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SomethingGenericSince presumably most of y'all here use Ubuntu, or some Linux, what clients do y'all use for IRC?00:18
sarnoldirssi; my config has grown over many years and now it's a bit brittle, I keep thinking I'll try weechat one of these days00:19
matsamanSomethingGeneric: and now is the perfect time to say that I used to use XChat(/HexChat) but switched to irssi00:22
matsamanfor a long time I had both, because IRC is great to have if X is broken00:22
matsamanbut ultimately I prefer terminal-based IRC clients now, probably mostly because of readline shortcuts00:22
matsamanwhich I use heavily in all text-based things00:22
matsaman(just the first link I found, nothing in particular to do with Emacs AFAIK)00:23
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cluelesspersonI don't know what to do01:16
cluelesspersonI keep running into issues with ubuntu01:16
cluelesspersonthis time the login screen was completely unresponsive01:16
matsamancluelessperson: after a fresh boot? Resume? Or?01:17
cluelesspersonThen I power cycled01:17
cluelesspersonmatsaman, no, just at lock screen.01:17
cluelesspersonthen I power cycled, rebooted, and again it's unresponsive, at the desktop01:17
matsamansounds kinda like dbus isn't running01:18
cluelesspersonmatsaman, what makes you think so?01:19
sarnoldcluelessperson: can you hit control+alt+f1 or control+alt+f2 etc to swap virtual consoles?01:20
cluelesspersonsarnold, Yes, so I feel dumb for power cycling, but I was frustrated and I'm not running anything particularly sensitive.01:20
sarnoldcluelessperson: login at one of those, and look through journalctl output -- you might be able to spot something funny01:21
sarnoldyou could also try journalctl -f  and then try logging in via the gui to see if new messages are printed01:21
cluelesspersonsarnold, I occassionally review my syslog and nothing appears out of the ordinary01:21
cluelesspersonsarnold, there's too much noise honestly01:22
k90ghostwhich version are u using cluelessperson?01:24
cluelesspersonUbuntu 19.1001:25
cluelesspersonLinux ztab 5.3.0-59-generic #53-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jun 3 15:52:15 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:25
k90ghostdo you have any particular GPU card?01:28
cluelesspersonk90ghost, Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8265U CPU @ 1.60GHz and whatever integrated graphics01:29
k90ghostthe crappy intel one, ok01:30
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k90ghostplease check if issue is related...01:34
k90ghostor here : https://askubuntu.com/questions/1183299/cant-log-in-to-ubuntu-19-10-freezes-upon-ctrlaltf301:36
aumthanks guys, I went with 20.03-desktop for my server and opted for minimal apps.01:45
aumLoving the ZFS on boot. Great to be able to share the SSD pool with the LXC instances I'll be creating later01:46
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masonaum: You can also do stuff like use zvols to back libvirt VMs.01:56
masonAlright, bedtimeish.01:56
aumI've become pretty fond of LXD/LXC, and have some dev and production websites running with it. But Docker has a much bigger fan base. Would there be any serious downsides to staging docker containers inside LXC instances?01:58
leftyfbaum: docker works from within lxd. You might be better served in #lxcontainers though.01:59
bitByterI just instaled 20.04 and love it. It got stuck in the last "Installation Successful" splash screen and locked. Had to pull the battery to shut down. Since then speed is very fast. I am loving 20.04.02:21
bitByterhad 18.04 and it was just an operating system . . looked crappy. slow. I did a bog stock factory install with 18.04.02:22
bitByterwith 20.04 set my own partitions and gave swap x3 virtual mem. This thing is a jet using the same haedware.02:24
bitByterthank you mr ubuntu02:26
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analogicalis sshfs supported on WSL2 ?03:16
tonytmight want to ask that in the windows channel instead03:17
ubottuWindows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide03:17
matsamananalogical: https://code.google.com/archive/p/win-sshfs/03:17
analogicalI'm using ubuntu 20.04 on WSL203:18
analogicalmatsaman, wtf you're here too?03:18
matsamanliterally everywhere03:18
analogicalwhen I use sshfs in ubuntu 20.04 on WSL2 I get an error message "fuse: device not found"03:21
matsamanpretty sure no version of WSL supports FUSE03:22
matsamananalogical: if you use the app I linked, though, or one like it, you can get it working03:23
matsamanwill be a slightly different workflow03:23
analogicalNow that WSL 2 includes its own Linux kernel it has full system call compatibility. This introduces a whole new set of apps that you can run inside of WSL. Some exciting examples are the Linux version of Docker, as well as FUSE!03:29
analogicalthat's from microsoft ^03:29
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matsamananalogical: pretty suspicious nobody in the comments says "weee sshfs!"03:50
matsamananalogical: https://github.com/microsoft/WSL2-Linux-Kernel/issues/5803:51
analogicalmatsaman, yeah those clowns don't know wtf they're doing03:52
matsamansure they do03:52
matsamanthey're just liars03:52
lotuspsychjeuse the channel provided in the factoid please03:53
analogicalwhy would they lie about something that's so easily disproven?03:53
lotuspsychjethis channel is for ubuntu support matsaman analogical03:53
analogicallotuspsychje, my question was about ubuntu on wsl203:53
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xbfrogi'm running ubuntu 20.04 its fully updated so is my other laptop running ubuntu 20.04. Now i have an intresting development. Both laptops use to display all applications on more than one screen. but just recently that has stopped. Now i get only one screen  under the "all" setting and only apps A thru K05:29
xbfrogthe other apps are still installed. if i do a search at the top it will show it then but thats it05:31
xbfrogwhats odd is both laptops show the same05:32
OnceMedoes ubuntu support uefi?05:50
guivercOnceMe, yes05:50
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI05:50
OnceMeso even if my ssd/hdd is tampered with malware bootloader, it wont actually load, as long as I have UEFI enabled in bios?05:51
matsamanOnceMe: there are some arguments that have been made that UEFI solves certain security issues, sure05:52
matsamanpretty sure they're basically all irrelevant, but they've been made05:52
xbfrogi found ito be a pain in the gazoo when trying to install wifi drivers from realtec05:53
guivercOnceMe, nothing is perfect..   (if they have physical access to your box, your security sucks)05:53
OnceMematsaman: why irrelevant05:53
matsamanxbfrog: UEFI?05:53
OnceMeguiverc: well you had to buy ssd from somewhere right?05:54
matsamanOnceMe: because UEFI is honestly more of a power grab than a solution to any of the problems people say it's for05:54
* guiverc apologies for my poor choice in language05:54
matsamanit's more political than scientific05:54
matsamandoesn't matter, we're stuck with it, largely, for this time05:54
OnceMewhat if store adds their own firmware and bootloader? :D05:54
OnceMethats why UEFI is cool05:54
xbfrogactually it was secure boot in uefi causing the issue05:54
matsamanthe store? Can add anything they want05:54
OnceMeunless they somehow managed to get signed bootloader from microsof05:54
matsamanthey can add a module on the mobo that installs whatever it wants after a delay05:55
matsamanphysical access is everything, and UEFI doesn't change that05:55
OnceMeyeah I would see that05:55
lotuspsychjekeep it ontopic please05:55
OnceMewithout bootloader I dont see how they can do this05:55
OnceMeLVM/LUKS + UEFI gives you some peace from thid party malicious vendors05:55
xbfroguefi does allow for larger hard drives to be used it basicly eliminates the bios restriction05:56
matsamanencryption doesn't really protect you from what a retailer might do to hardware before you get it05:56
matsamanxbfrog: no, that's GPT05:56
matsamanand also you can do that without GPT05:56
matsamanbut sure, a lot of people only use UEFI, GPT, and large hard drives all together05:57
OnceMematsaman: well thats in theory, but you would eventually notice shit on your ssd, plus its hard to read data if uefi + encrypted disk is in use05:57
OnceMeI dont see hwo they can add malware/inject code to track you?05:57
matsamanOnceMe: why would you notice it?05:57
matsamanif you used something like AIDE you might05:57
matsamanbut there's no reason you'd notice something you weren't even looking out for05:58
matsamanUEFI doesn't really help you use something like AIDE05:58
matsamanOnceMe: it's mostly theoretical anyway, vendors aren't super motivated to screw with their paying customers05:58
OnceMeyeah what if you order from a small store?05:58
OnceMeprobably they are also not motivated either05:59
OnceMebut still in any case you have a risk factor05:59
matsamanhave you even ever heard of a store having done that?05:59
Eickmeyer[m]We have a whole channel for non-support chatter at #ubuntu-offtopic if you want to join. Other than that, please keep it support only in here. :)06:00
OnceMematsaman: not really, no06:01
OnceMebut matsaman is not there :D06:01
Eickmeyer[m]Uh, you can both join.06:01
