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CurlyAny one here?03:20
Bashing-omCurly: Maybe ask the experts: #ubuntustudio  channel.03:26
CurlyBashing-om   Greetings!03:27
Bashing-omCurly: :D Still here even after all these years.03:27
CurlyI didn't know there was a musicians on IRC.03:27
CurlyNice to meet you.03:28
CurlyAre you a musician?03:28
Bashing-omCurly: Closest I come is the volume on the stereo :P03:29
CurlyAll these years, it sounds like you are the sherrif of the channel. Hey that is cool.03:29
CurlyStereo, there are two of you. That must be an interesting thing. :)03:29
CurlyI am just funning.   How are you my friend?03:30
CurlyI was just passing by the IRC neighborhood these days.03:30
CurlyThere are so many IRC channels and Xubuntu is just a tiny little space in the woodwork of telecommunications.03:31
Bashing-omCurly: Well - I generally try to be friendly - less friction that way :D03:31
CurlyBashing, that is a good attitude. Keep up the good spirit.03:32
CurlyBashing-om you remind me of Festus Hagun on Gun-Smoke. He was cool.03:33
CurlyWhat version of Xubuntu are you using?03:33
Bashing-omCurly: Uh Huh - he was a favorite charcater of mine also.03:34
CurlyI like Festus Hagan, if you listen to his reasoning it is confounding. He was quite of a guy.03:35
CurlyMiss Kitty was cool.03:35
Bashing-omCurly: "Now Matt, you know that ain't going to work" :P03:35
CurlyMatt Dillon was a cool guy.03:36
CurlyHe had all of the answers.03:36
Bashing-omCurly: Golden days of TV - long before xubuntu and so many commercials.03:36
CurlyBashing are you a regular on this Channle?03:36
CurlyYeah!  True.03:37
Unit193Hmm, this seems to have drifted a bit from Xubuntu support, perhaps a social channel would be better to continue this discussion?03:37
CurlyI have seen almost all of Gunsmoke episodes.03:37
Bashing-omCurly: Yeah - amongts a bunch of others here on freenode.03:38
CurlyI have been on Freenode many times.03:38
CurlyI have met many good people.03:39
Bashing-omCurly: I have noted that you are apt in support here :)03:39
CurlyWell, I don't own this channel. I found this channel by accident. I am a scientist and a techinical writer. I just do what I do. I try to help people who need help.03:40
CurlyIf I am not welcomed here, I can leave.03:41
Bashing-omCurly: How long have you used 'buntu as operating system of choice ? Got some free time to donate ?03:41
CurlyUbuntu I have been using Linux which Ubunit is  a UNICES distro. For almost 25 years.03:41
CurlyUbuntu is of the UNIX family.03:42
Bashing-omCurly: Well me - old as dirt - been open source since the early 70's.03:43
CurlyI remember a friend from the IRC he called himself: "Papajohn", he used the expression on his part messages that he was: "Older than dirt." Funny you should say that.03:44
CurlyPapajohn, was a nice person.03:44
CurlyI miss him.03:44
CurlyHis friend was:   Tid-bit03:45
CurlyTid-bit was in a hospital bed for years and he made friend on the IRC with me and others.03:45
Bashing-omCurly: Can't say I have ran across them :(03:45
CurlyI don't know what happened to him.03:45
CurlyThat was about 20 years ago.03:46
CurlyI have met so many people on the IRC.03:46
CurlyBashing nice to meet you.03:47
CurlyI am sure you have seen me talk with others here.03:47
Bashing-omCurly: My pleasure also. You in the venue to contribute to the ubuntu effort ?03:48
CurlyWhatever that means, but I thank you. :)03:48
Bashing-omCurly: Above you said you are a "techinical writer" - Ubuntu News Letter could sure use your expertise.03:50
CurlyFrom what I have seen here, there are a lot of people who want to learn Ubuntu.   Ubuntu is a UNIX-like kernel. UNIX is an expensive and eclective OS. UBUNTU is a free distribution which is again free and I applaud those who use it.03:50
CurlyBashing, if you remember that, yes, I am a Technical Writer. I have 5 Masters Degrees. I don't like to brag about it.03:51
Bashing-omCurly: I came to ubuntu from a SlackWare server - when I took the server down and went desktop - ubuntu documentation won me over.03:52
CurlySlackware is from what I remember?     They just don't keep up on the latest news on Linux.03:52
