guivercLubuntu uses full disk encryption, so less code is available than other non-full disk (/boot unencrypted for example) is why control is limited... but sorry I don't know of any @Davd Heinrich00:13
lubot<teward001> @David Heinrich [I installed Lubuntu with full disk encryption so it asks for pw on boot. Is ther …], I would err on the side of "no" - none of the FDE solutions that come with Lubuntu or Linux in general give you the option to reveal the password you're typing.04:00
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SirNapkin1334hello, how can I create a live usb with persistent storage? I used rufus and ticked the "persistent storage" and set it to as much as I could (13GB on a 16GB usb), however, the lubuntu installer has no "try lubuntu" option. have I done something wrong?06:49
SirNapkin1334and before you tell me to install it proper, the laptop has no internal hard disk. so no.06:50
SirNapkin1334and I don't have any external disks that I can use currently.06:50
SirNapkin1334there are 5 options: "Install Lubuntu"; "Check disc for defects"; "Test memory"; "Boot from first hard disk"; "Rescue a broken system"06:52
guivercSirNapkin1334, I've only used `mkusb` to create persistent thumb drives - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/mkusb/06:53
SirNapkin1334thank you i will take a look at that!06:53
guivercSirNapkin1334, what release of Lubuntu; later releases say "Start Lubuntu" not "Try"06:54
guivercThe manual section for installing Lubuntu is https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/1/Installing_lubuntu.html  (it'll assume 20.04 LTS)06:54
SirNapkin1334the file I downloaded it called "lubuntu-18.04-alternate-i386.iso" - so 18.06-alternate06:54
SirNapkin1334yes, but I wish to create a live persistent usb, not install it proper (i'm sort of unable to do that)06:55
SirNapkin1334unless you can point me to an incredibly cheap external disk, live persistent usb drive is going to be my only option06:55
guivercthe alternate ISO is for 768MB machines or less; it has fewer options, no LIVE mode so no try/start - it's an installer only (to fit in <768MB)06:55
guivercyou've got an ISO that can't do what you want.06:56
SirNapkin1334my machine only has 1024MB06:56
SirNapkin1334so i suppose i will do that06:56
SirNapkin1334but I looked on the page and i couldn't find a "non-alternate" 32-bit ISO?06:56
guivercI testing Lubuntu up to and including 19.04 in laptops with 1GB of RAM using standard ISO06:56
SirNapkin1334considering the machine is 15 years old I figured x64 wouldn't work06:56
guivercenterprise grade equipment from 20years ago is amd64, only cheap consumer grade still used x86/i386-i68606:57
SirNapkin1334pentium m 770 is what it has06:58
SirNapkin1334aah yeah that's 3206:58
guivercpentium M is usually x86 only; early pentium M is i586, later is i68606:58
SirNapkin1334may i ask, what do those last two numbers mean? I know i383 == x86, but what do those last two mean? honestly i've never heard of them06:59
guivercx86_64 is amd64 (64bit; both intel & amd use it; amd created it, intel's was non-x86 compatible thus is dead in the market)06:59
guiverci386 did mean intel 80386, then i486 is intel 80486, etc.. intel created x86 codes so i=intel. i383=?? typo?07:00
SirNapkin1334ah yes, typo, sorry, means 38607:00
guivercamd created the x86_64 thus it's officially called amd64; many consumers think it won't run on intel amd64 thus x6407:01
guivercyour issue is ISO you grabbed is an installer only; you can't TRY or use a uninstalled alternate-ISO except to install07:02
guivercI'd alse ensure you go to the correct site; ie. don't use search engines. lubuntu.me is the official site07:03
SirNapkin1334yeah, i was using the correct site. i just didn't realize there was much of a difference, and since i couldn't find the 32 bit desktop download i assume there wasn't one07:03
SirNapkin1334it's because i looked at the release page that is linked to in some paragraph on the first page07:03
SirNapkin1334which is different from the actual release page07:04
guiverchttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/18.04.4/release/ to download latest Lubuntu 18.04.4  (x86 compatible)07:05
guiverc(actually it has 18.04.1, .2, .3, .4 or all... i386 & amd64..)07:05
SirNapkin1334yeah i think i grabbed the right one07:07
guivercI used to write ISO to one thumb-drive, then install it to another (achieved persistent but I believe was faster)... but I've not done that in years  (took some fiddling to make it work on any system, persistent is usually easier)07:10
SirNapkin1334what a solution07:11
SirNapkin1334guiverc: so, i did it all and did the "try lubuntu without installing" but it boots up into CLI mode?  how do i make it run the GUI07:50
guivercI would check your ISO was downloaded perfectly (https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-how-to-verify-ubuntu#0) and suggest you use the "Check disc for defects" (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/CDIntegrityCheck) to verify the write to your media.. I'd expect that to work, (just tested on an old ibm t43 thinkpad, 1gb ram)07:57
