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SpeedrunnerG55can somone help me, im using ubuntu 18.04, and whenever i open up any programs that use my mic, or plug in my phone or sometims nothing at all my headset audio device will apear and disapear every second for a minute02:20
SpeedrunnerG55is ther a way i can see a log for my devices?02:26
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xbfrogi'm running ubuntu 20.04. at first install the show applications did. and when i installed enough apps it gave me a second screen with the rest. ubuntu has stopped showing all icons. i can type the app in the search box but have icons only from the a's to the k"s and nothing else, is this design? can i change it?04:02
xbfrogbtw it is the same on both laptops04:03
xbfrogwhere it "did" show in the beginning but now does not04:03
abhijitHi Guys. I installed libsdl-ttf-gst and libsdl2-ttf-dev and still getting error configure: error: SDL_ttf library not found on Ubunut 20.0404:03
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SpeedrunnerG55how can i disable apindicator?05:04
Mibixany idea why im getting email alerts that say /bin/sh: 1: Cannot fork05:20
bellohi, i changed ubuntu server port from 22 to something else. but when i run sftp command,  it refuses connection.  also on error output says port 22 instead of my port. how can i fix error ?05:37
poutinebello: How are you specifying port for your ssh command?06:03
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bellopoutine: i can connect via ssh by ip:port but on ssh session that sftp ip or sftp ip:port command gives error like i mentioned.  by apk can't establish sftp connection too. im on phone.06:12
poutinebello: https://askubuntu.com/questions/944811/sftp-how-to-connect-to-non-default-port06:12
Ben64: doesn't mean the same thing on sftp06:13
belloBen64: i see.  alright06:28
bellopoutine: thanks you. i can sftp from ssh now. :)06:28
daregapHello, I'm looking for a linux backup solution for Desktop PC -> Remote Server. Preferably I'd use something that doesn't just sync a folder to a remote location, overwriting everything in the process. So for example, if I accidentally erase everything in a local folder and it gets synced to the server then I'll lose data on both ends.06:29
Jordan_Udaregap: rsync is the traditional solution for things like that. It can be configured to only add and never remove files when syncing to your backup server.06:36
Jordan_U!rsync | daregap06:36
ubottudaregap: rsync is a fast remote file copy and synchronization program - For more see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync06:36
ducassedaregap: if you want a gui solution, look at back-in-time, it uses rsync to do the work06:49
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daregapJordan_U: What, if a file changes locally?07:06
daregapcan I access the current version and the previous version?07:07
Ben64where is the Gnome-PRO-1.2 theme at?07:10
Ben64it's in my 20.04 install on my laptop, but not in ~/.themes or /usr/share/themes07:11
ducassedaregap: if you use back-in-time, each backup run gets a separate folder. unchanged files are hardlinks, so you can access individual versions of files07:19
daregapducasse: is there a command-line version available? I need something to run from command line (cron)07:25
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ducassedaregap: you can set up cron jobs in the gui, and it will run the cli-based core07:42
fairuzGood day people07:48
fairuzI'm having problem with supervisord on Ubuntu 18.0407:48
fairuzwhere supervisord load a different file than the one in the conf.d folder07:50
fairuzI've already do a reread and update07:51
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kreyrenfairuz, there is also #supervisor in case ubunters are useless as usuall~08:10
fairuzkreyren thanks!08:10
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shangulHello. When I try to record a video using Kazam, it does not record sound from my microphone. here's the logs: https://termbin.com/5gjfk08:35
OERIASi need help with an issue that has been bothering me on ubuntu and it needs solving08:49
OnceMeis 20.04 stable? should I upgrade? I heatd from friend there's an issue with sound there08:50
akemOnceMe, You can try it with Live USB, It works all fine here.08:51
quadrathoch2OERIAS maybe? depends on the question?08:52
OERIASquadrathoch2, I need help with setting up a screensaver08:53
OERIASbudgie auto starts something that prevents the launch of xscreensaver08:53
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quadrathoch2OERIAS sorry, I never used budgie, so no idea :/09:10
dunamsis there a way to enable trackpad gestures? I mostly need 2 fingers swipe left/right to navigate back/forward09:17
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DirkosI am trying to install 20.04 via a newly formatted and installed usb but i keep getting a crash09:31
DirkosIts checking disk and at a step of squashfs (casper) it shows errors and shuts down09:31
Dirkoscant even ready the error09:31
quadrathoch2Dirkos please check if you download is corrupted or not09:32
Dirkosquadrathoch2 the download is ok09:38
Dirkoschecksum is valid09:38
pikapikasince when did gcc start requiring to explicitly link math.h related functions09:38
DirkosSomeone else an idea? I cant reinstall ubuntu or boot it via usb somehow this way09:54
quadrathoch2well something went wrong probably while copying the files over. idk maybe test it out again?09:55
Dirkosyeah im trying to format the usb again and really erease all data09:55
Dirkosmaybe this makes a diff09:55
ducasseDirkos: can you try another stick?09:56
Dirkoshavent got one here atm thats the problem09:56
michagogoAm I missing something, or does pip for python 2 not exist in focal?10:13
quadrathoch2michagogo python2 is eol10:21
quadrathoch2but there is still python in universe10:21
michagogoYes, I see that10:38
michagogoBut it seems pip is missing?10:39
michagogoOr am I overlooking something?10:39
quadrathoch2michagogo i just told you that there is python2 in universe, but canonical deliberatly didn't package pip, but there are ways to get to it. their stance is, if you want it, you need to know how to get it10:51
quadrathoch2michagogo and if you really need python2 there are still other versions of ubuntu which support it (going up to 12.04)10:53
michagogoI see, thanks10:53
michagogoThat last point was the clarification I was seeking - that python2 still exists as a package but pip intentionally doesn’t10:54
quadrathoch2michagogo oh sorry, then I misunderstood you first10:54
michagogoNp :-)10:55
tribaalI'd like to upgrade from bionic to focal, but would like to do so the "normal" way before I go ahead and edit my sources.list by hand. do-release-upgrade -d (with /etc/upgrade-mananger/release-upgrades set to "lts") fails to authenticate the release tar.gz however, is there a known problem/workaround?11:28
