thumpernope, I think it was all me01:33
thumperhttps://github.com/juju/juju/pull/11707 for anyone04:25
achilleasamanadart: added some comments to 1168314:35
manadartachilleasa: Responded. I think those things are OK.14:48
manadarthml: If you've time in your day, can you look at https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/11706 ? It's the one that removes networkingcommon logic.15:12
* manadart is off home.15:12
hmlmanadart:  will do15:12
hmlstickupkid: do you have time for teddybear?15:14
stickupkidi do15:14
hmlstickupkid: omw15:14
achilleasalooks like we need to update our dep list for kvm on focal... " Package 'libvirt-bin' has no installation candidate"15:57
achilleasahml: on a sidenote, shouldn't I be able to start a kvm machine with a bionic image on a focal host?16:38
hmlachilleasa:  i’d think so16:38
achilleasahml: ah... looks like it's broken for focal on focal :-(16:38
hmlachilleasa:  what provider?16:38
hmlachilleasa:  not sure you can start a kvm inside an lxd machine16:39
achilleasamanual machine; deploy --to kvm:X16:39
achilleasa(manual focal machine)16:39
hmlachilleasa:  i’m having that trouble today too… even —to lxd:<manual> machine16:39
achilleasahml: ' Requested operation is not valid: format of backing image '/var/lib/juju/kvm/guests/focal-amd64-backing-file.qcow' of image '/var/lib/juju/kvm/guests/juju-275797-0-kvm-3.qcow' was not specified in the image metadata (See https://libvirt.org/kbase/backing_chains.html for troubleshooting)'16:40
hmlachilleasa:  what type is the manual machine?16:40
achilleasaguess I need to open bugs16:40
achilleasafocal provisioned via maas16:40
achilleasausing bionic boxes works though16:40
achilleasaalso, focal libvirt-bin pkg -> libvirt-client16:41
achilleasaI will fix that in my kvm PR but the image format one is odd (also: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1801219)16:42
achilleasapetevg: I 've created https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/1883575 to track ^. Should be able to land a fix in my upcoming kvm PR but we may need to backport16:50
mupBug #1883575: Unable to deploy --to kvm:X on focal hosts <juju:In Progress by achilleasa> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1883575>16:50
flxfooHi there20:56
flxfooquick one20:56
flxfooon AWS20:56
flxfoohaving 3 AZ20:56
flxfoocan I create a controller in each zone that would be able to manage the same models?20:57
flxfoolet's say in case a zone goes down...20:57
flxfoothanks in advance20:57
flxfoowell I guess controller high availability page is what I am looking for :)20:59
thumperflxfoo: yes juju controllers work find across AZs21:02
flxfoothanks @thumper , I enabled `juju enable-ha` and he did add another 2 controllers, but in the same AZ...21:16
thumperflxfoo: hmm... by default they should try to spread over the AZs21:24
flxfoook got it `--to` need to be used ...21:24
thumperflxfoo: can you add-machine in that model specifying an az?21:24
thumperflxfoo: which version of juju?21:24
flxfoo`juju enable-ha --to zone=<az1>,zone=<az2>` works21:25
flxfoo@thumper: yeah I though the default would have spread like when deploying, but it appears that one need to use `--to`, someone can confirm that?21:26
thumperflxfoo: I have had it spread before... perhaps it isn't as controlled as we'd like21:31
flxfoo@thumper:Just did a little test again, with a new controller (without constraints) and with 3 , it spreads over only 2 az...21:44
flxfoo@thumper:version is 2.8.021:44
flxfoo@thumper:which instance type so you use for controllers?21:45
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