matsamannot so far aware of a reason to pay much attention to Eickmeyer[m] or lotuspsychje06:02
matsamanfeel free to provide one06:02
lotuspsychje!guidelines | matsaman here's a few reasons06:02
ubottumatsaman here's a few reasons: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines06:02
matsamanlotuspsychje: seems like a lot of work to read, can you mention the relevant one?06:03
Eickmeyer[m]matsaman: How about the freenode rule of keeping on the topic of the channel? /topic if you're not clear on that.06:03
matsaman"OnceMe> does ubuntu support uefi?"06:04
matsamanI think we're doing okay06:04
matsamanyou two on the other hand are just blathering about nothing to do with even Linux06:04
Eickmeyer[m]When it derails from that, it's no longer on that topic, so keep it to that please.06:04
matsamanI will continue to stick to the topic, sure06:05
Eickmeyer[m]Thanks. :)06:05
Eickmeyer[m]matsaman: Also, please be more respectful, I was only extending an invitation.06:07
matsamanI haven't been disrespectful as far as I know06:07
matsamanand I don't remember you inviting me anywhere06:07
Eickmeyer[m]It was a general invitation to anyone. :)06:08
matsamanyou stated there was a channel if we wanted to join06:08
OnceMematsaman: so which module you were talking about which will not help me with UEFI enabled?06:16
OnceMehow would they be able to read my data from ubuntu? when I have encrypted ssd + using https/ssl/ssh06:17
matsamanread your data on your ssd?06:18
matsamanif the system is networked, nothing has changed on that front: if you download or run the wrong thing, or let the wrong thing become out of date or vulnerable, you have the same problem06:19
matsamanwith physical access there is also nothing changed: anybody with half a clue and physical access can obtain complete access to your system06:19
OnceMebut Im speaking aboout vendor attack, so I'm receiving a ssd in a shipment06:19
matsamanluckily most of us do not have such motivated and informed villains stalking our physical installations06:19
OnceMeafter that no physical access will be present for this ssd06:19
matsamanvendor attack06:20
OnceMeand I will install system on UEFI + LUKS06:20
matsamaneven if you get an ssd and overwrite it with zeroes before using it06:20
matsamando you really even know what's inside the device?06:20
matsamanare you going to open it up and see what's there?06:20
matsamanit could be literally anything06:20
matsamansay you order a 128GB SSD06:21
OnceMethat is true, but for example what?06:21
matsamanyou could get a chassis, a _tiny_ 128GB microsd card, a weight to make it feel right, and a ton of evil hardware06:21
matsamanI don't know, it's pointless conjecture06:21
matsamanpoint is UEFI doesn't protect you from it06:21
OnceMebut it does until some point06:22
OnceMeI can ensure I have secure bootloader and my own trusted kernels, whatever inside of ssd cannot read data and send to person X06:22
matsamanI don't think so, but neither of us are likely to get to test our theories in the real world06:22
OnceMethey can put some eavesdropping hardware etc06:22
OnceMebut thats also possible in any other hardware stores + they would need internet to relay info06:23
OnceMeits much harder and not that efficient06:23
matsamanit wasn't particularly easy or efficient with BIOS, either06:24
matsamanit's still doable with either06:24
OnceMein theory yes06:25
OnceMebut if this guy has all this techniques, he wouldnt be selling hardware gadgets and would probably work for some IT security firm06:25
OnceMeUEFI makes me feel much safer from disk tampering06:28
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OnceMewhat if I want to create ubuntu fork? I would probably not have a signed cert for UEFI?06:28
matsamanyou can use UEFI with any GNU/Linux, if that's what you're asking06:33
matsamanOnceMe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unified_Extensible_Firmware_Interface#Secure_boot_criticism06:35
OnceMehow does this protect me from custom bootloader malware?06:35
matsamanit doesn't, it helps you understand that UEFI doesn't much help you with that06:37
no-nhi, I knocked my cord outta my laptop and it flew across the room :). how do I check the drive or is that done on startup?06:41
JimBuntuno-n:  no need, that's done by default06:42
no-nok thought so, just checking06:42
JimBuntuYou are welcome.06:43
JimBuntunow, if your system was living off external power... and it was a laptop.. please talk to #hardware about a battery replacement no-n :)06:43
no-nmy battery is dead :)06:44
JimBuntufarte well friend, fare well.06:44
OnceMematsaman: well it helps with some custom bootloader06:44
OnceMeyour bootload needs to be signed by MS06:44
OnceMewhile most of linux/unix os are signed, you cannot just roll your own version and expect it to work on UEFI06:44
OnceMeon bios it will work, but not on UEFI06:44
vltHello. From `rsync --chmod=666 file_a file_b` I expected to get a file_b with persmissions 666 but got 644. Any idea why?06:54
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OnceMealso I have two ssd's, I can basically use full LVM on one ssd where only ubuntu will be, and bitcrypt on a windows?08:10
evlute1i need a mirror so i created one with aptly. Now i'm missing this folder /dists/focal/main/installer-amd64/current/legacy-images/ - how do i tell aptly to get this stuff too?08:23
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DarznHello,I install 20.04  as dual OS (beside Win10), but can’t start normal work because drivers of integrated graphics (Intel UHD 630 in i5-9400). Ubuntu freeze on starting process.09:10
DarznI use ‘nomodeset’ workaround to boot and see GUI, but off course nomodeset is not for permanent usage.09:10
DarznI already open topic on askubuntu, but for now without any  success. https://askubuntu.com/questions/1246794/20-04-desktop-intel-uhd-630-video-problems09:10
raddyAmong /etc/my.cnf and /etc/MySQL/MySQL.conf.d/MySQL.cnf which would take precedence ?09:30
lotuspsychjeDarzn: intel UHD graphics should not really need nomodeset unless its combined with an nvidia hybrid card?09:35
MrElendigDarzn: which card do you actually hook up to the monitor?09:36
MrElendigDarzn: or do you only have the intel igp?09:36
MrElendigand does the system actually hang, or is it just the screen that goes black?09:37
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DarznMrElendig I have only integrated GPU, without nomodeset booting process stops (but keep rolling that circle)  something like this https://www.how2shout.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/New-Ubuntu-20.04-Boot-splash-screen.png09:49
lotuspsychjeDarzn: try F1 textboot switch and see where things go wrong09:49
MrElendigdisable plymouth and quiet to get actual useful errors09:50
Darznlotuspsychje try and give result.09:51
DarznMrElendig for now I restart and try what lotuspsychje sugest. then search for plymouth. thank all for now09:52
akemHey, when i cannot execute shellscript by double clicking them in Thunar, i try "open with" then custom command "xterm -e" or "rxvt -e", but it doesn't do anything :X However if i put an editor it open them for editing correctly, any idea? (looking for solution online but found nothing yet)09:55
akemOk, i solved the issue somehow, not sure how. :P09:58
Darzn@lotuspsychje When I press F1 on startup, I got short blink (approx 10ms) with text in like console lines, and after sec or two sec I get logon. Now I login and all working (and show on both displays).10:09
DarznWhat F1 does? What need to configure to get the same result without F1 on startup?10:10
raddyCan anybody help me in MySQL replication ?10:11
raddyAll work completed, but getting error from slave10:11
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a__pii have an AMD ryzen that I installed 20.04 and it's hanging at shutdown10:33
a__piit's latest kernel10:33
a__pifully updated10:33
a__piany ideas?10:33
OnceMeif I want a dual boot but on a different hdd's, should I install windows in uefi mode first to hdd1 and then to attach hdd2 and install ubuntu with LVM on hdd2?10:38
OnceMeor I should attach both hdds and then continue with windows on hdd1 and ubuntu on hdd2 in uefi mode with grub loader?10:38
OnceMeif I want a dual boot but on a different hdd's, should I install windows in uefi mode first to hdd1 and then to attach hdd2 and install ubuntu with LVM on hdd2? or I should attach both hdds and then continue with windows on hdd1 and ubuntu on hdd2 in uefi mode with grub loader?10:51
MrElendigorder doesn't matter10:51
MrElendig(one of the advantages of uefi)10:51
MrElendigyour life will generally be easier if you use the same esp for both gnu/linux and windows though10:51
MrElendigsome boards doesn't like having more than one esp10:52
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EriC^OnceMe: you dont need to do them one drive at a time, just make sure ubuntu puts its bootloader on the designated ubuntu drive, so you end up with 2 standalone installs10:54
OnceMeEriC^: will ubuntu see windows installation?10:57
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doebi_Checking connectivity with the snap store…11:21
doebi_Unable to reach the snap store11:21
doebi_since snap is the way to go, i am unable to use my chromium11:22
doebi_this essentially locked me out of my password manager and hence all my work-related accounts.11:22
