stubHow to I change https://code.launchpad.net/~stub/+snap/juju-wait from Ubuntu Core 16 to core18? I think the builds are failing because my snapcraft.yaml is now core1805:09
* RikMills thinks diddledan needs to fix his IRC!07:28
* amurray agrees with RikMills 07:36
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* blahdeblah thinks RikMills needs to filter join/part/quit. :-)09:08
RikMillscjwatson: looks like many NOT x86 builders are shown as not finishing things? buildd-manager or similar again?11:31
RikMillse.g. lubuntu ci builds that should take little time not finished 5 hrs later11:32
SpecialK|CanonRikMills: If you could direct issues/queries at the help contact per the topic please :)11:45
SpecialK|Canonilasc: ^11:45
ilascRikMills: should be better now12:24
RikMillsilasc: ty :)12:25
ilasc:) no prob12:29
oSoMoNI'm trying to understand what's going on in bug #1883546, and I wonder whether there's a way to enable snapcraft debug logs in snap builds on LP ?14:20
ubot5bug 1883546 in Snapcraft "[regression] build phase tries to update the apt cache even when not needed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/188354614:20
ograare the arm builders still stuck somewhere ... i have a snap build in "Building Soon" state since roughly 3h now14:28
ograGRRR !!!! sigh ... i wish the "snapcraft.i👋<snapname>/build" page would actually notify if the login expired ... seems the above was a stale website (that i simply hadn't refreshed manually)15:15
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kyrofaIs there a way to make the archive for the mailing list for my team in LP NOT public?18:28
rbasakLooks like public is the only option when creating a mailing list for a regular team.18:55
rbasakWe (internal to Canonical) had need for a private list and we got that through lists.canonical.com instead. I don't know if there was any other option in Launchpad.18:56
kyrofarbasak, very good, thank you. I assumed as much!19:00

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