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CurlyHey folks! Do you know what Xubuntu is doing for the people who are using it. This is a help channel and hardly anyone is asking for help or advice. That is great. Xubuntu is working and all those who are using it have little or no coplaints. What a great testimony to a fantastic OS.02:54
Curlycoplaints =  complaints02:56
AndrioAsking for advice doesn't necessarily equate to a complaint.03:06
CurlyAndrio that is an excellent point.03:07
CurlyWhere are you from Andrio?03:07
AndrioAustralia here.03:08
CurlyAustralia, that is nice, that is whee the kangaroos are.  :)03:08
CurlyI am from the USA   Massachusetts.03:09
CurlyAndrio what version of ubuntu do you use?03:11
CurlyI am using LTS  18.0403:13
CurlyThe newest version has lots of bugs and problems.03:14
Curly18.04 is stable.03:14
AndrioA few different versions at this point.03:15
AndrioI plan to upgrade to 20.04.1 when it's out.03:15
CurlyKeep using what works right now. Don't upgrade unless it is necessary.03:16
CurlyI wish the developers would park here on this channel and describe the changes, but ,that will never happpen.03:17
CurlyAndrio,I have one friend on the IRC years ago named: 'Tid-bit" a long time ago. Have you ever seen him? Tid-Bit was a cripple man in a hospital and we used to talk all of the time in IRC.03:21
CurlyI miss him. He was cool.03:21
CurlyAndrio, have you seen the kangaroos there?  Tha must be something.03:22
CurlyKangaroos lift their feet or paws and kick you.  Ouch!!!03:23
CurlyI have a Rotweiller dog. It is so huge it looks like a horse.03:28
CurlyHe is big baby.03:28
CurlyDogs can smell aggression.03:31
metbsdhow do i check my ubuntu version?04:55
well_laid_lawnmetbsd: see if the file ./etc/lsb_release exists05:21
well_laid_lawnmetbsd: see if the file /etc/lsb_release exists05:22
CurlyThe mouse.05:24
CurlyThe mouse is quiet.05:25
CurlyThe mouse is always at your right hand.05:25
CurlyThe mouse is always at your right hand looking for something to click on.05:26
CurlyIf I remember   lsb_version -a05:33
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mrstrangehello i just installed 20.04 and im changing my appearance atm all is fine except for 4 clown sized icons, the application nbutton the notification icon the battery icon and volume09:27
mrstrangebluetooth and wifi are normal sizze09:27
mrstrangeany suggestions?09:27
pmjdebruijnyou may want to elaborate on how you've changed the appearnace09:28
pmjdebruijnand are you on a high-dpi display?09:28
mrstrange1080p laptop screen 14 inch09:29
pmjdebruijnso high-dpi-ish09:29
mrstrangei installed adapto theme through apt09:29
pmjdebruijnis your issue reproducable with the default theme as well?09:29
mrstrangeyeah greybird same sizze now09:30
pmjdebruijnok, stick around, maybe someone else knows09:30
pmjdebruijnmaybe post a screenshot somewhere to illustrate the issue09:34
pmjdebruijnmrstrange: did you try changing the dpi settings of your screen?09:41
pmjdebruijndoes it still default to 96?09:41
pmjdebruijndid you specifically make the panel that big? or is that default on your system?09:42
pmjdebruijnbeucase I think the icons are suppose dto scale with panel size09:42
pmjdebruijnso it's bluetooth, etc which are wrong, not the other ones09:42
mrstrangei didnt touch anything in the panel09:43
mrstrangewhere can i change the icon size in panel?09:43
pmjdebruijnafaik the icon size isn't seperately configurable09:44
pmjdebruijnbut i'm hardly an expert09:44
brainwashit is09:44
pmjdebruijnI never changed anything really from defaults09:44
pmjdebruijnxubuntu's defaults are it's greatests asset09:44
brainwashfor "notification area" and "statusnotifier plugin"09:44
brainwashgo to panel settings > items > plugin settings09:44
pmjdebruijnsomeone else does know :D09:44
mrstrangeacutally your solution worked09:46
mrstrangein the panel settings i couldnt get t hem smaller either but i resized the panel bar  a bit and now they are all same size09:46
