pinheadmz1I have quesiton about custom dns server using ubuntu 2000:14
pinheadmz1when i set my dns server ip in settings, it just doesnt work00:14
pinheadmz1i can manually force it in resolv.conf00:14
pinheadmz1but that gets overwritten onr estart now00:15
ubottuUbuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle00:15
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flybackwtf good is documentation that does't work00:15
tomreynwher ein settings do you set the dns server to use?00:15
flybackfor building a kernel00:15
tomreynpinheadmz1: this was to you.00:15
Bashing-om!netplan | pinheadmz100:15
ubottupinheadmz1: Netplan is a network configuration abstraction renderer which uses YAML descriptions of a network to work with either a NetworkManager or Systemd-networkd "renderer". More information at https://netplan.io/00:15
pinheadmz1tomreyn: in wifi settings, ipv4 dns tab (GUI)00:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1863116 in linux (Ubuntu) "debian/rules editconfigs does not work on s390x to change s390x only configs" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:17
flybackit affects all of them00:17
flybackx86 etc00:17
tomreynpinheadmz1: hmm, usually this would be applied as soon as this connection is activated00:17
pinheadmz1i dont understand00:17
pinheadmz1there could be something wrong with my resovler00:17
pinheadmz1when i set it works00:17
pinheadmz1or seems to00:17
pinheadmz1but when i set to ip of resolver i run it doesnt00:17
pinheadmz1but i know that resolver works00:17
pinheadmz1bc i can dig @ it00:17
pinheadmz1and when i manually set in resolv.conf it works, until restart00:17
pinheadmz1so i wonder if ubuntu does some kind of check against a DNS server00:18
pinheadmz1mayube i dont have something configured quite right and ubuntu just ignores my custom dns setting00:18
tomreynwhen you set it in the network manager GUI (the one you discussed above) and activate the link, what does "systemd-resolve --status" report for this link's "DNS Servers:" and what's logged in the system journal?00:19
pinheadmz1it reports the correct IP, the one i set00:20
tomreynand how do you tell that "it does not work"?00:20
pinheadmz1because i cant get any dns results :-P00:21
pinheadmz1all dig returns empty and browser doesnt work00:21
pinheadmz1until i manually set the resolver ip in resolv.conf00:21
tomreynand "systemd-resolve example.org" reports?00:21
pinheadmz1recieved invalid reply00:22
tomreyni bet it says more than that00:23
pinheadmz1google.com: resolve call failed: Received invalid reply00:23
pinheadmz1jsut that, no verbost00:23
pinheadmz1*verbose error message00:23
pinheadmz1and i can dig example.org no problem00:23
pinheadmz1example.org.  86351 IN A
tomreynso back to my previous question: what's logged to the journal?00:24
pinheadmz1journalctl systemd-resolve ?00:24
filifunkyhellooooo!  I upgraded to ubuntu 20.04 which apparently likes python 3.  I had problems so I made my python default to python 3.  However when I ran this program i like rednotebook it gives me problems.  What I found online is that I should learn to do virtualenv.  So I did that but even though i setup a virtualenv where I say hey use python 2.7, when i do a python --version it still gives me python 3.  Any ideas of what I should do?00:25
tomreyngenerally, when you activate the connection and try to resolve something using systemd-resolve00:25
tomreynpinheadmz1: also which dns server are you using, configured how?00:25
bparkerfilifunky: run python2 instead of python00:26
pinheadmz1tomreyn: so no new lines in journal when i systemd-resolve, or dig00:26
pinheadmz1tomreyn: its not Bind, its something else... Handshake. A blockcahin based alternative root zone :-)00:26
pinheadmz1but it works just like any recursive resolver00:26
pinheadmz1and it works on my windows and mac machines fine. and on linux servers00:27
filifunkybparker ahhh, well yeah when i do python2 --version it gives me the right version00:27
pinheadmz1but trying to get it working on ubntu dektop, facing this issue00:27
tomreynpinheadmz1: well, apparently it doesn't work in a way that systemd-resolve would expect.00:27
filifunkyok maybe that's all i need to figure out what my next problem is00:27
pinheadmz1tomreyn: yup.00:27
pinheadmz1wish i could get better errors00:27
pinheadmz1id also be happy with disabling systemd-resolve and just using a static resolv.conf00:28
pinheadmz1or network manager or whatever it is that overwrites resolv.conf on startup00:28
blackhawk101filifunky try update-alternatives00:29
pinheadmz1tomreyn: oh actually there is another message back in the log00:29
pinheadmz1Server returned error NXDOMAIN, mitigating potential DNS violation DVE-2018-0001, retrying transaction with reduced feature level UDP.00:29
pinheadmz1thats interesting00:29
filifunkyblackhawk101 how do I use that, when i use update-alternatives I need to add something else to do something.  a bunch of commands00:31
blackhawk101filifunky: update-alternatives --list python00:31
filifunkyblackhawk101 i get an error, no alternatives for python00:32
tomreynpinheadmz1: i suggest you bring it up in #handshake, you won't be the first to run into this interoperability issue with systemd-resolve00:32
pinheadmz1tomreyn: haha, i run #handshake :-) im a core contirbutor00:32