tribaalreinstalling e.g. ubuntu-keyring doesn't seem to help11:28
cousteauHi!  Are Ubuntu versions intentionally named in a way that reflects their intent?  I've noticed that LTS versions are always named something synonymous with "stable" or "reliable" (hardy, lucid, precise, trusty, focal...) whereas the versions right after those are named in a way that suggests "adventurous" or "brave" (edgy, intrepid, maverick?, utopic, groovy...).  I assume this is intentional, right?11:33
tribaalcousteau: I think it is, but only Mark knows for sure :)11:34
BluesKaj'Morning all11:35
cousteauWell yeah but the names are somewhat croudsourced, right?11:35
cousteautribaal: btw, I don't know if things have changed a lot but last time I tried to upgrade via sources.list it was a disaster :) so I would advise against that if it can be avoided11:36
quadrathoch2tribaal did you make sure that your sources are correct?11:36
tribaalyeah, I think -updates was disabled for I don't know how long on this machine, so that's probably the source of the problem11:37
tribaalcousteau: no, I think names are Mark's exclusive privilege (although the community does maintain lists of possible/wished names :) )11:38
tribaalquadrathoch2: yep, that was it (no -updates enabled since god-knows-when) so of course ubuntu-keyring was at the release version... :)11:46
quadrathoch2have fun with the upgrade tribaal :)11:46
tribaalhehe thanks11:46
* tribaal watches as the package install scrolls by11:46
adrian_1908I've tried the 20.04 server image for my notebook as base to build upon. So far this worked well. I noticed however that some cloud-related messages fly past during starting. I assume most of these are related to CloudInit. Does anyone know if I can simply get rid of that for my workstation, or it intertwined with crucial functionality?12:08
cluelesspersonHow do you disable cpu throttling?12:08
cluelesspersonadrian_1908, find where they're coming from12:09
cluelesspersonthen you can address them12:09
quadrathoch2adrian_1908 no, you can delete it, as it's mostly just telling the right services how they should be configured. but make sure that you know how to get internet (especially with a laptop)12:12
quadrathoch2cluelessperson buy a better cooler? or what specifically do you mean? mitigations?12:12
cluelesspersonquadrathoch2, My cpu keeps throttling constantly down to 800mhz from 1.6, so I manually configured my fan to run full blast and my temps are only around 56C12:13
adrian_1908quadrathoch2: Ok, thank you!12:13
cluelesspersonquadrathoch2, so, I want to disable cpu throttling because it's obviously wrong somehow.12:13
Ben64how is it wrong?12:13
quadrathoch2cluelessperson look into cpu govenor, but as far as I understand what you want to do, it doesn't work, as all modern cpus clock down, to save energy not because of throttling12:15
quadrathoch2(in your case)12:15
cluelesspersonquadrathoch2, well, I'm in chrome and everything gets freaking slow12:16
Ben64does cpu usage spike and everything kinda pauses for a second?12:17
cluelesspersonBen64, I believe so.12:17
Ben64seems to be a chrome bug12:17
cluelesspersonis that the issue you were talking about before?12:17
cluelesspersonBen64, it occurs with other applications as well12:17
Ben64i've been using google-chrome-beta lately it's been great12:17
Ben64it's not gonna be your cpu scaling though unless you're stuck on powersave governor12:19
alien-redfishI want to use a hard drive across Linux (Kubuntu) and Windows, the drive needs to be encrypted but with only one partition - anyone any ideas of the best way to do this?12:26
threeWell your single partition should be formatted ntfs but idk about the encryption12:27
quadrathoch2yeah and I am not sure about ext4 support on windows (in regards to encryption)12:28
cluelesspersonquadrathoch2, well, it seems stuck now at 800Mhz12:28
quadrathoch2at what temps cluelessperson12:28
Ben64cluelessperson: cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy0/scaling_governor12:28
threealien-redfish a better solution is to just go buy another drive and throw in in your computer12:29
quadrathoch2three that doesn't makes any sense :/12:29
_BIGSHOT_how to select fast mirros? my mirror is too slow12:30
_BIGSHOT_i can't download fast12:30
threequadrathoch2 youre right i was thinking he wanted to boot off this drive but that wouldnt make sense as he said it needs one partition12:30
alien-redfish@three I presume you're on about bootable drives / OS. I'm trying to share data back and forth but want to encrypt it.12:30
cluelesspersonBen64,  "performance"12:32
cluelesspersonquadrathoch2, 56C ?12:32
Ben64then it's already at maximum12:32
Ben64and you've already messed with the governors12:32
cluelesspersonmake that 46C12:32
quadrathoch2what type of device are we talking about? desktop or laptop?12:33
threealien-redfish why dont you just separate the files into different directories (like windows and linux) and then have a shared directory and just encrypt the linux directory in linux and the windows one in windows and when you need to move files decrypt them and put them into the shared directory. You could also do this with partitions instead of directories but you said you only want one12:33
cluelesspersonBen64, cpu usage is low, I don't think this is chrome12:33
Ben64cluelessperson: but you already have it at performance, you can't go higher12:33
adrian_1908alien-redfish: never used it, but I think VeraCrypt would work for both?12:33
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alien-redfishadrian_1908 I'll take a look at that, thanks for the help.12:36
quadrathoch2_BIGSHOT_, hm you could select one closer to your location from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors12:37
_BIGSHOT_what's command line?12:37
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quadrathoch2_BIGSHOT_ terminal12:38
quadrathoch2_BIGSHOT_ when you search for terminal it should give you a programm which only has a textinput12:40
_BIGSHOT_shoul di copy past url in it?12:41
quadrathoch2_BIGSHOT_ you can just select also another mirror in the updates and packages program (i can't fully remember the name again)12:41
tribaalwell, it worked :)12:46
_BIGSHOT_E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend. It is held by process 6736 (apt-get) - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)12:46
SpeedrunnerG55how can i disable appindicator?12:47
quadrathoch2tribaal it could have gone wrong, and that's why it's still not pushed officially12:47
_BIGSHOT_: Unable to acquire the dpkg frontend lock (/var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend), is another process using it?12:47
_BIGSHOT_how to solve this?12:47
Deano59_BIGSHOT_: reboot then try.12:48
quadrathoch2SpeedrunnerG55 in gnome-tweaks or gnome-shell-extension-prefs12:48