mrstrangethank you09:46
pmjdebruijneven with the latest xfwm4 4.11.2 backported, I have cases on 20.04, which window manager goes totally bonkers, my scrollwheel now always scroll between windows10:05
pmjdebruijnregardless where my mouse is10:05
pmjdebruijnand many applications don't seem to be processing events anymore10:06
pmjdebruijnwithout them hanging10:06
brainwashpmjdebruijn: https://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=1323310:14
pmjdebruijnlet me try turning vblank off then10:32
CurlyPmjdebruijn How much RAM do you have on that Linux box?14:01
CurlyWhat is the size of your hard drive?14:01
CurlyYou mentioned you have  " hanging "  issues.14:04
pmjdebruijnniether are relevant14:05
CurlyIt's possible your hardware might need to be updated.14:05
pmjdebruijnI think 32G of RAM is fairly safe14:05
pmjdebruijnshould fit14:06
pmjdebruijnnor is my disk full14:06
CurlyThat is a good sign. 32G  :)14:06
pmjdebruijnit's clearly the window manager being confused14:06
pmjdebruijnor something directly adjacent to the window manager14:06
CurlyI make it a point to    sudo apt-get upgrade & update every day. That seems to fix issues.14:07
pmjdebruijnI do, and my xfwm is actually a point release ahead, since I backported a newer version locally14:07
CurlyIt could be a glitch in the relationship between your hardware and OS.  I have seen this happen so many times.14:08
pmjdebruijnit might end up being an issue in the amdgpu driver, but if so, I'd expect not being the only one to suffer from this14:09
pmjdebruijnI vaguely recall having this with my onboard Intel as well a while ago (but that was still when 20.04 wasn't officially released yet)14:09
pmjdebruijnI've turned vblank off, and i will be interesting to see if that makes a different, next step would be to turn compositing off entirely14:10
CurlySomething to keep in mind. When the CPU's get better, the technology is better but the OS's now need to be updated and upgrade to meet the new technology. Do you follow me?14:11
CurlyIt sounds like you have a good system there.14:12
pmjdebruijnI do14:12
CurlyDon't be afraid to send the Linux folks an email to tell your story. I am sure they will appreciate your input.14:13
pmjdebruijnCurly: I appreciate you're trying to help, but I'm not new to Linux14:14
pmjdebruijnI was mostly asking to see if it's a well known issue14:15
CurlyWhen I repair computers and fix things I always treat my customers like I am a Doctor. I always ask questions and check the pulse and heart beat of things to fix it right.14:15
Unit193pmjdebruijn: It's entirely none of my business, but the Xubuntu team has a PPA that Xfce releases are backported to, if that's of interest.14:15
pmjdebruijngiven brainwash response, it seems to might be a fair amount of issues around the current version of xfwm14:15
pmjdebruijnUnit193: I'm already on the latest xfwm, I backported it myself14:15
pmjdebruijnbut thanks!14:15
Unit193Yep, so I read. :)14:15
pmjdebruijnthe latest xfwm release already has a fix that falls back to glx automatically for amd hardware14:16
Unit193Ah yes, that issue..14:16
pmjdebruijnapparently the structural fix would be in the gpu driver, but at least they now autoactivate the workaround transparantly14:17
pmjdebruijnthought that specific issue never hit me (at least not as far as I can recall)14:17
Unit193I've had some issues there where I hada to nab a few commits from git and rebuild the driver package, not something I like breaking...I'd prefer xfwm4 or something higher up. :314:18
pmjdebruijnthis is basically the only real issue I have with xu20.0414:19
CurlyUnit193 are you using a build version?14:19
pmjdebruijnotherwise it's great14:20
Unit193Curly: And by 'build version' you mean..?14:21
CurlyPM  20,04 is in it's developmental stages.14:21
Unit193No, 20.04 was released in April.14:21
CurlyUnit193  did you compile your version?14:21
Unit193Of xserver-xorg-video-ati, yes.14:22
CurlyUnit193  a gcc guy. Cool   ;)14:23
