frad  /path/to/mounthpoint is for instance: /dev/sda?00:00
tomreynno, that's a device node. a mount point is where it's mounted to, e.g. / or /home or /var or /boot00:00
fradoh, so is fstrim like defrag on windows tomreyn ?00:05
tomreynfrad: no. it's to tell ssd's and nvme's which parts of the file system are currently unallocated (not containing data that is still needed) and thus enables the disk firmware to reallocate its physical blocks in a better way,00:08
tomreynfrad: if you've stored data on such a device for a while without running TRIM or discard against it (and it didn't happen automatically either) then they *can* get slow.00:09
fradim ambivalent, because I have no backup and I wouldn't want to irreparably delete something I need00:10
tomreynon current ubuntu releases, there's a systemd unit + timer to run weekly TRIMs against file systems supporting it.00:10
fradoh, so this is done automatically once a week?00:11
tomreynif you have no backups then your data must be irrelevant.00:11
fradmaybe I don't have money for new ssds00:11
tomreynit should ususally happen on a regular schedule, yes00:11
tomreynbackups dont have to be on ssds00:12
fradbut spindrives are loud...00:12
tomreynthey don't have to be in the same computer.00:13
fradi'll stop making excuses00:13
tomreynand they'Re not really noisy00:13
fradwait if Im real sensitive?00:13
* mason leads a goat out on-stage and steps back to see what happens.00:13
frad! discard00:18
ubottuMany Solid State Drives support TRIM, which allows the drive to do garbage collection and improves performance. Ubuntu 14.04 activates it by default. For older versions, see http://askubuntu.com/a/19480 for information on activating it.00:18
tomreynunlike trim, dicsard is a file system mount option for file systems which support it. some file systems can do both discard and trim, others can only use one of those. and discard can cause problems or larger devices so trim should be preferred where possible.00:21
fradhow do I tune2fs a luks encrypted nvme?00:38
fradfirst I have to decrypt...00:38
fradthe nvme unit being the unit I am now using00:38
fradsorry, encrypted nand drive00:39
tomreynjust to be sure you're not mixing up tools: we didn't discuss tune2fs so far.00:39
fradno, this I knew from somebody else00:40
tomreyntune2fs is a utility to manipulate ext file systems. you can use it against and unmounted, and some of its functionality also against mounted ext file systems.00:40
tomreynoops, strike the first "and" there.00:41
fradI only want to set reserved blocks to 0.5%00:41
tomreynas long as the crypto layer is open, i.e. you have an unencrypted device node which directly points to a file system, you can run tune2fs against it.00:42
tomreynthe default setup on ubuntu would be crypto layer -> lvm PV -> lvm VG -> file system, though.00:43
tomreynthe default setup on ubuntu would be crypto layer -> lvm PV / VG -> lvm LV -> file system, though.   << correction00:43
fradtomreyn, thanks but I must leave now. See you around and thank you!00:48
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futureRichhello i use ubuntu 20.04 but there is no python02:43
futureRichwhat’s wrong?02:43
Bashing-om!info python3 focal | futureRich02:44
ubottufutureRich: python3 (source: python3-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default python3 version). In component main, is important. Version 3.8.2-0ubuntu2 (focal), package size 46 kB, installed size 189 kB02:44
futureRichpython instead of python3?02:45
Bashing-om!info python focal02:46
ubottuPackage python does not exist in focal02:46
sarnoldfutureRich: you can apt-install either python-is-python3 or python-is-python2 depending upon which set of scripts you want to break :)02:47
sarnoldfutureRich: I suggest instead using pythoh2 for your programs written in python2 and using python3 for your programs written in python302:47
sarnoldfutureRich: just pretend the 'python' name doesn't exist and fix things as necessary02:47
futureRichi will try it02:48
futureRichhow can i install pip for python?  help me plz02:53
matsamanfutureRich: ask apt-file02:54
futureRichthere is no pip02:54
matsamanfutureRich: sure there is02:54
matsamanapt-file that is, not apt-cache02:54
matsamanfutureRich: you know about the 'universe' repo?02:55
sarnoldand ubuntu ships with a neat thing that if you type a command that doesn't exist, it'll suggest what to install to get it: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ps3kkXhv4g/02:55
futureRichapt search pip —> no answer02:56
matsamanfutureRich: well nobody said to use apt search pip...02:56
matsamansarnold: does it do that without universe enabled?02:56
futureRichthen matsaman ?02:56
matsamansarnold: for pip3 in particular, that is02:56
matsamanfutureRich: apt-file02:56
futureRichwhat is it?02:56
matsamanit's a package and executable02:57
matsamanit tells you what packages provide executables, for example02:57
matsamananyway you want python3-pip from the 'universe' repo02:57
matsamangive a yell if you need help with that02:57
sarnoldmatsaman: heh, good quesiton; I've always assumed command-not-found didn't need universe..02:57
futureRichmatsaman: there is pthon2-pip?02:58
matsamanfutureRich: python-pip is for 202:58
matsamanif you're making something new I wouldn't use python2, but python3 instead02:58
matsamanas python2 is end of life02:59
futureRichmatsaman: there is no python-pip02:59
matsamanfutureRich: there is, in the 'universe' repo03:00
futureRichuniverse repo?03:00
futureRichhow can i see it?03:00
matsamanfutureRich: sudo add-apt-repository universe03:00
matsamanfutureRich: and then sudo apt-get update03:01
monojamoon|Hello everyone! I have a laptop with hybrid graphic card set up (integrated intel, discrete nvidia). With my Ubunutu 18.04, I was simply using the discrete nvidia as the primary gfx.03:01
monojamoon|Recently, I learnt about Nvidia optimus03:02
monojamoon|I am about to upgrade my Ubuntu to 20.04.03:02
monojamoon|Does it provide any support for Prime?03:03
monojamoon|Simply put, I want to use the integrated gfx as my primary graphic card and use nvidia gfx only for certain tasks.03:05
matsamanmonojamoon|: yes03:06
monojamoon|matsaman: any tricks in its setup?03:07
monojamoon|I think the process is to install intel drivers (should happen automatically), install proprietary nvidia driver from repo and then install prime?03:07
matsamanmonojamoon|: there are a few different ways you can do it03:08
matsamanwhat you just described is basically one way03:08
monojamoon|Ah! Thanks a lot!03:10
futureRichwhen ubuntu 18.04 will be supported till?03:14
futureRichi don’t know why they remove python? :(03:19
futureRichunlike 18.0403:19
sarnoldfutureRich: python2 reached end of life on january 1, 2020. Upstream isn't going to provide any more fixes of any kind for it.03:20
matsamanfutureRich: it won't be removed from Ubuntu for a while, however03:21
sarnoldfutureRich: canonical is going to try to support python2 in precise, trusty, xenial, and bionic, for as long as we can, for as many issues as we can. it makes no sense at all for us to release a *new* distribution with python2 when it would release without any upstream support on the first day03:21
kiwi_banalFinally! Python3/Python2 was like a divorce where the couple still share the same house.03:21
futureRichbut there is some program that is made by someone :(03:21
matsamanfutureRich: what program?03:21
sarnoldfutureRich: you can run 18.04 in a VM or LXD instance03:22
matsamanfutureRich: this? https://github.com/atlas0fd00m/rfcat03:22
futureRichmatsaman: yea correct03:22
matsamanfutureRich: looks like they'll have it sorted pretty soon: https://github.com/atlas0fd00m/rfcat/pull/7103:25
matsamanfutureRich: the version from that PR might even work now, even if it doesn't pass the author's museter03:25
futureRichmatsaman: then i must wait it?03:27
matsamanfutureRich: you can follow that PR and it might be ready soon, or you can try building it from that PR right now03:27
matsamanif it works it works03:27
matsamanbuilding/running, whichever is required03:28
matsamanfutureRich: same as this, which is a little easier to clone/download: https://github.com/PlantDaddy/rfcat/tree/python3-compatibility03:30
futureRichoh great this is code for python3 ?03:31
futureRichmatsaman: ?03:31
matsamanfutureRich: that is my understanding03:32
