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jphilipsbluesabre: what process do you want to go about adding xubuntu core to the download page?15:26
bluesabrejphilips: let's create an issue on the xubuntu-website project to discuss it16:10
ubot93Issue 18 in Xubuntu/xubuntu-website "Addition of Xubuntu Core to download page" [Open]16:12
jphilipswas curious why we have separate mines and sudoku apps, when sgt also bundles those games?16:32
pleia2bluesabre: the ticket should do it, but we can follow up in #canonical-sysadmin later next week if there are any problems16:56
bluesabrepleia2: perfect, thanks for your help16:57
pleia2you're welcome :)16:57
Unit193Not really sure that should be linked off of the downloads page, really.22:16

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