pinheadmz1just not that used to ubuntu desktop00:32
blogtenJordan_U : verifying another hypothesis... I'm just seeing downgrades because of power management, and these are harmless00:33
oerheksfilifunky, tons of guides about python 2.7 on 20.04 .. https://linuxconfig.org/install-python-2-on-ubuntu-20-04-focal-fossa-linux00:33
tomreynoh, well i don't think it's ubuntu *desktop* specific.00:33
blackhawk101filifunky: update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/python python /usr/bin/python2.7 100:33
JellyIsAwesomenoob question, but is it possible to setup a bouncer using an Ubuntu server?00:33
oerheksJellyIsAwesome, sure, znc00:36
JellyIsAwesomethanks oerheks00:36
oerheksthere is a snap too https://snapcraft.io/install/znc-ondra/ubuntu00:37
flyback./debian/rules editconfigs00:38
flybackmake: *** No rule to make target 'editconfigs'.  Stop.00:38
flybackI am not the only one running into this00:38
tomreynpinheadmz1: i guess i'd read the available freedesktop.org documentation, capture the traffic generated by systemd-resolve and compare it to other queries (e.g. by dig), and ensure handshakes' responses comply with with the relevant RFCs. if that's the case, you could probably file a bug against systemd-resolve (after investigating existing reports).00:40
pinheadmz1tomreyn: ty00:40
oerheksmaybe a typo ? ./debian/rules editconfig00:42
flybackeveryone else is runnin ginto the same problem00:42
oerheksThis bug affects 1 person00:43
flybacknot accordinf to google00:44
flybackubuntu even acknowledged an issue00:45
filifunkyhmmm...maybe I should go to my original problem.  When I run rednotebook I get this: https://pastebin.com/1b0ssugh00:46
filifunkywhen I try to install gi it says I'm already on the latest version00:46
filifunkyis this even a python issue to begin with?00:46
blackhawk101filifunky: try reinstall pygobject300:49
filifunkyblackhawk101 ok00:50
flybackcut and paste right from the uCUNTu page on how to compile a kernel00:51
tomreyn!language | flyback00:51
ubottuflyback: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList00:51
filifunkyI'm really showing my lack of knowledge here, but if I do sudo apt remove PyGObject3 it says it's unable to locate it...how do I do this? lol00:55
flyback<oerheks> This bug affects 1 person00:55
flybackyeah Im sure that's in line with guidelines too00:55
blackhawk101filifunky maybe not installed!!00:56
flybackModifying the configuration00:57
filifunkyblackhawk101, but when I do a pip list I can see it there?00:57
flybackso tell me genuius what does it say on that page00:57
blackhawk101filifunky : try this and see the result sudo apt-get install python3-gi00:59
filifunkyblackhawk101 "python3-gi is already the newest version (3.36.0-1)"00:59
filifunkynothing installed to upgraded01:00
filifunky*or upgraded01:00
blackhawk101try this sudo apt-get install pkg-config libcairo2-dev gcc python3-dev libgirepository1.0-dev01:01
blackhawk101and after this pip install gobject PyGObject01:02
filifunkyblackhawk101 did all of that and tried to run rednotebook and I get the same error01:03
filifunkypygobject could not be imported: "cannot import name '_gi' from 'gi' (/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gi/__init__.py)". Please install it (python3-gi).01:03
tomreyn(as seen on https://rednotebook.app )01:04
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blackhawk101filifunky rednotebook use PyYaml to?01:07
filifunkyblackhawk101 hmmm I don't know what that is, how do I find out?01:07
blackhawk101filifunky : google it ,there is issue !01:09
filifunkyblackhawk101 ok01:10
farcas1982regreghow do i open a wine executable by double clicking in latest ubuntu? i have installed wine but i have to manually open a terminal window. when i open in the file manager i can't seem to select a custom launcher. it presents a rather limited list of gui applications and i'm forced to select one of them01:14
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filifunkyhi so I try pip install gobject PyGObject and I get this error:  AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute '_home'01:49
filifunkyanyone know what to do here?01:49
matsamanfilifunky: you get that from the pip install output?01:52
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filifunkymatsaman yep01:52
matsamanfilifunky: pip --version01:53
filifunkymatsaman ok01:53
filifunkysame error!01:53
filifunkyi have no home :(01:53
filifunkygoing to live on the stret01:54
matsamanfilifunky: you get _that_ error just from 'pip --version'?01:54
filifunkyyep no attribute '_home' matsaman01:54
matsamanfilifunky: what does 'type pip' say?01:54
filifunkypip is hashed (/home/pete/Environments/py2_env/bin/pip)01:55
matsamancould be that env is just boned01:55
matsamanknow how to remake it?01:55
filifunkymatsaman i know how to remove it and make a new one01:55
filifunkymatsaman i'll give it a shot01:55
matsamandecent chance that will take care of it01:55
matsamanannoying to not know exactly why it broke, but these things happen01:55
matsamanwith updates and the like01:55
filifunkymatsaman wooo it works01:57
matsamancool cool01:58
filifunkybut now i get these errors when trying to install gobject PyGObject01:58
matsamanthe way those environments work, of course, is that they're self contained, but they obviously still rely on your system-level python things ultimately01:58
filifunkyERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement gobject (from versions: none)01:58
filifunkyERROR: No matching distribution found for gobject01:58
matsamansometimes those system-level things change and break the envs01:58
matsamanfilifunky: okay what's 'pip --version' now?01:58
filifunkypip 20.1.1 from /home/pete/Environments/py2_env/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pip (python 2.7)01:59
matsamanyou mean to be using python 2?01:59
filifunkyI updated to the latest ubuntu which uses python 3...but then I couldn't run rednotebook...so trying to run python 2 and see if it works01:59
matsamanfilifunky: I think that's a python2 issue02:00
filifunkyso I learned today about these virtual environments02:00
matsamanlike maybe there are no more py2 packages for gobject/etc., or maybe there never were, or maybe they have different names, etc.02:00
matsamanin the most former case, you could probably track them down02:00
filifunkymatsaman, hmmm oh ok02:01
matsamanfilifunky: I get a deprecation notice along with those two error msgs02:01
filifunkyyeah I got that too02:02
matsamanlooks like gobject only, though, not PyGObject02:02
matsamanso I'm wondering if 'gobject' was ever a package for python202:03
tomreynrednotebook is python3 nowadays. i posted a PPA link which contains builds for focal (which filifunky is running) a while ago here. the build logs confirm it.02:05
matsamanpypi is case insenstive, btw, so 'pygobject' should work fine02:05
filifunkytomreyn oh ok, i looked at that briefly but will try harder02:05
filifunkytomreyn ok, I added those ppa entries to my sources.list.  That didn't change anything I still get the error when trying to run it.  I did the install of rednotebook at the top of that page and it said I already have it.  I don't know what to do02:16
filifunkyany pointers?02:17
filifunkytomreyn should i get rid of it and reinstall it?02:18
tomreynfilifunky: the PPA provides a pre-built  rednotebook package. after adding the PPA as documented on the page i pointed you to you'd install the package using    sudo apt install rednotebook02:18
filifunkytomreyn ok it says i already have it so maybe its just screwed in a way that I should just remove it then reinstall?02:19
tomreynfilifunky: if you still prefer building this software, which is not part of ubuntu, and thus not really a support topic here, yourself, you could try to understand how thie packaghe in this PPa is being built by inspecting its build log at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/478204585/buildlog_ubuntu-focal-amd64.rednotebook_2.19-0~202005040933~ubuntu20.04.1_BUILDING.txt.gz02:19
tomreynfilifunky: i don't know what you have or don't have and what "it" is02:19
tomreynif you can't install a package successfully using apt, then please provide the full output02:21
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:21
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thongpv87I can not get bluetooth working on my laptop. When I run `scan on` in bluetoothctl shell, it show me `No default controller available`03:05
flybackdmesg | grep -i bluetooth03:12
flybackto start with03:12
flybackmake sure a actual controller was picked u p03:12
flybackoh he left bah03:13
metbsdubuntu too many bugs03:22
metbsdalways crash03:22
tomreyndo you have a support question?03:23
tomreynthen asking this is preferred over the above03:24
metbsdblueman crashes03:24
metbsdall the time03:24
tomreyni don't see a question, nor !details03:24
metbsdProblemType is crash03:25
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chaotixhi.  im using ubuntu 16.04.  I am using a samsung TX-T2793H SlimFit - 27" CRT  as my monitor via hdmi.  there is too much overscan and none of the supplied display resolutions work.  after all day, trying several solutions, mostly involving xrandr, including trying to manually add resolutions, i am finally very close. ..  i have found that the03:36
chaotixtransfor4m property in xrandr is what works, but im having troubnle with what to set it as...  here is the heplful tutorial i am using from the arch wiki03:36
chaotixcan someone help me figure out the right numbers to put in?  i dont really understand what they do03:37
chaotixcan someone herte who is fmailliar with xrandr command and the --transform feature help? thtere are 3 valies, the x, the y and the w or width.  i need to know what to set them to to make it fit on this tv03:39
astropirateI have a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 gen2  and I (stupidly) clicked on the update button for the Lenovo firmware in the ubuntu software center. Ubuntu can't detect my wifi device any longer04:18
astropirateI'm running the laptop off the Ubuntu flashdrive, and that too is unable to detect the wifi device04:18
astropirateThis happened after i succesfully restarted the laptop and the firmware/bios updates went through04:19
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astropiratewtf.... it just started workin04:36
kinghatdf -h says / is using 100% but ncdu says the system is using 8gb04:51
kinghat(out of 20)04:51
kinghatmy file manager says  theres only 100mb left as well04:52
kinghatnot sure whats up04:52
kinghat/dev/sda1        19G   18G  163M 100% /04:55