matsamanhe's been porting rfcat to py303:32
futureRichthanks :)03:32
futureRichi will try it03:32
matsamanthe PR says it builds, and the only reason the upstream maintainer hasn't merged is ... arguably small things, like print statements03:32
futureRichmatsaman: guy don’t fix it03:35
futureRichmatsaman: using ubuntu 18.04 is good idea instead of 20.04?03:38
futureRich18.04 is end?03:38
matsaman18 is supported till 2023 at least03:39
futureRichthen can i go to 18?03:39
matsamanif you want03:39
futureRichsome people call me dude?03:40
futureRichif i use 18.04?03:42
futureRichanyway where can i install 18 version? matsaman help me plz03:44
matsamannah I don't think so03:44
matsamanI would probably find a way to use rfcat on 20.04, myself03:44
matsamanbut sticking with an older version that makes your life easier for a little while is perfectly sane, IMO03:44
futureRichi will use 20.04 in 202303:44
matsamanespecially an older version that remains in support03:44
futureRichwhere can i download 18 version? help me matsaman ?03:45
matsamanfutureRich: well, actually03:45
matsamanfutureRich: first you should try and install 'python2' from 'universe' in 2003:45
futureRichmatsaman: but python is python2 in 18 version but python2 is python in 20.04 version03:46
futureRichhelp where can i download 18 version? help me matsaman ?03:47
matsamanfutureRich: yeah it's not really a problem if it's called 'python2'03:47
futureRichthen i can’t install pip03:48
futureRichhow can i install pip then?03:48
matsamanfutureRich: https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-install-pip-on-ubuntu-20.04/#installing-pip-for-python-203:49
futureRichmatsaman: thanks i will try it03:50
futureRichif i failed then i will go to 18 version03:50
matsamansounds like a plan03:51
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futureRichmatsaman: i have mistake with ‘apt install python’ instead of apt install python3-pip, then i have  2 python2?04:59
futureRichmatsaman: busy?05:01
_tej_Hi, I am unable to receive pings (or ssh into my PC) from other machines on the LAN. I am using a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04. Google search didn't' help much. Could someone please help me resolve the issue?05:30
p0aHello -- I just started using JWM over gnome and I'm very impressed with how nice it is05:44
p0areally happy about its keybindings, and very light too in terms of resources.05:44
moonfmdesireHi, can someone give me the command to fstrim both my /home drive and all mounted drives?06:02
p0amoonfmdesire: fstrim --all?06:06
moonfmdesirep0a, Just that?06:06
p0atry it with --dry-run to see if it does what you wanted06:06
moonfmdesirep0a, What does dry run do?06:07
p0amoonfmdesire: it doesn't modify anything06:07
moonfmdesirep0a, I want it to clean up all my drives06:08
p0a--dry-run ensures that you don't actually do anything before you decide to do it06:08
p0aand --all will clean up your mounted filesystems06:08
moonfmdesirep0a, Will the -a option also handle the drives mounted? Like I have sdd connected via usb 306:08
moonfmdesirep0a, Ahh okay06:08
p0awhy don't you try it with --dry-run and see what it does06:08
p0a ...06:09
p0aI'm telling you that --dry-run will only show you what happens, it won't actually do it06:09
moonfmdesirep0a, Okay, please give me the full command because the command line won't do anything06:10
moonfmdesirep0a, It just says unrecognized option06:10
p0afstrim --dry-run --all06:11
moonfmdesirep0a, fstrim: unrecognized option '--dry-run'06:12
p0amoonfmdesire: what's your fstrim --version?06:13
moonfmdesirep0a, fstrim from util-linux 2.31.106:14
p0amoonfmdesire: that version doesn't have the feature06:16
moonfmdesirep0a, Like a version06:17
moonfmdesirep0a, Well, I ran the command -a and it did not complain06:18
moonfmdesirep0a, So I guess it did the job06:18
p0aI believe you need root to run fstrim06:19
p0aif you run it with --all --verbose you can see exactly what it does, I think --verbose is default but I am not sure so just add it there06:19
p0amoonfmdesire: 2.34 has --dry-run if you want that feature.06:19
moonfmdesirep0a, how do i install it?06:20
p0amoonfmdesire: you need to update `util-linux'06:20
p0amoonfmdesire: apt update && apt upgrade util-linux06:21
moonfmdesirep0a, My install says I have the latest, if I upgrade, will it cause problems?06:21
p0awhat version of ubuntu are you using?06:21
moonfmdesirep0a, 18.0406:22
Jordan_Umoonfmdesire: One option, which may or may not make sense for you, is to just upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04.06:22
p0amoonfmdesire: I don't think it's important to upgrade util-linux. Leave it as is.06:22
moonfmdesireJordan_U, It will harm me. I run proprietary graphics drivers, that will break it.06:23
moonfmdesirep0a, I just want to trim my drives06:23
moonfmdesirep0a, I agree with you.06:23
moonfmdesirep0a, Thanks for your help.06:25
Jordan_Umoonfmdesire: You probably have successfully done that. If you want to know how much space has been trimmed from all of your drives you can just run "sudo fstrim -a --verbose", which will tell you how many blocks have been trimmed from each filesystem. It doesn't actually trim them again if the blocks haven't been written do (and then erased) since the last time you trimmed.06:26
moonfmdesireJordan_U, Ahh, okay, thanks!06:26
moonfmdesireJordan_U, I am moving files from smaller ssd's to a bigger one to simplify a project I am working on06:27
moonfmdesireright now06:27
moonfmdesirebut will run it again06:27
Jordan_Umoonfmdesire: You're welcome.06:27
Elw3Greetings, say does someone know where to setup network options for apt get? I have a a problem with timeouts and nothing  loading till them. Ideally i want reduce the timeout time but increase the retries to very high.07:35
Jordan_UElw3: ... Can you pastebin some example apt output that demonstrates the problem you're seeing? Are you on a particularly poor / unreliable internet connection?07:53
Elw3It stalls, what do you expect from that?07:54
Jordan_UElw3: Is it "apt update" or "apt install" (/upgrade) that is causing more problems? Does the operation eventually complete after it times out and retries?07:55
Elw3booth, but i only care on install atm. The problem is that it doesnt retry fast and often enough. It looses connection, then waits minutes, then retries, and eventually gives up.07:58
Jordan_UElw3: Do you have a particularly poor internet connection?07:59
Elw3Yes very.07:59
Jordan_UElw3: https://wiki.debian.org/AptConfiguration (specifically "Acquire::http::Timeout "2";: sets the timeout for HTTP downloads08:01
CoDeAmRoguys i have a question please08:03
Jordan_UElw3: Also, what version of Ubuntu are you using and do you get stalls with all applications / protocols or only some?08:04
Jordan_UCoDeAmRo: Ask away :)08:04
Elw3Well my netspeed is 7kbs, so everything internet stalls. But interestingly this doesnt happen if i for example boot to ubuntu 10 (which is still on my disk)08:05
CoDeAmRois there away to connect my ubuntu screean on my smart tv wireless same with windows 10?08:05
Jordan_UCoDeAmRo: To be clear, you want to have whatever is on your screen in Ubuntu show up on your TV, is that correct?08:06
CoDeAmRoscreen mirroring08:07
CoDeAmRoto view my ubuntu os on my tv08:08
Jordan_UCodeLyoko: Do you know what protocols your smart TV supports? Does it support "casting" as if it were a chromecast for example?08:09
CoDeAmRomiracast and intel widi08:10
Jordan_UCodeLyoko: https://github.com/albfan/miraclecast seems to be an option, but it's also not available in Ubuntu's default repositories and looks to be not very easy to use.08:15
zmagiiI checked on Ubuntu Studio and it seems like the fswatch issue is there too. The flag --exclude ".*" on Ubuntu 20.04 with Xfce and Xubuntu 20.04 just excludes everything and can't be overwritten by --include "xyz"...08:16
zmagiiXubuntu was on a VM and Ubuntu Studio was on a separate computer as the main OS.08:16
zmagiiSo, maybe now is the time for the logical next question: What are good alternatives to fswatch?08:17
zmagiiI found github/facebook/watchman, but it seems one has to build from source (which didn't work for me).08:17
netcrashI have 2 users on a machine , one is able to access the shared nfs permission that has perms 777 , the other can't , i can't figure out what is the issue. Any ideas?08:19
