wgrantYeah, if a test doesn't commit then the DB is reset by aborting the transaction. I had a branch at one point to randomise sequences to track down tests that cared, but there were too many failures to reasonably fix.00:32
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tomwardillwgrant: any idea how I can QA a garbo job?10:50
wgranttomwardill: I believe staging and qastaging have it cronned.10:52
tomwardillwgrant: so check the logs?10:53
wgranttomwardill: Well, ideally also ensure a scenario exists that the job will act on.10:54
wgrantBut in some cases yes.10:54
tomwardillhmm, neither of them have usable OCIProjects on them.10:57
cjwatsontomwardill: I think dogfood has it cronned too11:33
cjwatsoncheck ~launchpad's crontab11:33
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tomwardillSpecialK|Canon: you should OpenGraph the MP page too16:36
SpecialK|Canontomwardill: I assume/hope it does already - do you happen to have a handy MP URL for staging/qastaging/dogfood handy?16:40

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