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blogtenlotuspsychje hi, are you available for a few questions?07:10
matsamanlotus|NUC: four max07:12
lotuspsychjeblogten matsaman nop :p07:34
matsamanI'm gonna take advantage of my typo and say: yop07:34
matsamanoh you're one of those multi-nick people!07:34
blogtenhi lotuspsychje, I'm trying to track down an error message during boot.  I can't find it in any logs, I was wondering if you could give me a hint as to where to look?07:35
viktor_does anybody know why i fail to mount my samba share in the home server?07:36
viktor_Password for viktor@//  ***********07:36
viktor_mount error(13): Permission denied07:36
viktor_Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)07:36
matsamanif your password is a traditional dumb password with all sorts of dumb special chars, you might need to escape certain chars in it07:42
blogtenso, during boot time, I see in passing a message about ln failing to do something about an lvm volume.  this does not result in any observable issue with the volume, which later mounts automatically (because it's listed in fstab by UUID).  strangely, the error message is not anywhere I can see (e.g. grep through /var/log does not find anything).07:45
blogtenthe message is on the screen for just a moment, it seems to point to somewhere in /run or /tmp (of course, grep finds nothing there either).  the problem seems to be that ln for some reason tries a path with two consecutive slashes, '//', in something related to a hook script for the volume.  where should I look for this?07:45
viktor_matsaman: on being prompted?07:46
matsamanblogten: https://askubuntu.com/questions/64612/where-can-i-find-a-log-of-the-information-shown-at-boot-splash07:47
blogtenmatsaman: there's nothing interesting in /var/log/boot.log (the article is 8 years old, there is no /etc/default/bootlogd, and yet boot.log is getting updated)07:49
matsamanpause/break key might work07:50
blogtenthere's also the phone, for sure.  I'd just like to figure out where that reference might be coming from anyway.  where would LVM hook scripts live?07:51
blogten(tried duckduckgo, no luck yet)07:52
matsamanblogten: like this? https://askubuntu.com/questions/1235344/boot-error-with-lvm-no-such-file-or-directory07:52
blogtenif it's not identical, it's very very close07:53
blogtenthanks, will look07:53
blogten... wrong partition, huh?...07:54
matsamanblogten: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/479534077/0001-Use-specified-target-name-for-mountroot-failure-hook.patch ?07:56
blogtenoh yeah, look at that07:58
blogtenjust noted a month ago07:59
blogtenthanks for the link matsaman , it looks like Ubuntu should pick that up soon07:59
blogtenyeah, I couldn't find anything about a wrong partition in /etc/fstab08:01
* matsaman shrugs08:06
SirNapkin1334hello. i came from #lubuntu as i was recommended here by a guy who ran out of ideas (he did help me make some progress though). i have a live & persistent lubuntu usb, and i checked the iso, it's fine. used rufus to install. check disc in the lubuntu installer also says that everything is good. however, when I try to "try lubuntu" it only shows the lubuntu gui loading screen for a moment,...08:11
SirNapkin1334...then it kicks me to a shel08:11
SirNapkin1334ash shell i think08:11
SirNapkin1334also, the shell is extremely bugged; ctrl+c doesn't work08:11
SirNapkin1334exit also doesn't work; the first time you run it it fails and the second time you run it it crashes the pc with a kernal panic08:12
SirNapkin1334this is a pc with no gpu btw, just using integrated / onboard graphics. no internal disk either, which is why i'm doing persistence08:12
matsamanSirNapkin1334: what's your overall goal? Installing Lubuntu?08:12
SirNapkin1334well, using it from persistent storage08:13
SirNapkin1334this is not a permanent setup. i'm just testing something08:13
SirNapkin1334*some stuff08:13
SirNapkin1334also i have nothing to install lubuntu to, lol. no spare external drives that aren't sd/usb flash08:13
CQ2SirNapkin1334, if oyu want to experiement, install it to a VirtualBox VM maybe?08:14
SirNapkin1334no, i'm testing it on the hardware08:14
SirNapkin1334it's just that lubuntu is the most lightweight thing I can find that has a GUI08:14
blogtennvidia card?08:14
SirNapkin1334no card08:14
matsamanyou can install to USB08:14
matsamanall storage is just storage to GNU/Linux08:14
SirNapkin1334yes but i heard installing to USB was not very good08:15
matsamanit's fine08:15
matsamananyway what version of Lubuntu?08:15
SirNapkin1334hmm. so i would just put lubuntu installer on ad rive, and plug in another usb and install it onto that?08:15
matsamanyou could, yes, although that would still require the installer to work08:16
matsamanyou can get a Lubuntu install from almost any Ubuntu installer08:16
SirNapkin1334yeah, the installer was bugging out too08:16
matsamanit's basically just a package set08:16
matsaman'lubuntu-desktop', IIRC08:16
SirNapkin1334my computer only has 1024MB of ram though, so an install would have to be mindful of that08:16
matsamanprobably easier to consume if you install Ubuntu with no DE, then install lubuntu-desktop, rather than installing Ubuntu with a desktop and replacing it08:16
