering if it's some power-related setting since i'm running ubuntu (pop os actually) on a laptop now?23:31
dtuxJordan_U: I use it to type a long static password for a keepass db. i have never done any of the fancier things :p23:32
jeremy31dtux: this is not pop os support23:32
* dtux understands that23:33
dtuxjeremy31: do you have reason to believe this is specific to pop? e.g. `xinput list` no longer shows the yubikey once i get into that state.23:56

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