doebi_Thanks for killing it.11:22
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viktor_hi. I can ssh into my server with my private key. But when i try to copy files with scp i need to specify the key file explicitly every time as it looks in the wrong place. How can i make scp find the key? Can i make some configuration file or something?11:36
matsamanviktor_: what makes you think it looks in the wrong place?11:36
doebi_viktor_: scp -i11:39
viktor_matsaman: if i run scp with verbose it says to look for the keys in /root/.ssh/"keys". while my keys are in ~/.ssh/"andsoon". for .ssh this is specified in the config file. but not sure how to point scp to the right path.11:39
doebi_same with rsync -e "ssh -i …"11:40
matsamanwhy not just do it as your ordinary user11:41
EriC^^viktor_: are you runnin scp with sudo? or after sudo -i / su?11:41
viktor_doebi_ yes, that works, but i just wonder if i could skip that11:41
doebi_viktor_: do you use a ssh-config at "~/.ssh/config"?11:42
viktor_EriC^^: ahhh, of course. it's just looking in root because i was using sudo11:42
viktor_doebi_: i do, but i didn't realize sudo made it look in root instead of home11:45
viktor_EriC^^: doebi_ matsaman : thanks11:45
MrElendigviktor_: .ssh/config11:50
MrElendigviktor_: for how to always use a specific key for certain hosts11:50
MrElendigurgh freenode is laggy again :(11:51
BluesKaj'Morning all12:08
lyrHi there. i'm running Ubuntu Budgie over Dell XPS 2019. Since yesterday morning, it's freezing on every boot tentatives (I guess I'm over 100+ now) between after grub & a couple of minutes after desktop login. Nothing changed recently. It's up to date (apt & drivers wise). Ran hardware diagnostics twice w/o issue detected. Yesterday evening it12:27
lyrseemed stable after stopping / disabling docker, but went amok again on morning' boot. Tried tailing the systemd journal on the occasions where I managed for a couple of minutes, but no errors. Any idea to dig more in the issue ?12:27
tdannecy_How do you change the location of an app when it comes up with `which ffmpeg` ? Mine goes to `/usr/bin/ffmpeg` and I want to change it to `/opt/ffmpeg`. How can I do that?12:31
EriC^^tdannecy_: put /opt before /usr/bin in your PATH variable12:32
tatertotslyr: does the same thing happen when booted to LiveCD/LiveUSB?12:33
lyrtatertots seems so12:33
tdannecy_EriC^^: Will that change the location of all binaries?12:33
EriC^^tdannecy_: if there's anything else in /opt it will run before the one in other dirs, yeah12:33
tatertotslyr: try booting a different version LiveCD/LiveUSB and determine if the same happens12:34
tdannecy_EriC^^: Okay thanks. It was difficult searching Google for "which change location bash" and I felt crazy. Appreciate the help.12:34
EriC^^tdannecy_: no problem12:34
lyrtatertots I'm testing Xubuntu 20.04 atm. It froze twice in a row12:36
ducasselyr: try 'journalctl -b -1' to see the last messages from the previous boot12:50
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dirtwashhi, adding mitigations=off to grub default line should disable all mitigations in 20.04 correct?13:08
lotuspsychje!info spectre-meltdown-checker | dirtwash a handy tool to help13:18
ubottudirtwash a handy tool to help: spectre-meltdown-checker (source: spectre-meltdown-checker): Spectre & Meltdown vulnerability/mitigation checker. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.43-3 (focal), package size 48 kB, installed size 224 kB13:18
Eryn_1983_FLhow do i get into the boot loader or rescue option for ubuntu13:21
Eryn_1983_FLi got no second os so i dont see a menu..13:21
Eryn_1983_FLi need to reset my user password,13:21
th0rEryn_1983_FL, there should be a delay at boot...8 seconds if I recall. Hit any key during that delay, then type 'single' to get into single user mode. Should be able to log in as root and change the password13:23
bluesceadaanyone else has some ugly font rendering issues in firefox since updating 18.04 to 20.04 ? This is especially obvious on twitter.com, when you mouse-over over tweets the font gets ugly for a fraction of a second and then becomes normal again13:24
bluesceadaoverall if you don't allow websites to use their own fonts, everything will look good - but then the built-in pdf viewer will often not show pdfs13:24
dirtwashlotuspsychje: I know how to check, my point is it seems not to diable than as before in 18.0413:25
cousteauWhat exactly happens when I configure a network proxy?  It appears that this simply sets a bunch of environment variables (http_proxy and friends), so every program I open from then on knows it has to use a proxy.  But it seems that this change is permanent and also affects tty sessions (so not just Gnome subprocesses), is this correct?13:26
cousteauSo Ubuntu (or Gnome or whoever) is telling bash to load these variables at startup13:26
dirtwashlotuspsychje: btw dmesg also tells you if its active13:27
cousteauI would like to know where these are stored for bash to know it has to load them13:27
Eryn_1983_FLi pressed Z a bunch of times nothing13:28
dirtwashyea can someone with 20.04 confirm their mitigations=off setting? I triple checked, its not working, weirdly13:28
dirtwashok so it turns out that update-grub is not updating grub.cfg ...any ideas why?13:38
quadrathoch2dirtwash where did you edit the config?13:38
dirtwashthe normal /etc/default/grub , as I know from 18.04, and run update-grub13:39
dirtwashbut its not updating anything13:39
dirtwashits a fresh 20.04 install, just evaluating 20.04 for our nodes13:39
quadrathoch2oO weird, for me it works dirtwash13:39
* dirtwash facepalms13:40
quadrathoch2hm dirtwash?13:40
dirtwashfigured it out, i didnt pay attention there was aanother cfg in grub.d overwriting the line13:41
dirtwashfrom the DC13:41
quadrathoch2pff ^^13:41
dirtwashsilly indeed13:42
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VelardeHi all, I've tried several online solutions over the past few weeks to fix my screen tearing on full screen mode but none worked. There is *almost* no screen tearing outside full screen but the moment I go to full screen it becomes very obvious. GPU is nvidia RTX 2060, can someone point me in the right direction?13:52
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VelardeI know is a very common issue, and I've fixed it before in ubuntu 18 with intel gpu, but no luck now13:56
zfnmxtWhat does Ubuntu do for swap by default? Is there a default size? Is it if a file/partition?13:57
quadrathoch2Velarde I assume it's somewhere in the nvidia config (i remember being an option for that) but not sure how well that works13:57
zfnmxt(Asking because I want to help someone use systemd-swap with their Ubuntu install.)13:57
quadrathoch2zfnmxt normally it's the size of the ram13:57
zfnmxtquadrathoch2: To enable hibernation I guess?13:58
quadrathoch2zfnmxt yes13:58
zfnmxtCan I safely just delete the file/partition?13:58
quadrathoch2zfnmxt yeah, linux doesn't need even a swap if you really want to13:58
zfnmxtquadrathoch2: That I know I just don't know how Ubuntu handles it :)13:58
quadrathoch2zfnmxt well ubuntu is linux ;)13:59
zfnmxtI want to use systemd-swap so it dynamically allocates as needed :)13:59
Velardequadrathoch2: I have Forced Full Composition Pipeline checked13:59
quadrathoch2Velarde :/ sorry don't know too much about nvidia anymore, as I moved to amd13:59
quadrathoch2Velarde but it has to be the gpu driver :/13:59
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VelardeI tried the nouveau driver but it just made the issue more noticeable14:11
VelardeI will try the other drivers, thanks for the advice quadrathoch214:11
quadrathoch2Velarde np, didn't really do anything :P14:11
threewhats the issue youre encountering velarde14:13
Velardescreen tearind, minimal most of the time but very noticeable on full screen14:14
VelardeI've tried several nvidia configurations and online fixes but none worked14:15
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threeis this when playing games or all the time14:17
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VelardeIts weird because it doesn't happen with games14:21
threewhat then. just like normal use moving windows around?14:22
Velardeno, with Netflix or Prime14:23
Velardenot with VLC14:24
Velardemaybe Firefox is the issue?14:24
Velarde(I'm just trying VLC, don't usually use it)14:25
threeit does sound like a graphics card issue14:25
threewhat cpu do you have14:26
JellyIsAwesomei'm new to linux, do users have different permissions in ubuntu server?14:27
Velardei7 9th gen14:27
VelardeIntel® Core™ i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz × 1214:28
skyliner_369for some reason focal fossa will quit launching certain applications. no error, just... nothing launching. it'll work again after reboot but I think there's a bug? I have no clue how to make it happen, it just happens randomly, and not often, or predictably.14:29
quadrathoch2JellyIsAwesome it can, depends on how you set it up14:30
viktor_JellyIsAwesome: depends on which group they're part of and with ragard to which files they're xrw. but yes.14:30
JellyIsAwesomecan you link some documentation or a guide to this?14:31
EriC^JellyIsAwesome: what is the problem you're trying to solve exactly?14:32