matsamanI don't think the installer will care how much ram you have08:17
SirNapkin1334how would i go about doing that? just get an ubuntu server installer and then install the dekstop packages?08:17
matsamanyou could try lubuntu-1908:17
matsamanfor an easy trial of simply another version08:17
matsamanSirNapkin1334: maybe, let's see...08:18
matsamanSirNapkin1334: maybe the 'minimal' version: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD08:18
matsamanI'm sure using the server version would also work, but you might have to do a fair amount of reconfiguring08:18
SirNapkin1334ah okay i'm not up for that lol08:18
matsamanprobably you can do the minimal, and08:19
matsamaneither don't install a DE, then install lubuntu-desktop08:19
matsamanor if it offers Lubuntu as an option, you could try that and it might work08:19
SirNapkin1334okay so i can just install that to a usb or somthing and then install it to another usb plugged into the computer?08:19
matsamanif it's what I think it is, it's a cli/TUI installer, so it likely won't encounter the graphics problem you're encountering now08:19
matsamanyeah if you've got two08:20
matsamantechnically you can do it with one USB stick and install to the same one, but that's a little less straightforward08:20
SirNapkin1334oh dear, should i pick PC or PowerPC installer?08:20
matsamanum, probably amd6408:20
matsamanSirNapkin1334: what's the processor?08:20
SirNapkin1334this computer has a pentium m 770 from 200508:20
SirNapkin1334i'm not picking x6408:20
matsamangood call08:21
SirNapkin1334where can i find the sha?08:21
matsamanunder 32-bit PC08:21
seven-elevenis it a bad idea to use unattended-upgrades? should I better do this manually?08:24
* matsaman shrugs08:24
CQ2seven-eleven, I would definitely do it for security updates.08:24
CQ2More depends on if you are running a critical server or a simple desktp08:25
matsamanif your manual upgrade process involves testing that the system will work after the upgrade but before you execute the upgrade (that is, with a secondary copy of the install)08:25
matsamanthen that's pretty cool08:25
matsamanbut most people don't do that08:25
CQ2for a critical server you probably want to do it manually, for a desktop you can do it automatically08:25
matsamanso the only question is whether you're going to feel bad if something breaks with an unattended upgrade while you're not readily available08:25
matsamanor not08:25
seven-eleveni see, so maybe i should remove it from my critical server then08:26
seven-elevenbecause i noticed my computer reboots sometimes out of nowhere and reading the logs i suspect unattended-upgrade to cause the reboot08:26
matsamanhrmm, not familiar with it enough08:26
matsamanwouldn't use for critical server, no08:27
seven-eleventhere's an option to disable it "Unattended-Upgrade::Automatic-Reboot "false";" but if I disable i need a notification to know when I should reboot or maybe I should reboot every month, but then I can also do upgrades manually08:27
matsamanyou need to keep track of available upgrades, yes08:28
seven-elevenbest option would be to keep using it but get a notification when a reboot has been done :-)08:28
matsamansounds like something that would be in an Ubuntu server faq08:28
seven-elevenyeah im gonna go dig in their then08:29
seven-elevenbecause my computer can't reboot automatically due to LUKS passphrases08:29
matsamanwell you wouldn't want it to on a server regardless08:33
seven-elevenmatsaman, i found a solution https://askubuntu.com/a/54097308:33
seven-elevenif it's only security upgrades I'm fine with having it automatically08:34
SirNapkin1334i finally wrote mini.iso08:41
SirNapkin1334so, that will install no gui by default?08:41
SirNapkin1334ah wait cmd install08:43
SirNapkin1334whenever i put in the network password08:44
SirNapkin1334it just goes back to the select network menu08:44
SirNapkin1334of the installer08:44
SirNapkin1334_matsaman: alright, i got it workig08:47
SirNapkin1334_sorry about the disonnection, windows randomly disconnected my wifi08:48
SirNapkin1334_i'm suspecting that maybe the wifi card is broken08:48
SirNapkin1334_it's 1:48, i think i will continue this endeavor in the morning08:48
OERIAShi peeps10:36
OERIASI need help with a screen saver issue10:37
iLogicsup OERIAS11:26
oerhekswho uses screensavers these days?11:26
OERIASoerheks, I do11:26
iLogicwhose screen needs saving?11:27
OERIASsomeone who is using a CRT11:27
iLogicdayum dats og11:27
lotuspsychjedo we have an ubuntu question?11:27
iLogiclotuspsychje: do you know what ubuntu means?11:28
lotuspsychjeiLogic: lets discuss that in #ubuntu-discuss11:28
admin0anyone here uses vagrant/virtualbox on ubuntu ?11:28
admin0i want to know how to specify a bridge name in vagrantfile11:29
admin0if my bridge is br0, node.vm.network "public_network", bridge: [ "br0: br0"], or just [ "br0"] does not seem to work11:30
kreyrenWhat is the onion mirror for ubuntu sources?11:39
oerheksi hope there is not.11:40
kreyrenoerheks, why11:40
oerhekswhat have you found sofar?11:41
lotuspsychjedownload anonym packages :p11:47
fabbohttps://developer.gnome.org/glib/stable/glib-running.html says "GLib ships with a set of Python macros for the GDB debugger". Is there a way to have them on Focal?12:17
BluesKaj'Morning all12:17
