jeremy31dtux:  install ubuntu and find out00:15
dtux:( ok... sorry to bother you all00:27
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Kevinso, the live server installer is being fun. it shows free disk space to create partitions, but can't select it to do so. luckily it has a vt terminal that can create partitions, but can't scan for the changes, so one reboot later, I also found that it can't select empty partitions and instead crashes immediately when the menu passes over them00:58
Kevinthis normal stuff?00:58
sarnoldKevin: I ran through the live server installer a dozen times before 20.04 was launched and had no trouble creating partitions01:00
Kevinfree space is greyed out and skipped over, and I went through the entire vertical menus until it wrapped01:01
Kevinlet me see if I can record it01:02
Kevinsarnold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bDREcrQbc401:11
sarnoldKevin: zounds that was quick01:12
Kevinnice bmc is nice01:12
masonKevin: There's legacy install media too.01:13
masonKevin: I've used the legacy server install media, and I've installed from the desktop live media using the installer, and using debootstrap.01:14
masonI've not grown fond of the new text installer.01:14
masonKevin: If you're installing that way, try something from here maybe: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-legacy-server/releases/20.04/release/01:15
Kevinhmm I can't select through the free space now, but maybe someone knows where the option *would* be if it's somewhere on the screen01:17
Kevinsarnold: https://youtu.be/bNMkPYJQRuA unexpected result with free space01:19
Kevinnotice how it's greyed out though. previously the menu worked but would skip over it01:19
Kevinmason: will try :)01:19
masonKevin: It's basically the traditional Debian-style installer.01:20
Kevinwould be kind of nice if it ran wifi btw, even though that's strange. installing on a desk with one ethernet cable that's being used for the kvm01:22
masonKevin: You should be able to set up wifi for the installer.01:24
Kevinwill be nice if so. the live one didn't.. or it ran out of space in the list and it was below the ethernets01:25
KevinI didn't think to test manually whether a driver was loaded01:26
Kevinbut it's an ancient realtek usb thing that would have drivers01:26
Kevinindeed the legacy one did do wifi01:28
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masonKevin: Remember: new things, bad. Old things, good. Except that 20.04 is nice. It gets a pass.01:32
Kevinfingers crossed on that one, heh01:32
masonI like it so far. I've been running it on various systems since beta.01:32
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Kevinwell, the legacy installer managed to install an instance of linux, win for still existing01:40
masonKevin: good good01:40
masonKevin: xv still builds Just Fine on 20.04, incidentally.01:41
Kevinspeaking of which, is there a really good reason netplan exists? yaml seems to be designed for computer editing01:45
Kevinalso the installer forgot to escape characters in the wifi key and broke it =p01:45
transhumanistHi! all, so who owns ubuntu now ?01:46
transhumanistI have a complaint. Same problem has been in ubuntu since version 12 and hundreds have complained an no fix01:46
oerheksescape characters in the wifi key  .. seen better trolling than that01:47
Kevinwell it put it there without any quotes or escapes01:47
Woettranshumanist: can you link your bug report?01:47
Kevindunno what the proper format is because yaml01:48
transhumanistin order to log in through xrdp or remote desktop from windows, one must reboot ubuntu and not log in for remote desktop from windows to work, in other words there can be only one login session , other solution is to install xfce instead which doesnt fix it the right way either ( you can't pick up the same session and have it autolog out if necessary from the local console01:49
transhumanistnot sure what bug report applies but I am sure with the thousands of complaints someone must have filed a bug report by now01:50
transhumanistI will personally pay buttersworth or whoever ownes ubuntu now $100 in bitcoin to fix the issue, I am not rich so cant afford more, its rediculous01:51
transhumanistperhaps they should take up a collection with all the pissed off people to try and get the money together to get it fixed01:52
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oerheksthis is by design?01:53
transhumanistits by design that you have to reboot a remote computer in order to use it a second time , its by design  that it doesnt just log out the local session or even better take over the session?01:53
Kevinnot so sure about that, a few years back it ran multiple sessions01:54
transhumanistit used to work about 10 years ago I am sure of that01:54
KevinI haven't need to use it lately so haven't followed changes/breakings01:54
Woettranshumanist: can you link your bug report?01:54
transhumanistit connects and you get a blank black screen01:54
transhumanisttell me where to go and I will file one01:54
Woettranshumanist: you've been having an issue since version 12 and never bothered reporting it?01:55
sarnold"ubuntu-bug xrdp' or whatever package you're using01:55
Woettranshumanist: and you're just guessing that someone else did? what if they all thought the same as you?01:55
transhumanistno because hundreds of others have had the problem, I assume by now someone has filed a bug report, or someone reads the ubuntu blogs01:55
transhumanistperhaps noone reads the blogs, ok01:55
Woettranshumanist: maybe everyone else thought "I assume by now someone has filed a bug report", and hence no one did.01:55
transhumanistok I will file a bug report01:56
Woettranshumanist: it's easy to check whether someone has or not. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu01:56
Woetthen you can also see whether there are any workarounds or whether it's being fixed01:56
Woetjust use the search at the left top.01:56
oerheksindeed, there are some .. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xrdp01:56
transhumanistalso a similar problem with samba services, in order to get samba to work you have to spend about 2 days compiling the latest version of samba for shares to work with windows 10, the common solution is to degrade the security settings on windows to an abysmal level, the real solution is to compile a later version of samba01:59
Kevinis lm-sensors still the standard tool for hardware monitoring?01:59
transhumanistthe compile of samba takes for ever and many many bugs to overcome since there is no late version package01:59
sarnoldKevin: I think so; if you find better, it'd be nice to know :)02:00
sarnoldKevin: mo9st of the grossest stuff from lm-sensors isn't needed any more of course..02:00
transhumanistthis makes ubuntu look inferior when you try and integrate it on a windows network. and it is truely better than that.02:01
transhumanistprevents adoption in companies, another solution is I think in enterprise to used federated services or something I think02:01
oerheksoh, it is just an continues rant..02:03
transhumanistwell sorry for ranting, but the fact is from what was pointed to me people in fact have complained about it and its not fixed.02:04
transhumanistIf I had the money I would hire someone to fix it02:04
transhumanistend of rant... sorry02:05
Woettranshumanist: step one, report the bug.02:06
transhumanistnot supposed to rereport an existing bug02:06
sarnoldah, what bug number?02:07
Kevinyou found an existing matching bug?02:07
Woettranshumanist: okay, can you link the existing bug?02:07
transhumanisthold on looking for an exact match02:08
Woettranshumanist: I thought you already determined there was an existing bug02:09
transhumanistthere is a lot of similar bugs, but it seems that it draws certain parts for some people rather than just show a blank screen02:10
transhumanistfix is to reboot, not log in and then remote connect02:10
Woettranshumanist: so there is no existing bug report?02:10