EriC^if we understand the main issue, we might be able to help you better14:32
JellyIsAwesomethere's no problem, i'm just looking to learn14:33
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EriC^!permissions | JellyIsAwesome14:34
ubottuJellyIsAwesome: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions14:34
JellyIsAwesomeubottu: thanks14:34
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)14:34
BluesKajskyliner_369, have you tried launching from the terminal, might show errors14:34
JellyIsAwesomeubottu: thanks14:34
skyliner_369how do you launch terminal from the terminal when you can't launch terminal?14:35
skyliner_369Ctrl+Alt+T doesn't work14:35
threeskyliner_369 if youre launching it from the terminal then...14:37
threedont you already have it open?14:38
EriC^skyliner_369: you could type "<your terminal> & disown" but it'd be easier to just search your DE's menu for it14:38
BluesKajthen check /var/log/syslog for errors14:38
EriC^skyliner_369: e.g gnome-terminal & disown14:38
threevelarde try using the integrated graphics and see if the problem goes away it will help you narrow down what is causing the screen tearing14:39
BluesKajskyliner_369, unless the file manager doesn't launch either14:39
skyliner_369three: the point was that I couldn't launch from the terminal because I can't open it. either way, I rebooted, so there's nominal behavior. I'll look at the logs later as... I tend to not look at clocks when I should.14:40
JellyIsAwesomehow can I stop znc?14:41
threejellyisawesome what is znc?14:42
JellyIsAwesomeit's an irc bouncer, i'm running it on ubuntu server14:42
threeah just kill the process14:43
DArqueBishopJellyIsAwesome: if it's a service, "systemctl stop znc". If you're connected to the bouncer via IRC, "/msg *status shutdown",14:43
threeoh yeah it is a service i just looked it up14:44
threehow does that work you run it locally on your network or on your machine?14:44
JellyIsAwesomeFailed to stop znc.service: Unit znc.service not loaded.14:45
JellyIsAwesomeit's running locally on my network14:45
threewhat does "systemctl status znc" say14:45
Velardethree: lspci -v | grep VGA shows only the NVIDIA card, no integrated intel option14:45
JellyIsAwesomehuh, it says "Unit znc.service could not be found."14:46
JellyIsAwesomethree: but i'm sure ZNC is running14:46
threeyoure running these commands on the ubuntu server right?14:46
threevelarde you will need to go into the bios and tell it to use your iGPU instead of the nvidia card. or you can yank the card out14:47
JellyIsAwesomethree: i could try and kill the process that's running instead of doing that14:47
threehave you configured znc jelly14:48
JellyIsAwesomei've managed to kill the process14:48
threeim reading after installation you must run "sudo -u znc znc --makeconf"14:48
JellyIsAwesomethree: i've configured it14:48
JellyIsAwesomebut the webadmin isn't showing up in my browser14:48
skyliner_369On a different note, it seems that GPU performance is way below what it should be for my PC. I have a 1060 6GB (they could mean 6 GiB... but it's hard to tell) why's it so slow?14:49
threewell thats probably cause the service isnt running14:49
JellyIsAwesomecould be, i'll check using ps ux14:49
VelardeI'll check that out and be back later, thanks three14:49
JellyIsAwesomeapparently it's running14:50
threeskyliner_369 in what way is it "slow" like do your videos buffer even when they are obviously downloaded14:50
JellyIsAwesomei'm also running pi-hole on the same machine as znc, could it be affecting anything?14:50
threejellyisawesome if its running systemctl status znc should show it as running14:50
skyliner_369framerates 1/4 of in wandows in the same games, same settings.14:50
threewell thats just because nvidea has awful linux drivers and ubuntu stays on the stable packages so you have older drivers anyway. though your frames shouldnt be that low14:51
threefor linux gaming i always recommend something rolling release with an amd gpu as the linux kernal includes the latest amd drivers14:52
skyliner_369should I swap from nvidia to x.org?14:52
skyliner_369or is nvidia-driver-440 still the best option?14:53
threei'll be honest nvidia drives are not something i've messed with14:53
threeamd gpus work so well in linux its great but i think you just need to search for a better driver14:54
cousteauAfaik the only way to get all the power from your Nvidia is with the official drivers14:54
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cousteauEven if they kinda work like... well, poorly14:54
JellyIsAwesomei've uninstalled znc using 'apt-get remove' (not sure if i did this right)14:56
skyliner_369'tis a shame I'm stuck with nvidia. I don't really have any budget to get a good amd gpu14:56
JellyIsAwesomei discovered that znc is on snap14:56
skyliner_369also apt-get is dated. just use apt.14:57
JellyIsAwesomeskyliner_369: ah, didn't know that14:57
JellyIsAwesomei don't know how to proceed after i've installed znc from snap14:57
skyliner_369both work basically the same, but apt just runs better I find.14:58
skyliner_369then again this is my system in system monitor. https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/rSTk8W9i/image.png14:58
JellyIsAwesome62gb ram...15:00
JellyIsAwesomewhat do you even do?15:00
skyliner_369blend! :D15:00
JellyIsAwesomeah, i see15:00
JellyIsAwesomemakes sense15:00
EriC^JellyIsAwesome: do you want to remove znc or just stop the service?15:02
skyliner_369and I've only got 4 of 8 RAM slots filled15:02
JellyIsAwesomeEriC^: i'm trying to configure znc, so i ended up uninstalling it and i reinstalled it from snap15:03
JellyIsAwesomeskyliner_369: could we see your work in blender?15:04
skyliner_369sure. comcast is being a touch slow so... might take me a minute15:04
skyliner_369https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20FDpBI86l0 this is one of the projects I actually finished. lol15:07
skyliner_369well... semi finished15:07
JellyIsAwesomeskyliner_369: impressive..15:10
JellyIsAwesomethe song is quite catchy and the animation looks very nice15:10
sazawalHi all. How can I find which keyring service is implemented on my Ubuntu from terminal?15:11
skyliner_369and that was on my old PC on 2.79... so I couldn't drop the framerate and reduce my render time. (because 2.79 doesn't support putting keyframes between frames)15:12
skyliner_369rendering the animation actually killed my old mobo15:13
JellyIsAwesomeskyliner_369: did you teach yourself blender, or did you take classes?15:14
asdfghwhat tool should i use for virtualization? vmware or virtualbox?15:14
asdfghi read those are free for personal use15:14
skyliner_369self taught... with the help of a cookie and a guru15:14
asdfghi must use windows 10 to run a software15:15
asdfghso i do not know what tool shoul di use to create a virtual machine15:15
skyliner_369if you're currently running Ubuntu, look into Boxes15:16
threemy preferred hypervisor is virt-manager which uses kvm and qemu. Have you tried running your windows 10 applications natively with wine?15:16
kk4ewtor the Virtual Machine15:16
kk4ewtskyliner_369; boxes interface leaves a lot to be desired15:17
threevirt-manager is called Virtual Machine Manager in the software center15:17
asdfghskyliner_369, i am going to install unbuntu 20.0415:18
asdfghand then win10 on a virtual machine15:18
threeasdfgh what do you need windows 10 to run15:18
asdfghthree, it is an accounting software...custom software15:18
asdfghi tried with wine without anyluck15:18
asdfghthree, custom accounting software15:18
threeah yeah a vm might b the best solution15:19
asdfghnever heard about "boxes"15:19
skyliner_369Well, if I could recommend, bisecting your HDD for dual-boot could work well to your needs.15:19
asdfghthree, it is easy to run ?15:19
threetry virt-manager it is easy to run you once you get it set uo15:19
asdfghskyliner_369, yeah but i prefer to wok with linux simultaneously15:19
threeyou need to make sure you get the correct dependencies15:19
threeand to enable the libvirtd service as thats what it runs on15:20
asdfghok i am installing apt install virt-manager15:20
skyliner_369asdfgh: well, what version of windows do you have? 10 home or 10 pro?15:20
asdfghwht are "boxes"15:20
asdfgh10 pro skyliner_36915:20
threebut yeah its more complicated than like virtual box i guess but its much more powerful and also is a bare metal hypervisor15:20
skyliner_369definitely bisect. If I remember right, you can run a real HDD through a VM15:21
threeyou can15:21
threebut its not worth it15:21
threeeasier to just install your vm on a virtual drive15:21
asdfghhmm gnome boxes never used15:21
asdfghskyliner_369, do you mean dual boot?15:22
asdfghbut i must run linux and windows simultaneusly15:22
asdfghi am...i prefer to work on linux but i must run that software so i would like to reboot to swith the OS15:22
skyliner_369yeah. bisect the drive. dual boot. bisect as in split into 2 partitions... well... actually more like 5 because of how Windows does its partitions15:23
asdfghskyliner_369, yes, ok...but... i must restart the pc to run win...and then restart again to run linux15:23
asdfghi prefer to hold two OS live15:23
sarnoldI can't imagine windows would take kindly to being native booted one boot and then virtualized boot on the next boot15:23