dex1983I installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with this guide: https://support.us.ovhcloud.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006076940-How-to-Configure-Software-RAID-on-Ubuntu-18-04 until GRUB installation everything worked fine, then I got a "grub dummy installer" error how I can fix that manually that my ubuntu LTS installation will boot after reboot with grub?12:52
quadrathoch2dex1983 is there more to that error?12:53
dex1983no I only get this error message :-(12:53
dex1983EFI Partition exists12:54
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threedex1983 when does this error occur? How did you install grub?12:55
quadrathoch2dex1983 is that system hosted? or is the guide just from ovh?12:56
dex1983with the ubuntu installer, local system not hosted anywhere12:56
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quadrathoch2dex1983, at what step did the error occur?12:57
Random_UserAfter upgrading from 18.04 to 20.04 i have run into issues using btcarmory software. The software no longer installs due to dependencies (qt4 python stuff) that are not met. I am not able to find an installation candidate for pyqt4-dev-tools for instance - that is stopping me from compiling from source. the .deb pkg refuses to install due to missing package python-qt4. Is this software too old to run12:58
Random_Useron ubuntu 20.04?12:58
dex1983after finishing the setup I finished the hdd raid the rest installaton began and failed then12:58
quadrathoch2Random_User yes, qt4 is way end of life12:59
quadrathoch2dex1983 software raid1?12:59
threedex1983 the arch wiki had extensive documentation on grub and installing/re-installing. If youre certain its grub thats mucking up after an install I'd just reinstall it https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GRUB12:59
dex1983and raid 5 like ovh tutorial12:59
Random_Userthat is unfortunate :( i liked this ubuntu alot. thanks13:00
threewait dex1983 the installation failed or grub failed? You're going to need to be more specific about your issue13:01
dex1983grub failed the rest of ubuntu 20.04 lts installer works13:01
quadrathoch2dex1983 still software raid or?13:01
dex1983software raid13:02
threetry chrooting into your installation and installing grub manually13:02
dex1983reboot and with which live cd?13:02
threedex1983 boot into the live cd and mount your root partition on /mnt and your boot partition to /mnt/boot and the run chroot /mnt and you should be able to run the grub installation. This page goes into detail on how to do that https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GRUB13:04
quadrathoch2dex1983 there should be an option for entering a shell (in the installer)13:04
dex1983yeah quadrathoch2 right but with the installer shell no grub etc. is working :-(13:04
quadrathoch2dex1983 but you should be able to chroot into the installed system13:05
dex1983ah and n the chrooted path grub should work13:06
threedex1983 you should be able to press ctrl+alt+f5 to get to a tty13:07
quadrathoch2three hope you can take over ;) need to take a call13:07
threedont worry I could install grub in my sleep13:08
dex1983ok thanks please help three so changing to tty5 should work and then13:10
threemount the root partition of the installed OS to /mnt and if you have an efi partition mount it to /mnt/boot13:11
dex1983on ctrl + F2 I get an console13:11
threeshould be able to do this with like (mount /dev/sdx# /mnt)13:12
dex1983ok in my case it was/is /dev/md1 that worked13:12
dex1983and now the efi part13:12
threedo you know if you are booting with uefi or legacy13:13
threeyou can do fdisk -l to see if the installer made you a boot partition it should have either a label like "efi boot" or "boot"13:14
dex1983not working with ubuntu shell from installer I will try to boot a live cd :-)13:14
dex1983which one is good archlinux?13:15
dex1983I booted with UEFI13:15
threeno do this from the ubuntu live cd13:15
dex1983can I restart?13:15
threewhat isnt working?13:15
threeyes go ahaead reboot if you wish13:15
dex1983fidsk command is not working13:15
threefdisk -l13:15
dex1983ok I try it with ubuntu live cd I think it is better13:15
threewhat were you using before?13:16
rudeguyhi, does a mini .iso for 20.04 exist? is there an equivalent?13:16
threerudeguy the server version of ubuntu is the smallest13:16
rudeguyi see13:17
threeyou can install the desktop environment after the installation but it requires very basic terminal usage13:17
dex1983only the ubuntu lts stick13:17
rudeguyterminal usage is no problem13:17
rudeguyas long i can install a desktop13:17
threedex1983 boot into a live usb of ubuntu even if its the server version it should work13:18
threerudeguy there are packages that include the desktop environment and the included software for all of the different flavors of ubuntu13:18
threeso you can just install the server version and sudo apt-get install whatever-ubuntu-flavor-iforget-what-theyre-called13:19
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dex1983ah ok i exit and try it maybe repair mode of ubuntu lts iso?13:21
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dex1983ok rescue is starting13:23
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tatertotsrudeguy: if you're going to depend on a GUI/desktop, you may as well just install desktop edition of ubuntu13:23
rudeguyi know, but i'd like to stay minimal and only install the packages i want13:28
touil76Hello. I have a question about using ubuntu 20.04 with an old graphics card.13:29
threerudeguy go with something like arch then sound like exactly what you want13:30
threetouili76 whats your question13:30
touil76I installed ubuntu 20.04 on my old Dell E520, with radeon X1300 graphics card,13:30
touil76and whenever I boot, after the normal grub with text and all, when it comes to the login screen, all I can see are a bunch of diagonal lines that change somehow when I hover the mouse over them.13:31
Deano59touil76: shoot the question.13:31
oerhekstouil76, pretty old card, radeon is good supported from 4xxx and up.13:31
oerheksnot a youtube card, i say./13:32
touil76All works perfectly with my old ubuntu 16.04 installation.13:32
threecould be the card do you have another lying around you could try13:32
touil76What should I try to get it work ?13:34
touil76Maybe, from login screen on, it's wayland that is in use, and my old card only supports Xorg ?13:34
threewas it artifacting with the green lines in the installation usb too?13:34
touil76No, all went well with the usb installation. The screen worked and everything.13:35
touil76That is why I find it so weird.13:35
threethat is strange. I know this is a simple suggestion but did you try reseating the card?13:35
touil76All is still working good with 16.04 so the card health is not the culprit.13:36
threeis this 20.04 gnome youre on or a different DE?13:37
touil76It's a vanilla install.13:37