Bashing-omCurly: After fighting with SlackWare - ubuntu was a breath of fresh air :)03:53
CurlyBashing the documentation is not what you should look for. Talk with those who have insight and those who have experience using UBUNTU and Xubuntu and learn that way by experience.03:54
CurlyI can tell you stories about how so many people have struggled with Linux and Ubuntu now it is called Xubuntu. It doesn't change.03:55
CurlyBashing are you a regular on this Channel?03:56
CurlyNice to meet you Bashing.03:56
CurlyMy first experience was Red Hat 6   <--------<  People laugh at me but I learned a lot from that installation.03:58
CurlyI fixed a person's computer and he gave me a Red Hat 6 disk and I learned Lunux from that. I was just a beginner then.03:59
CurlyWhere are you from Bashing?   I am from Massachussetts   USA.04:01
Bashing-omCurly: Arkansas Ridge runner here :P04:01
CurlyArkansas, nice.04:02
CurlyI always wondered why the   s      was at the end of Arkansas    which is silent.04:03
CurlyOthewise it would be   Arkansasssss04:04
Bashing-omCurly: Has to do with Are Kansas ? back when the states were formed .. maybe an indigenous name ?04:04
CurlyI suppose you could add a few more sss'04:05
CurlyBashing what version or distro are you using/04:05
Bashing-omCurly: My daily is a roll_my_own from the 18.04 repo.04:06
CurlyI am using 18.04 LTS but I tried the latest version and it has problems. So This version is a stable version and works well.04:06
CurlyI can tell you from a Technical viewpoint, anytime you use something new there will invariably be issues and then people revert back to the verion that really works so use the version that works safely.04:08
Bashing-omCurly: Just a tool - use what works best for your use case :P04:10
CurlyI agree.04:10
CurlyBashing what do you do for a living? Do you use Xubuntu as a hobbie?04:11
CurlyI eat, drink, sleep, operate, program computers. I live for it because it put bread & butter on my table and put money in my pocket. But, that is not the reason why I use computers. I have been using computers since I was a kid.04:12
Bashing-omCurly: Retired now - and yeah xubuntu keeps me occupied - Communications networks controller.04:13
CurlyController of what?04:13
Bashing-omCurly: Traffic management - fault isolation and restoral :D04:14
CurlyBashing I have 5 Masters Degrees in communications. My Resume would fill up the screen.04:14
CurlyTraffic management, never heard of it. Please explain?04:15
CurlyCommunications traffic?04:16
Bashing-omCurly: Watching the load on the circuits and bringing up or down routes as required.04:16
CurlySo you are a Systems Manager watching the traffic. It reminds me of    Wireshark  <------<   I know about that stuff too. :)04:17
CurlyHave you used:   Wireshark?04:17
Bashing-omCurly: Management is all about the money - I have used wireshark a bit or so, yeah - but I find the exact tool to tell me what I need to know.04:19
CurlyWireshark is a   Port Sniffer or Port Monitor. It looks at the data packets and analyzes the traffic.04:20
Bashing-omCurly: Nice yakking with you but my getting off time - see ya later :D04:21
CurlyIt is a prolific waste of time and money but it works well and if you like being a sneek that is the software. But, the caveat is you need to be at the port accesss to use it. Otherwise it is useless.04:22
CurlyPort Access is the Access point to use the sniffer.04:23
CurlyYakking with you too.  See you anon.04:24
CurlySudo apt-get moo     I    likke    the little   cow.04:38
Curly                 (__)04:39
Curly                 (oo)04:39
Curly           /------\/04:39
Curly          / |    ||04:39
Curly         *  /\---/\04:39
Curly            ~~   ~~04:39
Curly7 lines of text04:40
CurlyASCII is not allowed on this channel. Sorry to see that.04:41
Unit193This is a support channel, of course it's not the right channel for asciiart...04:42
CurlyUnit193  thanks for that edification.04:42
CurlyI will curb my intelligence on this channel.04:43
Unit193...That's....not really the point, just a technical support channel isn't really the place for asciiart...  Alis (/msg alis help list) might know of channels, I've been in a couple in the past.04:45
CurlyUnit193  thanks for the advice.04:46
Unit193Sure thing.04:46