SirNapkin1334wait does check disc for defects check the installer usb?08:01
SirNapkin1334and i verified via sha1, the desktop iso matched that of the site08:01
guiverc:)  yep "check disc for defects" checks the install media (not drives you are installing to, the disc refers to a CD/DVD even though most of us thumb-drives now)08:02
SirNapkin1334ah that explains why it says disc and not disk08:03
SirNapkin1334yeah, it's weird, when I "try" it, it shows the lubuntu gui bootup thing for a split second and then it cuts to shell08:03
SirNapkin1334ash or smth08:03
SirNapkin1334i tried startx but coudln't find anything graphics related08:04
SirNapkin1334also, ctrl+c doesn't work and exit doesn08:04
SirNapkin1334doesn't work either08:04
SirNapkin1334exit fails the first time and crashes the computer the second time (kernal panic)08:04
SirNapkin1334no errors found wtf08:04
SirNapkin1334should I try to send a video file?08:04
SirNapkin1334of me doing it08:05
guivercsorry I don't know (no alternatives come to mind) .. if no-one else offers help here, you can also ask in #ubuntu (can be used by flavors), but currently I'm blank (trouble with graphics doesn't fit what you're describing..)08:06
SirNapkin1334it has no graphics card as far as i know08:07
SirNapkin1334only onboard / integrated or smth08:07
guivercintegrated graphics or graphics card roughly the same.  (graphics cards are just usually better than integrated)08:08
SirNapkin1334yeah alright thanks08:10
el-x-cutieHi there, I am using Lubuntu20.4. I  just managed to activate the virtual keyboard.12:36
el-x-cutieIt showed a nice icon beneath the clock, to toggle it...12:36
el-x-cutieI deactived it and now I am not able to find it again!12:37
el-x-cutieCan anyone assisCan anyone assist?t?12:37
diogenes_el-x-cutie, it could be onboard (name of the keyboard).12:40
el-x-cutiethx, but i dont have onboard installed12:46
el-x-cutieI think it had to do with the 'Fcitx' configuration12:46
el-x-cutiebut cannot find it anymore12:47
diogenes_el-x-cutie, maybe florence or vkbd.12:50
el-x-cutiei think they all have to be installed manually. But the one I had there was already pre-installed (very lightweight^^ )12:52
el-x-cutieit can be configured in "Fctix Configuration" which can be accessed by "Settings" in "Start Menu"12:53
el-x-cutiebut where to activate this pre-installed virtual keyboard ... I cannot find it anymore12:53
diogenes_is it 20.04?12:54
diogenes_el-x-cutie, ok it's in menu > system tools > Fcitx or simply in terminal run: fcitx13:14
el-x-cutiediogenes thank you!!!13:23
el-x-cutieit works as it should!13:23
diogenes_el-x-cutie, you're welcome.13:25
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Deano59how can I create shortcuts via lxqt? like windows button + b opens a browser etc?15:30
Deano59nvm.... lol15:31
old_leatherHi all17:47
old_leatherI have a question about support for older LTS releases.  These channels seem quiet, so I'm just going to toss it out there, and hang around to see if anyone replies.17:48
old_leatherSo, LTS releases of vanilla Ubuntu get five years of support, and flavors get three17:50
old_leatherBut they all use the same repos17:51
old_leatherSo say I want to run Lubuntu Bionic17:52
lubot<teward001> the same repository *servers* but different distros/sections of the repositories17:52
old_leatherDoes that mean that there's an advantage, support-wise, to installing vanilla Ubuntu Bionic and then installing lubuntu-desktop?17:52
lubot<teward001> not really17:52
old_leatherOr would I get the same duration of support installing directly from the Lubuntu 18.04.4 image?17:52
lubot<teward001> the lubuntu repos pull from the same repos as the Desktop vanilla repos17:52
lubot<teward001> you'd get the '5 years of support' but only from the Bionic release - you would not get continued *Lubuntu* updates past the Lubuntu support period17:53
lubot<teward001> (which isn't necessarily the same as the LTS 5 year coverage)17:53
lubot<teward001> you'd have the same problem if you install vanilla Ubuntu and then install lubuntu-desktop - the lubuntu packages aren't guaranteed 5 years of support17:53
old_leatherso I'd be covered until 2023 for the packages that Lubuntu shares with vanilla Ubuntu, but I'd stop seeing updates for Lubuntu-specific stuff in 202117:54
lubot<teward001> correct17:54
old_leatherOkay, thanks!17:55
lubot<teward001> unless someone makes a push to fix an issue in the Lubuntu pckages but beyond the standard coverage for Lubuntu support in the LTS release, there's no guarantee of ongoing updates17:58
old_leatherI'm mainly just trying to keep a 32-bit laptop useful for a while, mostly as a project machine18:03
lubot<teward001> ah, well you have until 2023 to replace it18:09
lubot<teward001> because after 2023 you are out of upgrade options - no 32bit support anymore18:09
old_leatherI'm already looking for options outside the Ubuntu ecosystem18:14
old_leatherBut I've enjoyed using Lubuntu in the past, and would like to keep using it for as long as possible18:15
old_leatherWell, off to do that install18:20
old_leatherClean things up a bit ;)18:20
old_leatherThanks again18:20
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