OvenWerksdid they just go through anything that mentioned pkexec and flag them all? I still think linux as a community should just not use wayland00:00
EickmeyerUnfortunately, it's not that simple, just like everything else.00:00
OvenWerksevery time someone says "but we are miving to wayland" respond with wayland is broken I can't run <list of things>00:01
OvenWerksEickmeyer: that is true, most people install the ubuntu, redhat, whatever and expect it to run.00:02
EickmeyerUbuntu's GNOME still defaults to Xorg.00:02
EickmeyerAnd, imo, it's OK when people find problems with it. That's the only way it's going to get better.00:03
EickmeyerSure, problems are painful. I hate them. But things get better when you can work through them.00:03
EickmeyerPeople are finally catching on: https://frontpagelinux.com/tutorials/easily-install-jack-audio-with-ubuntu-studio-installer/17:33
OvenWerkspretty good write up... "During installation, select “Enable realtime process priority”, and click Next." while technically correct is not necessary :)17:52
EickmeyerRight, because -Controls does that.17:53
OvenWerkslove of calf is well whatever, probably ok for just using OBS.17:53
EickmeyerCan confirm it is. As long as they don't use the reverb, I'm like, "meh."17:53
OvenWerksstill it is nice to hear via various sources that installer and controls is appeciated17:56
OvenWerksthis is really my first well used SW aside from my part in Ardour (which is minor really)17:57
OvenWerksAll the rest has been for my own use17:58
EickmeyerThe best software comes from people finding a solution to a problem for their own personal use and giving it to others.18:14

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