CurlyUnit193 when you compiled your version did you also do an  MD5 Checksum to verify the hash to ensure the file integrity?18:51
CurlyNoboru55   <----------<    Big Greetings to you. Welcome.19:04
Noboru55thank you19:05
CurlyYour welcome.19:05
CurlyWhat is on your mind?19:05
Noboru55i was wondering if that auto-update of xubuntu does the same of sudo apt update  on terminal19:06
Noboru55because, when i installed the xubuntu i updated by that update-notifier19:06
Noboru55but i got other updates on terminal19:06
Noboru55so... i do not know19:06
Noboru55sorry my poor english... hope you understand me19:06
CurlyTo be truthfull, I cannot say for sure but   sudo apt-get update   &   sudo apt-get upgrade seems to keep thing up to date for me. I can only speak for myself.19:07
CurlyDon't worry about your English.19:07
Noboru55yes, i always use the terminal to update too, but i was thinking about the update-notifier19:07
Noboru55and i would say i dislike the chromium installed via snap, i discovered the opera browser is very good too :)19:08
CurlyI never use chromium.19:08
Noboru55now i use chrome and opera19:08
CurlyWow! Opera. I use Firefox.19:09
Noboru55firefox is not working good here19:10
CurlyDon't use Google.   Use  https://www.duckduckgo.com19:10
CurlyGoogle track you everywhere you go.     Duckduckgo does not.19:10
Noboru55i see19:10
CurlyGoogle is a toilette. It boggs down your system and puts lots of garbage on your computer.19:11
CurlyIf you do use Windows, use   Bleachbit   &   CCleaner    those two are free and are worth installing.  There is another free good software called:   What's Running if you want to see in Windows what is running. But that is another story. I haven't searched for a Linux version of it.19:13
CurlyIf you go to a Terminal Emulator you can type in:    top19:14
CurlyThere is another command too.19:15
Noboru55i got disconnected19:15
Noboru55i run xubuntu 20.04 :)19:15
CurlyI am running   18  right now. It works fine.19:16
Noboru5518 is great19:16
CurlyI tried 20.04  and found too many problems with it.19:16
Noboru55i think now its working fine19:17
Curly20.04  had an install problem that the fonts were so small I couldn't read the screen. That was a pain. I did fix the problem but the fix was a pain in the *******19:18
Noboru55weird, i never had problems19:18
Noboru55maybe you could check de md519:19
Noboru55do not know :O19:19
CurlyMy issue was a different one because I am using a CRT screen not an LCD so it is a different issue.19:19
Noboru55i see19:20
CurlyMost of the technical support is for LCD Screens not CRT.  Cathode Ray Tube19:20
Noboru55yes, crt is kind rare in these days19:21
CurlyCRT screens or monitors use more voltage so economically, it costs more.19:22
Noboru55but not sure about the health of your eyes19:23
CurlyIt is OK on the eyes. Why do you say that?19:23
Noboru55because i read in some place the crt does someting not good to the eyes19:24
Noboru55maybe its only comercial for lcd19:24
CurlyYears ago, I used to use an   AMBER screen. I don't know if you ever seen one.19:24
Noboru55^^ who knows19:24
Noboru55i do not remember, maybe not19:24
CurlyAmber looks almost yellowish green  screen.  It was developed to keep your eyes from eye strang.19:25
Noboru55ahh i see19:25
CurlyI had a conversation with an Opthomologist  eye doctor   He told me to take a few minutes a day and look outside and stare at the green trees and flowers  to relax my eyes.19:26
Noboru55if a doctor says, so i believe too19:27
CurlyBy the way look up the word  colorimitry19:28
CurlyColorimitry treats of the subject of the wavelength of colors and the frequency range which is between  4,000  to  7,000 Angstroms.19:29
Noboru55yes i just looked to it19:30
CurlyWe take so much for granted and there is so much to learn out there.19:31
Noboru55yes i agree19:32
Noboru55coffe time.. see you Curly19:32
CurlyCoffee time.   You didn't ask me if I wanted a cup.19:32
CurlyEnjoy your coffee.  See you anon.19:33

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