sarnoldtranshumanist: ah sorry, I meant the samba issue -- afaik we already raised the minumim protocol level there, and if that's been reverted by accident, I'd like to know about it02:11
transhumanisthttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xrdp/+bug/753733  << this is close to the xrdp issue02:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 753733 in xrdp (Ubuntu) "xrdp installed from the Natty Beta1 libraries only gives a black screen." [Undecided,Invalid]02:12
transhumanistfrom 11.0402:12
transhumanistsarnold what version was it raised to ?02:12
transhumanistI think its samba 3.11 or something that is the minimum for windows maybe its 4 or 502:13
transhumanistI dont remember02:13
Woettranshumanist: and that one was marked invalid in 2015 because it was reported for an EOL version02:14
transhumanistyes I realize that Its been a similar issue in all versions, I just finally blew up, sorry, should have handled it better02:15
Woettranshumanist: I'm just saying, if you can't find an open bug report about it, it's never gonna get fixed.02:15
transhumanistI will look into this and get back to you...I promise and file a report02:17
transhumanistfor both02:17
transhumanistgot to run now though02:17
Woetno worries02:17
OERIAShi I have a sound question can someone help?02:33
OERIASand change the internal mic to headset mic in order to listen to sound02:33
OERIASI currently had to fiddle around with the settings02:33
OERIASis there such thing in budgie?02:34
OERIASon Unity there was a  dialogue box asking me when ever I plugged a set of headphones or headset02:34
jadelclemensHey all, I'm running an Ubuntu VM in VMWare for a job and I have it set up with two interfaces - one bridged for internet access and one host-only for low-latency inter-VM communication. On Ubuntu, the host-only iface is setup with a static IP and is given a default route in the routing table, which I think is messing up my internet connection as of late. Is there a way to prevent a default route03:32
jadelclemensfrom being assigned for this interface?03:32
jadelclemensa small disclaimer, I don't know that much about networking :P but on my Arch VM (where no default route is generated for the host-only iface) the internet connection is working, so I suspect that's the source of my woes03:33
DragonRiverMessing up your connection how^03:36
jadelclemensI cannot connect to any internet site at all. Strangely, dns resolution still works03:36
DragonRiverYou can ping google.com?03:36
jadelclemensThe name resolves but no packets go through03:37
jadelclemensI can do so on my Arch VM however03:37
DragonRiverwhat does "ip address" output?03:38
DragonRiverAlso, did you setup some exotic things, like dnsmasq, etc?03:39
jadelclemensI have not set up any nonstandard network stuff in Ubuntu besides setting up the static IP in /etc/network/interfaces03:40
jadelclemensfrom the paste, inet addresses are configured as expected. The host-only iface is ens3803:41
quadrathoch2on which version are you jadelclemens? as ubuntu doesn't use ifupdown anymore03:41
jadelclemensI'm on 18.04.4, required by my job03:41
jadelclemensFor compatibility with Yocto I think03:41
jadelclemensSorry, should've specified03:42
quadrathoch2jadelclemens, as I am not 100% familiar with ubuntu, but with 18.04 they are using cloud-init for setting up networks, maybe this works https://www.serverlab.ca/tutorials/linux/administration-linux/how-to-configure-network-settings-in-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver/03:43
matsamanwish that URI could be longer03:43
jadelclemensI'll take a look, thanks quadrathoch203:44
quadrathoch2rather this than a url shortener matsaman :p03:45
matsamanalthough who knows if they even provide things other than tutorials, for OSes other than Linux, for purposes other than administration, for distros other than Ubuntu =P03:47
quadrathoch2it is shorter, but still different content which is not helpful :>03:47
jadelclemensMy suspicions are confirmed by the fact that deleting the defualt route for the host-only IP restores internet connectivity. I'll keep digging.03:48
jadelclemensDo I need to configure anything to use netplan rules (in /etc/netplan)?03:55
quadrathoch2Not that I know of jadelclemens03:56
Bashing-omjadelclemens: See: https://blog.ubuntu.com/2017/12/01/ubuntu-bionic-netplan03:57
jadelclemensWell the route is still there but I got it generating my bridge route first. So problem sorta solved?04:12
jadelclemensNevermind, fixed it. Thanks for the help all04:15
futureRichcan i install ubuntu for 2.3GHz Intel core i3-6100u dual core?04:18
matsamanfutureRich: why wouldn't you be able to04:19
futureRichi3 is too slow for ubuntu os?04:19
Bashing-omfutureRich: That old of hardware - the question is how much ram is onboard ? ubuntu wants 4 gigs for a good experience. There is lubuntu/xubuntu for the less endowed :P04:20
DragonRiverintel i3 isn't slow or fast. i3-6100u is rather fast.04:21
Bashing-omfutureRich: install away :D04:21
futureRichthanks :)04:21
matsamanI realize 2.3GHz of today isn't the same as 2.5GHz from 2015, but 2.3GHz is still fundamentally 2.3GHz04:22
matsamanas 2.3GHz* from 2015, even04:22
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kab0mSince the last update my Ubuntu 18.04 can't suspend anymore. The Screen goes black and then comes right back to the lock screen. It worked fine before. Does anybody know what i can do to fix it?06:31
EriC^^kab0m: this might help http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html06:34
AlecTaylorHow do I enable SSH auth? - The old tricks like `PasswordAuthentication yes` aren't working on Ubuntu 20.04: https://askubuntu.com/q/124950706:37
matsamanAlecTaylor: is it root you're trying to use?06:40
AlecTaylorThey're not even in sudo06:40
EriC^^AlecTaylor: you have to enable them in /etc/ssh/sshd_config not ssh_config06:41
EriC^^sshd is for the daemon, ssh is for the client-side06:41
AlecTaylorI did06:41
matsamanbit silly to have that disabled by default06:42
EriC^^no problem06:43
kab0mEriC^^ That sadly did not fix the problem. It goes to black screen for two times and then straight back to the lockscreen. Any other ideas? i mean it worked before, i dont know what has changed.06:59
Jordan_Ukab0m: Please pastebin the output of "journalctl --boot 0" after a failed suspend. (That will give us all logs, for all services, since you booted the machine).07:01
DragonRiverkab0m, I think that's a known problem. Can you use hibernate instead?07:02
kab0mJordan_U Ok, here is the requested log https://bin.disroot.org/?ab661def697dd2a9#221UntjronhPCQYcoQBtUEdLmXbznaaNxJcH7y5gGJ4607:12
kab0mDragonRiver No, sadly hibernate never worked. But suspend to ram did work nicely before.07:12
viktor_Hi, i'm trying to set up a server & i'm pretty sure my ISP is blocking most common port. Could anyone tell me if i can find out which ports they aren't blocking?07:27
DragonRiverviktor_, how familiar are you with setting up a server? Did you enable port forwarding on your router?07:28
viktor_DragonRiver: I'm new, but i did succesfully set it up with forwarding & DDNS. I was able to SSh into my server from outside after support of the ISP "fixed something". But now when i check from outside with e.g. ping.eu, my port can't be found anymore. So i think the it got automatically blocked again.07:32
viktor_DragonRiver: so to avoid having to call tech support every couple of days, i'd like to find out if there are other ports they don't block. If that's possible?07:34
DragonRiverviktor_, I don't know your location or ISP policy. My ISP doesn't block any ports. It's usually your firewall or router that will block ports. Port 80 and 8080 should always be open usually.07:42
DragonRiverYou could also try 21, 25, 110. Telnet is a way to check. As how to bruteforce, you will need to read up on kali linux. I'm not familiar with those tools.07:43
viktor_DragonRiver: I've tried it with firewalls off & the port fwd worked before and is pretty straightforward. Maybe I'll google how to do that with kali. But no idea how to do that with my ISP.07:46