fradif I open a terminal and execute any command that requires my password, it now takes 5 seconds for the command to prompt me for the password. This happens only after I upgraded to 20.04. I fstrimmed yesterday after moving a ton of files and this issue still occurs. What other factors could explain it?12:28
tomreynfrad: bad configurations or broken resolvers configured in /etc/resolv.conf, /bad records in /etc/hosts12:40
fradlazing on a sunday afternoon...12:46
BluesKajfrad, check your DNS with sudo resolvectl status12:47
nbusroneAnyone install gnome tweak on 20.04 ? did anyone notice there a some option missing ? and error ?13:13
matsamannbusrone: what?13:16
nbusronematsaman : https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/CD7phfqCHS/13:17
matsamannbusrone: is that stopping you from accomplishing something?13:18
nbusronematsaman : I can't select anything , except I full screen , some option are missing like extension even I install gnome-tweak-extension13:21
nbusroneGNOME Shell 3.36.213:22
tomreynpost a screenshot showing something that's missing13:24
tomreynand discuss which gnome extensions and other potentially relevant customizations you made. also, whether this system was upgraded from an earlier ubuntu release (or is a fresh install).13:25
nbusronetomreyn : which screen shot website is suitable ?13:25
nbusronetomreyn : https://imgur.com/sPLlnfO compare to https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-gnome-shell-extensions-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux13:34
CoDeAmRohey guys i am connecting my computer via hotspot with my phone but when i use vpn it dont connect13:37
CoDeAmRoi want to hide my ip address can anyone help13:38
nbusronetomreyn : I do not get the result showing extensions  https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-gnome-shell-extensions-on-ubuntu-20-04-focal-fossa-linux-desktop13:39
tomreynnbusrone: try with a new user account13:46
matsamanCodeLyoko: on which device are you trying to use the vpn client?13:48
mnabidnbusrone: There is an "Extensions" app from where u can enable extensions.13:50
seven-elevenhow can I set XDG RUNTIME DIR variable automatically on login in ubuntu?13:51
seven-elevenfor some ubuntus im running it's set automatically, but for others it isn't, and I don't know why :|13:52
nbusronemnabid , tomreyn : fix it , i install gnome flashback which cause the extension missing but the gtk error still present.14:00
nbusronemnabid , tomreyn : Gnome flashback still have bug , i can't right click to copy or create a new folder at desktop. Anyway thanks :)14:03
nbusroneDoes anyone about this instruction after doing Cmake means ?  " Restart ubuntu, open "tweaks" to customize. "  https://askubuntu.com/questions/1232539/how-to-install-netspeed-in-ubuntu-20-04 I can't find the tweak14:08
BluesKajnbusrone, install gnome-tweak-tools if you use gnome desktop14:12
chullhow can i get rid of the sidebar in gedit?14:13
mnabidchull: from "Preferences"14:14
chullmnabid, oh thanks let me look14:14
mnabidnbusrone: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pc-freak.net/blog/linux-gnome-flashback-missing-desktop-icons-howto-fix/amp/14:17
chullmnabid, thank you :)14:19
mnabidchull: glad to help :)14:20
nbusronemnabid : thanks for the Link, my problem really related with gnome flashback , desktop unable to arrange create files and gtk error on gnome tweak.Hopefully i request is  the same as the link hoping it will be solve and fix. How do I report for error ?14:47
StupidLikeAFoxSo, having an issue trying to use xubuntu 18.04.3 LTS LiveUSB to image a windows machine and not sure why it isn't working15:07
ikoniagive details then15:09
StupidLikeAFox"sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/media/xubuntu/<uuid>/foo.img" returns the error "dd: failed to open '/media/xubuntu/<uuid>/foo.img': Read-only file system"15:09
ikoniacan you write to that mount point ?15:09
StupidLikeAFoxsda is a drive with misc partitions as windows saw fit to make for itself, the drive I listed just has a large BTRFS partition on it, made with gparted from this usb stick earlier15:11
ikoniacan you mount to /media/xubuntu/$uuid15:11
StupidLikeAFoxI don't think I follow then- I made the parition myself, and that's where it showed up when I mounted it15:12
StupidLikeAFoxI'm sure I'm overlooking something basic here.15:13
ikoniaso there is the problem15:13
ikoniayou can't write to the target....why ?15:13
ikoniawhatis' mount there, what is the file system, what is the permissions on that file system, why can't you write to the target file system15:13
StupidLikeAFoxit looks like live user, the group xubuntu, and others all have read/write access- and in thunar I can copy one of the meta files off it, but not paste a file in15:15
ikoniawhat do you mean it looks like the live user15:15
ikoniayou're using sudo to act as the root user15:16
ikoniaso I ask again a.) what is mounted on that mount point b.) what is the file system c.) what is the permisions15:16
StupidLikeAFoxthe drive with a btfrs partion on it, read+write for all users it looks like15:17
pavlosmount | grep media15:23
nael_nA very old laptop of mine cannot boot from USB, PXE, and its optical drive is dead. I'm trying to install 20.04 on it. Since it can only boot from its internal HDD, I've removed its HDD, prepared a partition with the 20.04 ISO on it, and now I'm trying to install GRUB on the HDD, so that when I boot with the disk back into the old laptop, I can15:29
