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ahasenacksil2100: hello, just you and I in +1 maintenance today?12:19
sil2100ahasenack: hey! I guess so, yes, I only recently started with real +1 work as I had a backlog of stuff from my holidays last week12:23
ahasenacksil2100: and it's my first time doing this12:23
ahasenacksil2100: I plan to go over the wiki and latest report emails to see what's going on, and then pick something to work on12:23
sil2100ahasenack: yeah, that works!12:24
sil2100If you could give me a sign here once you start something so that I know I should take something else12:25
sil2100For now I look at NBSes12:25
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ahasenacksil2100: I'll check https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#golang-testify could be an easy win13:10
ahasenacksil2100: after that, I might look at some node-* packages being stuck, as I'm starting to get involved in node packaging, for hysterical reasons13:11
jdstrandbdmurray: hey, fyi bug #1872118. quite a few people are seeing dhcpd crash in certain configurations. can someone from your team look at it at whatever priority makes sense to you?15:38
ubottubug 1872118 in isc-dhcp (Ubuntu) "DHCP Cluster crashes after a few hours" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/187211815:38
jdstrandbdmurray: and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/isc-dhcp/+bug/1872106 which may be a duplicate15:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1872106 in isc-dhcp (Ubuntu) "isc-dhcp-server crashing constantly [Ubuntu 20.04]" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:40
bdmurrayjdstrand: noted15:46
jdstrandbdmurray: thanks!15:47
bryyceteward, just wanted to let you know I've picked up the nginx merge with debian and will be working on it this week16:58
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tewardbryyce: glad to hear, thank you for the heads up17:34
bryyceteward, we have a tool called git-ubuntu that is handy for organizing the ubuntu delta and reapplying it to debian, I'll be restructuring your work using it to perform the merge.  This should hopefully also make future merges more straightforward to perform, though it's not required of course.17:50
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tewardi CBA to get git-ubuntu working on my side but we will see more merges in the future, Debian's got new attention/uploaders so they are actually taking from the deltas we've arleady added.  It'll be nice to reduce our deltas heh18:25
tewardbryyce: though i'll thank a crash-course to make the merges easier.  Even with git-ubuntu My plate's full of things right now heh.  :P18:25
bryyceteward, no worries :-)18:30
rbasakteward: FWIW, you can do the merges using the git-ubuntu workflow but without the git-ubuntu tool. Though the instructions are geared towards the tool, so maybe a bit harder to pick it up initially. But if you really don't want to use the tool, you should know that it's perfectly possible to do it without.18:44
rbasakThe tool just saves some typing and smooths over some edge cases18:45
tewardYep.  Tool or not the merge is still not something i have sparr cycles for at the moment.  Redeply of a firewall without backups for a client is a painnnnnn18:45
rbasakSure np.18:48

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