pmatulisi remember asking about that a year ago. iirc, they are provider-dependent01:34
timClickspmatulis: ty01:57
timClicksthat's the conclusion I have come to01:57
wallyworldthumper: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1170302:28
* thumper headdesks at 2.8 branch needing apiserver to test state package02:29
* thumper looks at pr02:29
thumper15 files?02:30
wallyworldsmall changes02:30
* thumper nods02:32
thumperah FFS02:35
* thumper wonders about 2.7 all watcher bits02:35
thumperwallyworld: this isn't going to work02:36
thumperdid you want to jump in a HO to discuss02:36
wallyworldthumper: tweaked the cache lookup, just need to test with libjuju03:31
wallyworldand need to fix one unit test03:32
thumperwallyworld: is it ready for a rereview?04:12
wallyworldthumper: HO?04:13
thumperhpidcock: did your new multichecker land in 2.7?04:48
thumperhpidcock: I have a perfect usecase for it04:48
hpidcockthumper: I don't think so04:48
thumperhpidcock: boo04:49
hpidcockFeel free to update the juju/testing dep04:49
thumperhpidcock: hmm...04:50
thumperhpidcock: may well do04:50
thumperI'm in 2.804:50
thumperhpidcock: what is it called again04:50
hpidcockthere is an example of its use somewhere in 2.804:51
thumperfound it04:52
thumpernow I need to work out how to get it to ignore the right field04:52
thumperhpidcock: got 2 minutes to help out?04:53
thumperI'm not sure how to map this thing through04:55
thumperhpidcock: yeah04:57
wallyworldthumper: you good with the PR then? i wan tto land it so i can forward port05:03
thumperwallyworld: sorry, will do another quick pass over05:28
wallyworldall good05:28
thumperand you push while I'm looking?05:32
wallyworldthumper: sorry, there was a go fmt thing05:32
wallyworldan extra ' '05:33
thumperapproved with a questino05:34
* thumper is done and heading off now05:34
thumperleaving with 15 failing tests in state package05:34
thumperget to them next week05:34
thumperlater peeps05:34
achilleasamanadart: to fix the lingering port issue with ovs we could override the port name via the 'veth.pair' option to a known (based on the container id or similar) value so we can remove it when we destroy the container09:05
manadartachilleasa: Yep.09:05
stickupkidyay, managed to replicate the LXD bug, finally09:46
achilleasanow, we have deterministic iface naming for lxd veths ;-) https://pastebin.canonical.com/p/ysbqGHWJVV/10:20
achilleasamanadart: stickupkid comments/concerns about format? ^^ (it's "machID-ifaceIdx" where machID has / converted to _ to distinguish from last dash)10:21
stickupkidachilleasa, i'm never sure if you even need _, but otherwise looks ok to me10:22
stickupkidachilleasa, i.e. 0lxd2-010:23
stickupkidachilleasa, lxd is the separator10:23
stickupkidachilleasa, like doing `1_,_2_,_3` for csv ;-)10:23
manadartachilleasa: Agree with stickupkid. This is cool BTW.10:24
manadartachilleasa: This will apply to all LXD veths created for Juju right? not just connected to OVS?10:25
achilleasastickupkid: makes sense; I will just trim it off. manadart yes; I wanted to put a juju prefix but there is a 16 char limit so I tried to keep it shorter10:29
manadartachilleasa: I love that "ip a" will now give a less opaque picture of what's going on.10:31
manadartachilleasa: And in the state link-layer data for that matter.10:31
hmlstickupkid: pr review changes made to 11701.  i’m finalizing k8s testing now15:20
stickupkidhml, been looking15:41
hmlstickupkid: testing my k8s myself15:41
stickupkidhml, approved again15:47
hmlstickupkid:  cool, ty15:48
hmlstickupkid: ffs: https://pastebin.canonical.com/p/J3Tx9pF6Wc/. will have to fix this15:49
hmlstickupkid: and k8s is now failing to install *sigh15:52
stickupkidhml, weird15:53
hml stickupkid actually no… the LXDProfileRequire doesn’t check machine for KVM or manual etc…. only if the charm has a profile in it15:54
hmlnot sure on the k8s change yet15:55
stickupkidhml, if you've got 5 minutes before my EOD around https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1170016:23
hmlstickupkid: had a question for you on there… forgot to click send.  ho?16:24
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