nael_npoint GRUB to the 20.04 ISO, and GRUB will boot it. But I'm not sure how to install GRUB on a disk... Right now it's connected to my newer laptop over a USB-to-SATA adapter. Is it just "sudo grub-install /dev/sdb"?15:29
nael_nI really don't want to mess up my laptop's GRUB by mistake. I just want to install GRUB to what is an external HDD, from the point of view of my laptop.15:31
floogyHi, I got a device which may gets too old and therefor unreliable. What do you think on clearing errors in zpool status? Will they get avoided in zfs despite one will clear the errors? https://bpa.st/S6IA15:42
hyppafacehow can i become an admin of a (different) channel on freenode? is it possible?15:42
akemhyppaface, Ask on #freenode instead.15:43
floogysmartmontools are not working good on the SAMSUNG hd400ld (targa, lidl, jmicron prolific PL2507)  external usb drive. https://bpa.st/VKXA15:45
floogyI currently try to get the bad blocks on that drive and eventually try to do a btrfsck on the btrfs pool. floogy@ubuntu-SSD1:~$ time sudo badblocks -n /dev/sdk15:48
nael_nDo I need an EFI manager on my external hard disk's EFI System Partition before I install GRUB to that external hard disk? I didn't think about that15:48
INSANUis there any official ppa for lunarg (vulkan, etc) packages?16:09
ikoniadefine official16:10
INSANUhttps://packages.lunarg.com/ <- this mentions ubuntu 18 and 16. I am hoping there is a ubuntu 20 as well16:10
ikoniaINSANU: so talk to the maintainers16:11
INSANUI don't know exactly how can I contact them. I tought would be easier asking here haha. Do you have this packages yourself?16:12
ikoniawhy would it be easier here16:12
ikoniapeople in here have nothing to do with that repo16:12
sonicwindjoin #lotuscomputers16:14
INSANUthere is 1268 people in the channel, which I believe a part of it play games in linux. Why wouldn't be a good place to ask this?16:14
ikoniaINSANU: because even if they play games, they won't be the maintainer/developer of that repo16:14
INSANUbut people may know about it anyways, since they may have installed the package on their system in order to play games =D16:15
ikoniajust contact the maintainer, ask them when the Ubuntu 20.X packages will be offered16:15
INSANUso, let me ask a different question. Hey guys, do you guys use any other ppa than the lunarg one to get the vulkan sdk?16:16
INSANUnot talking to you bud16:17
ikoniayou're asking the channel16:17
ikoniaI'm responding telling you I don't16:17
ikoniawhy don't you just contact the maintainer16:17
Deano59XD funny.16:36
fradcan I use htop to know what process is running 10 MiB of my ram?17:17
electricityZZZZhaving trouble copying photos from my iphone to my ubuntu 20 machine, any advice?18:18
pavlosfrad: top 5 memory processes ... ps -eo pmem,pcpu,vsize,pid,cmd | sort -k 1 -nr | head -518:19
quadrathoch2electricityZZZZ make sure you have a mtp package installed18:19
electricityZZZZwhat is the precise package name?18:19
electricityZZZZis it mtp-tools?18:20
tomreynthis may be libmtp918:22
nael_nOK I think I've got the command to install GRUB and the EFI binary to an external hard drive, wish me luck, I'm going all in: sudo grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/mnt/efi-system-partition --boot-directory=/mnt/system/boot --removable. I've got a good feeling about it. What could possibly go wrong?18:22
fradpavlos, is 'ps -eo pmem,pcpu,vsize,pid,cmd | sort -k 1 -nr | head -5' a command?18:23
pavlosfrad, yes, from a terminal, htop has sort by and filter18:24
electricityZZZZUnhandled error: The name 1.265 was not handled by any .service files18:24
quadrathoch2nael_n when your other system is as old as you meantioned, it shouldn't be using efi18:24
electricityZZZZi installed mpt-tools18:24
electricityZZZZmtp-tools, pardon18:25
quadrathoch2hm did you test as tomreyn suggested libmtp9?18:25
electricityZZZZi installed gmtp. i'll try libmtp9 now.18:26
tomreynmtp-tools depends on the library, so this should be fine18:26
nael_nquadrathoch2: it does, it was one of the first ones, as a matter of fact. 2008. But it's a wonky, incomplete implementation, not UEFI 2.x. I expect my efforts to be in vain, and have to revert to BIOS compatibility mode18:26
electricityZZZZlibmtp9 is already installed and the newest version, 1.1.17-318:27
electricityZZZZit was "working better" before i installed mtp stuff. i managed to transfer one file,... and then got problems after that18:27
tomreynand those problems are?18:30
coffeecowAfter updates on my AVR and updates in Ubuntu I come back home to find that I can no longer connect to my AVR without bluetoothd segfault'ing. .. i can trust, pair in bluetoothctl, but when i connect it leads to a segfault. :(18:30
coffeecowi was gone for a few months not sure if there was a major update that drastically changed things between then18:31
stan_man_canHi. I installed 20.04 and used the "experimental ZFS on root partition" option. I installed it to a 120GB SSD. I have plugged another 250GB SSD into the system. Is there any way for me to add it so it's one big storage block?18:34
quadrathoch2stan_man_can with zfs that's not possible18:35