CurlyWhere are you from Unit193?04:47
CurlyI showed where I am from Massachussetts USA04:47
CurlyYou seem to be a technical advisor on this channel.04:48
Unit193Just trying to keep it on topic, so if people don't have much time on their hands they can quickly glance in to see if anyone needs help, is all.  If you'd like a channel more geard towards chat, there's also #xubuntu-offtopic. :)04:49
CurlyUnit193, I seem to be always off-toppic. It is net deliberate, but, some things are blatent and outspoken and so evident to make a comment. There is nothing wroing with that. I hope not.04:50
CurlyUnit193 being a human being is not a sin. Being a jerk is. I work at being an obliging good decent human being, but there are and will always be people who abhore those who adhere to a righteious way of life.04:53
housecatit's not hard to stay on topic04:53
housecatit's a support channel04:53
housecatstick to support04:53
CurlyI am support.  I have so many credentials. It would be a crime to take support fom others.04:54
CurlyNevertheless, I will back off and sit in the side and let everyone fence for themselves.04:55
CurlyThank you for your attention.04:56
v1adimir"Thank you for your cooperation" Bzz-zzt *Puts gun away into leg compartment*08:21
mrDoes anyone have an idea why my Xubuntu installation automatically updated its kernel from the ..-generic to 5.3.0-1026-gke? My college has the same installation and is currently on 5.3.0-59-generic. It seems to cause alot of problems on my system (vpn, video driver and audio stopped working)09:35
pmjdebruijnmr: are you still on 19.10?09:39
pmjdebruijndpkg -l linux-gke09:39
pmjdebruijnwhat does taht say09:39
mrI'm on 18.04. I need to use the Xilinx Environment which does not work on newer versions09:40
mrAlso: dpkg-query: no packages found matching linux-gke09:41
pmjdebruijnwhat does 'dpkg -l | grep gke' say?09:42
pmjdebruijnit's doubtful your xubuntu install automatically updated the kernel09:42
mrii  linux-gke-5.3-headers-5.3.0-1026                            5.3.0-1026.28~18.04.1                                       amd64        Header files related to Linux kernel version 5.3.0ii  linux-headers-5.3.0-1026-gke                                5.3.0-1026.28~18.04.1                                       amd64        Linux kernel headers for09:42
mrversion 5.3.0 on 64 bit x86 SMPii  linux-image-5.3.0-1026-gke                                  5.3.0-1026.28~18.04.1                                       amd64        Signed kernel image GKEii  linux-image-gke-5.3                                                                              amd64        Google Container09:42
mrEngine (GKE) Linux kernel imageii  linux-modules-5.3.0-1026-gke                                5.3.0-1026.28~18.04.1                                       amd64        Linux kernel extra modules for version 5.3.0 on 64 bit x86 SMP09:42
pmjdebruijnmostly likely you installed something that has a dependance09:42
pmjdebruijnapt-get purge linux-gke-5.3-headers-5.3.0-1026 linux-image-5.3.0-1026-gke linux-modules-5.3.0-1026-gke09:43
pmjdebruijndoes that tell you anything else would be removed?09:43
mrYes, Wireguard, the VPN client09:45
pmjdebruijnwell, that why you're getting the gke kernel then09:45
pmjdebruijnmost like apt told you it would install the gke kernel when you install wireguard09:45
pmjdebruijnso xubuntu didn't automatically install anything really09:46
pmjdebruijnjust regular dependancy handling09:46
mrBut my colleague uses Wireguard too, and is on 5.3.0-59-generic09:46
pmjdebruijn18.04 doesn't even have wireguard in the official repos09:46
pmjdebruijnso presumably you added a ppa for that09:46
pmjdebruijnmr: I don't recall saying it couldn't work09:47
mrThe thing is we both did the exact same thing there09:47
pmjdebruijnmay he didn't reboot just yet?09:47
pmjdebruijnnew kernel installs only take ffect after reboot09:47
mrWe did this over 2 months ago09:47
pmjdebruijnalso, do apt-cache show wireguard | grep -i gke09:47
pmjdebruijnmaybe it's just a recommends, not a depends09:48
pmjdebruijnoh wait, but then purge wouldn't remove it09:48
pmjdebruijnto be honest, I'd just use openvpn09:48
