Kyanite393Hello all05:10
Kyanite393I'm having a little issue with latest version. Whenever the screensaver comes one it locks up and locks me out of my desktop. The screensaver doesn't even animate it just freezes.05:11
Kyanite393I've looked for solutions on ask ubuntu and YT cant find one05:11
MichaelTunnell[mnot the best suggestion I know but screensavers are pretty pointless these days because burn-in is not much of an issue these days. I just turn screensavers off on every system I use.15:26
EickmeyerMichaelTunnell[m: The screensaver that's described is probably xfce4-screensaver which is pretty much the screen locker. Either way, support for that is in #xubuntu. (They're long gone)18:58
EickmeyerThe person needing help, that is.18:58
MichaelTunnell[mI figured but didnt see the leave message oh well21:01

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