Elw3Jordan_U, it appears setting the timeout this way worked. but now whats the line for retries? I wonder if there is a file containing all possible flags. This cluttering options at all places is painfully annoying.08:20
Jordan_UElw3: man apt.conf08:21
Elw3Oh i did not know you can use man on files that way. Interesting, thanks.08:22
Jordan_UElw3: If you want to see all of your current settings (this doesn't include settings that *can* be set in a configuration file but currently aren't) you can run "apt-config dump" or presumably just "cat /etc/apt/apt.conf.*" .08:23
matsamanc/lastlog Elw308:23
matsamanhrmmm, hitting c a lot lately08:23
Elw3Yes i did that, but the missing *can* is a showstopper for that dump.08:25
Jordan_Uzmagii: inotify , or for certain things fanotify seem to be the main options. If you want a utilities you can use from a shell then use inotify-tools. If you're trying to add features to a program written in a certain language, that programming language probably has its own nice bindings for inotify / fanotify.08:26
futureRichi execute this command : apt-get install python, then i will be install python? i use 20.04 ubuntu with python2 preinstalled08:33
zmagiiJordan_U: Thanks, I'll have a look.08:34
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stephaniefutureRich, Ubuntu's python command is 'python3'08:34
stephanie'python' doesn't exist08:34
futureRichstephanie: so i installed it with ‘apt-get install python'08:34
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stephaniePython3 comes preinstalled08:35
stephanieYou shouldn't be using Python 208:35
stephanieIt's a security risk08:35
futureRichi asked somethin08:35
stephaniefutureRich, sudo apt install python2.708:36
futureRichthere is python2 and python3 now but i installed python with ‘apt-get install python’. then there is 2 python2?08:36
stephaniefutureRich, Yes there is multiple names for the same thing08:36
futureRichmultiple name for samething08:36
futureRichthere is only 1 python2 then?08:36
stephanieSome people may have used upgrade and not a clean install and have 2.7, 2.6 and 2.5 on their system08:37
stephanieDifferent versions of python have different features, for example something might have been depreciated in a newer python such as 2.7 and so the user installs 2.608:37
futureRichbut version is same —> python —version python2 --version08:38
stephanieThat's good08:38
stephanieUse python3 for python 308:38
stephanieNot python08:38
futureRichthen it is just different name?08:38
futureRichfor python2?08:38
stephaniePython and python2 link to python208:39
stephaniePython3 links to python308:39
futureRichwhat is this command : apt-get install python?08:39
futureRichstephanie: ?08:39
stephaniefutureRich, installs python208:39
futureRichbut 20.04 have python 2 already08:40
futureRichbefore apt-get install python08:40
stephanieit doesn't08:40
stephanie20.04 has python308:40
stephanieYes 20.04 has python308:40
futureRich20.04 have python208:40
stephanieif you have python2 then you've upgraded from 19.10 or earlier08:41
futureRich20.04 have python2 and python308:41
stephanie20.04 clean installed has python3 only08:41
stephaniestephanie@stephanie-Latitude-E6330:~$ python208:41
stephanieCommand 'python2' not found, but can be installed with:08:41
stephaniesudo apt install python208:41
futureRichmy computer have python2 preinstalled08:42
futureRichon 20.0408:42
stephanieNot strange, you've either upgraded or installed something that needs python208:42
stephanieMaybe your drivers need it08:42
futureRichok anyway thanks08:43
futureRichmac vs ubuntu, which is easier to use for noobs?08:45
monojamoon|should be mac! Otherwise they would be out of business.08:45
monojamoon|Free OS that is easy to use out of the box! Oh boy! Bye bye windows, bye bye mac!08:46
Elw3Eh, i find its getting harder to ise since 2012...08:47
Jordan_UfutureRich: That depends a lot on what types of things you do with your computer, what you're used to using (even "noobs" have more lived experience with computers than they might realize, and with that some expectations for how things will look/work). There's no general answer that can be given to that question.08:53
stephanieEveryone should feel right at home using Ubuntu08:56
stephanieAnd if they don't they're irrelevent08:56
Elw3*sigh* now my joypad isnt working anymore. 3 buttons do nothing in jstest.09:05
Elw3Its a ps3 pad, one would assume they are widely spread enough so that their functioning is secure.09:10
uidnullif one of my administrators accidentally did an 'apt-get upgrade' instead of an 'apt-get update' and upgrading all the packages broke applications that can't yet use the lastest version is there a way to downgrade to where they were before upgrade without a backup?09:30
Elw3That raises the question where to get the old packages from.09:33
uidnullwould be nice if the package manager had the ability to backup the old packages before upgrade09:33
uidnullnot everyone has the ability to take a complete system snapshot or backup before upgrades09:34
Elw3If you never clean the apt cache they are still there. You can force a version too, but be warned, this will likely just fuck everything up.09:35
uidnulli mean the whole idea would be to provide a user friendly way to rollback without fucking everything up09:35
uidnulli believe this is a valid problem09:36
Jordan_Uuidnull: Please watch your language in this channel. Was this an upgrade to a new release of Ubuntu, or just updates within a given Ubuntu release? If the latter, what applications broke from what updates?09:37
uidnullJordan_U: why are you singling me out when i wasn't even the one that started with it first09:37
Jordan_Uuidnull: Because I didn't see Elw3's swearing until you meantioned it. They shouldn't swear here either.09:38
uidnullis that in the channel rules?09:39
Elw3Thats just how i speak actually.09:39
uidnullJordan_U: what authority do you have to dictate how we speak here?09:39
Jordan_Uuidnull: Yes, it is: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:39
Elw3shut it uidnull , this is for technical help for a reason. Cluttering makes support hard.09:40
uidnullElw3: you're the one that set the example09:40
uidnullyou're both retarded09:41
Jordan_Uuidnull: That is not acceptable language or behavior toward others in this channel.09:41
Elw3It did not occur to me that swearing exists. I am rizon too, no single line there would acceptable here.09:42
Elw3I claim its all typos.09:43
bonhoefferi'm stuck trying to upgrade: "Please install all available updates for your release before upgrading."10:18
bonhoefferget this: https://gist.github.com/tbbooher/c225338c011836bc4dd8336499da32c210:20
EriC^^bonhoeffer: try apt-cache policy  mongodb-server10:32
bonhoefferthat just reports status?10:34
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tomreynbonhoeffer: this reports which apt sources provide a package named like this, which of them is currently installed, and which of them would be chosen for an upgrade based on your configured apt repository priorities and apt preferences.10:56
bonhoefferah -- thanks10:56
tomreyn(and i haven't seen the actual output on your system since it seems to have since been removed)10:56
tomreynthe output can become stale, too, it's based on when you last ran    apt update   to update the apt cache.10:57
felixiHello. I have HP ProBook 455 G6. I downloaded the LTS .iso and booted it. It first loads Ubuntu & HP logo, but after a few minutes away only HP logo remains, and nothing to interact with. What to do?11:17
tatertotsfelixi: you fail to mention how you booted this ISO, does your computer have a DVD+/- R drive or?11:22
tatertotsfelixi: try a different version / edition and a different method of creating boot media11:24
felixitatertots: i don't have an optical drive; I can only boot from usb11:25
felixior memory card (if it is possible to boot from sd-card), but i don't have one rn11:26
p0afelixi: have you ever booted anything successfully?11:28
felixiI've tried an earlier version also, alas no luck. I tried 18.something before but no luck there either. No I haven't booted linux succesfully. I have tried manjaro and mint too11:28
tomreynhow did you create the bootable installer / live usb stick?11:29
felixiwith balenaEtcher11:29
tomreynis this ubuntu 20.04 desktop then?11:29
BluesKaj'Morning folks11:29
