jrwrenFYI, the apache in 20.04 does TLS virtual hosts differently than all previous ubuntu. You have to turn SSLEngine On in each virtual host on port 443.15:33
cmaloneyrefresh my memory: is that for each entry in the config then?15:35
cmaloneyThat's not horrible, but quite the surprise15:35
jrwrenyes each vhost entry, often separate .conf files15:38
jrwrenand yes, it isn't horrible, it is really as it should be.15:38
jrwrenbut it is a surprise change.15:38
jrwrenesp for a minor patch upgrade.15:39
jrwrenapache httpd 2.4.something to something bigger.15:39
jrwrenhrmf... packages.ubuntu actually shows 2.4.41 for both... so I don't nkow what changed.15:40
jrwrenvery strange either way.15:40
cmaloneyI hate it when something like that gets snuck into a point release15:42
cmaloneyx.x.+1 == guess what your afternoon now includes.15:43
jrwrenwell, now that I see they are both 41... I'm thinking maybe I fucked my config months ago and I didnt' realizei t.15:48
jrwrenso... mabye it isn't different between ubuntu revs.15:48
cmaloneymight be the mod_ssl or whatever module that updated?15:51
* cmaloney is not a huge fan of how apache mod stuff works15:51
jrwrenoh yeah, durp, good call.15:52
jrwrenbut... that is built into apache since like 1.3 or something.15:52
jrwrenso that is 2.4.41 as well.15:52
jrwrenhaha... we are too old, we remember when it was separate.15:52
cmaloneyI never remember what's built-in or separate15:52
cmaloneyall I know is I never remember to include whatever I'm missing15:52
cmaloneyAnytime something wonky happens with Apache it's about 20 minutes before I remember that there's modules15:53
cmaloneyand that a2enmod exists15:53
cmaloneynginx has spoiled that knowledge15:53
cmaloney(And yes, I'll own that it's my problem, not Apache's issue)15:54
jrwrenthe only reason I haven't converted to nginx is... its like 10 vhosts and I'm too lazy to convert each. lul.15:54
jrwrenno, i think it IS apache's issue.15:54
jrwrenwhy is apache so complex compared to nginx?15:54
cmaloneyNo idea15:55
cmaloneyI had to deploy using Apache for a project and it was like remembering that carbureators and mixing gas with oil was still a thing15:56
rick_hnot moved to nginx yet still?16:38
rick_hfinally have that in the archive thank goodness16:38
jrwrenyeah, like I said... just too lazy to take the hour to migrate to nginx16:49
rick_hoh heh should read all the way down before replying :)16:58

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