threehonestly thats how i have my desktop set up and its a pain in the ass but i only have one nvme drive. If i had 2 i would install linux on one and windows on the completely seperate drive15:24
sarnoldthat sounds like a quick way to ruin windows so that it doesn't boot at all15:24
th0rasdfgh, have you considered using virtualbox to run windows? I set up two workspaces in xfce and ran windows fullscreen on one, xfce4 on the other15:24
skyliner_369It's more about keeping that 10 pro key.15:24
threei agree with sarnold i wouldnt boot your windows partition in a vm15:24
threewin 10 pro keys can be had for like 5 dollars15:24
asdfghth0r, yeah i used virtualbox and it worked but i am talking about...hmmm 5 years ago15:24
sarnoldquite a lot of this page looks useful for running windows 10 in qemu/kvm https://www.funtoo.org/Windows_10_Virtualization_with_KVM15:25
asdfghthree, sometimes they do not work correctly (10 pro keys)15:25
skyliner_369also if your PC is nvidia GPU powered, asdfgh then I'd recommend keeping a windows partition around for games15:25
threeasdfgh yeah sometimes you get a used key but thats only happened to me once and i bitched at the seller and he gave me another15:26
asdfghskyliner_369, i have two ssd so yoes i can install windows on a drive and linux on the other...but it is boring to reboot linux to start win and viceversa15:26
threeskyliner regarding your graphics situation15:26
threehave you ever considered making a gaming vm15:26
asdfghi mean...if i need data from that accounting software...i should reboot to start win...then get the data...reboot and work on linux15:26
asdfgh(yeah i have nvidia too but...no time to play... i am using it for ML work15:26
threeyou can pass the nvidia gpu over to windows and use the intel gpu to diplay linux and have them run simultaneously on two monitors15:26
skyliner_369I mean, windows 10 pro actually has a microsoft-based virtual machine software. I find it to be the least painful of the VM packages on windows, go figure.15:27
asdfghthree, do you mean that i cna have linux on a drive and win on the other and using them simultaneously?15:27
asdfghon two monitors?15:27
threeyeah i use hyper-v a lot too and its good but virt-manager is just like a better hyper-v in my opinion15:28
asdfghthree, wait...do you mean that i should create a virtual machine... no dual-boot15:28
JellyIsAwesomethree: i'm having difficulty setting up the webadmin for znc15:28
asdfghor create a virtual machine on the second drive15:28
asdfghwhat do you mean exactly?15:28
sazawalHow can I provide the keyring password to a python script running in background at the time of launch? I have15:29
threesorry asdfgh i was talking to skyliner about something we were talking about earlirt15:29
sazawalI have ubuntu-keyring installed on my system.15:29
JellyIsAwesomei've configured znc using znc --makeconf, but i don't know what to do15:29
threefor you i recommend a vm15:29
threeif all your going to do is run accounting software just run it in a windows 10 vm15:29
asdfghthree, ok, out of curiosity what vm system is used in gnome-boxes?15:29
threedont worry about your hard drives you can just create a virtual hard drive in linux for the windows vm15:29
asdfghi am reading that they can run windows10pro15:29
skyliner_369a VM is probably the best. I'm just saying don't delete your windows installation. that can lead to sadman times15:30
threei've never used gnome boxes but seriously if you want windows 10 to run well in a vm you should use a bare metal hypervisor like virt-manager15:30
asdfghskyliner_369, ok i will not delete it15:30
asdfghthree, do you have a doc i can follow to run virt-manager correctly?15:30
asdfghdid you send me it already?15:30
threehold on i was just looking for some15:31
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threeits actually not too hard to use once its installed plus you can always ask questions in here15:31
InteloI connected to vnc, all fine, firefox from console opens. I installed chromium-browser but when run, it says 'Client is not authorized to connect to server. Unable to open x display15:32
asdfghperfect three ! thanks15:32
asdfghi will go with it15:32
threejellyisawesome check out this page in the arch wiki https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/ZNC15:32
JellyIsAwesomethree: will do15:32
asdfghthree, just to understand do i need custom tool like guestadditional software (virtualbox)15:33
asdfghto run win correctly?15:33
threeno you wont15:33
threeyou may need do mess with some settings if you want full resolution though15:33
JellyIsAwesomethree: i have a feeling i've installed it wrong, can you provide a link that shows how to install packages?15:35
skyliner_369So I use system monitor, and it's p nice, but it's still lacking compared to even task manager... how do I look into other resources like video memory and GPU usage?15:35
asdfghthree, thanks15:36
asdfghyes i will need full resolution15:36
asdfghgo to install 20.04 + win15:36
threejellyisawesome I assume you just run "sudo apt-get install znc"15:36
skyliner_369or sudo apt install znc15:37
JellyIsAwesomethat's what i did15:37
JellyIsAwesomebut when i try to start the service, this happens15:37
JellyIsAwesome"Failed to start znc.service: Unit znc.service not found."15:37
JellyIsAwesomewhen i try running the znc command, i get this15:38
JellyIsAwesome"[ .. ] Checking for list of available modules...15:38
JellyIsAwesome[ .. ] Opening config [/home/znc/.znc/configs/znc.conf]...15:38
JellyIsAwesome[ !! ] ZNC is already running on this config.15:38
JellyIsAwesome[ ** ] Unrecoverable config error.15:38
threeyou may have bricked the config15:38
JellyIsAwesomehow can i fix that?15:39
skyliner_369careful JellyIsAwesome don't paste the terminal into the channel... look into termbin.15:39
JellyIsAwesomeskyliner_369: is that bad for privacy if i paste the terminal in the channel?15:39
threehere how about you just reinstall it. first delete the znc config just to make sure you get a new one "sudo rm /var/lib/znc/.znc/configs/znc.config"15:39
JellyIsAwesomeskyliner_369: i assume it is, since the channel gets logged15:40
threethen just "sudo apt-get purge znc" and "sudo apt-get install znc15:40
skyliner_369no. you'll be auto-kicked, JellyIsAwesome  because it can be seen as spam by bots15:40
skyliner_369no need to use apt-get. just apt. sudo apt purge znc15:40
threeim not really a debian user. whats really the difference15:41
skyliner_369progress bar and speed15:41
JellyIsAwesomethree: i've reinstalled it, should i edit the config file now?15:41
threeid run "sudo -u znc znc --makeconf" now15:42
threethat should take you through like an installation wizard15:42
skyliner_369so... is there anything like 'system monitor' but with GPU info as well?15:44
threeah jellyisawesome i may have found an issue15:46
JellyIsAwesomethree: what is it?15:46
threehold on im not sure the znc wiki may or may not be out of date15:47
threedid you get anywhere with reinstalling it15:48
threejellyisawesome maybe this will help https://prashant.me/linux/2020/04/23/running-irc-bouncer-znc-in-a-low-end-vps-behind-nat.html15:50
JellyIsAwesomethree: thanks, i'll check it out15:52
sumagnacan anyone see my travis CI log and tell me from which apt package i can get the shared object files?15:52
sumagnalines which are similar to this one ^15:53
bluesceadaah somebody already reported the bug and it is upstream/firefox https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=164568115:57
ubottuMozilla bug 1645681 in Graphics: Text "Weird font rendering when hovering on certain site" [--,New]15:57
zfnmxtIs it possible to upgrade a 18.04 LTS install to a newer version of Ubuntu from a USB stick? I'm trying with 20.04 LTS, but there's no upgrade option in the install dialogue.16:19
JimBuntusumagna: libxcb-icccm4 for one16:20
zfnmxtAh, apparently you need internet access.16:20
sumagnaJimBuntu: too late16:21
sumagnai had to include everyone of the "not found" libraries16:21
JimBuntusumagna: ok, I guess you found libxcb-keysyms1 too16:21
sumagnacouldnt find a common one which would include all of em16:21
zfnmxtNo, even with internet access there's no upgrade option. =/16:22
sumagnazfnmxt: dont think there's one16:23
sumagnai dont think you can get an upgrade option when upgrading from the usb stick16:23
sumagnai may be wrong if there's one16:24
zfnmxtWell, I just tried just updating via the GUI software updater, it installed some NVidia drivers and now the thing won't boot into (...Unity, I think it is?).16:29
h00kRunning 20.04, just installed today, I've got one of these  (Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries BCM43602 802.11ac Wireless LAN SoC (rev 01))on a '15 macbook pro, and the 'brcmfmac' driver will *not* connect to a wpa2 SSID, but connects great to an open AP. It's a supported device, and maybe has been for a long time.16:30
sumagnazfnmxt: from 18.04?16:31
zfnmxtsumagna: Yes.16:31
zfnmxtWell, it's all on 18.04 LTS.16:32
zfnmxtSince no upgrade was successful :)16:32
zfnmxtI think the user did some weird Nvidia driver stuff and their own and it conflicted with what was in the repos; but I really don't know.16:32
zfnmxtJust trying to fix it.16:32
zfnmxts/and their own/on their own16:32
sumagna"the user"?16:32
zfnmxtsumagna: It's a colleague's laptop16:33
zfnmxtAny advice on how to save it from a tty at the graphical log-in manager?16:33