touil76I don't remember trying to uninstall gnome.13:37
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threeI'm not sure what could be causing it but I'd bet a desktop environment like xfce probably wouldn't experience this issue. The issue could just be with gnome as 16.04 used unity not gnome13:39
threeconsider trying to install xubuntu. xfce is great anyway13:41
threeplus a DE like gnome will run like sh*t on your Dell e520 its a very heavy piece of software13:42
touil76I know, I was hoping to customize a unity installation.13:45
touil76dmesg shows an error trying to load radeon module 'No UMS support in radeon module'13:46
oerheksyeah, too low end card for gnome desktop.13:49
oerheksnot sure it would perform any better on xubuntu/mate ..13:49
threejust only use the cli :P13:53
lapionthere is a problem with the fwupd, it won't update if fwupd-signed is installed.14:00
tekkhi all, what does charmed offer that vanilla k8's clusters don't?14:04
tekkjust evaluating it now and new to k8's14:04
jonfenHow can I install x11-apps:i386 on 20.04?14:04
jonfensudo apt install libsm6:i386 libice6:i386 libuuid1:i386 libbsd0:i386 libpng12-0:i386 libx11-6:i386 libxaw7:i386 libxcursor1:i386 libxext6:i386 libxft2:i386 libxkbfile1:i386 libxmu6:i386 libxmuu1:i386 libxrender1:i386 libxt6:i386 libxcb1:i386 libxpm4:i386 libxau6:i386 libxdmcp6:i386 libxfixes3:i386 libfontconfig1:i386 libfreetype6:i386 gcc-9-base:i386 libgmp10:i386 libisl22:i386 libmpc3:i38614:05
jonfenlibmpfr6:i386 libexpat1:i386 libpng16-16:i386 cpp:i386 cpp-9:i38614:05
jonfenReading package lists... Done14:05
jonfenBuilding dependency tree14:05
jonfenReading state information... Done14:05
jonfenYou might want to run 'apt --fix-broken install' to correct these.14:05
jonfenThe following packages have unmet dependencies:14:05
jonfen cpp : Conflicts: cpp:i386 but 4:9.3.0-1ubuntu2 is to be installed14:05
oerheksjonfen, did you add i386 archtecture?14:07
oerheksand run proper updates, sudo apt dist-upgrade?14:07
jonfenthe issue comes down to those cpp conflicts14:07
jonfenbut i am not sure how to resolve them14:07
quadrathoch2well it literally says: You might want to run 'apt --fix-broken install' to correct these.14:08
oerhekslooking at cpp:i386, it is part of gcc-defaults14:09
oerhekswhat guide are you following?14:09
jonfenquadrathoch2: but if I try --fix-broken, it just uninstalls i386 for the latest14:09
jonfenoerheks: i am not following a guide14:09
jonfeni am trying to install a 32 bit app14:10
oerhekscare to share what 'a 32 bit app' ??14:10
Deano59oerheks: an app that is 32bit?14:10
jonfenmxie by zultys14:11
jonfeni was able to get it working on 18.0414:12
jonfenbut 20.04 has dropped more 32 bit support14:13
jonfenx11-apps:i386 is the last dependency i need to resolve, but its dependencies (cpp) have me stuck14:13
jonfenis there a way to do a --fix-broken that forces an architecture?14:14
oerhekscpp is part of gcc-defaults; try installing gcc-defaults:i38614:15
jonfenoerheks: will do14:15
oerheksgood luck with that prop paid software14:15
jonfenno kidding14:16
jonfenwe had to take apart an rpm package to even get it working on 18.0414:16
PCatineanDoes anyone here use pulseaudio-equalizer in 20.04 ?14:17
jonfenlooks like gcc-defaults isn't in 20.0414:19
oerhekssure it is ... https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-defaults/1.185.1ubuntu214:20
oerheksBuilds Focal: amd64 arm64  i386 ....14:21
jonfenhmmmm Unable to locate package gcc-defaults:i38614:22
ioriajonfen, i  guess it's a source package not a binary14:23
jonfeni will have to try that.14:24
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dex1983Hmm how I can delete my whole disks with mdadm to reformat/delete it with gparted :-(14:34
quadrathoch2dex1983 just create a new partition table, so it didn't work out?14:40
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dex1983no its locked also live cd with gparted does not work :-(14:49
quadrathoch2did you encrypt it dex1983?14:50
quadrathoch2dex1983 hm, could you also test with gnome-disks?14:52
jwrI know that I can use a tool like `top` to examine system load with process-level granularity in real time. Is there any tool which provides process-level granularity retroactively? Like if a system was under high load two hours ago, is there a tool which can tell me that PID 1234 caused that high load? I've looked at `sar` but I don't think that works at a per-process level.14:53
jStefanHello, How could I check the last update date of an apt repository I'm using? The idea being, to check if it might have gone stale.14:53
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knstn"apt-cache showpkg nfs-kernel-server" -----> <various output>....1:<various output>. Does that mean on 18.04 LTS the NFS version is 3?14:55
jStefanmaybe even compare it to an official repo to see how many hours behind it is. I know some websites have this information, but I would like to script it and detect it myself.14:55
quadrathoch2knstn no, it's just a package version number14:57
dex1983quadrathoch2 strange with cfdisk it seems to work14:58
quadrathoch2dex1983 oO kay... let's move on :)14:58
jStefanknstn, this website seems more relevant to what you are asking: https://linoxide.com/linux-how-to/example-linux-command-to-find-nfs-version/15:00
JellyIsAwesomewhy does my ethernet adapter say that it has 2 ipv4 addresses?15:05
jStefanJellyIsAwesome, is the other the loopback address? try the command: ip addr15:09
SpeedrunnerG55how can i disable appindicator?15:28
SpeedrunnerG55i switched it off in gnome tweaks but i can still see it running and printing error messages in syslog15:28
fasslis it still possible to upgrade from 19.04 ?15:28
quadrathoch2fassl it is possible, is it recommended? no15:29
abtm_need the apt upgrade command to force an upgrade....15:29
oerheksfassl, follow the eolupgrade factoid, 19.04 is dead for some time now15:29
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:30
abtm_seeing the following error when I try to update15:30
abtm_fwupd-signed: Depends: fwupd (= 1.3.9-4) but 1.3.9-4ubuntu0.1 is to be installed15:30
fasslthanks quadrathoch2 oerheks15:30
quadrathoch2fassl make sure to have backups ;)15:31
fasslquadrathoch2 hm i might just reinstall as oerheks suggests, as zfs on root is now possible from the installer right? i already had issues with this in a previous upgrade iirc15:34
oerheksabtm_, reload the lists with sudo apt update, then try upgrade again or upgrade -f15:34
quadrathoch2fassl imho, makes more sense. and (at least for me) it doesn't take that much longer to configure everything + install the programs i need (have it all written down)15:35
abtm_will try upgrade -f15:35
abtm_is the f before or after upgrade15:35
oerheksafter, sudo apt upgrade -f15:36
abtm_didnt work15:36
abtm_The following packages have been kept back:15:36
abtm_  fwupd15:36
ioriaabtm_,  sudo apt full-upgrade15:37
