TacoGSAnyone else having issues getting ubundu updates with a hash mismatch?00:23
pieqI recently helped a friend install Lubuntu on a pretty old laptop, and everything went pretty well. Thanks to the community for that!09:08
pieqMy friend cannot speak English, though, so we installed Lubuntu in French, but I quickly noticed there are a lot of untranslated strings09:08
pieqHow can I improve the translation in French?09:08
pieq(sorry for the stupid question, I looked on lubuntu.me but couldn't find info, so I joined here)09:08
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lubot<Maria Andrea> I'm stuck on login page... But i could login via ttyX... How to reload the login page?10:50
guiverc@Maria Andrea, when you login via tty, I'd suggest checking you much space you have in $HOME (your /home/$USER/ or user directory), if insufficient space is there, a GUI login will fail & loop11:26
guivercthe command I'd use to check free space is `df -hl` (disk free, -h=human, -l=local) but /home is what matters, / if you don't have a /home partition11:27
lubot<Maria Andrea> @guiverc [<guiverc> @Maria Andrea, when you login via tty, I'd suggest checking you much s …], There are 250mb disk spaces13:41
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skmgood afternoon20:05
skmso how is lubuntu, working?20:06
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monkeywrenchWuss Poppin? Noob at his first time in an irc server here21:45
kc2bezThis channel is for support for Lubuntu. There are other channels that have off topic discussion.21:46
ubottuFor discussion unrelated to Lubuntu support or development, please join the #lubuntu-offtopic channel on IRC or https://telegram.lubuntu.me/offtopic for Telegram.21:46
kc2bezIf you have a support question please let us know.21:47
monkeywrenchOh ok, sorry21:47

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