sumagnayou can open a tty?16:34
zfnmxtWell I can alt + ctrl + f2 (I think f2?) to get a tty.16:34
sumagnano not that16:34
sumagnayou cannot open the GUI login manager?16:34
sumagnabut can open the tty one16:35
zfnmxtIf we try to log-in, it just freezes.16:35
InteloI connected to vnc, all fine, firefox from console opens. I installed chromium-browser but when run, it says 'Client is not authorized to connect to server. Unable to open x display16:35
zfnmxtIs there a way to rollback a software update or sometihng?16:35
sumagnai dont know much about Nvidia drivers, its issues and how to solve those issues16:35
threezfnmxt you gotta purge those nvidea drivers from the system16:38
threei've had that happen before after isntalling drivers normally you've just installed the wrong one16:39
sumagnayea that can help16:39
rajivmarshi all! whenever i make new folders to my ubuntu 20.04 desktop, the folders view are in row instead of column. why not the folders settled themselves in a column?16:41
rajivmarsis there some settings for this?16:42
zfnmxtthree: Purge the drivers from the Ubuntu software update?16:42
MrElendigicons on the desktop are pure evil17:05
MrElendigbut see if the gnome extension have a configuration for that17:06
tmrolandwhich is faster in raw performance at same operations?17:08
tmrolandubuntu or debian sid17:08
tmrolandand here i mean filesystem, memory management, web browsing17:08
MrElendigtmroland: you would have to benchmark your specific workload to find out17:08
tmrolanddesktop casual operations that are at the base of eveyday use17:08
tmrolandbut in general, as a opinion17:09
oerheksno polling please17:09
tmrolandno polling, jsut 1 opinion or 217:09
oerhekswhat answer would you like to hear?17:09
tmrolandi mean its clear from phoronix that clear linux is fastger than ubuntu17:09
kk4ewttmroland; test on your hardware and see for yourself17:09
tmrolandnow i wonder if debian sid is17:09
oerheksask in #debian?17:10
mekhamiI'm on 18.04 and I can't watch any videos (youtube, twitch, even streamable clips which i think are mp4 but i could be wrong) on any browser.17:13
mekhamiI've tried reinstalling the browsers, I've added like libavcodec57, i'm assuming it's some drm library that's not installed but I don't know what17:14
oerheksnot able to play videos, sounds more like an old videocard to me. what card do you use?17:15
mekhamirtx 2060 lol not a video card issue17:15
oerheksdriver issue then? nvidia says 415 and up https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/141847/en-us17:16
tatertotsmekhami: can you watch videos when booted to LiveCD/LiveUSB?17:17
mekhamii'm on nvidia 44017:17
mekhamitatertots: idk, don't have one sitting around17:17
mekhamiyeah i'm on th elatest nvidia driver. it's not a video card thing.17:18
mekhamiit's 100% drm/codec related.17:18
tatertotsmekhami: find out if it works when booted to LiveCD/LiveUSB....drm or codec would actually be %50 for codec and %50 drm17:19
mekhamiwhat does using liveusb rule out?17:19
mekhamibecause i can pretty easily rule out hardware issues because it works on my other boot partition17:20
mekhamiand i can also play games and do other non-browser-video things on my ubuntu installation17:20
tatertotsthat's not saying much...you can't say it works when i boot Windows 10 or some other linux distro17:20
tatertotsyou vaguely say "boot partition"17:21
mekhamialright if you're gonna be intentionally dense just don't bother responding, thank you17:21
mekhamiyou don't know what you're talking about that's fine just stop pretending like you're helping17:21
tatertotsso just find out if it works on LiveCD/LiveUSB ...being vague you're unlikely to make any other progress anyhow17:21
tatertotsso just do it17:21
tatertotsif you're so "%100" you can figure out how to fix it on your own then eh lol17:22
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fadelyo hi17:48
fadelim new here17:48
fadelnew to linux in general17:49
sarnoldwelcome fadel :)17:49
fadelthis place is so strange for me17:49
fadelit thx17:49
fadelso what do we chat here17:49
JellyIsAwesomefadel same here, i'm new to linux17:50
sarnoldthis channel is for ubuntu support -- folks have a problem, they ask a qestion, whoever is around tries to help out17:50
fadeloh i have elemntary17:50
fadeldoes this count17:50
JellyIsAwesomesarnold: what's the best way of learning commands in ubuntu server?17:51
sarnoldfadel: not really -- we don't know what the elmental folks have changed, what they packaged, what they haven't, etc. if you need help with elemental you'd be best served to get help from them17:51
sarnoldJellyIsAwesome: I spent a few months when I was new to linux reading every manpage on the system; cd /usr/share/man/man8 ; ls ; pick one to read, read it with man 8 whatever17:52
JellyIsAwesomesarnold: how do i read the contents? using nano?17:53
sarnoldJellyIsAwesome: with a manual viewer like 'man' or 'xman'17:54
JellyIsAwesomesarnold: thanks for the tip17:55
JellyIsAwesomedo you have any specific manuals to start off with?17:56
sarnoldJellyIsAwesome: man 7 hier   is a decent enough starting point17:57
MrElendigJellyIsAwesome: there is also https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-to-linux17:57
JellyIsAwesomesarnold: i'll check that out17:58
sarnoldJellyIsAwesome: manpages are split into different sections -- 1 for most user commands, 8 for most system administration commands, 5 for configuration files -- each section has an intro page, so man 1 intro, man 2 intro, etc17:58
JellyIsAwesomei see17:58
threesarnold that defiantly is on way to learn linux commands lol. I'll have to start reading man pages in my pass time kinda sounds fun17:59
JellyIsAwesomewould you recommend learning commands with flashcard apps like anki?17:59
JellyIsAwesomeMrElendig: i'll also check that out18:00
threeno you dont need to memorize commands you need to use them reading man pages is great and all but if you dont even understand when to use a command the man page wont help18:00
JellyIsAwesomethree: what's the best way to get hands on experience of commands?18:01
sarnoldthree: it had benefits and downsides... there's JUST SO MUCH there that it's hard to know what'll be useful in the future, but because I read it all, I often had a good idea of where things were located when I eventually did need to know other things18:01
duttHi! I'm curious what's happened to volume control in 20.04. Firefox volume now seems separate from system volume, which is anoying since the keys on my keyboard only controls system volume. This has happened on both machines I upgraded to 20.04, one laptop and one desktop. If anyone has any ideas I'd greatly appreciate it. Running standard ubuntu 20.04, minimal fresh install on my desktop, upgraded from 19.10 on my laptop.18:01
threeyou've gotta just do things you think are interesting and try to implement them and troubleshoot problems you encounter and you will gain an understanding of how things function in linux just like how people gain a generally understand of certain windows things by like modding games18:02
threeno dont get me wrong man pages are a godsend18:02
MrElendigdutt: make sure the correct output is set to the default in your favorite pulsemixer18:02
MrElendigdutt: and that firefox is set to use that output18:03
OnceMehello, I have an issue while installing ubuntu 20.04 it didnt ask me to encrypt disk so I installed it without encryption :(18:03
OnceMeIm looking to repesat process18:03
Velardefixed the issue with the screen tearing18:03
duttMrElendig, ah, thanks! there's a package pulsermixer in apt, I assume I should install that?18:03
threevelarde what was it18:03
MrElendigyou can use the mixer in gnome or pavucontrol18:04
MrElendigthe later is the most powerful18:04
Velardesomehow the nvidia-settings call was overwritting the nvidia-settings-rc file after every boot18:04
threemost people prefer pavucontrol18:04
duttI installed pavucontrol but couldn't find some way to fix it in there.18:04
OnceMecan someone help me?18:04
Velardeso even though I fixed it before, tested it and worked, it would be lost18:05
OnceMeI installed windows on /dev/sda while /dev/sdb is empty, free space 1TB, I cerated custom root / ext4 with 950G and bootloader is on /dev/sdb too, why it didnt ask me to encrypt my disk? :(18:05
VelardeI removed the startup ubuntu command to load the nvidia conf and now its persistent18:05
threeonceme maybe this would help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_201918:06
threei'd try to help but i honestly dont know18:07
VelardeOnceMe: was the option not available on the installer?18:07
OnceMeVelarde yes18:07
OnceMebtw should bootloader be on /dev/sda (where my win is) or on /dev/sdb where my ubuntu will be?18:07
threethe bootloader should have its own partition18:08
threeit should be flagged as the boot partition aswell18:08
threealso normally you format it to fat3218:09
OnceMeby default it gives me /dev/sda in installer, but thats wheer I have windows18:09
OnceMeand Who are you? your name etc etc didnt ask to encrypt a whole drive :(18:09
VelardeI use /boot/efi from the same partition Windows uses to boot18:09
duttMrElendig, I'm not sure how to set a default output in pavucontrol. I have a Built in Analog Stereo set as Fallback, is that what you mean?18:10