pmjdebruijnas opposed to use some ppa, that installs third party kernel modules09:48
mrAfaik I don't really have a choice there09:48
pmjdebruijngenerally speaking whenever stuff installs kernel modules, you should be weary09:48
pmjdebruijnsomeone's forcing wireguard onto you?09:49
mrWell the employer09:49
pmjdebruijnwireguard is barely out of beta09:49
pmjdebruijnit's only just mainlined09:49
Unit193I mean it's in mainline released kernels, soo.09:49
pmjdebruijn20.04 actually had a backport the code09:49
pmjdebruijnUnit193: only just now09:50
pmjdebruijnusing wireguard basically means you're going to have a terrible time connecting with anything that isn't super-current09:50
pmjdebruijnwhich is a rather stupid business decision09:50
pmjdebruijnwireguard will be awesome in a year or two09:50
pmjdebruijnwhen it's semi universally supported09:50
pmjdebruijnmr: during bootup you can select a different kernel from grub though09:51
pmjdebruijnmr: are you using the official wireguard ppa?09:51
pmjdebruijnhttps://launchpad.net/~wireguard/+archive/ubuntu/wireguard presumably that one?09:52
pmjdebruijnyou may want to contact the team09:52
pmjdebruijnhaving a hard dependancy on the gke may be not intentional?09:52
mrYes i use that one. Maybe.09:53
pmjdebruijngrep wireguard /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*09:53
Unit193(It doesn't have a hard dep on gke)09:53
mrWhether its intentional09:53
mrI added the ppa09:53
mrNo maybe there09:53
pmjdebruijnmr: put 'apt-cache show wireguard ' on pastebin09:53
pmjdebruijnthen why would purgeing the gke packages, also remove wireguard?09:56
pmjdebruijnsame for apt-cache show wireguard-dkms wireguard-tools and wireguard-modules09:57
pmjdebruijnsee how that's linked together09:57
Unit193wireguard depends on either the dkms module, or a kernel that has support for wireguard.  Certain HWE kernels do.09:57
pmjdebruijnjust a matter of following the breadcrumps09:57
rhodeCan i ask the group here. I have been looking at my HW stack here at home, and that have brought me to thinking about the "arms-race" for updating that many of us do (gear-lust). However how much do we actually need ?   E.G. how much RAM are you guys using in your system, and are you hitting the limits of that ?10:03
rhodeMostly asking people using the machine for normal things - not Video/YT creators, or people running multiple simultanious VM's - just ordinary user. Would 8 GB be limiting for you in any way ?10:03
mrSo is it reasonable to assume the package wireguard-dkms could be used instead of that kernel?10:07
mrAlso is there an easy way to "fix" my setup (installing a ..-generic kernel and the wireguard package instead)?10:08
Unit193Provided a kernel doesn't have 'privides: wireguard-modules', yeah -dkms is the next best thing.10:09
Unit193Perhaps  apt install linux-generic wireguard-dkms?10:09
pmjdebruijnUnit193: presumably mr still has linux-generic10:13
mrOk, thanks pmjdebruijn10:16
Unit193Hrm, are focal HWE kernels out for Bionic at this time?10:21
Unit193Bummer, would have to use dkms then.10:22
pmjdebruijnthere's a 3 month delay10:22
pmjdebruijnwhich is exactly why I find it baffling people are using wireguard in business already10:22
pmjdebruijnit's bizarre10:22
Unit193Aka "They come with the first point release"10:22
pmjdebruijnit's funny how easy some people are pulled into the hype train10:23
Unit193I think calling it 'hype' is a bit overboard, but meh.10:24
pmjdebruijnhype does not imply the technology is not valid or has benefits10:26
pmjdebruijnhype means are disproportionally motivated to get benefits they usually don't need as badly as they really do10:26
pmjdebruijnthe main case where openvpn really falls short is high bandwidth links10:27
pmjdebruijnso that's usually not a thing for client vpns10:27
CurlyPmjdebruijn  <----------------<   That is not a nickname. What are you?10:28
CurlyGood morning fellow.10:30
CurlyPM why is wireguard so important?10:39
CurlyA good firewall makes all of the difference.10:41
pmjdebruijnhuh? that's nonsensical10:42
CurlyWhat is more a good network Adninistrator is key in stopping problems.10:42
pmjdebruijnwell, sure, but those are rather general statements10:43
CurlyI suppose breathing is non-sensical10:43