felixihey BluesKaj11:29
p0aare you on windows?11:30
felixiatm, yes11:30
BluesKajhey felixi11:30
tomreynfelixi: personally if this fails to boot i'd look into bios updates11:30
BluesKajhey tomreyn11:30
p0afelixi: you can also try http://www.chrysocome.net/dd11:31
spoonsearchHello, I installed Ubuntu 18.04 on a clean LVM disk, everything is inside the LVM even the /boot. After adding another Physical Disk to the LVM the system didn't boot11:31
tomreynbalena etcher should have worked11:31
p0atomreyn: okay, I am not familiar with it11:31
tomreyni'm only partially familiar with it, but so far it always worked for me.11:32
tomreynfelixi: bios updates can be relevant since this is an amd mobile platform which is somewhat new and i think it had some problems in the beginning.11:33
felixisure, i'll look into those11:33
p0atomreyn: as soon as the ubuntu logo shows up11:33
p0acan't you press F-something to show the messages instead?11:34
p0ait'd indicate where it gets stuck11:34
tomreynp0a: you could hold down shift or keep hitting escape to bring up grub, and edit the grub menu options, passing different options to the linux kernel11:35
ubottuTo get a more verbose log of the boot process, remove "quiet" and "splash" from the kernel boot parameters and add "debug systemd.log_level=info". For info on editing kernel boot parameters, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters11:35
tomreynbut i'd start with the bios update.11:36
p0atomreyn: yes, thanks, that's what I was trying to suggest.11:36
tomreynspoonsearch: what's a 'clean LVM disk'? do you mean an LVM2 logical volume? a single one?11:37
spoonsearchI have 2x960GB SSDs, sda and sdb. I did a clean install of Ubuntu 18.04 with LVM on whole sda.11:39
spoonsearchLater I added sdb to extend the overall size of the root file system and rebooted. But the reboot failed with this error - grub error: disk 'lvid/...' not found. Entering rescue mode..11:41
tomreyni see. so you installed to sda with every file system stored on LVM2 logical volumes backed by the sda PV.11:41
spoonsearch@tomreyn: Yes11:41
tomreynand later you added sdb as a secondary PV to the same VG?11:41
spoonsearchtomreyn: Yes, I added sdb as a secondary PV to the same VG to extend the overall filesystem size11:42
Assidhi, is there a way to setup livecd without nfs root for a pxe environment11:42
tomreynand then you extended the LV containing the root file system and the root file system itself.11:42
Assidi want to mimick a livecd boot11:42
spoonsearchtomreyn: Yes, exactly11:43
tomreynspoonsearch: did you check that the LV ID and file system UUID remained the same after you extended those?11:43
spoonsearchYes, I did check matched the IDs and it didn't match11:45
tomreynspoonsearch: well that would have hinted that the reboot would fail ;)11:47
tomreynspoonsearch: so you need to run    update-grub    to update the grub configuration as well as    update-initramfs -u -k $(uname -r)   to update the initramfs with the new IDs.11:49
spoonsearchtomreyn However, I repeated the entire process again (clean reinstall, etc.) but this time I did `grub-install /dev/sda` and `grub-update` and now it reboots perfectly11:49
tomreynspoonsearch: so there's not actually any problem you're trying to solve now?11:49
spoonsearchtomreyn Do I have to repeat the grub commands everytime I add, remove or resise the LVs?11:50
oerheksyes, the UUID differs for changed partitions11:51
spoonsearchAlso what does this command do `update-initramfs -u -k $(uname -r)`? I didn't use this command still the system was able to reboot11:51
spoonsearchoerheks Thanks, now I understand11:52
tomreynspoonsearch: "to update the initramfs with the new IDs" - if it wasn't needed then i guess the initramfs had already been updated or nothing in there refers to block device layers using their IDs (but rather device nodes - which did not change).11:54
spoonsearchtomreyn: Also one last thing, is it safe to but everything including the /boot inside LVM? I researched about it across the web but people are fighting about it11:55
spoonsearchAccording to my understanding if grub2 is used than it is okay, wanted some expert opinion on it.11:56
tomreynspoonsearch: depends on how you boot,. it wouldn't work with uefi booting, there you'll need the uefi system partition to be a separate top level partition on some gpt partitioned disk.11:58
tomreynalso, with bios booting off gpt with the grub bootloader you'd need a bios-grub gpt partition11:59
spoonsearchI have checked my system is BIOS not UEFI, so I should be safe12:01
spoonsearchtomreyn: I just noticed, `fdisk -l` shows sda Disklabel type: dos, where as sdb Disklabel type: gpt, it isn't unusual or cause any problems?12:04
tomreynspoonsearch: it's not unusual. whether it's going to cause problems depends on how you'll use it.12:07
spoonsearchOkay, thank you for help. Have a nice day :]12:08
tomreynyou, too, spoonsearch12:09
ElTimoWhose bright idea was it to make apt stop accepting regex altogether?12:17
ElTimoBecause that's a stupid fucking idea.12:17
tomreyn!discuss | ElTimo12:21
ubottuElTimo: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!12:21
tomreynalso !language12:21
SergiuHello, can someone help me with a tip How can I add ip to ubuntu 20.04 have any scheme ...12:23
tomreynSergiu: can you describe your goal or problem differently? this is not enough detail, yet.12:25
Sergiutomreyn : I managed in the first phase to add the ip but the first reboot deleted them12:26
tomreyni.e. synamic / static address assignment, type of network interface, network management instrumentation (network-manager, systemd-networkd, netplan, ifconfig, ...). is it ubuntu 20.04 desktop, server or core?12:27
tomreyni meant "dynamic", not "synamic"12:27
Sergiuubuntu 20 server12:29
Sergiuip is static12:29
SergiuI think I'm wrong somewhere or I still have not befriended ubuntu 20 because only 1 single IP sees me.12:30
Sergiu1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN group default qlen 100012:30
Sergiu    link/loopback 00:00:00:00:00:00 brd 00:00:00:00:00:0012:30
Sergiu    inet scope host lo12:30
Sergiu       valid_lft forever preferred_lft forever12:30
Sergiu    inet6 ::1/128 scope host12:30
tomreyn!paste | Sergiu: you were just muted here (temporarily, due to flooding)12:30
ubottuSergiu: you were just muted here (temporarily, due to flooding): For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:30
tomreynSergiu: there's #ubuntu-server for ubuntu server. you may need to read up on https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/network-configuration12:32
ioriaSergiu, cloud-init's fault probably : try this : https://www.linuxtechi.com/assign-static-ip-address-ubuntu-20-04-lts/12:32
lionrougehi !12:33
Sergiuthnx ioria & tomreyn12:34
tomreynyou're welcome12:34
lionrougeI have Ubuntu 20.04 and looks like VLC is a bit buggy here. Sometimes it hangs on opening videos (which are not broken). I can't quit it from tray icon it creates. What's happening? It's always been the most solid videoplayer12:34
SergiuI'm trying now to see if it'll work out.12:34
BluesKajlionrouge, sometimes smplayer handles "difficult" videos more smoothly than VLC, but I have no idea why that is.12:36
lionrougeBluesKaj, I can open the very same videos with VLC perfectly well when it's in "good mood"12:37
lionrougethe only thing I can quit it right now is `kill -9`12:38
lionrougebtw, it was as buggy in 19.10 too12:40
Sergiuioria : I did it, thank you for your help12:45
ioriaSergiu, no problem12:45
fradif I want to tune2fs a luks encrypted nvme drive to 0.5% i first have to umount the block where the encryption is, in my case, nvme0n1p2, correct? it hould be:sudo umount /dev/nvme0n1p2, right?12:51
fradthen tune2fs12:51
tomreynfrad: 0.5% of what?13:12
fradtomreyn, of the total size of the disk13:13
fradreserved space13:13
tomreyndo yuo mean    -m reserved-blocks-percentage  ?13:13
tomreynfrad: if so, you can do it on a mounted file system (at least on ext4, i assume ext3 as well)13:22
fradyes tomreyn I mean -m. inside the luks encryption there is an ext4 filesystm13:24
kubast2Hey I am trying to figure out why my laptop(acer aspire f5-573g) has issues at times waking up13:25
kubast2it "calmed" down and it is not as bad as in ubuntu 19.1013:26
tomreynfrad: the fact that there's an exncryption layer below it is irrelevant for this task.13:26