threevalade i assuemed he mean his windows main partition not the efi partition18:10
threedutt i just click the check mark and it switches the current output18:10
VelardeI mean, Windows and Linux can use the same partition to boot18:10
MrElendigoutput devices tab, click green checkmark icon18:11
threevelarde no i know i just thought he meant his windows file system partition18:11
duttyep, done. so now to figure out how to make firefox use that device instead of whatever device it's currently using... in 19.10 all of this was working perfectly though, did something change to 20.04?18:11
threego to the applications tab18:12
threeyou can set the device for each application in there18:12
threethis is how pulse audio has always worked. I cant remeber but ubuntu may have used something else in 19.1018:13
OnceMehow can I encrypt my drive18:13
dutthm, I do recall using alsamixer previously?18:13
OnceMeit doesnt appear, is it because Im doing partitions manually?18:13
threeit is weird though that firefox doesnt by default come out of your main audio device18:13
duttI've got a Playback tab with a "Firefox: AudioStream" thingy on it, but no way to set a device.18:14
threehold on im on a windows machine let me check18:14
duttthank you :) yes, it does seem a bit weird18:14
OnceMeok entering usb again and clicking reinstall again ubuntu offeerd me a full disk encryption18:15
OnceMethats weird UI tbh18:15
duttthree, https://imgur.com/a/4URrmM2 that's what I see18:16
threenow that i think of it that looks right. I swear there use to be drop down menus that would let you select the output device18:16
threehow many output devices do you have18:17
threethat is likely the reason why theres no option to switch them18:17
dutt..seems reasonable.18:17
threedoes it show the bar reacting to firefox's audio?18:18
duttyeah if I slide the volume for firefox it does affect the volume coming from e.g. youtube, but I can't adjust that volume from my keyboard. Also the volume seems to reset whenever I click something in firefox.18:18
InteloI connected to vnc, all fine, firefox from console opens. I installed chromium-browser but when run, it says 'Client is not authorized to connect to server. Unable to open x display18:19
threeoh so like if you turn down your system volume it wont effect firefox's18:19
duttexactly. it does seem to affect it i go all the way to mute. but it's all or nothing. rather annoying.18:20
dutt*affect it if I go18:20
sarnoldIntelo: if you don't get any traction here, try asking in #snappy18:20
Intelosarnold: what does snappy got to do with this?18:21
Velardedutt: https://askubuntu.com/questions/967061/firefox-keeps-resetting-pulse-volume-to-0 seems like a similar problem18:21
duttI guess...the output device turns off completely if I go to 0% volume. But if it's on firefox has its own volume setting compared to anything else?18:21
threetry whats in the post valarde sent18:22
threeits worth a try18:22
duttVelarde, I can try that on my laptop, but my desktop was a fresh formatted machine.18:22
Velardejust backup the directory before18:22
sarnoldIntelo: chromium-browser is packaged as a snap these days and somehow I really wouldn't be surprised if this may require an extension of the policy18:22
threewait this issue occurs on your laptop aswell?18:22
nshhow can i recover something from crashed firefox memory?18:23
nshseemingly kmem can't just be copied to disk anymore18:23
nshor /dev/mem18:23
duttthree, yes it's started on both desktop and laptop when I started using 20.0418:23
duttthree, my laptop is an upgrade from a bunch of versions really, my desktop is a fresh install of 20.04 minimal.18:23
nshthat is, access to /dev/mem is limited to 1MiB18:23
nshi know full well the long comment i was writing is still in physical memory somewhere18:24
nshand i expect ubuntu to give me some way to access it short of pretending to be in the FBI18:24
OnceMecan I encrypt hdd fully without LVM?18:24
Intelosarnold: I installed it with apt18:24
MrElendigOnceMe: yes18:24
MrElendigOnceMe: but lvm makes it more convenient18:25
OnceMeMrElendig how do I check if my ubuntu / is encrypted?18:25
threeonceme i found a post of linux mint with a similar issue they said "rm ~/.config/pulse/*" solved the issue though id back up those ifles first18:25
OnceMeit asks me on start for password /dev/sdb318:25
OnceMebut what about /dev/sdb2 and 1?18:25
duttthree, same problem after closing firefox, moving my ~/.mozilla to ~/mozilla.bak and then starting firefox18:26
duttI thinkI tried that earlier after seeing it somewhere, I can try again.18:26
threedutt i meant to quote you not onceme18:26
MrElendigOnceMe: lsblk -f is one way18:26
duttthree, yeah I figured :)18:26
xbfroghi, i'm running ubuntu 20.04. my issue is i have 2 laptops same os both have now changed to the show all apps showing only the first screen when before it showed mutiple screens with a button indicator on the right. its now gone on both. i can type the app in the search and it will show it, but there is only  icons from a to k18:27
duttthree, should I do a restart after removing everything in pulse?18:27
OnceMeMrElendig cool thanks, it says sdb3 crypto sdb3_crypt LVM2_m vgubuntu ext4 and swap18:27
threeyeah or restart the service. a restart may just be easier18:27
OnceMemeans its encrypted right?18:27
duttalright, bbiab18:28
OnceMesdb1 is not encrypted and its vfat and sdb2 is ext4 not encrypted too, it's /boot18:28
MrElendigdepends on the tree structure it shows18:28
OnceMethese are not erquired to be ecrnyped right?18:28
sarnoldnsh: I can't tell if this grabs *only* kernel memory (my guess) or if it lets you dump *all* memory: https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/admin-guide/kdump/kdump.html18:29
OnceMewhy do  Ihav vfat?18:29
nshsounds like it would kill my current linux session though18:29
sarnoldnsh: yeah18:30
nshi think volatility framework should just let me dump physmem18:30
sarnoldno :(18:30
sarnoldit's just analysis once you *do* have a dump18:30
nshwhat is this fucking bullshit lol18:30
nshit's there, the kernel has it, why can't i18:30
sarnoldthis looks promising https://github.com/slmingol/fmem18:30
nshsome bullshit excuse of protecting me from malware no doubt18:30
nshah yeah that came up elsewhere18:31
nshlet's try18:31
MrElendigOnceMe: because uefi requires the esp to be in fat12/16/3218:31
MrElendigassuming this is a uefi system18:32
OnceMeyes it is uefi18:32
OnceMeok cool seems I have encrypted my drive :)18:32
OnceMealthough it said it will fully encrypt my drive18:32
OnceMeI see oly /dev/sdb3 is encrypted18:32
duttthree, nope. same problme. But I did recall something else, both are fresh installs of 20.04 minimal. I cleared the laptop too.18:32
MrElendigesp can't be encrypted, but you can protect the bootloader/kernel using secureboot18:33
Velardesdb3 is / or home?18:33
land0psI have Ubuntu installed on an old iMac and for the life of me can't get into the Grub menu during boot. I am using a Windows keyboard, if that makes a difference.18:33
OnceMeVelarde yes18:34
quadrathoch2it should be the esc key land0ps18:34
Velardethen all your files are protected18:34
OnceMeVelarde how do I check if its / ?18:34
OnceMeI just compaered sizes from df -h18:34
Velardesame as before with lsblk18:34
OnceMeyah it is18:35
OnceMeeven swap is encrypted18:35
land0psquadrathoch2 thx for replying. I've tried that and Shift. Tried them at different points during the boot sequence. Best result I can achieve - that is, any change from a normal boot - is a blank terminal18:36
duttthree, is it alright if I pm you? this channels moves quickly.18:36
quadrathoch2land0ps okay that's weird. i have an old macbook 13 (2011) and there it's working perfectly fine18:36
quadrathoch2(using esc)18:36
land0psCool. I give it another go. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Never had this issue before, but I've never used the OS on a Mac18:37
quadrathoch2land0ps np :) hope it works for you18:38
land0psquadrathoch2 one last q: when do you start hitting esc during the boot?18:38
quadrathoch2right after the white bootscreen18:38
quadrathoch2land0ps ^18:38
land0psCool, thanks again18:38
duttMrElendig, did you have any other ideas? I got the link from running "alsa-info" if it might help.18:40
xbfrognsh: /ignore18:42
* nsh looks at xbfrog with stabbing eyes18:43
duttthree, oooh...it does work if I use my headphones. so...it's something iffy with the output device?18:43
threehey sorry i just got back18:44
duttno worries18:44
threethats good to hear. perhaps you need a driver for the audio device?18:44
nshroot@chess:/media/xeb/3834-3939# dd if=/dev/fmem of=fmem-dump bs=4M count=409618:44
nshdd: failed to open '/dev/fmem': No such device18:44
dutthm, possibly? but it was working by default in 19.10?18:44
nshdespite the module loading quite happily and telling me to use dd18:44
threewell we should figure out what kind of chip it is18:45
duttthree, I got http://alsa-project.org/db/?f=34eb935e6bd8175751ead050f989fabfc2e93056 realtek-something something18:45
sarnoldnsh: mknod fmem c 241 1   perhaps?18:45
OnceMeim on ubuntu live usb, how can I try to access my directories which are encryped18:46
OnceMejust to emsure they are?18:46
OnceMeflbsk ?18:46
duttOnceMe, "fdisk -l", mount them, try to read them?18:47
OnceMeyeh in Disks it says LUKS18:48
OnceMeand when I try to mount it asks for passphrase18:48