pmjdebruijnmy point being, a firewall doesn't solve any issues a vpn help you with10:43
CurlyIf you use VPN, that solves lots of problems.10:44
CurlyVirtual Private Networking is a nice tool of the trade.10:45
pmjdebruijnthat's another very generic statement10:45
CurlyVPN is good for what it is. Don't forget you have a IP address which will follow you all over the internet.10:46
CurlyYour IP address is a fingerprint of who you are and where you are and what you are and?10:49
pmjdebruijnthe idea that merely being behind a consumer vpn solves privacy issues, is erhm rediculous10:49
CurlyIt solves nothing.10:50
pmjdebruijnbut our initial argument wasn't about consumer vpns at all10:50
CurlyPM  I am not arguing with you. Man a good cup of coffee would be right about now.10:51
CurlyWhere are you from? I am from Massachusetts USA.10:52
CurlyI always wondered why Massachusetts was such a big word. I should study upon it  ;)]10:54
CurlyPM with a good password protected system, there is not break-in.10:55
CurlyAlso a good firewall protection.10:56
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Noboru55i am running google chrome, and i run firefox to open e-mails..17:27
Noboru55but firefox is so.... slow.. and.. its impossible to runs it17:27
Noboru55i tried let open thunderbird but it uses more cpu and ram than a browser17:28
xu-irc74wpls fix super + space to change language, it makes me want to go to the attic, take a rope and commit to making various knots17:28
Noboru55so i was thinking about... only sometimes open thunderbird or...  discover a new light browser17:29
Noboru55why 2 browsers, in one i browse bettween sites, the other i use only for emails17:30
xu-irc74wdid you try vivaldi?17:30
Noboru55maybe i could.... use emails in google chrome and browse using chromium17:31
Noboru55i did not17:31
Noboru55ok.. i think i will do it17:31
Noboru55now about the super key.... its something i would like to know17:32
Noboru55for example, i set the super to open the xfce-menu17:32
Noboru55but if i type super+otherkey17:32
Noboru55i cant get the shortcut, because the xfce-menu opens17:32
Noboru55did you understand?17:33
xu-irc74win keybord layout one can set up the shortcut to switch languages17:35
xu-irc74wI need it alot17:35
xu-irc74wso there is an option to set super + space like in windows, but it does not work properly, it does not rotate17:36
xu-irc74wyou switch 3 times or how many languages you had set up and it stops17:36
Noboru55i dont't see the shortcut u said17:38
Noboru55ah, u want to configure that17:40
Noboru55xu-irc74w in keyboard options TAB "disposition" the last one...  (here is not in english)17:43
Noboru55if u uncheck use the default system... the options below it appears shortcut17:44
Noboru55to change between layouts.. u can modify17:44
Noboru55where is the guy with problem on layout keyboards?18:16
kgbdunno, not a clue! :P:D18:29
Noboru55my problem is about the shortcut Super18:30
Noboru55here super opens the xfce menu18:30
Noboru55but.... if i try to use Super+anyKey to other shortcut18:30
Noboru55the menu opens too18:30
linux_nDoes xubuntu 20.04 come with snap by default?20:34
CurlyNoboru55  are you still having problems with your keyboard issues?20:34
CurlyKeyboard issues has to do with    <   Intstallation issues   > When you install Ubuntu, it asks what your keyboard-type is.20:37
CurlyThis could be a fluke in the installation process.20:38
brainwashlinux_n: you can show installed snap packages with "snap list"20:44
brainwashand yes, the snap package manager is installed by default20:45
linux_nThanks brainwash20:46
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CurlyPeople keep forgetting that Xubuntu is Ubuntu.21:41
Noboru55how can i install chromium browser without snap?22:17
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Curly113,000 people have died from Corona Virus.22:59
CurlyMy kid brother died from Corona-19 virus.23:01
n-iCesad to read23:12
n-iCeim sorry23:12
CurlyThanks n-iCe.  I eat healthy foods and keep up with good exercise and  that virus is on a rampage. Keep social distancing and wear those masks and pray that you live another day.23:59

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