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xu-help21whi everyone13:38
xu-help21whas anyone tried to do-release-upgrade from xu 18.04 ==> 20.04 recently? I just tried and it doesn't work, looks like  release-upgrade is not picking up the new xubuntu version (apt update&upgrade&dist-upgrade was run beforehand)13:40
xu-help21wand /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades is set to "Prompt=lts"13:40
xu-help21walso tried the GUI as per https://docs.xubuntu.org/2004/user/en_GB/migrating-upgrading.html#upgrading13:41
xu-help21wlooks like either a bug or I'm missing something...has anyone come across this issue before?13:42
xu-help21wdo-release-upgrade says "there is no development version of an LTS available" - I'll try with --devel-release to see if that makes any difference13:44
brainwashxu-help21w: the route goes like this: 18.04.x ==> 20.04.113:57
brainwashand 20.04.1 was not released yet13:58
JavierSpainit's xubuntu better than lubuntu for old laptops?14:58
xu-help21whi brainwash thanks for the info14:59
xu-help21wactually i made it work wih do-release-upgrade14:59
xu-help21wby setting /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades is set to "Prompt=normal"15:00
xu-help21wso basically in 2 incremental steps15:01
xu-help21wright now its upgrading to 20.04 - if this goes well I'll confirm back here15:02
xu-help21wFYI - so far by doing this 2 step upgrade process it hasn't caused any issues with my dual-boot windows setup15:03
xu-help21wwith uefi15:03
xu-help21whopefully at the end of the upgrade process this remains the same :D15:03
xu-help21wupgrade has been finished and everything looks ok15:29
xu-help21wso anyone who wants to do in-place upgrade of Xubuntu Desktop from 18.04 LTS to 20.04 LTS should consider setting /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades: "Prompt=normal"15:30
xu-help21wand run do-release-upgrade twice15:31
xu-help21wthe result should be a fully working 20.04LTS Xubuntu15:31
xu-help21wJavierSpain "better" is a dangerous word as it depends on the context15:32
xu-help21wwhat does it mean "better" for you?15:32
xu-help21wis it better hardwre support? or lower resource usage? or better applications?15:33
xu-help21wif you define what "better" means better (sorry for the pun) perhaps we can help you a bit better15:34
JavierSpainthanks for the phylosophical explanation15:59
JavierSpainthe point its that for my acer 5610z works better lubuntu, and i expected that xubuntu would work better.16:00
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