kab0mOk ive came across the problem i guess: Device 0000:03:00.0 failed to suspend async: error -11007:47
kab0mThis device is a "03:00.0 USB controller: ASMedia Technology Inc. ASM1142 USB 3.1 Host Controller"07:48
kab0mHow can stop this usb controller from bugging my suspend?07:48
IsntFunnyIf i lost my root password and don't have an sudoers user, i have to physically go to the pc and reset the root password, correct?07:56
kab0mok nevermind i found the problem and solved it :)07:57
DragonRiverIsntFunny, yeah. You'll probably have to chroot into you physical pc from a rescue disk also.08:00
IsntFunnyI think i messed up my sshd config damn08:00
[Pokey]IsntFunny: If you have physical access to the machine and can make a rescue disk thertes several online tools which can crack a shadow file and get the password back in most cases08:02
[Pokey]I've had to do it for an old server box before08:02
IsntFunnyi think i would just have to edit my sshd file.. i added "AllowUsers" but only added my gameserver user, not root as a server08:02
IsntFunnynot sure if this is my problem though08:03
[Pokey]You might need to set PermitRootLogin08:03
DragonRiverIsntFunny, but if you know your root password, you can just su instead of sudo. But if you don't, no need to crack anything. If you have physical access, then just chroot and then passwd, everything will be transparent.08:03
[Pokey]it defaults to prohibit-password08:03
IsntFunnyIf i have permitrootlogin, do i also need to add root to "AllowUsers"?08:04
[Pokey]Never used AllowUsers, I just allow all users to sign in and use a large SSH key08:04
IsntFunnyDragonRiver, omg thanks for the tip! that worked08:04
DragonRiverNever permit root login, that's a huge security risk08:04
IsntFunnyit's just my little local livingroom server08:04
DragonRiverPeople forget su, but it just works (if you have know the root password)08:05
[Pokey]DragonRiver: Many decade old argument that one. If you know what you're doing and secure it right theres little problem. I sudo su most the time if I am a sudosuer anyway08:05
IsntFunnyyay it's fixed using su! thanks08:05
DragonRiver[Pokey], well, I am several decades old, and so are my arguments ;)08:06
[Pokey];3 Opinions be opinions08:06
DragonRiverIsntFunny, when you're done being su, remember to add your user to wheel (or sudoer, whichever you're using), add the permissions with visudo, and exit the su state.08:11
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kab0mI am trying to bind the USB controller with its ID to the vfio-pci-module instead of xhci_hcd. I added its if to the file /etc/modprobe.d/vfio.conf but it does not work. The system still bind it to xhci_hcd at boot...what have i missed?08:41
DragonRiverkab0m, what's your output of "dmesg | grep -i -e DMAR -e IOMMU"08:46
DragonRiverYou have to pass the iommu group over, not the controller ID per say.08:47
kab0mDragonRiver Ohh ahm, i gave the wrong info to you sorry. I did indeed pass the iommu group-id  to /etc/modprobe.d/vfio.conf.08:49
kab0mDragonRiver here is the output https://bin.disroot.org/?4df0b6b292b83c64#4EAVNR5zqVSgiG8fziAQCVZ4AhvGuijSM2QoWuePMo8e08:50
kab0mDragonRiver my device is in iommu group 11. and i added its id to /etc/modprobe.d/vfio.conf and rebooted.08:51
kab0mCould it be the case that xhci_hcd is picking up the device before it gets picked up by vfio-pci-module?08:52
DragonRiverIt might be. Do you have the module "vfio_pci vfio vfio_iommu_type1 vfio_virqfd" in mkinit?08:53
kab0mDragonRiver what is the path to the mkinit file on ubuntu?08:57
DragonRiverkab0m, I don't have a ubuntu instance readily available, but I would assume it's /etc/mkinicpio.conf08:58
kab0mDragonRiver hmm, google tells me there is no mkinit on ubuntu, but initramfs.09:09
kab0mDragonRiver lspci tells me that the device is still using the kernel driver instead of the vfio-pci driver :( "Kernel driver in use: xhci_hcd"09:11
kab0m*it is still using the xhci_hcd driver instead of the vfio-pci09:11
DragonRiverOk kab0m, that's very possible. Concept is the same. You need to add the kernel parameters. initramfs is virtually the same as mkinitcpio (mkinit generates a initramfs). The vfio needs to be loaded early in the kernel to isolate it.09:12
DragonRiverIf I had access to an instance right now I would test the thing for you, but I just can't at the moment. vfio is a tricky dog, you'll need to read up, and some headaches are going to be involved.09:13
kab0mDragonRiver ok thanks ;) is it a bad idea to just blacklist the xhci_hcd driver completely?09:14
DragonRiverIt's also dependent on your hardware, but your dmesg output shows me most things are up for the framework.09:14
DragonRiverI'd say try it. It's not a bad idea if it works, but again, no garantees.09:15
kab0mDragonRiver is the xhci_hcd driver need for my usb 3.0 ports? I just want to get rid of the usb 3.1 controller.09:15
DragonRiverFrom what I can see, yes, and it's needed for all USB devices. I'd search for a usecase similar to yours.09:17
DragonRiverWhich, btw, why are you trying to isolate the USB driver and pass in to vfio?09:17
DragonRiverYou can pass USB devices to qemu instances on demand, don't really need vfio for that. IME, vfio is for pcie cards, when you want to pass a device that doesn't initialize easilly.09:18
kab0mDragonRiver No i just try to isolate the usb 3.1 controller from my ubunu system as its cause my suspend to fail. i would maybe use it in a windows VM but atm i just want to isolate it from my host system.09:20
ph88im running ubuntu inside virtualbox, i have a shared folder but i can't get ownership of it. the owner stays  root  and group vboxsf .. how can i change ownership ? i already tried chown command09:22
DragonRiverkab0m, is there a unique bus and device id when you run lsusb for your usb 3.1 controller? because if so, you could disable it with udev rules. That said, I cannot think of a "good" solution. It's much less than perfect.09:25
DragonRiverAlso, I think maybe your USB 3.1 interface has direct lanes to the CPU? I've read about that before. That would mean it's using some voodoo that's beyond my knowledge.09:26
DragonRiverph88, did you try this? https://askubuntu.com/questions/747974/virtualbox-shared-folders-are-owned-by-root-in-lubuntu-guest09:29
ph88yes i tried .. atm i'm looking at this https://superuser.com/a/64002809:30
DragonRiverph88,  or just "sudo adduser ph88 vboxsf"09:30
DragonRiverph88, do you have the guest utils (or equivalent) installed? If all else fails, you can share a windows folder with samba and mount that network style to your VM (not sure how VB handles networks, maybe you won't be able to see the host from the VM's network).09:34
ph88i have the guest additions installed yes09:35
ph88what does "rw dropbox" mean in https://superuser.com/a/640028 ??09:37
DragonRiverrw just means read-write09:39
ph88what does dropbox mean though ?09:41
ph88-- read-write of what ?09:41
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ph88maybe similar question what is "WebApps" in https://superuser.com/a/640028   ... i tried to adjust these examples to my situation but i can't get it right09:46
Baikonurhey, is it possible to not set any password for a user and have them set it themselves the first time they log in (with an ssh key)10:19
codehotterHow do packages get updated in ubuntu generally? As an example, prometheus node exporter 1.0.0 was released recently, but ubuntu 18.04 still has 0.18. Can I expect this to be updated in ubuntu? Is there a place where I can track it?11:07
futureRichcommand ‘htop’ not found, but can be installed with ? what’s wrong?11:08
codehotterI see - the answer may be "no you cannot expect it to be updated" since it contains some breaking changes and there's this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates11:10
codehotterWould the same go for 20.04 since that's also a LTS release?11:10
codehotterWhat's the best strategy to get the updated verion on my machine? Use a package provided by upstream?11:11
