xu-irc18wHi. I'm installing Linux on a Chromebook for a friend. It doesn't seem to have enough RAM for the GUI installers. I was trying to install Ubuntu-mate first, but I can't figure out how to get into a text mode installer. Does Xbuntu have a text installer?03:42
xu-irc18wPS I didn't see any users in the #Ubuntu-Mate room03:43
repenchaGday boys08:29
repenchaSo I am currently installing Xubuntu, and am finding that the installer seems to either be really reall slow, or pause randomly during installation08:29
repenchaI started installing around 11am, and it is now 4:30pm, still installing08:30
repenchaThis installation is a partition onto a 64gb thumb-drive08:31
bodicceaWhich usb level do you have ? PS port and thumb-drive ?08:34
repenchaHow do I find out? And do you just mean a standard blue usb port?\08:37
pmjdebruijnrepencha: are you sure the thumbdrive you're installing too is ok?08:37
pmjdebruijnrepencha: blue usually means USB 3.0, but that doesn't matter if the thumbddrive is 2.008:38
pmjdebruijnrepencha: did you check 'dmesg', to see if there are any weird messages there?08:39
repenchaSo the USB I am partitioning onto is called a Cruzer Blade 64gb (USB 2.0)08:42
pmjdebruijnrepencha: so it's an older slower drive08:45
repenchaI apologies for using pastebin but this version has no ads08:45
pmjdebruijnno prob08:45
pmjdebruijnthat looks fine, ish... i'm not that familiar with nouveau08:46
repenchaSo you guys think the problem is the outdated usb? I mean it's been going for 5 hours, usually it takes about 30 minutes08:52
bodicceaOn same key ?08:57
repenchaWhat does that mean?08:57
bodicceayou said usually it takes 30 min, on same thumb drive ?08:58
pmjdebruijnrepencha: 5 hours is excessive on anything really08:59
pmjdebruijnrepencha: but how old is that thumbdrive? just because dmesg doesn't show anything doesn't mean the drive is reliably/fast09:00
repenchaUsually takes 30 minutes to install to a standard SSD, I have never attempted to install xubuntu onto this thumb-drive before09:00
repenchaCould you please reword that pmj? "dmesg doesnt show anything doesnt mean the drive is reliable/fast"09:01
repenchaI did post the pastebin09:01
pmjdebruijnthe dmesg does not show your usb drive is broken in an obvious way09:02
pmjdebruijnbut that doesn't mean it's not broken09:02
pmjdebruijnif you're used taht drive a lot already, it may be toward the end of it's lifecycle, and thus now performing poorly09:03
pmjdebruijnalso, have you tried installing on a diferent usb drive?09:03
repenchaI bought it fresh from the store at the start of the year09:03
pmjdebruijnat least then you know whether it's the drive or not, or whether you're hitting some generic installer bug that only shows up with usb drives or something09:03
repenchaI don't currently have any other 64gb USB's available to stress test this problem on09:03
pmjdebruijninstalling to a usb drive is not exactly common09:03
pmjdebruijnyou don't need a 64gb drive to test this09:04
pmjdebruijn16 would probably would too, i'm guessing09:04
repenchaUploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/24587ee78d6f690cfc09d04388285c2d/image.png09:04
repenchaCan you guys just pray to the tech gods this stops taking for ever09:06
pmjdebruijnagain installing to a usb drive isn't exactly the most common usecase09:07
repenchaI am very poor, I have to pay for all my dental bills and landre addiction, I can't exactly afford a second Hard-drive09:10
pmjdebruijnwhy do you think you need a second harddisk, you can just partition the one you have09:19
pmjdebruijnthough that must be done rather carefully09:19
pmjdebruijnif there's adata on it ofcourse09:19
pmjdebruijnthe other option would be to run xubuntu in a VM in your other OS, as opposed to running it on bare metal09:21
opiosi want to hide the menubar of my terminal, i can make it disapear but when i open new terminal its still there11:07
bodicceawhich terminal? In Gnome Terminal, it is in Preferences/General11:42
opiosbodiccea: yes but i doesnt keep the setting11:49
opiosif i open new gnome terminal i still have menubar11:49
diogenes_opios, first you need to close all the instances of the terminal and re-open a new one.12:00
opiosi have one open to change the config , then close it and reopen and i still have the menu bar12:00
bodicceaopios, diogenes_, strange. I did not have to close all terminals: As soon as I did uncheck the options in prefs, new terminals did not have menubar.12:12
opiosbodiccea: it seems to be working now12:12
bodicceaI mean "real new terminal", not new window from a terminal.12:13
opiosi might be doing something wrong12:13
opioshow can i use xterm font in gnome terminal?12:13
bodicceaI don't know this font. If it is in list, yes.12:16
bodicceaJust for info, I use "DejaVu Sans Mono Book", which is nice (for me).12:17
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charleswho is there21:43
junoI lost my network indicator in the main panel (panel 0) .. How do I get it back? I don't see it in 'Add New Items ...'22:45
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krytarikjuno: That would be "nm-applet"23:02
junokrytarik, interesting .. ps shows that running but I don't see it23:24
krytarikjuno: Did you relogin since?  Otherwise, try killing and restarting it.23:27
junokrytarik, so I just added a new notification area to the panel and the applet is now visible on the new panel .. strange23:31
junowell it works now .. thank you for the help23:32
krytarikOkey dokey.23:33

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