SirNapkin1334hello, i'm trying to make a pretty bare-bones install of lubuntu. are there any lists of bloaty packages that can be uninstalled?02:27
guivercSirNapkin1334, you haven't mentioned what release, however I think the standard Lubuntu install is lean (given the creators cannot know the end-use the system will be put to).02:28
SirNapkin1334ah, hello again02:28
SirNapkin1334i do believe i recived support from you yesterday02:29
SirNapkin1334um...i think it was 18.4 or 16.402:29
guivercmaybe, I do recognize the name.. but little more sorry02:29
SirNapkin1334yeah no it's fine02:29
SirNapkin1334i got the link from archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/mini.iso02:30
SirNapkin1334can that tell me anything?02:30
SirNapkin1334ah yes. i remember02:30
SirNapkin1334i installed ubuntu cli, as recommended by the folks over at #ubuntu, and now i'm installing lubuntu-desktop package02:30
guivercthese conversations are recorded, so you can go look up irclogs if you need to remember what was said..02:31
SirNapkin1334yes this is 18.0402:33
guiverc:)  (it's supported, 16.04 isn't except ubuntu (default desktop), server (no desktop) or kylin (chinese desktop) for 16.0402:35
guivercI don't know what you're asking.. lubuntu-desktop I see as lean; maybe it could be leaner if you have specific use-case intentions, but those reductions would annoy other use-cases..02:36
SirNapkin1334okay thank you. it's just that this is a shitty computer so i want to try to make sure that there is nothing uneccessary02:39
SirNapkin1334but, performance is lubuntu's game, so I suppose I'll trust the devs know what they've put in there02:39
guivercSirNapkin1334, I run Lubuntu 18.04 LTS on a thinkpad t43 (pentium m, 1gb) and am happy with it; i choose software I use carefully (as 1gb isn't a lot of RAM so don't want to waste any by software choices needing libraries not used by desktop already needing to also be in memory)... also don't run big things at the same time.. but that's generic for any OS.02:43
SirNapkin1334thanks. do you have any tips for lightweight browsers?02:43
SirNapkin1334i was looking into xombrero, but not only is that unsupported, I couldn't find any binaries for it and I couldn't compile it either02:44
guivercI've never heard of it sorry. Yes there are many browser choices, but the very light ones don't handle some modern-heavy web sites well, so the best browser in my opinion varies on what sites you'll use.02:46
SirNapkin1334i don't think i'll be using many sites02:46
SirNapkin1334hmm...perhaps i might forgo a browser and just transfer stuff via SD02:47
guivercI don't browse much on my t43 but have a number (of browsers) installed .. i usually read text (blogs, news sites) so it doesn't seem to matter much which I use; still use `lynx` for some annoying sites (where all I want is text; it's text only)02:49
guiverclynx was mentioned as example; it's not a browser many would be happy with (years before IE, firefox etc - before netscape navigator I think too which became firefox)02:50
guivercfyi:  i use firefox & regular browsers too, on some sites I prefer `lynx`02:52
SirNapkin1334yeah i've heard about lynx02:56
guivercit's text only.. even on this (my main box with 8gb ram) I use it for same web sites; the sites I find annoying on regular browsers given I want to read only the text... (without moving adverts etc)02:57
guiverc(my point was browser choice is personal.. I'd not have anything else if browsing the web, but you'll have to decide what works best for you & the sites you visit)03:00
* guiverc comment on anything else loaded was for your box with 1gb ram; me I do often have `cmus` in background playing podcast or music.. but it's light (terminal based audio player; it suits me but may not be your choice as it's not gui/mouse driven)03:03
SirNapkin1334thank you.03:05
lubot<HMollerCl> @SirNapkin1334 [<SirNapkin1334> thank you.], In 18.04 you could try Midori03:10
guivercI concur with HMollerCl, Midori is a good choice, I have it & do use it03:12
lubot<tbs61> for surfing at web while not using so much ram memory i suggest palemoon08:02
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lubot<N0um3n0> @javier_ [<javier_> hola], hi, in #lubuntu-es you have spanish group22:28
javier_tengo un portatil tàctil con ubuntu, pero el tàctil no funciona cuando se inicia seccion. alguien me puede colaborar?22:31
lubot<N0um3n0> @javier_ [<javier_> tengo un portatil tàctil con ubuntu, pero el tàctil no funciona cuando …], pasate por el canal en castellano que te puse arriba y lo comentamos22:32
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