abtm_doesnt that upgrade to next OS release?15:37
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.15:38
oerheksdist-upgrade and full-upgrade do not bring the next 'buntu15:38
abtm_ok thanks15:39
fasslquadrathoch2 agreed.15:41
fassloerheks yeah i kinda missed that, just came back the first time to office since some months15:44
fasslbut i guess thats what you deserve not being on LTS ;)15:45
Guest43863I am running ubuntu 18.04 on metebook d 14 ( 2nd edition ). I am trying to figure out how to interact with fan speed. Lm-sensors doesn't report any RPM. Can I find something in /sys ? How does the OS interacts with fan?15:52
quadrathoch2Guest43863 is that a amd laptop?15:53
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hoferHuawei MateBook D 1415:55
quadrathoch2https://gitlab.com/cscs/linux-on-huawei-matebook-d-14-amd#lm_sensors maybe it helps Guest4386315:59
JellyIsAwesomewould you recommend using plex? if not, what should i use?16:01
oerheksplex is paid, we recommend opensource and freedom, tons of mediaplayers to choose from16:04
Ether_Manoerheks, plex is free for the vast majority of the uses. It is however closed source16:05
Guest43863quadrathoch2: yup. It's Ryzen 5 3500U.16:06
knstnjStefan: thanks for the link. This one though looks better "https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-install-and-configure-an-nfs-server-on-ubuntu-18-04/"16:07
Piratyi see a lot of "testing the buffer" in dmesg, 5.6.3-050603-generic16:07
Piratyi used ukuu before to install newer kernels, how can i find out which would be the default for 20.4 ? so i can stay on stock kernel from now on16:09
Guest43863quadrathoch2: ah, thanks! Haven't noticed the link. Checking it out.16:10
quadrathoch2Piraty, the stock kernel is 5.4 and then the latest ;)16:10
Piratyi was hoping 5.616:11
PiratyLTSkernel for LTS OS i guess16:12
Guest43863quadrathoch2: that's acutally a older generation model. Do you belive that kind of tweeks can be compatibile between generations?16:13
quadrathoch2Guest43863 give me a sec16:13
Guest43863quadrathoch2: sure, thanks. No rush.16:13
quadrathoch2Guest43863, do you want to read the fanspeed or also control it?16:25
Guest43863quadrathoch2: would be sweet but reading to for the starters would be nice too.16:39
quadrathoch2hm Guest43863 as far as I could glimpse into the topic, https://github.com/ocerman/zenpower seems to be one of the better solutions. no idea how much you ca do with that16:42
Guest43863Thanks quadrathoch2. Appreciate the input.16:45
quadrathoch2Guest43863, yw :)16:46
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=== OEIRAS is now known as OERIAS
dex1983I think quadrathoch2 I discovered my error while installing ubuntu lts :-(17:13
dex1983oh man17:13
quadrathoch2dex1983 and?17:13
dex1983I think it was my failure when creating an md0 with 6 disks with RAID 6 I will need a seperate disk/stick for boot or is it possible without it and boot from md0?17:14
Inge-I think my synology disktation boots from md0 in a raid17:15
chaotixHi i need help.  I am using ubuntu 16.04 and my internet is working,m i have a wired ethernet connection.  browsing the web is fine but i am uname to use apt to install or update anything, or use the software center or update manager.  it hangs at 0 percent...  i tried using different mirrors, and i found a tutorial that said the problem was ipv617:15
chaotixbut that didnt work...  cna someone help me please?  thanks in advance17:15
pavloschaotix: cat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 999917:18
chaotixpavlos ok thanks17:18
quadrathoch2dex1983 well you don't need to, but it's probably easier because of the efi partition17:19
dex1983ok thans bah so annoying :-(17:19
dex1983damn EFI17:19
pavloschaotix: this will provide a link to show the contents of that file17:19
chaotixpavlos  https://termbin.com/4z3c17:19
dex1983Do not know what I have done wrong17:21
dex1983with EFI17:21
pavloschaotix: maybe the mirror.cc.columbia.edu is down?17:22
chaotixpavlos i just changed to that mirroir17:22
chaotixbut ill try the next one now17:22
oerheksmirror should be oke, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+mirror/mirror.cc.columbia.edu17:23
oerhekschange to main,17:23
chaotixchanged it to duke it might be working now...  still slopw though17:25
chaotixsorry i did that before you said to try main17:25
chaotixthank you guys for helping, hope we can fix it.  i love the ubuntu community17:25
pavloschaotix: this is the default sources.list ... https://gist.github.com/rohitrawat/60a04e6ebe4a9ec1203eac3a11d4afc117:28
chaotixpavlos do you want me to replace the contents of my sources.list with that?17:28
chaotixafter this, can you guys try to help me with another problem i have been stuck on all week?17:30
pavloschaotix: copy your existing sources.list to sources.list.backup and then use the default ... sudo apt update/upgrade should work17:30
chaotixpavlos ok will do now17:30
chaotixpavlos that did it17:33
chaotixi think17:33
chaotixoh yeah!17:33
pavloschaotix: is update clean, no errors?17:34
chaotixits still going...  this is a fresh install so it hasnt been updated yet17:34
chaotixnot showing any errors yet though pavlos17:35
chaotixwhile this goes, can i ask about my other probnlem?17:35
pavloschaotix: sure17:35
chaotixhavent been able to find anby help with it and its been days of trying to figure it out17:35
chaotixthank you17:35
pavloschaotix: there are many people in this channel to help17:37
chaotixfor a monitor, i am using a 27", HD CRT television connected via HDMI.  It is a 4:3 display but thinks it is 16:9...  the only opeions in displays are 1920x1080 and 1280x72017:37
chaotixi did try adding new resolutions using xrandr, but the tv went black and then said it wasnt supported...  i tried adding 1024x768 but it didnt work17:37
quadrathoch2dex1983 somehow when they designed the efi partition nobody cared about software raid somehow17:37
dex1983ah ok, do you have a solution for it?17:38
chaotixmaybe theres a resolution i can try?  i also tried xrandr --transform but icouldnt find the exactr coordinate i needed and besides the whole system got super buggy when i tried that17:38
pavloschaotix: xrandr --query | nc termbin.com 999917:38
chaotixpavlos ok17:38
kyle__Anyone know of a good way of tracking the per-application active time on desktop?  Most of what I'm finding are time-trackers that the user interacts with, but in this case it's more about monitoring how much time my kids are using on their machines.17:39
chaotixpavlos oh wow should i try adding one of the last two resolutiuons?17:40
pavloschaotix: these seems the resolutions supported on TV ... I dont know much about this, maybe someone can help17:40
chaotixi am gonna try to add the last two resolutions listed there first i think....  i hadnt tried this yet17:40
chaotixonly the first two show upo in the gui as of now17:40