codehotterfutureRich: I don't understand your question. Is that an error message that you copied from your terminal? What did you expect to see instead?11:11
futureRichyeah why i can’t execute ‘htop'?11:12
codehotterYou may need to install it first.11:12
codehotter`sudo apt install htop` should work11:13
futureRichthanks codehotter11:18
futureRichwhy i can’t copy file in usb to Desktop using mouse?11:28
lotuspsychjecodehotter: its reccomended to use the package versions for your specific ubuntu release11:50
lotuspsychjecodehotter: if you want/need other versions try installing another ubuntu release or try !backports !ppa or snaps11:51
futureRichubutn vs mac, which is more useful to use for noobs?11:53
lotuspsychjefutureRich: join #ubuntu-offtopic for that11:53
wuzamarinewhy can I not add this user to a group?  https://bpa.st/3JRA I tried as root too.12:05
zmagiiSup, I am still struggling with this after a few days. On macOS fswatch --exclude ".*" can be toggled to include a few files via --include "xyz". This doesn't seem to be the case in Ubuntu. The --exclude ".*" option can't be countered with an --include "xyz"; it just excludes everything.12:08
EriC^^zmagii: maybe the placement of the option matters?12:09
zmagiiEriC^^: That was the first thing I tried :'(12:09
pinheadmz1hi friends ive got btnx and btnx-config installed and its pretty cool but somehting is strange - one of my mouse buttons always triggers browser "back" function even when i havent configured anyting for it12:10
zmagiiIt seems like such a basic thing and yet I have no idea how to proceed other than doing compilicated regexes.12:11
pinheadmz1so when i do configure a command for tha tbutton, that command executes *and also* browser back12:11
pinheadmz1is there any lower level mouse config i can edit? some other program is capturing mouse events and delivering the browser shortcut outside of btnx12:11
sentimenthello. Can someone please help me to speed up my router bitrate? I've tried various commands like iwlist and iwconfig to set it to the 'officially' supported value (150M) to no avail. It is stuck on 1M currently.12:12
EriC^^zmagii: did you try the man page?12:12
sentimentalso iwlist bitrate says "unknown bit-rate information."12:13
zmagiiEriC^^: I did read about the differences in the man page between macOS and Ubuntu. The main point seems that fswatch is actually a macOS thing in the sense that it's the only operating system for which they say it works with all features.12:14
zmagiiWhat I could surmise is that Ubuntu uses inotify and macOS has their own native monitoring system.12:14
zmagiiThe one limitation that they mention is that on Ubuntu it doesn't listen recursively in folders. But this doesn't seem to be the case, many of my files are not in subfolders.12:15
EriC^^zmagii: the manpage makes it sound like if you put --include first it should work *shrug* http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/man7/fswatch.7.html#filtering%20paths12:15
zmagiiBasically, I am using a repo that was written using macOS, and I just want the same functionality, namely, automatically reloading source scripts if they are changed. This is so that I don't have to stop and restart on every change.12:17
zmagii"... can specify multiple filter expression (sic) in any order and the first mateching expression wins."12:18
zmagiiSo, I agree that --include should then be first...12:19
EriC^^zmagii: yeah, maybe try it on one dir with 1 file, maybe it's a case sensitivity issue?12:19
zmagiiEriC^^: Yup, still doesn't work. I used simply 'fswatch --include "test.txt" --exclude ".*"' and then did 'echo "test1" > test.txt'12:28
zmagiiSorry, I meant:12:28
zmagii'fswatch --include "test.txt"12:28
zmagii'fswatch --include "test.txt" --exclude ".*" ./'12:29
zmagiiBut if I take out the --exclude then it works and prints "/path/test.txt"12:29
BluesKaj'Morning all12:30
sentimenthello. I have some issues with my wifi connection. The most important one is that it disconnects and I can't even access the gateway even though Network Manager says it's connected.12:36
TeleGhostcan you access your router?12:38
EriC^^zmagii: maybe try with full paths? sorry cant think of anything else12:38
sentimentTeleGhost, no12:39
EriC^^zmagii: fswatch --include "test.txt" --exclude ".*" /path/to/dir12:39
sentimentmy router is my gateway12:39
EriC^^zmagii: maybe this thread helps https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34713278/fswatch-to-watch-only-a-certain-file-extension12:40
RoseBushello, what's atig used for?12:46
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beaver|SYN /2413:01
g3poandlslI'm currently doing full image backups for ~50 laptops, and I'd like to transition to a more time- and storage-efficient backup solution.  In this case, all that's really needed is to restore the laptop's applications and configuration; Users are instructed store data on a file server. I'm thinking something like enumerating a list of installed packages and rsync the /etc and $HOME/.config directories.13:21
g3poandlslI know this is highly dependent on user workflow, but are there other directories I should consider?13:21
quadrathoch2g3poandlsl doesn't it make more sense to just backup the user configs, and use something like ansible to configure the rest, so if the OS breaks, it's just a install away to get back the system?13:22
leftyfbg3poandlsl: you should look into a deployment orchestration system like ansible13:23
g3poandlslquadrathoch2, That's the idea here.  I'm using salt instead of ansible13:23
leftyfbg3poandlsl: you shouldn't just dump all of /etc or .config. You should decide on a set of applications and configs and only worry about reinstalling and restoring their configs. You'll never be able to catch everything. Even by restoring all of etc and ~/.config, which I don't recommend13:25
zmagiiEriC^^: It seems even that those examples don't work on Ubuntu.13:26
zmagiiI am on Xubuntu 20.04.13:26
zmagiifswatch 1.14.013:27
zmagiiAccording to this thread, fswatch was only added to Ubuntu from 18.04+: https://github.com/emcrisostomo/fswatch/issues/17013:28
g3poandlslleftyfb, Thanks. The problem here is that we have multiple projects with different application and configuration requirements.  Even within those projects, users may need a different set of applications and config than other team members.13:29
leftyfbg3poandlsl: so work with those teams to generate the list of applications and their configs13:29
g3poandlslThere's a bit of overhead for our team to identify each application and corresponding configs, which I'm trying to avoid due to manpower constraints13:30
=== eTexNerd is now known as plarkinjr
rajivmarshello, sometimes after clocking on the activities overview button on the top left corner, my laptop freezes. i have to use "ctrl+alt+f5" to restart the laptop to make it funtion again.13:36
rajivmarswhy is this happening?13:36
rajivmarssorry it was clicking*13:37
rajivmarsand function**13:37
TBotNikAll:No Answer YDay trying again: Tried to upgrade to Kubutnut 18.04 LTS on my file server. Live DVD install seemed OK but reboot stalled at the "KUBUNYU" screen. left it on over night to make sure and still stuch there this morning. What patches are out there as obviously this Live DVD was not tested and errors?13:45
Carldrizzyhello my webcam doesnt work13:45
TBotNikAll: Wrote this up at: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1249313/live-dvd-problems13:46
zmagiiEriC^^: Maybe it doesn't work because I am using a VM13:55
zmagiiI don't do any development outside of VMs for the most part, so I tend to forget that it could cause problems. These days Xubuntu on a VM is so error free that I even forget I am in a VM if I am...13:56
m2_teknixHow can I check which key-binding is attached to which application\process?13:59
murthyHello everyone14:05
* [Pokey] waves14:06
murthyI want to install icecast with ssl support. I came to know(but not very sure) that the package in ubuntu is not compiled with ssl support as debian thinks openssl's apache license is not compatible with gpl214:07
