OvenWerksEickmeyer: did debian update the depends for Ardour 6 when they synced? Ie was libwebsockets' >= 2.0.0 left out on purpose? (there may be good reason to have left it out for 6.0 but I think by 6.1 it should be included)15:42
OvenWerksthere have been comments in the Ardour irc and forum about the debian version missing libwebsockets.15:43
EickmeyerOvenWerks: That means they screwed up.15:43
EickmeyerWhen I do the sync, it literally pulls the unchanged source from Debian.15:43
* OvenWerks was also building without for quite a while, easy to miss15:44
EickmeyerThey must've left out the build dep.15:44
EickmeyerI'd file a bug report, but that's all email and syntax based, and I don't know how to do it. I might just fix the build deps in the upstream salsa repo since I have access, but someone's going to have to redo the upload.15:45
OvenWerksIts one of those things that can be built without so configure doesn't fail.15:45
EickmeyerI mean, they literally have libwebsockets-dev 3.2.1, so it's available.15:46
OvenWerksyes, I know :) it was there in 18.04 for that matter15:46
OvenWerks(where I first added it)15:46
OvenWerksIt would be good to look at the log of the build and see if there is anything else missing I guess.15:47
OvenWerks(assuming the build log shows ./waf configure)15:48
EickmeyerThey should. They remove the binary waf but they bring it back in from source.15:49
EickmeyerOk, I committed it directly upstream (I have the perms).15:51
EickmeyerOvenWerks: You can check d/control here: https://salsa.debian.org/multimedia-team/ardour/-/blob/master/debian/control15:52
studiobot<teward001> https://askubuntu.com/questions/1248056/kxstudio-repositories-are-compatible-with-ubuntu-studio looks like something you guys on the Studio team can answer xD19:47
Eickmeyer!kxstudio | @teward001 It's this simple19:50
ubottu@teward001 It's this simple: KXStudio is a software repository for Debian-based operating systems for audio production. It is not supported by Ubuntu or Ubuntu Studio, and using its repo is highly discouraged as it can overwrite system and user settings. Support in #kxstudio.19:50
studiobot<teward001> that was easy19:52
studiobot<teward001> *wrote an answer*19:52
Eickmeyer@teward001: I also wrote an answer. If I had a dollar for every person who came by somewhere in IRC complaining about a broken system after adding those repos, I'd probably be rich.19:55
EickmeyerAlso, they're not PPAs, so not easy to remove.19:55
studiobot<teward001> right19:56
EickmeyerTechnically they are, but they're added to sources.list.d instead.19:56
EickmeyerRather, directly.19:56
OvenWerksI wish He would remove cadence and claudia now... instead of waiting till he has f_nsm19:59
OvenWerkshe is separating Catia though19:59
OvenWerks(some of these names are so descriptive)20:00
EickmeyerHe's taking his sweet time about it, and has recent commits to Cadence itself.20:00
OvenWerkstoo much responsibilty20:23
EickmeyerI agree.20:37
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OvenWerksThere are not enough new developers coming in to replace the students who now have to work for a living. 20:41
OvenWerksgot the latest on Bug 1713313. What a mess... wayland breaks things so wayland has a bug, wayland says "won't fix" make _everything work with are stuff.22:54
ubottubug 1713313 in xdiagnose (Ubuntu) "Unable to launch pkexec'ed applications on Wayland session" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/171331322:54
* OvenWerks responce is "use X"22:55
* OvenWerks hopes pipewire id better22:57
OvenWerksI can't type today22:58
OvenWerksArdour is giving me a headache. Some one pointed out that OSC can control the stereo width but there is no feedback for that. I added the feedback to strip and through testing figure out that the way I had already done it for select is not right.23:02
OvenWerksThe strip has to be picked up after the right style of panner is in use or there is no feedback. I am guessing if pan width is available, I grab it and then it goes away... ardour will crash on exit or something. :P23:04
OvenWerksso 4 lines of code will end up being 30 or something ...23:04
EickmeyerI love how bug 1713313 was filed against -default-settings. I simply removed it, that's completely outside of -default-settings's scope.23:41
ubottubug 1713313 in xdiagnose (Ubuntu) "Unable to launch pkexec'ed applications on Wayland session" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/171331323:41

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