pavloschaotix: maybe there is a setting on TV (using the TV remote) to set up resolution17:45
chaotixpavlos there isnt unfortunately17:46
chaotixpavlos ill let you know how adding the 720x480 worked17:46
quadrathoch2dex1983 https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=92559117:48
ubottuDebian bug 925591 in grub2-common "grub-install fails on raid1+efi setup" [Normal,Open]17:48
chaotixpavlos 720x480 is a 4:3 display and the output of xrandr  --query says it is supported, right?  so i just have to try to set my pc to that resolution and maybe it will fit17:51
pavloschaotix: well, 480 is rather low res, the windows will be really big. Is that want you want?17:52
luckylinuxHi. Did anybody have success setting up ubuntu 20.04 LTS with ZFS on LUKS? I am struggling (install using debootstrap) and it basically cannot resolve rpool/ROOT/ubuntu during update-initramfs. There was a patch on launchpad bug tracker by one user, but it didn't work for me :(. Could it be due to the fact that I created the pool from Debian (ZFS 0.8.4) while ubuntu has only ZFS 0.8.3 ?17:53
chaotixpavlos no17:53
chaotixi just tried it using xrandr --size 480x720...  its way too big and too much overscan17:53
pavloschaotix: so use 1080 or 720 for your res ... settings>Displays17:53
chaotixpavlos i am not sure what you mean17:56
chaotixpavlos sorry...  anyway there were only two initial resolutions available and they were both 16:9 resolutions...  thje other ones i am ading in the terminal...   but no matter what i try there is overscan17:57
chaotixa ton of it17:57
chaotixat least in kodi you can just resize the screen, same with android tv...  but i17:58
chaotixcant figure out what to do in linux17:58
pavloschaotix: you wrote, "in displays are 1920x1080 and 1280x720" (I drop the 1st number) so settings>Displays let you use either 1080 or 720. You dont want either of those res?17:59
chaotixpavlos i would but there is overscan18:00
chaotixit's way too big for the tv18:00
doomlist3i want to find out which disk type - ssd or hdd and their more details18:01
pavloschaotix: 1080 is too big for a 27" TV?18:01
doomlist3which cmd for that18:01
chaotixits a 4:3 tv, and a CRT not a flatscreen.  dont know if that matters18:01
chaotixthis is the tv18:02
pavloschaotix: well, I dont know much about TV, sorry (I use a 24" monitor with hdmi and 1080 is fine)18:03
chaotixpavlos i appreciate you trying18:03
kyle__chaotix: What connection? The connection type will dictate the resolutions available.18:03
pavloschaotix: no worries, at least update/upgrade works now18:03
chaotixpavlos i really appreciate all the help18:04
kyle__chaotix: And the more modern ones like DP/HDMI should always list available resolutions to the OS, and many of the older ones /usually/ do as well.18:04
chaotixkyle__ it's HDMI18:04
chaotixthere were only two available res, both showing up bigger than the tv so there was a ton of oversdcan18:04
kyle__xrandr should tell you.18:05
kyle__Ohh.  You can fix the overscan to some extent.  arch wiki is often helpful.  https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xrandr18:05
kyle__But I don't know how much.18:05
chaotixkyle__ i have been trying...  the closest i ever got with it was with xrandr --trnasform but i couldnt get it to fit right and it also made everything really buggy on the system18:06
kyle__Damn.  Well there goes all my good ideas :)18:06
chaotixit's ok i took up enough of everyones time....  i really appreciare all the ideas and help.  pavlos thank you for tryingf and for fixing my updates18:07
chaotixlater everyone18:07
pavlosdoomlist3: sudo hdparm -I /dev/sdX (where X is your drive18:08
pavlosdoomlist3: lsblk -o model,size,name -d18:12
jStefanHow could I check the last update date of an apt repository I'm using? The idea being, to check if it might have gone stale.18:33
jStefan...maybe even compare it to an official repo to see how many hours behind it is. I know some websites have this information, but I would like to script it and detect it myself.18:33
oerheksone check; https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors18:34
oerhekserr https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors18:35
sarnoldjStefan: on the repo itself, ubuntu/dists/focal-updates/InRelease Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2020 14:31:19 UTC18:35
jStefansarnold, so curl the inrelease file for a date?18:36
sarnoldjStefan: yeah -- consider also checking the signature on that file, since it's the Source Of Truth for udpates18:37
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xbfroganyone here now how to set a custom shorcut key? i cant find out how. searching the net gives me spurious info19:06
xbfrogubuntu 20.0419:06
xbfrogseems like it should be easy19:07
oerhekssystemsettings > devices> keyboard is the place to be19:07
xbfrogok, i dont have devices19:07
xbfrogi have keybord and mouse19:07
xbfrogjust for curiosity lemme look again19:07
xbfrogthere is no devices, but excuse me there is keyboard shortcuts not kboard and mouse19:09
xbfrogbut no way i can see to change anything19:09
xbfrogor add19:09
oerheksscroll down in the list, '+'19:09
xbfrogwell shoot, it was off screen19:10
xbfrogthanks, found it19:10
xbfrogwell, that was stupid simple, thanks again19:12
oerhekshave fun!19:12
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Eryn_1983_FLhi guys..19:41
Eryn_1983_FLso im trying to tftp boot ubuntu server,19:41
Eryn_1983_FLand there is an option for a nic id, what should i put? em1 doesnt work eth0, ens?19:41
Eryn_1983_FLi already got a pxe server working fine19:46
Eryn_1983_FLi just dont want to use nfs, i want to use http,19:46
Eryn_1983_FLatm i am getting nic error and no /dev/sr019:47
Eryn_1983_FLi think that cause i use the initrid and stuff from the iso19:47
threerun "ip a" it'll show your network config and the names of your network adapters19:51
Eryn_1983_FLits a vm19:52
threeit sill will have network adapters19:52
threewhere do you need the nic id?19:52
pavloscould be vbr019:52
threebtw what kind of tftp boot service are you setting up?19:53
oerheksa vm, interesting.19:53
Eryn_1983_FLi just want it to install ubuntu19:53
Eryn_1983_FLfor our centos we use kickstart,19:54
Eryn_1983_FLi dont really want that part i just want it to load ubuntu install and i can manually set it up19:54
Eryn_1983_FLi just cant attach an iso in the current env,19:54
oerheks.. without nfs ofcourse19:54
Eryn_1983_FLyeah that would be nice,,19:54
Eryn_1983_FLi got http already setup..19:55
threewhat hypervisor are you using?19:55
Eryn_1983_FLits ovirt,19:55
Eryn_1983_FLbut the iso add bs is broken and i cant get it working19:55
threei've never heard of it. but thats really dumb that you cant mount an iso19:56
threeyou could just dd the iso to whatever format it uses for the virtual disks and then boot to that lol. that would be a very roundabout solution19:56
Eryn_1983_FLim tempted...19:57