murthybut it seems the icecast maintainers are themselfs providing compiled binaries via ppa14:07
murthy[Pokey]: hi14:07
[Pokey]One sec murthy14:07
[Pokey]let me pastebin a simple script I built fo build for SSL14:08
murthySo is it legal to use their package of personal or commercial use14:08
murthy[Pokey]: meaning openssl?14:08
strobelightwill the cloud-init on the ubuntu server ova image I'm using with virtualbox, resize root partition? If so, how best to get this going? or is that a cloud-init question?14:08
[Pokey]murthy: You want IceCast2 with SSL Certificate support, correct?14:08
murthy[Pokey]: ya14:08
murthy[Pokey]: but I can compile14:08
murthy[Pokey]: I want to know if its legal14:09
murthy[Pokey]: I want to install on an amazon aws server instance14:09
[Pokey]Yea yea, you can, they just most likely don't allow it to be included direct. For your hosting services legality please refer to your T&Cs14:09
[Pokey]I'm running an ubuntu backed dradio at the moment with SSL IceCast214:10
murthy[Pokey]: thats nice14:10
[Pokey]murthy: I suggest you use this https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KxwQv8rxb8/14:11
[Pokey]means you don't have to fiddle with compiling it14:11
murthyah I saw that one14:11
[Pokey]that script is what I use to deploy to my relays14:11
murthy[Pokey]: you know find this interesting https://gitlab.xiph.org/xiph/icecast-server/-/issues/231014:11
murthy[Pokey]: hope I want get a license infringement notice14:12
murthy*I wont14:12
[Pokey]I wouldn't be concerned as thats more of a debian repo issue14:12
[Pokey]as far as I can see14:12
murthy[Pokey]: I will try that. Thank you so much14:13
[Pokey]If you have any issues with bundling your certificates and configuring them (took me a few days to work out how as IC2 is a pain with certs) HMU14:13
murthyoh I figured out the configuration part14:14
[Pokey]hjow about the bundling?14:14
[Pokey]Ah this is a short one, I can paste it here14:15
[Pokey]cat /etc/ssl/mydomain.com/fullchain.pem /etc/ssl/mydomain.com/privkey.pem > /etc/ssl/mydomain.com/bundle.pem14:15
murthyI tried the package in ubuntu repo assuming it was compiled with ssl support and finished all the config and stuff with certs from letsencrypt14:15
[Pokey]that just concatenates the certs super easy14:15
murthy[Pokey]: yep thats the one14:15
[Pokey]yea that will take your LS certs and do it for ya14:15
[Pokey]you don't wanna know how logn it took me to work that out14:16
[Pokey]also I need to type slower. I'm too used to being able to edit messages on Discord14:16
murthy[Pokey]: I guess you hangout in #music? also people may thing we are offtopic :)14:17
[Pokey]I'm actually new to IRC so I don't really hang out anywhere other than #freenode, but I will join #music14:17
murthy[Pokey]: You are most welocme14:18
murthy[Pokey]: I followed this guide https://mediarealm.com.au/articles/icecast-https-ssl-setup-lets-encrypt/14:18
[Pokey]Couldn't find that when I did it14:18
[Pokey]I had to work it out myself xD14:18
murthyya :)14:19
strkhow do I disable the GUI popup on segfault ? I do this for work (fixing segfaults) so it's pretty annoying to see these popups :)14:20
electrostrongIs there a list of "what I should be looking out for" for an Ubuntu 19.10 --> 20.04 upgrade?  i.e. breaking changes, core component changes, et cetera?14:22
murthyelectrostrong: I think you should read the release notes for known bugs14:23
electrostrongthx murthy - I'll check that out14:25
explodesSamba has always been garbage for me. From my win 10 box, I can access my share on my 20.04 box. Though, trying to copy a 3GB file, it fails 26% the way through (after restarting both computers to try again, it failed twice at around the same spot)14:26
explodesLooking closer at my 20.04 box, the wifi icon in the system tray has a question mark on it14:27
explodesswitching wifi off and on again lets me TRY the file copy again14:27
murthyelectrostrong: ty14:27
explodesI've tried googling for solutions but I'm not getting great search results, nothing I click on is relevant. Just lots of "how to install" "how to configure" samba intro blog posts14:28
explodesfwiw so far this is the most relevant https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-server-73/large-file-transfer-over-scp-or-samba-crashes-wireless-connection-786667/14:32
explodeswhelp. 4th time's the charm so they say14:42
Elodindoes ubuntu comes with gnome now?14:59
Simoniousstarting to explore spice for remote desktop - considering using it to let kids play minecraft via netbooks or outdated laptops, is this a path worth considering?15:08
masonSimonious: Something to consider on a related topic would be Mineclone, which is free and quite a bit lighter than Minecraft.15:11
masonOr, rather, Minetest - Mineclone is an add-on for it.15:11
Simoniousmason: my intent is to get them on a specific modded MC server15:15
masonAh, then yeah, pushing rendering off would be a valid idea - not unlike SteamPlay.15:16
SimoniousJust not sure how much work it's going to be for something I'm not sure will work15:16
masonSimonious: Other options, VNC, maybe even straight remote X.15:17
Simoniousmason: are those better options?15:17
masonSimonious: Well, I had to move to VNC from Spice for virt-manager because Spice was too heavy, so at least for libvirt and looking at remote VM consoles, VNC was a better option for me.15:18
masonIt's probably worth trying both.15:18
Simonioustoo heavy for server or client?15:18
masonNot sure if straight remote X would work, but I'd probably try that first, being the least effort.15:18
masonToo heavy for the connection.15:19
Simoniousthis would be on a local network15:19
Simoniousand I can upgrade the wifi if need be (probably)15:19
masonHrm, https://www.nas.nasa.gov/hecc/support/kb/vnc-a-faster-alternative-to-x11_257.html suggests that VNC is a better option than straight remote X. It doesn't speak to a comparison with Spice. If I were you I'd try both Spice and VNC and if they're both acceptable, pick the one with the smaller carbon footprint.15:22
Simoniousthat is interesting15:23
codehotterlotuspsychje: I see. It looks like I should request a backport15:42
codehotterI wonder to what extent I could personally contribute to a backport - maybe if I do most of the work it is more likely to be accepted15:42
de-factoI am thinking about upgrading my Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 but i read that snapd is tightly integrated, how much restrictions would it mean to uninstall and purge snapd in 20.04?15:42
Simoniouscan SPICE ONLY connect to VMs? Can I use it to connect to a running OS that isn't virtualized?15:42
codehotterSimonious: don't quote me on this but I'd imagine no since it is tightly integrated with the virtual graphics device et al15:44
codehotterSimonious: perhaps you could try vnc?15:44
Simoniousspice comes more strongly recommended, but VNC may be a better option if I'm not running VMs15:45
codehotterSimonious: you could look into https://www.spice-space.org/xspice.html15:47
codehotterMaybe that's similar to xvnc15:47
SimoniousI'll take a look, thanks15:47
codehotterThere's apparently also x11spice: connects a running X server as a Spice server15:48
codehotterSimonious: OK - I now think I was wrong. The answer appears to be: yes, that is possible.15:49
Simoniouscodehotter: cool, I'll have to dig into that more later, I've got two friends recommending spice to me over VNC15:54
Elodinin order to make a bootable usb stick should dd if of work?15:56
pavlosElodin: dd if=<iso> of=<usbstick> bs=1M status=progress15:57
Elodinoh, forgetting the bs could had impacted?15:58
pavlosElodin: you could use a bigger blocksize15:59
Ringtailed_Foxhiya guys... i'm on 20.04 LTS and i was wondering how i could go about installing a game...16:04
Ringtailed_Foxit has deb files, but i'm still new to Ubuntu and i don't know how to install the debs directly like i would with an rpm16:05
