lubot<RikMills> @mitya57 have you had any thoughts on 5.15?10:40
lubot<mitya57> No time yet. I would better wait until .1 or .2 point release.10:40
lubot<RikMills> @mitya57 [No time yet. I would better wait until .1 or .2 point release.], Agreed there, and more or less what I expected :)10:42
fvogtFTR, here the issues with Qt 5.15 were mostly in outside code, not fixed/fixable in Qt10:42
fvogtStuff like KMail header display or Konsole/yakuake crashes10:42
lubot<RikMills> fvogt: Thanks. I had seen a little chat on that, but had not looked in depth!11:00
lubot<x_sun> I can see no patches for KMail headers though11:12
lubot<x_sun> Thanks11:13

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