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Unit193Nah, but RedHat is.08:40
guivercI very much suspect Canonical would disgree09:44
paulw2hi news letter people, took a look at the latest issue after many months of not doing so10:22
paulw2"Upcoming Meetings and Events" looks a little odd. Which time zone do those times refer to?10:23
paulw2Some of those meetings definitely don't take place any longer and the time for the Desktop meeting is wrong assuming UTC times.10:24
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Bashing-ompaulw2: Welcome back !! - IRT "[10:23] <paulw2> "Upcoming Meetings and Events" looks a little odd. Which time zone do those times refer to?" that is a direct paste from the Fridge calendar. I do not know how we could change.19:25
paulw2Hi Bashing-om: well there is no Community Council or Membership board at the moment so the meetings don't take place and haven't for some time19:28
paulw2Also the Desktop team is at 13:30 UTC, 1430 UTC in Winter19:29
paulw2I'm afraid the Fridge calendar needs an update  :(19:29
Bashing-ompaulw2: Uh Huh - I do not recall who maintains the calander, that we need to advise to change. In the meantime we can only use what we have.19:34
paulw2Back in my day it was jose (I think)19:35
Bashing-ompaulw2: the times: "The calendar below is in GMT (no daylight savings)." - still trying to find out the maintainer.19:38
Bashing-ompaulw2: "Fridge/Calendar (last edited 2020-04-24 17:45:51 by brian-murray)".19:39
paulw2I doubt that it's him although he may have had access to correct a specific entry19:42
Bashing-ompaulw2: Sounds reasonable. Wildman had access to the Fridge, when he comes on I will ask him to see what he can find out.19:46
paulw2Yeah, I think only someone in https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-fridge group can edit/update19:47
Bashing-ompaulw2: Howabout we add a note to "Upcoming Meetings and Events" that all times are GMT ? Sounds like a good thing to do.19:48
paulw2Good idea although I think UTC is *more* correct these days19:49
paulw2Someone should probably contact all the teams to confirm current times19:50
paulw2Anyway I'm not back. Just passing through. :)19:50
Bashing-ompaulw2: Likely UTC is the more - however the Fridge notation is GMT.19:51
paulw2Yes, I saw that19:51
Bashing-omGoing back now to working Gdoc - get it up to date :D19:52
krytarikpaulw2, Bashing-om: Access to the Fridge calendar unfortunately isn't determined by who is on the ~ubuntu-fridge team, but who's Google address got added manually to it - and I don't think any of the current UWN/Fridge contributors got that, but pleia2 and tsimonq2 both might.21:15
Bashing-omkrytarik: k - not really our worry - just we do need to advise the powers that be of the inaccuracy ?21:20
krytarikWho do mean by that really?  Those who can edit the calendar, or those whom the dates pertain to?21:22
Bashing-omkrytarik: Those who maintain the calendar.21:22
krytarikBut yeah, generally we rely on the teams that the dates pertain to, to notify us of any changes..21:23
krytarikOf course, and as indicated by who was the last editor, ideally some member(s) of the affected teams should be added as editors to the calendar and so be responsible to keep it updated themselves.21:28
Bashing-omkrytarik: Getting the Fridge accurate maybe a real pain :(21:33
krytarikWell, if people don't feel responsible to get the correct meeting dates floating around, then I'd be just as well fine with dropping the use of the calendar entirely.21:36
Bashing-omkrytarik: Well that is an option I had not considered - we do not want to be quilty of passing bad info.21:39
krytarikBashing-om: If you are up to it, then you could try and contact the teams that still exist and ask if there are any updates - quite a few of them should have their own IRC channel.  And the teams that we can somehow confirm that they don't exist anymore or are stale for a long time, well of those we could simply drop any calendar entries of course.21:47
Bashing-omkrytarik: Will be a learning experience but sure I can see what I am able to do.21:50
krytarikI mean, take your time, no hurry, etc..21:51
Bashing-omkrytarik: There are 12 regualr teams that contribute to the Fridge calander. Will be a while to see what the state of the teams are presently.21:52
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