lordcirthRingtailed_Fox, I would use gdebi16:13
Ringtailed_Foxoh derp, yes, thanks16:13
Ringtailed_Foxsorry just so used to fedora.... still learning ubuntu16:13
pavlosRingtailed_Fox: if you right click on the deb and use gdebi, it will check/verify all deps are met before installing16:15
Ringtailed_Foxahh ok16:17
Ringtailed_Foxhmm, yeah, i have to go deb hunting for some old libboost packages... tryign to install secret maryo chronicles (one of my favourite older linux games)16:18
deltreeyI just discovered jq and am the happiest developer in the world.  this is me sharing it with you.17:21
aardvark__I am running nethogs and see lines like: ? root     my.server.address:8000-  - does this mean that MY server has connected to 113.11...?  I guess I do not understand the output format of nethogs18:08
aardvark__ I am running nethogs and see lines like: ? root     my.server.address:8000-  - does this mean that MY server has connected to 113.11...?  I guess I do not understand the output format of nethogs18:09
=== Guest96541 is now known as slowstoop
slowstoophey everyone, is there a good link explaining how I can make my /boot read-only, and conversely how I would make it writeable again when doing a system update?18:15
=== beaver is now known as beaver|SYN
sarnoldslowstoop: mount -oremount,ro /boot18:22
sarnoldit'll be a fun surprise when your next update fails :)18:22
oerheksinteresting thought, but no security at all18:23
oerheksaardvark__, that line you posted suggest such connection, yes18:24
Jordan_Uslowstoop: What is your reason for wanting to do that?18:25
aardvark__oerheks: I have NO idea what on my server could be doing that, the address is in vanawatu -18:25
aardvark__oerheks: generally am I getting it right that the format is:  source.ip:port-destination.ip:port?18:25
boktanhow to uninstall scripts which is intalled with ./install.sh?18:26
sarnoldboktan: read the script -- sometimes there's an uninstall option. sometimes not. if there is an uninstall option, it might work.18:26
boktanno it not have that option i was able to do it with xarg with making txt output but i forget it :(18:27
oerheksrun that script again, with the -d option, dry run?18:27
oerheksaardvark__, not sure what vanatu has to do with your server18:28
aardvark__oerheks: my point EXACTLY - I have NO IDEA why my server would be connecting to an island chain the the S Pacific18:29
boktanoerheks how to use that command? will it remove installed things via ./install.sh ?18:32
oerheksno,the idea of -d dryrun is to do nothing, just give an output, so you can spot the places where your script writes things18:32
oerheksthen you can manually delete them, good luck!18:33
slowstoopsarnold, will that make it so /boot is automatically mounted as RO everytime the system boots?18:36
sarnoldslowstoop: no, it changes it to read-only at that moment18:36
slowstoopJordan_U, just making sure the volume cant be messed with18:36
slowstoopsarnold, do I need to edit fstab to make that change permanent?18:37
sarnoldslowstoop: wouldn't it be easier to just fix whatever program is writing on your /boot so it won't do that?18:37
slowstoopguys, I have my reasons.18:37
slowstoopso it would be "mount -oremount,rw /boot" do make it writeable again?18:39
slowstoopsarnold, Jordan_U ; the main reason is that /boot cannot be encrypted by LUKS, or anything else, so I need whatever small protection I can get on it.18:40
Jordan_Uslowstoop: You're missing a space between "-o" and "remount", but yes. What stops the process that's trying to write to /boot/ from remounting rw itself? Are you familiar with secure boot protections and signed kernel images?18:40
sarnoldslowstoop: what protection does this offer?18:40
Jordan_Uslowstoop: /boot/ can be encrypted by LUKS, as long as you use LUKS1 rather than two. Grub can read from LUKS1 volumes. The downside is that (in most configurations) you need to enter your LUKS password twice, once for grub to read from /boot/ and again for linux to mount its root filestem, even if both are on the same volume linux needs to start from scratch at boot.18:42
slowstoopwell damnit I've been lied to!18:42
slowstoopas far as stopping a process from RW'ing I'm gonna guess the lack of root privileges for one?18:43
th_are there any file managers with context menu editors? besides nautilus18:43
Jordan_Uslowstoop: That should also stop writing to /boot/, since that also requires root.18:43
slowstoopright, so the idea is, the partition is set as RO, cant be tampered with while the system is up, and cant be tampered with if the disk is removed?18:44
slowstoopi mean... can I just not mount /boot at all?18:46
slowstoopits a seperate partition18:46
slowstoopalthough i'd like to be able to do system updates or edit GRUB occasionally18:47
Jordan_Uslowstoop: There's not really any such thing as a partition being "set" as read only. If someone has the hard drive, and the contents aren't encrypted, then anyone can write whatever they want to it.18:47
slowstoopok well setting up LUKS1 is gonna be a bridge too far for me I think18:49
sarnoldslowstoop: don't forget that processes on the system with cap_sys_admin can just mount it again; processes with cap_sys_module can load new kernel modules to do whatever they want; cap_mknod can make their own device nodes, etc etc ..18:50
slowstoopim a bit of a rube, just trying to make a system I can carry around in my pocket without fear of physical or data loss18:50
slowstoop(i have twin sticks I just dd back and forth for longevity)18:51
Jordan_Uslowstoop: There's a lot to think about there. Encryption does an extremely good job of preventing someone who steals your laptop from learning your secrets. Preventing tampering is another question, encryption alone helps there, but doesn't protect you entirely the way that it protects secrets. For example, if someone tampers with your laptop while you're out of the room, they can add a physical18:51
Jordan_Ukeylogger to it that will send them your LUKS passphrase and then they have all of your data, and access to do anything else with your machine, with you not knowing that anything has happened. The same can be done even if all they have access to is the ability to change bits on your hard drive. They can setup a fake linux kernel that asks for your passphrase, then passes it on to your real kernel and18:51
Jordan_Uagain they have full access and you're none the wiser.18:51
slowstoopits a USB stick, so they're gonna have to take it from me first :) if they just find it in the street, they are gonna have a hard time, and like I said, I keep a twin stick in a vault18:52
Jordan_Uslowstoop: Then I'd say don't worry about /boot/ at all. There's nothing there that's secret, and anyone that has had access enough to modify it has generally had access enough to do other things as well.18:53
Jordan_Uslowstoop: Making sure that secure boot is enabled on the computers you use is a good idea though, and you can make sha256sums of all of the files in /boot/ and compare them to your backup stick if you ever want to check if they've been modified.18:54
quadrathoch2Is there a reason why grub can't read LUKS2 partitions? or was it that till now nobody was interested?18:56
oerhekslatest; https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=GRUB-Boots-LUKS2-Disk-Encrypt18:57
Jordan_Uquadrathoch2: Support has been added to grub master, but it's not quite ready for prime time yet from what I've heard from those that have tried to use it.19:00
quadrathoch2ahh nice to hear, thanks oerheks Jordan_U19:00
Jordan_Uquadrathoch2: You're welcome.19:00
oerhekshave fun!19:02
Greenfrogya really :)19:03
AryanIs there any tool like `pv` but in graphical mode?19:25
altendkyany recommendations for a well supported thunderbolt 3 dock primarily for external monitors?  mostly so i can entirely turn off my nvidia card in my lenovo p1 gen 2 laptop.19:58
matsamanhaving an external monitor means you don't have to use your nvidia card?20:01
