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jphilipsany particular reasons Unit19308:45
jphilipswe could like to the magnetic link or a .torrent file hosted on xubuntu.org08:45
Unit193Because at the end of the day, it's not really official, it's still a "community build" so a mention in the notes seems fine, but a link on the download page seems a bit too official, at least to me.08:49
jphilipswhat would it take to make it official?09:00
bluesabreI am so sorry for the amount of bug mail many of you just received :)10:17
jphilipsbluesabre: might have been good to have a link from each launchpad bug to the github issue16:26
bluesabrejphilips: it's there, on the right16:27
bluesabreand at the top16:27
jphilipssee it on the right but not at the top16:27
bluesabreWhich bug?16:28
ubot93Launchpad bug 1877645 in MenuLibre "Add support for PrefersNonDefaultGPU desktop specification" [Unknown, New]16:28
ubot93Launchpad bug 1882619 in MenuLibre "Also search command line argument" [Unknown, New]16:28
bluesabreIt's linked in the Assigned to column16:28
jphilipsoh okay. thought it would be text somewhere more visible :D16:28
bluesabreYeah, nice feature in LP, not quite as nice presentation16:29
jphilipsadding a comment with the link like how xfce did with bugzilla is the easiest thing to spot :D16:29
bluesabreRequires a lot more work16:29
bluesabre(Wasn't an automated process, connecting all of those on the LP side)16:30
jphilipsdefinitely wouldnt want you to do it if it required alot of work.16:30
jphilipsso has bug reporting on menulibre on launchpad been closed?16:31
bluesabreIt can still be reported against the ubuntu package16:31
bluesabreBut the main issue tracker is on GitHub now16:31
bluesabreSince it's not a xubuntu-specific project/package16:31
jphilipsis lightdm not already translated?16:34
bluesabreNot fully16:34
bluesabreTranslations in LP have been really slow the last few years16:34
jphilipsso the translation on xubuntu's transifex is not limited to just xubuntu then16:35
bluesabreXubuntu is effectively the maintainer for lightdm-gtk-greeter, and it's a core app16:36
jphilipsworking on our list of default apps by comparing it with windows and other linux distros - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TiVcXNSfiDkwIIonz5WyBFAcTkg-hw7iIVzDH6_gsME/edit#gid=016:36
jphilipswhich flavors/distros are using lightdm-gtk-greeter?16:51
bluesabreXubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Ubuntu Budgie, Ubuntu Mate, Fedora Xfce (I think), Debian Xfce16:52
bluesabreIt's pretty widely used16:52
jphilipsokay let me put out a call for contributors and CC those distros in it :D17:00
Unit193...I'd really prefer actual reasoning rather than "But they're doing it", what do *we* need and what do *our* users want, not what does Manjaro's users want (because Manjaro is better at being Manjaro than we are, obviously.)18:12
jphilipsyou can find some of my reasoning for the ones proposed in the ML here - https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2020-March/011877.html18:32
jphilipscommunity feedback on social media has also been pulled for some things like for whether a gui package manager is useful - https://twitter.com/Xubuntu/status/124532791982580121718:34
Unit193That's what gnome-software claims to be.18:37
Unit193Last time someone brought up Synaptic, snap support and how well it was maintained were both brought up.  I'd still say it works better than the center, but that's just me. :P18:40
jphilipssynaptic works alot better than center, maybe not for easy discoverability of apps, but definitely for management.18:45
jphilipsfrom the distros listed, only xubuntu uses gnome software, all the rest use something else18:46
Unit193That's not interesting, what would be interesting is which Ubuntu flavors use it, or another center.18:47
jphilipsubuntu uses snap store, ubuntu mate uses boutique, kubuntu uses discover18:47
jphilipsnot sure what lubuntu and the newer flavors use18:48
Unit193Moun, for KDE IIRC.18:48
jphilipsmoun is the package manager not the software center18:49
Unit193Seems nothing seeds synaptic.18:49
Unit193Pros: It actually works, it doesn't randomly turn into a snap.  Cons: It isn't the most user friendly, if it breaks nobody but us has to care, no snap support.18:51
jphilipswould assume if you installed chromium it would still install the snap18:54
jphilipsthose who want user friendly go for software center, those who want more control go with synaptic18:55
jphilipsbluesabre: ubuntu mate doesn't seem to be using lightdm gtk greeter18:56
bluesabreBased that on `apt-cache rdepends`, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2nrDY6f7YH/18:57
bluesabreYes, chromium would still install the snap, because there is no deb-packaged chromium in ubuntu18:58
jphilipsbluesabre: ubuntu has mahjong installed by default ;)19:00
jphilipsseems mate and budgie use the slick-greeter20:05
jphilipsbudgie uses gnome software20:05
jphilipshave others seen this before, that thunar and a few other xfce apps have no icons in software - https://imgur.com/weyehGM.png23:04
jphilipsguess it must be the same no icon bug reported before the release. seems it still hasn't been fixed23:06
jphilipsanyone know what the green 1 in the installed tab means23:25

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