BluesKaj'Morning all12:08
mparilloKDE Frameworks 5.71 landed for me this morning in GG. No problems in a VM.12:45
BluesKaj'Morning mparillo, same here, but not in a VM..all seems fine tho12:50
RikMillsmparillo: https://people.ubuntu.com/~rikmills/ka-iron-hand_reports/frameworks_archive/5.71_groovy_proposed_migration.pdf13:00
mparilloHmm, when I clicked the link, Falkon, my default browser did not open it. But Chomium did. And that graph makes it look as if there is more to come.13:05
RikMillsmparillo: there is. some very long libreoffice tests are still running, which stop kio and kconfig (and anything that depends on them) migrating13:08
BluesKajnoticed the geo location map isn't showing up here on FF https://www.ip-tracker.org/locator/ip-lookup.php?ip=
BluesKajsame goes for chrome browser13:16
BluesKajOS is GG13:17
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holywsis being unable to use alt chars via alt + numpad keys just a kde thing or20:21
santa_RikMills: FYI I've just pushed a small fix to the kwayland-server copyright file22:00
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Anyone else loose most of their keyboard shortcuts today?23:59

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