threelike just make a blank raw file and dd the iso over it then just mount and boot and boom19:57
Eryn_1983_FLi even tried to upgrade over the weekend and it wont let me connect new nodes cause there is not python219:57
threewhats the reason for that hypervisor. does it have some specific use case19:58
Dr_CokeHi Eryn_1983_FL19:58
Eryn_1983_FLthe reason?20:00
Eryn_1983_FLnot sure, its prod atm,20:00
threehey, thats a fine answer20:00
Eryn_1983_FLwe are trying to move off the openstack, but juju keep messing up20:00
Eryn_1983_FLim trying to appease the Devs with a new ubuntu server for docker,20:01
threei mean if its only one server just dd to a raw or something and see if that will do the trick. if its multiple servers you have to create on this hypervisor id stick with the pxe booting. cant you also like install ubuntu some other wacky way over a network20:02
Eryn_1983_FLits just one but they been wanting a few for openstack and stuff so i was thinking long term20:03
Eryn_1983_FLits a virtio disk not sure what that mean20:03
oerheksmaybe #ovirt is a help, grinn20:04
Eryn_1983_FLnot really20:05
Eryn_1983_FLi been fighting with it for weeks,20:05
Eryn_1983_FLmy nfs server is great for that, yet i cant get ovirt to connect to it, i can manually20:08
Eryn_1983_FLso im dding it to a second hdd20:08
kyle__Anyone know of a good way of tracking the per-application active time on desktop?  Most of what I'm finding are time-trackers that the user interacts with, but in this case it's more about monitoring how much time my kids are using on their machines.20:08
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Eryn_1983_FLthanks three20:19
Eryn_1983_FLits installing now20:19
Eryn_1983_FLty was easier then the other bs20:19
rjbhi, in some earlier ubuntu releases i think the validity fingerprint sensor worked out of the box (not sure though). in 20.04's settings manager i just got an error message when trying to setup fingerprint login. lspci and lsusb don't show anything related to validity fingerprint sensor. how can i make it working (if at all)?20:19
oerheksfingerprint never worked OOTB, without the fingerprint gui ppa, with 20.04 it is build-in. still, check the ppa page for supported deviced IDs20:25
oerhekshttps://launchpad.net/~fingerprint/+archive/ubuntu/fingerprint-gui and https://fprint.freedesktop.org/supported-devices.html20:25
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rjboerheks: ok, thanks. then there's probably a hardware issue with the fingerprint reader as it won't show up in lsusb at all :(20:29
oerheksi think you want lspci, for internal devices20:29
matsamanas far as security, I can only imagine using a fingerprint reader as a red herring20:30
rjboerheks: it's neither listed there :/20:31
rjbmatsaman: since there's no encryption on the disk it doesn't really make a difference.20:35
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matsamanrjb: heh, even better20:38
tomreynand fprint just stores RAW images of your fingertips on disk, convenient.20:39
oerheksyeah, there is encryption between device and port in progress..20:42
rjbeither way it's good enough to keep noobs or little children out. fprint would however speed up logins :)20:42
tomreynor you can have it even faster, just remove the logins!20:43
dex1983Hmm I have no ideas :-( why I cannot install Ubuntu LTS with software RAID :-(20:45
matsamandex1983: what kind of raid setup were you thinking of?20:48
dex1983like this one https://support.us.ovhcloud.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006076940-How-to-Configure-Software-RAID-on-Ubuntu-18-0420:49
dex1983does not work with ubuntu 20.04 lts20:49
dex1983Also in Debian I cannot make it20:49
dex1983EFI sucks but UEFI boot is enabled20:49
matsamanwhich part doesn't work?20:50
dex1983the grub install fails20:51
dex1983or seems to work after rebot grub command line appears thats all :-( when I try to install on usb stick20:52
tomreyndex1983: did you partition manually?20:59
tomreyndo you still have the logs?21:00
dex1983nope :-(21:00
dex1983I'm about to give up. :-(21:01
Jordan_Udaregap: You might also be interested in using btrfs. The combination of snapshots and btrfs send / receive allows incremental backups that are CPU efficient, Time efficient (snapshots are almost instant), and Network efficient (like rsync, only changes are sent. But unlike rsync, btrfs send can actually calculate the diff to send itself, without needing to check what the backup server has / timestamps21:01
Jordan_Uon files on the backup server).21:01
Jordan_Udaregap: All of the above is equally true of zfs, but I like btrfs because it's upstream, has no licensing issues, and is IMHO more flexible and well suited to consumer needs.21:02
edoceoI've got this odd issue on T420s Lenovo -- usuall xrandr shows one DVI output -- but after I come back from Hibernate it shows TWO there is a new phantom VGA-1 device added21:09
edoceoit's not real21:09
edoceoHow can I force the system to not enable that phantom device?21:12
matsamanedoceo: could you just say xrandr --output VGA-1 --off?21:15
edoceoYea, but how to make that run on every boot, and on ever time I come back from hibernate21:19
edoceoCause somehow, this new thing gets added when we go into hibernate.21:19
edoceoMaybe it's this nvidia drviver?21:19
matsamanthere are some filesystem spots you can drop scripts to run on wake21:19
oerheksi am sure that 520 has a vga port too, left side21:19
matsamanedoceo: which Ubuntu version?21:20
edoceoThen then after the failed restore from hibernate, which addes this phantom VGA-1 then next proper boot has the resultion all to heck.21:20
edoceoLatest xubuntu w/Xfce 4.1221:20
oerheksoops 42021:20
edoceoIt's a fresh install21:20
matsamanedoceo: latest isn't a version21:20
edoceomatsaman: but you know which version I mean right?  Latest version; which is Xubuntu 20.04 LTS21:21
edoceoThe docs call it "Latest LTS release: 20.04, Focal Fossa"21:22
matsamanI do now21:22
matsaman'latest' is an English word that is arbitrary, it's unfortunate if they use it against versions on download sites21:22
edoceoI'll let the folks who operate xubuntu.org know21:23
* matsaman shrugs21:23
matsamanedoceo: https://askubuntu.com/questions/92218/how-to-execute-a-command-after-resume-from-suspend21:23
edoceoOk, that's good - but how can I fix the ubuntu display detection issue for-real, rather than an on/boot/resume/hibernate/thaw process.21:26
edoceoLike, why is the machine adding "VGA-1 connected" when no-such thing is happening?  Then adding DP-1,2,3 too (after a reboot).  Shouldn't this display configuration be pretty static and not change each boot?21:27
matsamanedoceo: I assume a deep dive into xrandr source might help you figure that out21:31
quadrathoch2dex1983 still not working :/21:36
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aumDoes the server version of Ubuntu 20.03 not have boot-from-zfs option?21:42