kubast2but it still happens so it is a bit worse than 18.04 in 20.0413:26
kubast2I am on 20.04*13:26
fradafter executing sudo tune2fs -m 0.5 /dev/nvme0n1p3 I get: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/nvme0n1p3 it contains a crypto_LUKS file system13:26
tomreynkubast2: what kind of issues?13:26
kubast2it has troubles waking up from sleep13:27
kubast2at times13:27
tomreynfrad: you need to apply the change to the container of the file system13:27
kubast2well it is not as bad as in 19.10 where every sleep never actually worked at all13:27
tomreynfrad: if the dmcrypt-luks encryption layer is below the file system then this may be located at /dev/mapper/nvme0n1p3_crypt13:28
kubast2as in the machine sleept just fine, but it takes a longer while to get it to wake up at times. It happens a lot less since 20.0413:28
kubast2on 19.10 it was so bad I left my pc for an hour or so and it was still frozen13:28
kubast2I will send the journactl -k -b -213:29
kubast2wifi firmware crashes at times for me since some version of linux 513:31
kubast2it first went on to crash on arch linux and then moved onto windows 10, might be the wifi card dying13:32
fradthanks again tomreyn I managed to o it!13:32
fradDO IT DAMMIT13:32
tomreynkubast2: you have BIOS V1.18 10/21/2016, latest is V1.2713:32
kubast2the problem is I am no longer able to restart the wifi firmware/driver/wifi chip state by removing and modprobing the drivers related to wifi13:32
tomreynfrad: you're welcome13:32
kubast2oh okay13:32
tomreynkubast2: if upgrading the bios doesn't help, you can also try this:13:33
ubottuIf your system is unstable or power management does not work well and logs show ACPI issues, you can try to make the Linux kernel pretend it was Windows during boot (which can help on hardware which was only tested with Windows): http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html13:33
tomreynbios update: https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/support-product/6739?b=113:34
kubast2"1. Update following microcode2. Fix S3 wake up, USB BT yellow mark, CCD not work, some port fail." oh I see now I will install intel microcode update13:35
kubast2I didn't thought of this, the intel-ucode.img ramdisk13:35
tomreyni don't know what "the intel-ucode.img ramdisk" is13:35
kubast2https://packages.ubuntu.com/pl/bionic/amd64/intel-microcode/filelist well on arch linux someone packaged in intel microcode updates and they load as a first/2nd initramfs13:37
tomreynapparently you referred to a mechanism arch linux and gentoo use for live upgrading the CPUI microcode.13:37
kubast2it is probablly why I avoided having said issue there never thought of this13:38
kubast2I will reboot to windows to get the updates13:38
tomreynubuntu attaches microcode updates to the initrd for early loading.13:38
tomreyn(so the result should be comparable, though i don't know which microcode version arch would ship.)13:39
kubast2thanks man13:40
tomreynyou're welcome13:40
fradtomreyn, I just moved 50 GiB of data from one ssd to another. Should I trim?13:41
fradI trimmed yesterday13:41
tomreynfrad: you could trim the source (if "move" means the data is no longer present there). but just waiting for the weekly trim will be fine, too.13:41
fradtomreyn, what I don't understand: if there is a weekly trimming, how come firefox and vlc start way faster only after I manually trimmed yesterday?13:42
fradI installed 2 months ago13:43
tomreynfrad: i do not know this., maybe you wrote a lot of new data onto or repartitioned the same storage since the latest automatic trim?13:44
tomreynit could also be that the weekly trim doesn't apply. sometime they don't pass through all block device layers successfully.13:45
tomreyni think there was a time when ubuntu installers didn't ensure you'd have trimming when using certain block device layers, such as dmcrypt-luks13:46
fradtomreyn, did not repartition, I wrote a lot of data. Both ssd and nvme are luks encrypted though...13:47
fradtomreyn, is there any command to know if the weekly trimming is on?13:47
tomreynyou could search your system logs for the timer and see whether it ran13:47
tomreynexample: journalctl --since 2020-06-01 | grep -E ' fstrim\[[0-9]*\]:'13:52
fradtomreyn, in /var/log I found 2 syslogs: 'syslog' and 'syslog.1' syslog.1 has 18000 lines opposed to 4000's syslog. what is the difference?13:52
fradI see what you did there :D13:53
BluesKajsyslog is more current than syslog113:55
tomreynsyslog.1 would be the rotated log file after the first rotation (using the "logrotate" command).13:55
oerhekssyslog.1 is the previous syslog, you might spor syslog.2 too13:55
fradthanks tomreyn, automated trimming takes place once a week13:55
fradI only have 'syslog' and 'syslog.1' but there are several 'syslog.2.gz' to 'syslog.5.gz'...13:56
tomreynunfortunately, fstrim.service logs "Discard unused blocks" instead of referring to TRIM, which can cause confusion.13:56
fradwhy are some gz files and other reguler text files?13:56
ubottuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/13:57
tomreynread the manual for logrotate13:57
tomreyn.gz files are created by the "compress" command in log rotation configurations13:59
tomreynnowadays you'll more likley work with systemd-journal than syslog, though14:00
luc4Hello! Anyone running on xorg with nvidia Quadro and proprietary drivers?14:00
tomreynfrad: you can in fact just remove syslog and its logs of you don't want two separate logging systems.14:00
tomreynluc4: for polls, you could try #ubuntu-discuss.14:01
ivaattrying install ubuntu under hyper-v. i have issue when using hyper-v connect. ubuntu install window popups so overlay that i cannot see ncurse down buttons for yes and no / continue14:01
tomreynor describe the problem or support question, if any.14:01
ivaathowto overcome this?14:01
oerheksivaat, hyperv issue .. try ##windows?14:02
fradIf I'm more likely to work with systemd-journal instead of syslog, how come syslog comes installed?14:02
oerheksmaybe systemd-journal uses that log too?14:04
tomreynno it doesn't.14:05
fradI mean, is syslog being deprecated?14:07
tomreynsyslog is a bit of a default which has been around for a long time, and systemd-journald is not a complete replacement for all applications you can cover with a syslog daemon, e.g. i'm not sure you can do centralized logging with systemd-journald14:07
tomreynmaybe, it's a bit early to tell, i think14:08
fradeverything in motion, constantly14:08
tomreynat snail speed, so you can usually adapt to it.14:09
fradeven if I majored in literature and never studied computer science?14:10
tomreynas long as you can study release notes, yes14:13
GreenfrogI have an HP laptop running Ubuntu 20.04 with UEFI. I discovered that i needed realtec wireless drivers to connect wireless to the laptop to the internet. The problem was i needed to turn off secure boot to install the wifi drivers. so i found out how without going into the bios, but the problem is secure boot turned itself back on and disconnected the wifi drivers installed.14:22
Greenfrogi understand there is a permenant way to shut it off in the bios, but i dont know how to get there and i have read others did and found no secure boot to turn off any help?14:23
tomreynGreenfrog: do you know the exact HP laptop model? Rzunning this in a Terminal should reveal it:   journalctl -b | grep DMI:14:26
sonicwindGreenfrog, my HP uses F10 (or Esc) during startup to get into BIOS settings.14:26
fradthere is no difference running as root with either 'sudo -i' or 'su -', correct?14:26
tomreynenvironments may differ14:28
tomreynalso "su -" would prompt for the root, not the user password, and there is no root password on ubuntu by default.14:29
Greenfrogyes i run sudo -i14:30
Greenfrogi'll have to go get the model number its in another room14:31
uidnullhey sweeties14:31
uidnullnixos is going to overpower ubuntu14:32
oerheks!ot | uidnull14:32
ubottuuidnull: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:32
uidnull!ot | oerheks14:32
ubottuoerheks: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:32
oerheksuidnull, stop trolling, thanks14:33
uidnullshut up fag14:33
uidnullas in faggot14:33
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax14:33
uidnullcan't block me i've got compromised vpn connections all day long14:33
uidnullyou're stuck with me forever homos14:33
