sheytanHi! When will you put plasma 5.19 upgrade for 20.04? :)09:23
RikMillssheytan: 5.19 can't be built for 20.04 as it requires Qt 5.14, while 20.04 has Qt 5.12 LTS10:24
BluesKaj'Morning folks11:29
sheytanRikMills: so i will never be released propably before 20.10? :D13:29
RikMillssheytan: unless someone has the time to backport Qt, then no. even then it probably could not go in the usual backports PPA, as new Qt would make break some things in the normal archive for users13:48
RikMillsit would likely have to go somewhere separate with a BIG WARNING on the PPA13:49
santa_RikMills: I have completed the test rebuilds of the _staging branches14:56
santa_RikMills: the fisrt thing I would like to work with you is the new packages that need to be uploaded14:57
santa_plasma-wayland-protocols is one of them, so I did some changes yesterday14:57
santa_so it would be nice if we could get that one uploaded soon so it can be accepted by the ftp masters14:59
santa_what else needs copyright files or attention?14:59
santa_kwayland-server ?14:59
santa_kdsoap ?14:59
santa_anything else?14:59
RikMillssanta_: 16:30
RikMillsyeah I was going to upload the new plasma sources start of next week16:30
rakWho's the Kubuntu webmaster these days?17:00
rakI'm still getting bug mail for it, even though I gave up that role ~10 years ago...17:00
valorierak: I think Rick Timmus has taken that up19:57
valoriebut I'm not sure of his LP19:57
valoriehe's in the council so I'm sure you can find it without too much digging19:57
valorieor just write to the KC19:57
valoriedidn't know there *was* bug mail for it19:58
santa_RikMills: ack, thanks20:27
rakvalorie: Yeah, https://bugs.launchpad.net/kubuntu-website gets the bug reports, and https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-website gets the mail.20:38
valorie@sick_rimmit ^^^^20:39
rakI just added Rick as an administrator.20:40
rakAlso, there used to be a webmaster@kubuntu.org alias that people would email bug reports to every now and then. It used to point to me, then to Ofir Klinger I think after he took over. Not sure if it ever got updated to point to Rick, but if not it's probably worth looking into.20:43
rakI think the procedure to get it changed was to open a ticket on the Canonical RT. #canonical-sysadmins would probably know what it is now.20:44
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> OK thanks, I will look into that20:44
* rak goes back into hibernation20:46
valoriethanks for your work on the site, rak21:06

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