altendkymatsaman: having a graphics... thing with an hdmi or display port means i can turn off my nvidia.  it's also got intel inside for the laptop display20:01
altendkybut the existing hdmi port and the thunderbolt graphics are off the nvidia20:01
matsamanoh so you don't mind using just the intel, but the external monitor ports are all through your nvidia?20:02
altendkybiggest bother is the nvidia drivers crashing maybe averaging once a day forcing a reboot.  second i suppose would be power20:02
matsamanpower would bother me, but not if I bought a laptop with a dedicated gpu on purpose20:02
matsamanthis is nvidia's drivers and nouveau both?20:02
altendkymatsaman: i think i'd be ok with just the intel when away from my desk.  i should probably test that out a bit i suppose.  in case it presently is running  ok on my lap because of leveraging graphics compute whatever from the nvidia20:03
altendkymatsaman: nvidia drivers.  i got the impression the nouveau weren't great20:03
matsamanwell they're much more stable20:04
matsamanthey lag behind in terms of hardware accelerated support, AIUI20:04
altendkymatsaman: hmm, more stable but...  not as fast?  or...20:04
matsamanCUDA, and that stuff20:04
altendkymatsaman: welp, maybe that's a direction worth trying i guess.20:04
matsamanif you're really crunching numbers hard with that GPU, you could probably do it better with the binary drivers, assuming they work right20:04
matsamanif you're just using it the way most people do, nouveau is probably going to be better20:04
altendkymatsaman: i have piles of chrome windows and tabs.  some konsoles, a customized eclipse, pycharm, and my own pyqt programs.  so yeah, not gaming etc.20:05
matsamanyeah that's gonna be almost all your proc20:07
matsamanand modern intel can do the small graphics things most people use these days just fine, too20:07
matsamantranslucent windows, animated desktop effects, etc.20:07
matsamanalthough can't say I find them super useful =P20:07
altendkyhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia#:~:text=By%20default%20Ubuntu%20will%20use,which%20are%20developed%20by%20NVIDIA.  "By default Ubuntu will use the open source video driver Nouveau for your NVIDIA graphics card. This driver lacks support for 3D acceleration and may not work with the very latest video cards or technologies from NVIDIA."  outdated?20:08
altendkyseems to be based on https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/ "2D/3D acceleration supported on all GPUs"20:08
jadelclemensHey all. For work I have two VMs set up - Ubuntu 18.04.4 as a Yocto build server and Arch for development/other use. I'm looking to set up a fileshare so that I can access firmware source (hosted on Ubuntu) with emacs running on Arch. The two machines are connected with static IPs on a VMWare host-only network adapter, so I would expect ping to be low and speeds to be high. However, with an NFS20:10
jadelclemensshare, some operations (opening files, `git status`) are much slower on Arch than Ubuntu. any idea how I might speed this up a bit?20:10
jadelclemensRead/write speeds seem totally fine, I think it has more to do with the latency of accessing many individual files20:10
matsamanjadelclemens: NFS is a PITA20:11
matsamanjadelclemens: just use sshfs20:11
featherlessbipedI want to use iptables to redirect traffic to a port to my proxy unless if it's traffic from my proxy. I added rules for -j ACCEPT if it's the packet originating uid matches proxy uid and redirect to proxy port if not. But it seems the match sometimes fails so the proxy connects to itself. Can someone help I have details here http://ix.io/2p0O20:12
matsamanhi pep20:12
matsamanfeatherlessbiped: I'd ask #netfilter20:12
jadelclemensmatsaman: sshfs is performing much worse for me20:12
featherlessbipedThey're all afk :(20:12
sarnoldjadelclemens: heh, I heard a very similar lament a few hours ago in another channel. I'm not sure there's much you can do if you want to keep using nfs.. *maybe* iscsi or similar to get some readahead behaviour on the client? dunno.. comparing disk-at-a-distance vs disk-locally, it might take a LOT of network before the two are competitive..20:12
matsamanjadelclemens: you'd want hpn with encryption low or disabled20:13
matsamanI mean you could try samba, but meh20:13
jadelclemensHmm, I'll try just disabling encryption/compression before I look into hpn. Thanks matsaman, I'll check it out.20:14
PeppiI'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but I have two Odroid-HC2s and I'm looking for a solution to sync the 2 drives ("backup") what would you guys recommend as a solution given what is out there? Was thinking glusterfs but not sure. Planning on using open media vault. Anyhow what are everyone's thoughts on that? Am I crazy? I'd use Rsync but I believe it doesn't work on locked files?20:14
sarnoldPeppi: if you want backup, zfs with send and receive may be useful20:15
altendkymatsaman: hmm, i've got a T2000 mobile/max-q per 'software sources' > 'additional drivers' labeled as a tu117glm which https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/CodeNames/ maps to an nv167 and https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/FeatureMatrix/ lists every feature but kernel mode setting as 'todo'.  still worth trying?  :]20:15
matsamanaltendky: maybe not =)20:17
Peppisarnold, yes was looking at that. How does zfs handle locked files and if you have 2 nodes does zfs work ok? What does it do to the bandwidth? Will it essentially cut everything in half?20:17
altendkymatsaman: welp, thanks for trying :]20:17
matsamanthere's always #hardware20:18
altendkymatsaman: for my original question about well supported docks for ubuntu?20:19
matsamansupport will be the same for any GNU/Linux20:19
altendkymatsaman: invite only, you have one handy?20:19
akkSnap question: on every boot, I have /dev/loop* mounts from snaps I use maybe once a week. Is there some way to make that optional, and only mount them when I'm planning to use that app?20:20
matsamanaltendky: mmm, should redirect to ##hardware20:20
matsamanwonder if irccloud doesn't support that20:20
* matsaman grumbles about stupid freenode ######### insanity20:20
altendkymatsaman: i thought it forwarded but...  ## worked.  thanks20:21
Jordan_Uakk: Are they causing any practical problems?20:21
sarnoldPeppi: zfs isn't a cluster-filesystem; if you want *backup* then zfs is probably good for that. if you want HA, then you probably do want glusterfs or ceph or lustre or ocfs2 or similar..20:22
akkJordan_U: Only minor ones: they clutter up mount listings and clutter up systemctl list-units (the latter being why I'm annoyed with them right now).20:22
Jordan_UPeppi: btrfs-send and btrfs-receive also exist, and they are modeled after zfs. The nice thing about copy on write filesystems is that you can just send whatever the current state is, and know that if it changes the filesystem knows exactly what changed since the last send. That doesn't mean that you automatically get consistency, but it's often enough for practical purposes. You can also have snapshots20:24
Jordan_Uand keep the state of the last N syncs around in perpetuity.20:24
PeppiJordan_U, does it play nicely with locked files? For example data bases and VM machines on a drive?20:26
spoonsearchI have the entire disk (sda) on LVM, after adding another disk (sdb) to the same volume group and rebootin I get grub error: disk 'lvid/...' not found20:26
Jordan_UPeppi: Locked in what way? Are you worried about a backup failing because a lock would prevent it, or are you worried about your backups not being consistent / having a snaphot of a database that was taken mid transaction?20:27
PeppiJordan_U, backup failing because a lock would prevent it20:28
Jordan_Uspoonsearch: If you run "ls" at the grub rescue shell, does it list more than one drive? It's possible that your boot firmware can't read from the new drive.20:28
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spoonsearchJordan_U, why it needs to read from the new drive? Using LVM is added the entire new drive to the Volume Group, and created a single Logical Volume from 2 Physical Disks20:32