tomreynGreenfrog: usually the easiest way to work on fixing such problems is to have the affected computer connected through a different internet access (such as ethernet or usb-ethernet or tethering through a smartphone). or if none of this is available to have the affected system next to a computer which can get online fine.14:41
futureRichif i update mojave to catalina, then data will be disappear?14:46
oerheksfutureRich, yes/no/maybe, ask in the apple channels?14:48
futureRichoerheks: yeah but no one answer of it :(14:48
futureRichin the apple channel14:48
MarkB2Good morning.  Yesterday I was handed a nice little video card (ATI Radeon R5 430) which would be an interesting upgrade.  What's in the machine right now is a NVidia 9800GT.  Swapping cards... didn't work as expected (Ubuntu 18.04 started to boot then stopped with the display flashing on and off).14:48
oerhekswell, universal answer; if you have no backup already, your data is not important.14:49
Greenfrogok guess i over reacted to the issue, i got into the bios with f10 found secure boot and disabled saved changes and exited which began reboot. now the screen is saying rightly tha a change to secure boot is pending enter the code below and it gives 2020+ enter14:49
Greenfrogits rebooting now14:49
futureRichthanks oerheks14:49
MarkB2There is, I think, a way to set the system to use a generic driver until I can get the ATI driver installed.14:49
oerheksGreenfrog, reverse to the nouveaudriver, then switch cards14:50
Greenfrogplease define more switch cards14:50
oerheksput the 9800 back in, go to driver settings in updates, etc14:51
AmaranthfutureRich: It'll _probably_ be fine but if you're worried make a backup14:51
MarkB2?? someone else is doing the same as I for replacing video boards??14:51
Greenfrogi thot you ment physically switch cards, ok got it14:51
BluesKajMarkB2, you should disable the nvidia driver before switching cards14:51
futureRichAmaranth: thanks a lot :)14:52
MarkB2BluesKaj: I live to learn.  I ..guessed.. that perhaps Linux would detect a mismatch and fall back to a generic.14:53
MarkB2Here goes... thank you.14:53
AmaranthI've never lost data in a macOS upgrade and I run the betas but I also have backblaze on my mac :D14:53
Greenfrogcanonical has realtech drivers that can be installed i have to request them because of licensing issue14:54
Greenfrogand they work well14:54
Greenfrogthanks i'll let you know if this finally fixes the issue14:55
tomreynMarkB2: if you had not been using proprietary drivers which need to hardwire some settings before, you could indeed just swap your cards now.14:57
MarkB2tomreyn: Granted.  I could ..wish.. that NVidia would be a little more free about the insides of their chipsets... it's a balance between performance and cost.15:00
MarkB2But the same problem applies to the ATI card; ATI offers driver downloads but I did not see a link to driver sources.15:01
oerheksati radeon/amdgpu are automatic loaded..15:02
tomreynwith ubuntu, if you're downloading graphics drivers from a manufacturer wwebsite you're most likely doing something wrong.15:02
AmaranthI don't think there is a reason to use the closed source driver outside of professional (CAD, etc) uses these days15:02
AmaranthAnd even that driver uses the open source kernel module15:02
oerheksi ran nouveau on nvidia for months, not bad at all15:04
MarkB2tomreyn: Canonical is tracking changes to the NVidia driver.  References to it occasionally pop up during a update/upgrade cycle.15:04
BluesKajMarkB2, the xserver-xorg-video-ati generic driver is installed by default afaik15:04
MarkB2I also ran nouveau on the 9800GT .  Perhaps an older version.. but the performace looked like an old Windows 3.1 system.15:05
MarkB2This is starting to sound like all I need do is disable the NVidia driver, swap boards, and it'll "just work".15:05
kk4ewtbest table covering https://www.harborfreight.com/solid-nonslip-drawer-liner-65565.html?_br_psugg_q=liner15:06
MarkB2Music to my ears.15:06
kk4ewtopps sorry15:06
MarkB2Back in a bit.15:06
BluesKajMarkB2, not sure, but's worth a try15:06
Greenfrogok, wifi is not making the change i expected, do you think i need to connect wired to access aditional drivers again to use the realtech dirvers?15:16
Greenfrogthey did works before15:16
Greenfrogit says this device is using alternative driver then a check in a radio box says: using DKMS source for realtech wifi (open source)15:19
jeremy31Greenfrog: rtl8821ce?15:22
amuroWhat is the difference between sudo apt install and sudo apt-get install?15:35
jeremy31amuro: a few letters15:36
oerheksapt-get is the old way, ap is superiour15:36
Assidhi can someone help me with pxe boot for ubuntu live desktop  and pxe install for ubuntu server ?15:59
Assidwithout using nfs16:00
oerheksAssid, without NFS ? why?16:02
oerheksstandard example with nfshttps://linuxhint.com/pxe_boot_ubuntu_server/16:02
Assidshouldnt it support http or something ?16:03
oerhekscheck that howto16:04
sebtty0Hi, here is a PC repair story: There were 2 random crashs in xubuntu 20.04. I startet memtest, frozen at 30%. I switched the RAM, CPU, Mainboard - same problem. Memtest still frozen at 30%. Ok last piece to change was power supply. No sucess still frozen. This was very frustrating. Then I started memtest86+ 5.01 from USB drive - no problem. ??? There was a problem in the integrated memtest86+ 5.01 of xubuntu 20.04! Same problem on another machine. Can anybody16:11
sebtty0please test his integrated memtest16:11
oerheksi always use memtest from the iso, not from grub2/ running system16:12
ioria sebtty0 found this link but it was removed by the author : https://askubuntu.com/questions/1249240/integrated-memtest86-crashes-xubuntu-20-0416:14
ioria sebtty0  maybe this : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/memtest86+/+bug/187756416:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1877564 in memtest86+ (Ubuntu) "package memtest86+ 5.01-3.1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: installed memtest86+ package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:15
oerheksuefi machine?16:17
ipatrolOk, apparently my system is majorly broken because of a syntax change in Python between versions 3.6.8 and 3.6.916:17
sebtty0no I boot legacy only no uefi16:19
oerheksipatrol, what linux version?16:20
sebtty05.4.0-33-generic #37-Ubuntu SMP Thu May 21 12:53:59 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:20
oerheks!info python3 bionic16:20
ubottupython3 (source: python3-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default python3 version). In component main, is important. Version 3.6.7-1~18.04 (bionic), package size 46 kB, installed size 187 kB16:20
oerheks!info python3 eoan16:21
ubottupython3 (source: python3-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default python3 version). In component main, is important. Version 3.7.5-1 (eoan), package size 46 kB, installed size 187 kB16:21
ipatroloerheks: upgrading from bionic to eoan16:21
oerheksso you would have 3.7.516:21
ipatrolFile "/usr/share/eric/modules/QScintilla/Editor.py", line 457516:22
ipatrol    def addCompletionListHook(self, key, func, async=False):16:22
ipatrolasync is now a reserved word16:23
ipatrolHonestly, as someone pointed out, adding keywords should have been held off until a minor version change16:25
xbfrogi fixed the wifi problem with realtech and ubuntu16:34
xbfrogthanks for your help :)16:34
xbfrogbut i still have a curious question: if secure boot won't allow unsigned drivers to install, why coulndt realtec drivers for ubuntu be installed? were they not signed?  this makes no sense for realtec to release any unsigned drivers16:40
Sven_vBIs "never" a valid value for focal's systemd-logind's "IdleActionSec"? I cannot tell from the manpage at http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/focal/man5/logind.conf.5.html16:41
Sven_vBxbfrog, I was under the impression that Secure Boot is only about which operating system the BIOS will load, and everything after that is up to the OS.16:44
Sven_vBfirmware, rather than BIOS.16:44
Assidbah i give up.. nfs it is16:45
Assidbut now i cant get the live desktop to popup it just shows the install option16:45
kubast2ls /snap/eclipse/48/jre/bin/java ls: cannot access '/snap/eclipse/48/jre/bin/java': No such file or directory; "No Java virtual machine was found after searching the following locations:"16:45