sarnoldaum: it does not; that'll probably come later, but afaik there's no timetable for it21:45
masonaum: It's entirely possible to do a debootstrap install that'll get you a ZFS root.21:57
Severswhat would be a reason that PDFs are printing properly, do i need a different PDF reader than the default that comes with ubuntu?22:00
matsamanSevers: are or aren't printing properly?22:01
Seversarent, the first couple ive tried have had none of the fill in information on the print, and then another one printed blank pages22:03
Seversfor instance, one of the things i am attempting to print out right now is a filled in form 1040 regarding my taxes... and its just printing a unused form 104022:04
matsamanSevers: talking about for fillable forms?22:05
matsamanSevers: that's all Adobe proprietary BS, IME22:05
Seversso theres no good way to print it from linux?22:05
matsamanSevers: I've heard okular might do better22:06
matsamanSevers: pdfedit obviously, but that's more editing than filling22:06
matsamanSevers: what you really "want" is adobe's actual acroread22:06
matsamanSevers: actually I've read evince can do it under _some_ circumstances22:06
Seversi installed that off the Ubuntu store, when i go to print it just brings up a blank error box22:06
Seversill try evince22:07
matsamanwhat I usually do22:08
matsamanand I usually do this even for fillable forms when I have acroread22:08
matsaman(because usually fillable forms reformat things terribly fugly)22:08
matsamanis open the PDF in Inkscape and put in my digital text however I like22:08
matsamanit's more time consuming, but the finished product can be as perfect as I want22:08
oerhekshow about libreoffice?22:08
matsamanand you even eliminate certain restrictions22:08
Severseverything is already filled in, its not printing the filled in info when i click print22:09
matsamanfastest way would be to take a screenshot & print it22:10
WalexLibreOffice can edit PDFs too22:21
Seversediting isnt the issue, printing is22:22
Seversthanks for the help guys22:22
matsamanSevers: take a screen shot & print it, or seek out acroread, or edit it22:22
matsamanthose are your straightforward options22:23
Seversyeah i converted them to images22:23
matsamanor print it out and fill it in by hand =)22:23
matsamanPDFs on websites always sucked, for forms too22:23
Seversproblem with that is one of the PDFs wouldnt even print out any of the document whatsoever, it would print completely blank pages22:23
matsamanyeah there are at least a couple different form standards in adobe's proprietary bs22:24
Seversall i can say is... its just so dumb22:25
carcamovskipuedes en 15 min?22:32
Seversbut again, thanks for helpin me out guys i appreciate it22:34
forgotmynickhello. i followed this guide to create a notification for when a user logs in and it works great (https://askubuntu.com/a/448602). i'm now using putty on windows and adding an environmental variable (acceptenv set in sshd config) which is available in the shell when logged in but not with the script. is there something i need to change?22:35
sarnoldforgotmynick: the PAM module pam_env is often configured for services and may cause the environment variable set by the remote client to be discarded during the authenticatino process22:40
sarnoldforgotmynick: eg https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssh/+bug/92074922:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 920749 in openssh (Ubuntu) "pam configuration for SSH prevents LANG override" [Medium,Triaged]22:41
forgotmynicki was hoping to add an variable and if present, skips the login notification :(22:44
giacoI have 2 ubuntu machines. In one I write an utf8 encoded txt file with vim, and it works correctly. When I rsync that file to second ubuntu machine, when I open it with vim I see special characters replaced with _22:55
giacothe hash of the 2 files is identical so it must be a local problem22:57
giacosolved, it was a locale problem23:10
miu5hi, Im looking for this version of crontab in the Ubuntu Manpages, specifically for the MAILFROM that is used in here: https://linux.die.net/man/5/crontab .  Anyone can help?23:19
matsamanman 5 crontab ?23:20
miu5matsaman, man 5 crontab does not have MAILFROM inside the pages.23:22
pavlosmatsaman: there is a MAILTO23:23
matsamanmiu5: what's your cron implementation?23:24
miu5yes i know theres MAILTO.   i want to set MAILFROM. My question is, why is MAILFROM discussed on https://linux.die.net/man/5/crontab, but its nowhere to be found in the Ubuntu manpages?23:25
matsamanmaybe the particular single cron implementation you're using23:25
matsamandoesn't support it, or doesn't mention it in _its_ man pages23:26
matsamanthere are tons of cron implementations23:26
sarnoldmiu5: there's a bunch of different cron implementations: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/DKCGNjtrs6/23:26
matsamantry cronie23:26
sarnoldmiu5: try some of the other packages23:26
sarnoldmiu5: there's a chance that debian/ubuntu doesn't have *that* cron implementatino packaged23:26
sarnoldmiu5: if you find out whast implementation it *is*, you can check if we have a package for it, or package it yourself if we don't23:26
miu5sarnold, how can i find out the exact version of cron i am using?  and how do i find out what implementation it is?23:27
matsamandpkg -l | grep -i cron23:27
pavlosif MAILFROM is defined, it will be used else "root" will be used23:27
sarnoldmiu5: man cron, scroll to the end. it *probably* says author, paul vixie..23:28
matsamanvixie's man page covers MAILFROM, IME23:28
matsamanI doubt Ubuntu would ship vixie by default though23:29
miu5sarnold, scrolled to the end but doesnt say version. i found it with dpkg from matsaman.   its 2.3-2423:31
matsamanmiu5: okay 2.3-24 but what package?23:32
miu5and 3.0pl1-128.1ubuntu123:32
matsamanjust 'cron'?23:32
miu5anacron 2.3-2423:32
miu5cron 3.0pl1-128.1ubuntu123:32
matsamanit's probably bcron, then23:33
pavlosapt list cron23:33
matsamanI think Debian is moving to cronie, so that should happen in Ubuntu after a while, too23:33
matsamanand of course systemd has some kind of thing23:34
miu5cron/bionic,now 3.0pl1-128.1ubuntu1 amd64 [installed,automatic]23:34
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miu5so what implementation is MAILFROM in then? matsaman23:35
matsamanmore than one implementation supports it23:36
matsamanI would suggest 'cronie' if it's available23:36
matsamannot sure it is23:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1750051 in cron (Ubuntu) "cron doesn't support MAILFROM" [Low,Triaged]23:37
miu5hmm interesting23:38
miu5no wonder its not there.23:39
matsamanbit weird the commentors are trying to patch the existing cron instead of just making the version that supports it available =P23:41
miu5yea. thanks matsaman23:42
matsamancommenters* I guess23:48
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