Jordan_UPeppi: I wouldn't expect that to be a problem. I would expect that zfs/btrfs send/receive just wouldn't care about locks. Don't bet money on that though. Also, if you do switch to a copy-on-write filesystem you may end up not wanting to have files like VM images and databases be copy-on-write, as that tends to lead to major fragmentation over time. You can still use send / receive with files that are20:32
Jordan_Unocow, because you can still snapshot files that are nocow, but then you are introducing a certain amount of copy-on-write even though they're nocow. That is probably a lot to parse through if you aren't used to copy-on-write filesystems.20:32
Jordan_Uspoonsearch: If you have one Logical Volume that spans two physical volumes, how could you possibly read from that logical volume without having access to both physical volumes?20:34
spoonsearchJordan_U Sorry, I forgot to mention, both the hard drives are visible to GRUB20:35
Jordan_UPeppi: But also understand that for the most part, *NIX people and software tends to do read locks even though Windows does them by default. Have you encountered a piece of software that prevents you from reading from a file while it's being written to?20:36
Jordan_Uspoonsearch: Is this machine booting via UEFI or BIOS? Is the lvid that you're seeing in the error message the correct lvid?20:37
PeppiJordan_U, most VM machines and databases like postgres will lock files20:39
Jordan_UPeppi: This seems to imply that postresql doesn't: https://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.1/backup-file.html Note that while *-send has many of the problems they list here, it *does* make an atomic snapshot of the state of the filesystem.20:42
spoonsearchJordan_U It is UEFI, I don't know whether the livid is correct20:44
spoonsearchJordan_U The first time I added the new drive and rebooted, GRUB failed, but after a clean reinstall and adding it again this time I did `grub-install /dev/ssda` and `grub-update`and it rebooted fine. Is it necessary to run these two grub commands after adding, removing or resizing using LVM20:44
Jordan_UPeppi: I would not be surprised by a write-lock, but in my experience read locks are rare.20:45
Jordan_Uspoonsearch: Where is your EFI System Partition? On UEFI systems a device argument doesn't make sense, and if one is provided it is ignored. So "sudo grub-install /dev/sda" is exactly equivalent to "sudo grub-install" when booted via UEFI.20:48
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spoonsearchJordan_U: Sorry for the confusion, I checked the server if it was UEFI using `efibootmgr`, my system is BIOS20:53
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StatelessCatHi guys22:09
StatelessCatHi, i know i am a cannonball22:10
StatelessCatI interrupted a do-release-upgrade22:10
StatelessCatand when I restarted it said to me "Please Install all vailable upgrade for your release before upgrading"22:11
StatelessCatI had interrupted it during the download of the 2000 packages22:11
StatelessCatso I did an apt upgrade22:11
StatelessCatand it offers me to install and update the 2000 packages that wanted to install do-release-upgrade22:11
StatelessCatBut how will you react do-release-upgrade when I launch it after?22:11
StatelessCator else I don't know how to do it? Advices ? thank you22:11
oerhekssudo apt install -f22:11
StatelessCatit tells me that I have 5 old kernels22:12
StatelessCatonly that22:12
StatelessCatis it good or bad ?22:12
oerheksnot bad.22:12
Bashing-omStatelessCat: Also what shows ' sudo dpkg --configure -a ' ?22:13
StatelessCatcan I try a apt full-upgrade ?22:16
oerheksas you started do-release-upgrade, no i do not advise that, try apt install -f to continue/fix22:17
strollgood evening22:21
aardvark__I am seeing traffic from MY server to various ip addresses, I am running an "out of the box" ubuntu 18.4 - how do I associate those acesses to processes on my machine22:41
kk4ewtaardvark__; what ports are they using22:45
aardvark__kk4ewt: the port numbers are all high, non-specific ones22:45
sarnoldaardvark__: sudo ss -tnlp22:49
aardvark__sarnold: that ss shows me 6 jobs that are listening and NOTHING else22:51
aardvark__and they are all valid - being DNS, and ssh daemon22:52
sarnoldaardvark__: hmm, take off the -t for udp, etc too?22:53
aardvark__sarnold: wow - there is a lot more now - not sure yet how to read it22:54
oerhekswhat services do you run on your server?22:55
aardvark__sarnold: what does unconn mean here?22:56
aardvark__oerheks: if that question was addressed to me - NOTHING yet - it will be having apache - but that is not yet on22:56
aardvark__sarnold: the entries from the ss other than the UNCONN  are just as expected - DNS and SSHD only22:57
indyZer. oops. I have a sligtly older Dell Precision 15 laptop. I have a problem in Firefox where, when I scroll up with 2 fingers on the trackpad, once it reaches the top or bottom, it continues to send the scroll signal for a few seconds. As a result, if I hit ctrl within those few seconds (which I often do), it starts re-scaling the size of the web render. Very annoying. Can I perhaps get it to stop trying to22:58
indyZscroll once it's reached the edge of the scroll view? Not sure if it would be a bug/config in firefox, the X server, or what.22:58
indyZor trackpad driver22:59
aardvark__sarnold: so, 1) does that UNCONN mean unconnected, 2) any ideas as to what I should look at next.  I would add that it is nethogs that is showing these connections23:07
sarnoldaardvark__: UNCONN means "unconnected" -- UDP sockets can be connected or unconnected23:12
aardvark__sarnold: in the case of those UNCONN how do I know if they are the culprit then?23:19
sarnoldaardvark__: I'm not sure -- you'll need to get more details from your logging system to figure out what kind of traffic you've got23:20
aardvark__not sure what u mean23:21
fradsince upgradinf to 20.04 vlc and firefox, if startes from a terminal with 'firefox -p' start very slow: I need to wait 5 seconds on each program to have a working gui. what could cause this?23:27
fradsince upgrading to 20.04 if I start vlc from the gui and firefox from a terminal with 'firefox -p', they start very slow: I need to wait 5 seconds on each program to have a working gui. what could cause this?23:28
tomreynfrad: lack of ram causing swapping?23:35
fradtomreyn, I have 16 GiB of RAM23:35
fradtomreyn, after upgrading, I copied my .firefox from the old ssd into a new unit, a nand drive. Is this relevant?23:36
tomreynfrad: or maybe a storage which is loosing cohesion?23:36
fradtomreyn, you mean the nand drive is not phyisically correctly installed?23:36
tomreynfrad: shouldn't be relevant unless the nand drive is slower than the ssd.23:37
fradtomreyn, if that were the case, I'd have been ripped off23:37
tomreyni assume you compared the specifications?23:38
fradyes, but I forgot :D tomreyn, is there any command to check the speed of both the ssd and the nand drive?23:38
tomreynyes, there is: gogo gadgetto google23:40
tomreyni mean, just look up their specifications23:40
tomreynif you don't know the models, you can check those at /dev/disk/by-id/23:41
tomreynor, e.g. for SATA devices: journalctl -b | grep ' ATA-'23:42
fradI found sudo hdparm -tT /dev/sdb tomreyn23:56
fradand yes, the new unit is faster23:56
tomreynfrad: is it all new or had you used it previously?23:56
fradtomreyn, used23:56
tomreynmaybe fstrim its file systems then23:57
fradfrom me, not second hand bought23:57
fradtomreyn, do I need to backup the info before fstrim-ming it?23:57
tomreynit's always good to have recent and complete and proven restorable backups. this said, for fstrim you shouldn't need them.23:58
tomreynunless something goes wrong, of course. ;-)23:58
tomreynuse fstrim -v /path/to/mountpoint   and run it twice for each file system supporting trim.23:59
tomreynjust so you'll see it actually did something23:59

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