kubast2Hey there is no jvm in the snap for clipse16:45
kubast2I see16:46
kubast2so it takes jre from apt16:47
kubast2I see16:47
kubast2I thought installing it from ubuntu software would resolve java16:48
amuroAssid: are you trying to run liveCD on a laptop?16:49
=== antipythera is now known as antikythera
Gokturk-AwayHow can I empty the btmp log file at /var/log/btmp ? size is so huge....17:38
Jordan_UGokturk-Away: First, do you realize that it's probably that big because of hundreds of thousands of failed ssh attempts?17:40
Gokturk-Awayis there a way to clear that file?17:41
Jordan_UGokturk-Away: You can just rm it, but I'd recommend fail2ban or similar as well.17:42
Jordan_UGokturk-Away: Well, correction, you don't want to rm it because it won't come back if it's found to be missing. You can "echo | sudo tee /var/log/btmp" to replace it with a file that just has a single newline character.17:44
mamonettiwhich package contains the libraries used by glib-2.0 to connect to dbus? i got all the function headers by installing "libglib2.0-dev", but the linker can't find the references to some functions17:45
Gokturk-AwayOk, Jordan_U. Thanks for your help17:46
Jordan_UGokturk-Away: You're welcome.17:48
Gokturk-AwayJordan_U: Thanks again. It worked. All empty now :)18:04
Gokturk-AwayI've get rid of out 10 GB log files18:05
Gokturk-AwayMy second question: When I log in to SSH. It says *** System restart required *** Do I really re-start it when i see that message?18:07
EriC^^Gokturk-Away: yeah18:26
dtuxi can ssh into a host on my LAN, but I can't connect via ssh:// in Files. It says "Connection refused by server". Anyone know what might cause that?18:46
pavlosdtux: do you have openssh-server installed on the remote system?18:55
skyliner_369is focal fossa a more complete overhaul of Ubuntu by Canonical?18:59
dtuxpavlos: yes19:00
ioriadtux, i'am sure nautilus can 'ssh' something; i guess it uses 'sftp' instead , if enabled on the other side , but i could be wrong19:01
pavlosdtux: just tried it, works on 20.0419:01
dtuxioria: sftp:// produces the same error FWIW19:01
ioriadtux, i see19:02
dtuxpavlos: do you have sshfs installed?19:02
ioriadtux, can you try sftp from terminal ?19:02
pavlosdtux: no, just a remote system called xps I go to Files, Other Location, at the bottom type ssh://xps it asks for user/pw and I'm in19:03
dtuxioria: ya, tho i'm not too familiar with sftp cli, so it might take a sec.19:04
dtuxpavlos: hmmm19:04
ioriadtux, sftp user@ip19:05
BeavisOnFireAny idea why I can't boot my Ubuntu MATE live CD on a Dell E7470 ? My ISO is ok and works on other computers. Ubuntu proper works on it as well.19:05
BeavisOnFireI get a black screen once I choose "try Ubuntu MATE"19:06
dtuxinteresting... so, it works if I use the IPv4 address, but not IPv6 (I want to use a hostname that resolves to IPv6)19:07
pavlosdtux: do you have this, sysctl net.ipv6.conf.all.forwarding=119:08
dtuxpavlos: it's currently set to 019:09
dtuxenabling it doesn't seem to help19:10
ioriadtux, you need to run sysctl -p19:11
pavlossudo netstat -pant|grep sshd ... do you have tcp6 line?19:12
mkquisthello - quick one - is there anything 'wrong' or possibly bad about having mounted drives changed to a user owner instead of root?  Or does it matter at all?19:13
dtuxioria: i haven't noticed a different behavior after doing that19:14
dtuxpavlos: no, there's no output from that19:14
EriC^^mkquist: is it just a data mounted filesystem?19:14
EriC^^persnal stuff19:15
mkquistEriC^^: yes, its on a personal computer (not enterprise, not a server)19:17
EriC^^mkquist: if it's just personal data on that particular filesystem then the most harm that can happen is if somehow your user account is compromised also the data would be too, by changing root to your user19:20
mkquistwrote a script to write files to mounted drive but cant get it to create file without running it as root.  How can I get it to write to mounted drive.  Chowning the drive to me doesnt work either.19:22
mkquiststreamripper actually19:22
EriC^^mkquist: paste the mount | grep /mounted/path19:23
EriC^^mkquist: paste the  output of "mount | grep /mounted/path"19:24
pavlosdtux: install net-tools on remote and try the netstat command again ... you should have this line, tcp6  0  0 :::22  :::*  LISTEN      674/sshd: /usr/sbin19:25
dtuxpavlos: the remote system is clear linux (not ubuntu)... if the goal is to check that i can connect to it via IPv6, i can `ssh ipv6:address` successfully from the terminal19:28
pavlosdtux: ok19:29
ioriadtux, but you cannot  sftp ipv6:address ?19:31
mkquistEriC^^: no output on that19:33
dtuxno, it (sftp -6) gives "subsystem request failed on channel 019:33
dtuxConnection closed."19:33
ioriadtux, quote from manpage  : 'IPv6 addresses must be enclosed in square brackets to avoid ambiguity'19:33
EriC^^mkquist: type "mount" and pastebin the output somewhere19:34
ioriadtux, e.g. :  sftp [fc00::1]19:35
dtuxioria: i've been trying both... sry should've mentioned that (without the brakcets i get "ssh: Could not resolve hostname 2600: Address family for hostname not supported" -- the ipv6 begins with 2600:)19:35
pavlosmkquist: what's the mount point, eg /mnt/mydata ...... then mount | grep mydata19:37
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pavlosI converted my to ipv6 and sftp connects, sftp pavlos@::ffff:a00:2619:50
EriC^^mkquist: that looks like an ntfs/fat filesystem, so it doesnt really save permissions or have them, they're fake permissions set upon mounting, you can mount it with different options to get different permissions19:50
mkquistEriC^^: of course, I shouldv'e caught that, it is of course ntfs19:51
mkquistEriC^^: thanks for that... silly me19:51
EriC^^mkquist: no problem19:52
mra90how to free disk space from grub19:55
mra90I can not ls19:55
mra90ls hda1 returns invalid file name19:55
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pavlosmra90: df | nc termbin.com 999919:56
mra90pavlos, df command unknown19:56
mra90I am in grub menu19:56
EriC^^mra90: try to boot into recovery mode from grub then drop to root shell then type "mount -o remount,rw /" and remove whatever19:56
EriC^^mra90: grub > advanced options > recovery kernel19:57
mra90how to boot into recovery mode?19:57
mra90I am afraid my disk is full ;/19:57
EriC^^it should work as there are not many services and stuff19:57
EriC^^if that doesnt work you can always try putting in the grub linux line "init=/bin/bash" and that should really simplify the startup process19:58
fradmy laptop has 2 SSDs. On a terminal, how do I cd to the second ssd? Right now I cano only access it with thunar20:01
fradit is not listed under media20:01
mra90I can not enter recovery mode20:01
EriC^^frad: is it listed in 'sudo parted -ls' ?20:01
EriC^^mra90: try pressing e in grub over ubuntu, replace 'quiet splash' in the linux /boot/vmlinuz line with 'init=/bin/bash' and press f10 to boot20:02
fradyes EriC^^ it is there. Note that both of my ssds are luks encrypted20:03
EriC^^frad: can you pastebin the output?20:04
mra90EriC^^, I have problems to get into recovery mode20:06
mra90sometimes I can enter it sometimes black screen ;/20:06
mra90they say left shift or exc during boot can get me to recovery mode20:07
EriC^^mra90: try the method above with init=/bin/bash20:12
mra90EriC^^, the problem is I can not even eter any console20:13
mra90I see ubuntu is loading and then black screen20:13
mra90sometimes I can enter but most I can not20:13
mra90esc to get into BIOS?20:14
EriC^^mra90: im confused, you added init=/bin/bash?20:14
mra90no didn't have a chance20:14
EriC^^mra90: hold shift when the pc boots to get grub20:14
mra90ok I managed to get into recovery mode20:18
mra90should I go to "clean" now?20:19
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mra90ok I freed some memory end it works now :)20:23
mra90now I can fix the original problem20:27
mra90I have an exteranl flash disk > 1tb it constantly "reconnects"20:28
mra90making it unusable20:28
mra90it only hapens on Ubuntu (windows is OK)20:28
mra90any idea how to fix that?20:28
oerhekscheck the filesystemtroubleshooting wiki?20:30
mra90hmm suddenly it is stable oO20:37
aardvark__I have a I want to connect to one of my servers using ssh with the -X (for xwindows) and am getting the error: venues/readMe,v - when I actually try and do anything that needs the X - what do I ned to do20:45
