greg-ganyone here know nicholas skaggs? former Canonical person now at WMF16:36
jrwrenI'm sure rick_h knows him. I barely remember him from when I worked there.16:36
greg-ghe's our new Eng Manager for the Cloud Services team16:36
rick_hgreg-g:  yes, Nicholas is great and I wish he would come back16:46
rick_htell him I said hello!16:46
jrwrenwhat was he doing at canonical 4-6yrs ago?16:51
rick_hhe came over to my side running the juju qa team16:55
rick_hand then when they folded that into engineering because a manager of that for a bit16:55
rick_hbefore that he was on desktop-y stuff?16:55
rick_hit was another "side" I didn't run across much16:55
cmaloneyI recognize the name17:04
rick_hyea, I think he was on the community team that jorge was on at one point17:06
rick_hhe wasn't buried in the org for sure17:06
cmaloneySpeaking of Jorge, I'm listening to Robert Trujillo in INfectious Grooves.17:26
mrgoodcatgreg-g: sorry if this isn't the right plact to ask things like this but i'm on a w3c working group who's charter is in danger of not being repassed. any chance i could get you to reach out to the wmf advisory committe rep to look over the distributed tracing wg charter and possibly vote?18:09
greg-gmrgoodcat: passed it along :)18:44
mrgoodcatcool thank you :)18:44
mrgoodcatshould probably have included in the original message but here's a direct link if it makes it easier https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/33280/dt-2020/18:46

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