quadrathoch2except you add another vdev, but then it's not in the same block18:35
quadrathoch2(as far as I understand you)18:35
stan_man_canso I can't just expand the main "drive" ?18:35
quadrathoch2that's one of the big negatives about zfs18:36
stan_man_cani kinda thought that was the purpse of ZFS18:36
stan_man_canguess i should have checked first18:36
stan_man_canso once a vdev is setup it can't be expanded?18:37
quadrathoch2stan_man_can yes18:40
electricityZZZZok so i installed ifuse and libimobiledevice, generally following this guide, and everything worked: https://evanwill.github.io/_drafts/notes/iphone-transfer.html18:44
quadrathoch2electricityZZZZ thanks for coming back and explaining :) hope other people are helped that way18:48
CoolerXE: Unable to locate package gcsfuse19:09
CoolerXon ubuntu 18.0419:10
CoolerXoh I found it19:10
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ice9when I live booting ubuntu 20.04, the keyboard works only in the "activities" search but doesn't work at all in the gnome-terminal/gedit/firefox etc..; any idea?19:42
KSK_NicoCan someone help me out? I upgraded from Ubuntu 18 to Ubuntu 20.04, now I don't have a working gnome enviroment when I boot.19:44
brillopadHi all! Just installed Ubuntu 20.04 on my MacBook Pro 15" (has a GeForce 750 GT) When I tried to change the display scaling in the Display options, the screen went off. Restarting the laptop, as soon as I log in the screen goes completely black. I could get to the recovery console but that was it. Couldn't even get to a TTY console with CTRL + ALT + F1-F420:20
brillopadReinstalled Ubuntu and about to change the setting again. Any way to reset from the recovery console if it goes badly wrong? Thanks!20:20
cow0wHi:) you think nexus is a good solution to host an ubuntu apt mirror ?20:20
xbfrogwho in this room said i was not a beginner? no bone to pick, just curious?20:27
xbfrogsorry forgot to add a smile:)20:27
oerhekscow0w, sure, put in a 2 Tb sdcard .. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors20:31
oerheks1.1TB of disk space for the Ubuntu package archive. 23GB for Ubuntu release CD images.20:32
cow0wcool:) just wondering if sonatype nexus is a good place to use this. (will be used to mirror for "offline" network)20:33
relipsewhy is this happening https://i.imgur.com/aOqkP9h.png20:41
JellyIsAwesomehi, i'm new to ubuntu, does anyone have any resources for ubuntu server?20:44
oerhekshttps://ubuntu.com/tutorials/tutorial-install-ubuntu-server & https://ubuntu.com/server/docs are a good start20:49
Bashing-omJellyIsAwesome: Have you seen: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/git.html ? Also there are extensive guides on https://community.ubuntu.com/ .20:52
Guest43863I am running 18.04 on matebook d 14 and I don't see any fan info in 'sensors' output. Any idea how to get some info on fan activity?21:01
sorcereris there an option somewhere to re-add the default desktop icons instead of a blank desktop or do i have to create new application links to everything?21:17
Bashing-omsorcerer: Which release and desktop environment do you have ?21:19
sorcererplasma, 20.0421:20
Bashing-omsorcerer: Not real sure about KDE, but, try sudo apt-get install --reinstall kubuntu-desktop .21:21
davido_On my laptop, my touchpad requires a mechanical click to make selections before I'm logged in. Once I log in, a finger tap works. How can I resolve making my setting global?21:27
danilomhI, anyone can tell how to fix a pause printing in cups? i have a p3015 HP LaserJet, and when printing a pdf, make a pause every 2 pages, no error log showed, printing is fine, so the pause is the issue, didnt see any thing related to spool, any clue?21:30
mnabiddavido_: see if this works http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2019/04/enable-tap-clicking-ubuntu-19-04-gnome-login-screen/21:46
Sven_vBWhat's the default graphical text editor in the Xubuntu and Lubuntu live DVDs?22:16
JoeBkI reinstalled ubuntu now ubuntu software won't open from my account but will from other accounts.  any clue?22:17
Bashing-omSven_vB: xubuntu: mousepad ; lubuntu: leafpad .22:19
Sven_vBBashing-om, thanks!22:19
Sven_vBBashing-om, do you know if Lubuntu uses the snap edition of leafpad, or to they still provide traditional deb repos?22:20
Bashing-omSven_vB: Yep ! see: snap find leafpad .22:22
Sven_vBBashing-om, thanks again!22:22
krytarikSven_vB, Bashing-om: Since the switch to LXQt, that's currently FeatherPad for Lubuntu though.22:23
Bashing-omkrytarik: Thanks for that update! Sven_vB ^^,22:23
Sven_vBthen I'll have a look at featherpad, too. :) thanks!22:24
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transhumanisthi! anyone can suggest a way to access your own webserver I used to use hidemyass.com but seems they no longer offer you to access a url from their site. This problem has to do with NAT reflection. thanks22:27
catharsisLoL I won't leave the channel out of embarrasment :-/ I'm learning! :)22:32
Bashing-omcatharsis: ^ reason why this channel exists - we are all "learning" :D22:36
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catharsisBashing-om: That's true! It's a great place to learn for sure!22:40
davido_how do I make my touchpad settings work for all users?22:53

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