dtuxpavlos: it seems that nautilus basically requires SFTP, and my server disabled SFTP by default. so adding "Subsystem sftp ..." to the server SSH config got things working20:50
pavlosdtux: glad you got it working20:56
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moonfmdesireHi, I am trying to set up both monitors to be 'tear-free' for video playback, how would I do this?21:30
moonfmdesireFurther, is there a way to set it up at boot such that I would not have to invoke the tear-free command each time I need to be tear-free?21:35
Jordan_Umoonfmdesire: What GPU do you have? ("lspci | grep VGA") What happened when you tried to play videos with Ubuntu's default configuration? What have you done to try to get it tear-free?21:42
moonfmdesireJordan_U, I have an RX 560 (4GB) and I use AMDGPUPRO drivers (for work).21:42
moonfmdesireJordan_U, The drivers are for video editing, it is a requirement.21:43
moonfmdesireJordan_U, I think I got the command: xrandr --output HDMI-A-0 --set TearFree on21:44
moonfmdesireJordan_U, For one of the monitors21:44
moonfmdesireJordan_U, Now if I can get this to work at boot so I do not have to bother each time...21:44
moonfmdesireJordan_U, To identify monitors< i run:  xrandr --query21:45
moonfmdesireJordan_U, Does that sound right to you?21:45
Jordan_Umoonfmdesire: It looks like that option can also be set in your Xorg.conf or Xorg.conf.d/ : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/AMDGPU#Tear_free_rendering .21:48
Jordan_Umoonfmdesire: Another option to try is switching to Wayland rather than Xorg, since Wayland is inherently tear free. I'm not sure how compatible the rest of your workflow / applications are with Wayland though.21:49
moonfmdesireJordan_U, Me neither. Maybe I had better accept this annoyance of setting tear free each time for now because I do not want to break anything.21:50
Jordan_Umoonfmdesire: As I said first, it seems like it's a simple Xorg.conf option as well. You should be able to get tear free display just fine from boot with that.21:51
moonfmdesireJordan_U, Can you guide me as to how to do this?21:51
Jordan_Umoonfmdesire: Yes. To start, please pastebin the output of "ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/" , "cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/*", and if it exists the contents of /etc/X11/xorg.conf .21:55
Jordan_Umoonfmdesire: Please also post a link to whatever instructions you followed to install AMDGPU Pro.21:56
moonfmdesireJordan_U, Both of the first command get: No such file or directory21:58
moonfmdesireJordan_U, And for the other: https://www.amd.com/en/support/graphics/radeon-500-series/radeon-rx-500-series/radeon-rx-56021:59
Bashing-ommoonfmdesire: Jordan_U: ls -al /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/*.conf ?21:59
Jordan_UBashing-om: Thanks, I didn't know that the path had moved.21:59
Bashing-omJordan_U: As of 18.04 :)22:00
moonfmdesireJordan_U, https://pastebin.com/GQ80BBGK22:00
moonfmdesireJordan_U, Looks like there are now drivers for the newer version of Ubuntu.22:01
moonfmdesireJordan_U, That was not there a couple of weeks ago.22:01
Jordan_UBashing-om: Are you willing to take over with moonfmdesire? I haven't configured Xorg in years. I'm pretty sure we just want to add 'Option "TearFree" "true" ' , as per https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/AMDGPU#Tear_free_rendering .22:03
moonfmdesireJordan_U, There is also this wayland thing...22:03
Jordan_Umoonfmdesire: Wayland is easy to try, just select the Wayland session option at the login screen. If it doesn't work then you can just switch back to Xorg the same way. That said, I think that the TearFree option will also work for you.22:04
moonfmdesireJordan_U, Ahh, okay. Thanks.22:05
moonfmdesireJordan_U, I hope to switch to nvidea soon, maybe that will make the driver/tear situation a bit easier.22:05
Jordan_Umoonfmdesire: Please pastebin the contents of /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/00-amdgpu.conf and /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-amdgpu.conf .22:06
Bashing-omJordan_U: sure - I can take up the light work :P22:06
moonfmdesireJordan_U, "Permission Denied"22:08
Jordan_Umoonfmdesire: I dislike Nvidia because they make things harder for the open ecosystem and don't provide open specifications for their hardware, let alone open drivers. Even AMD GPU Pro consists of mostly open code, and all of the kernel mode code is totally open. Intel is the best in regard to openness, but I understand if integrated graphics doesn't quite cut it for professional video editing :)22:08
Jordan_UBashing-om: Thanks.22:08
moonfmdesireJordan_U, I would love to just use Libre, Stallman-ized video editors, but we are not there yet.22:09
moonfmdesireJordan_U, Even Blender uses opencl22:09
moonfmdesiremoonfmdesire, One day I will sing the "Free Software Song" when I fire up a video editor22:10
moonfmdesireJordan_U, So it is still, "Nvidea, F--- You!"?22:11
moonfmdesireJordan_U, I thought nvidea learned22:11
Jordan_Umoonfmdesire: They have not learned in any way.22:12
moonfmdesireLinus needs to do more than swear at them.22:12
Jordan_Umoonfmdesire: That's getting a bit offtopic for this channel, and even the partially censored swearing is frowned upon here.22:13
moonfmdesireokay, thanks for your help!22:13
tomreynJordan_U: i wouldn't say that /etc/X11/ moved to /usr/share/X11/ but rather that the latter contains defaults which can be amended by custom configurations in /etc/X11/ (and i think by some undocumented location in users' home directory, too)22:18
tomreynJordan_U: (i know you didn't claim otherwise)22:19
Jordan_Utomreyn: Good to know, thanks.22:20
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kinghatis there a terminal/ncurses version of dirstat?22:56
tomreynkinghat: ncdu22:57
tomreynconsisting of "nc" as in "ncurses" and ... you'll bet the rest22:58
kinghatill check it out, thanks tomreyn!22:59
blogtenis anyone here running a modern ubuntu on a macpro1,1 (32 bit efi)?23:00
kinghattomreyn: do you know if i can view outside of the home dir?23:06
kinghator does it just scan the dir where you execute it from?23:08
kinghatah, looks to be the case23:08
blogtenI'm having some trouble with an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS system.  for some reason, some pci devices have their PCI link speed downgraded.  to the extent possible, I've verified the slot configuration in the bios corresponds to what the cards are and what they expect to have.  what is a good resource to figure out why this downgrading is happening?23:09
Jordan_Ublogten: Have you looked through the output of "dmesg" for anything that seems related?23:10
blogtenJordan_U yes, that's how I found it23:10
blogtenJordan_U in dmesg, at about 2 seconds into the boot sequence, it says a device is downgraded because of some other device.  the conflict seems to be between an nvidia card and some i/o device connected to a cpu.  what's strange is that the nvidia card is not connected to the cpu handling i/o (cpu1).  upon looking with lspci, I found several devices23:12
blogtenhave their speed downgraded.23:12
Jordan_Ublogten: Do you still have OSX on this machine? If so, is it able to use the full speed of these devices?23:14
blogtenJordan_U: two different machines.  the MacPro1,1 system still has OS X on it.  the one with the pci issues is a supermicro box23:17
blogtenJordan_U: specifically, the supermicro is the one with the text mode grub issue from the other day that we resolved23:18
tomreyn!mna | kinghat23:33
tomreyn!man | kinghat23:34
ubottukinghat: The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/23:34
tomreynkinghat: the SYNOPSIS section of this and every man page tells you how you can run the command, how you can pass arguments to it, and sometimes which ones, too23:35
blogtenJordan_U : some progress, it looks like the C602 chipset in this motherboard is only PCIe 2, so insisting on PCIe 3 results in downgrading to PCIe 1 (ouch).23:36
futureRichi don’t know i must use mac or ubuntu?23:36
tomreynfutureRich: we don't know what you must or must not do either.23:37
futureRichubuntu —> free, mac —> easy23:38
tomreynwe only do ubuntu support here, so that's all we can help you with here.23:39

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