duttso you're good?18:48
OnceMebut MB FAT 537MB partition 118:49
OnceMeis readable18:49
OnceMewhats that18:49
OnceMefolder is empty though18:49
duttmount it and check?18:49
OnceMeits empty, dont know why is there18:49
OnceMethe second one ext4 is with efi and grub stuff18:49
duttif you've got backups of all your files somewhere else than that computer and can risk having to do a re-format of everything, remove it and see if something stops working?18:50
nshaha, it seems to work with a later version of fmem!18:50
OnceMeits a new install18:50
duttI have no clue personally.18:50
nshgood shout sarnold18:50
threedutt looking up your soundcard seems to find similar problems but no good solutions18:50
OnceMeI just installed this system18:51
sarnoldnsh: data? and lots of it? :)18:51
duttthree, so...the solution is to re-install 19.10 since that was working?18:51
duttbut if it was the soundcard, shouldn't it affect my headphones too? or does the soundcard not factor in since they're bluetooth?18:52
nshbut i get a bad address after 3GiB :(18:52
threedutt nah just install arch :P18:52
threelet me keep looking for a minute18:52
duttthree, thanks!18:52
duttoverall I'm lazy, arch seems like work :p18:53
VelardeI switched from Arch to Ubuntu, I feel Ubuntu has improved so much in the last year or so18:57
VelardeArch is not worth the trouble once you actually have to work18:58
duttso far it's been fairly good at "things just work". until this sound problem with 20.04. I like to do stuff, I don't like to fiddle with my linux installation.18:58
VelardeBut you're a student Arch is definitely worth installing cause you'll get a general understanding of what is going on18:58
Velardewith Arch you'd have to configure audio from scratch18:59
duttoh gods below18:59
threevelarde I like arch its fine once you get everything configured18:59
threeconfiguring the audio is a little counterintuitive19:00
Velardehttps://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PulseAudio/Troubleshooting you might find a similar issue and the solution here19:00
Velardethe archwiki is the best Arch has to offer19:00
threeim not really sure dutt. theres gotta be some other channel that would know about this maybe ask in #linux19:00
duttthree, alright, thanks a lot for trying :)19:01
threeThe arch wiki is just like a generic linux wiki. Its really useful19:01
duttVelarde, thanks I'll take a look19:01
Velardethree: until you switch machines for a couple of weeks and then pacman f*cks up everything updating19:01
skyliner_369was wondering if gnome-tweaks has any options to make special shortcuts for windows like shaking them to minimize all the other windows19:02
threevelarde I havent experienced any problems updating I run arch on my laptop currently. You made me remember I need to update it19:02
threearch is especially nice if you arent going to install a lot of packages19:02
Velardeskyliner_369 maybe some gnome shell extension can do that for you19:02
threemost of the instability comes with having a ton of packages installed. if youre running like a small server with a handful of commonly used packages pacman will never break your install19:03
threeokay imma stop talking about arch before i get kicked19:04
VelardeI like Arch, I just can't take a 2-3 days of work to fix stuff when I break it19:04
Velardeand Ubuntu not only looks nice now, but it comes with all the nvidia drivers preconfigured19:05
Velardeofficial drivers19:05
threethats fair. Dont get me wrong I like ubuntu too. I just dislike always having older packages installed as the software center just feels like its missing stuff19:05
threeyeah no 20.04 is a great update graphically for all the flovors19:05
VelardeI just backup /home every week19:06
Velardeand whenever I break something I just reinstall19:06
Velarde(if fixing takes more than 2 hours)19:06
VelardeYaru is a beautiful icon set19:07
threetoday ive heard multiple people complaining about the nividia drivers not working. I believe theyve been included but i think nvidia just does a terrible job making their linux drivers. If youre gaming on linux amd is the way to go19:07
VelardeI switch to Windows to play19:09
VelardeNever had an AMD machine, how is it?19:09
duttthree, oh, is amd better? the package nvidia drivers have been sooo convenient and so far haven't caused any issues for me.19:09
VelardeI play Soma on Linux and it runs smoothly, the issue was mostly when connecting the TV to the laptop for Netflix or Prime which I do rarely anyway19:10
threedutt thats good to hear what nvidia card do you have. to be fair amd doesnt really matter as much on ubuntu. but in like arch or manjaro as the kernel is update the amd drivers are included so you just dont need to mess with it really19:11
skyliner_369how do I know which version of gnome I have?19:13
threei think neofetch shows the current desktop enviorment19:14
Velardeon the about section there is GNOME version19:15
Velardejust look for the About section in the Settings19:15
duttthree, hm... I'm not sure tbh. 1060 something possibly?19:17
skyliner_369how do I install a gnome shell extension?19:21
Velardeskyliner_369: check this out https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-gnome-shell-extensions-on-ubuntu-20-04-focal-fossa-linux-desktop19:22
skyliner_369I'm trying to specifically avoid firefox extensions...19:23
Velardenot all the extensions are reliable, but some I consider essential19:23
Velardethis are GNOME extensions (which you can install through Firefox)19:23
VelardeSome I'd recommend to everyone are: Dash to Panel, IP Finder, No Title Bar - Forked, and OpenWeather19:25
duttoh right, these days ubuntu is running a normal gnome right?19:26
duttoh well, time for bed. have a good morning/day/night/somethingsomething folks.19:28
skyliner_369compiz alike windows effect seems the least buggy19:38
sazawalHi all. How can I disable keyring password prompt from temrinal?19:47
ash_worksiwhen I open the file explorer (or whatever its called) and start typing, it searches for what I'm typing for, I was expecting for it to just filter or move to matching files in the current directory19:54
ash_worksihow can I do the latter?19:54
sazawalash_worksi, It is the file explorer feature, which is nautilus, maybe that would help you to find out the answer. I was also searching for it, but didn't find a good solution apart from installing some other file explorer. Check out the ones being used in LXDE and Cinnamon.20:00
skyliner_369with virt-manager, are there any guest-side tools?20:01
nanthencodeneethis it possible to install wine1.8 on ubuntu 18.0420:11
nanthencodeneethwhat command should i give20:11
nanthencodeneethin terminal20:11
Bashing-om!wine bionic20:16
Bashing-om!info wine bionic20:17
ubottuPackage wine does not exist in bionic20:17
nanthencodeneethcan i use some ppa20:17
nanthencodeneethto install wine1.8 on bionic20:18
Bashing-omnanthencodeneeth: Non-authoritive but a quick look all I see is 1.6 available in bionic.20:21
Bashing-om!wine | nanthencodeneeth20:21
ubottunanthencodeneeth: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu20:21
nanthencodeneeth@Bashing-om can i make a deb package of wine1.8 .If so can you give me some leads on how to do that20:23
ash_worksiis there a way to split screen the files app?20:26
ash_worksiI thought there was20:27
Bashing-omnanthencodeneeth: Sorry - I have no wine experience.20:30
nanthencodeneethBashing-om ok no problem20:31
Bashing-omnanthencodeneeth: ^^ might be better asked in the #winehq channel.20:32
nanthencodeneethBashing-om ok thanks for the reference20:32
sazawalHi all. How can I disable keyring password prompt from temrinal?20:36
npm running kubuntu 18.04.4LTS, I note "cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy*/scaling_max_freq" shows CPU0 max freq at 4.2Ghz, CPU 1-7 shjows max freq at 4.6Ghz. What changed in recent updates to lock the CPU0 frequency to 4.2Ghz when it used to go up to 4.6Ghz. Furthermore setting governmor to 'performance' nowadays limits the top cpu freq to under 4.2Ghz, used to go to 4.6Ghz . Any suggested fixes or workarounds? This seems to be a bug20:38
npmwith latest kernel updates (5.3.0-59-generic).... previously this was not a problem and all cpu's max speed was the same...20:38
npmAnd note that simplistic attempts to fix, like "echo 4600000 | sudo tee /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy0/scaling_max_freq" don't work...  afterwards still see "cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy0/scaling_max_freq --> 4200000"    CPU 1-7 show  (correctly): "cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy1/scaling_max_freq --> 460000"20:38
npmIn other words for CPU 1-7 i see "hardware limits: 800 MHz - 4.60 GHz" but for CPU0 only I see "hardware limits: 800 MHz - 4.20 GHz" --- this seems to limit top cpu speed for all cpu0-7 at 4.2Ghz, used to go to 4.6Ghz. I'm using "Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz" CPU20:42
spacefrogis there a reason why LibreOffice looks like a windows 95 application on the latest version of Ubuntu?20:47
skmis that a diss20:47
shibbolethwhen will ubuntu automatically delete racist content?20:48
shibbolethwhy isn't doing this already? has the development teams diversity been certified?20:49
shibbolethyes, i'm kidding20:49
spacefrogwait what?20:51
spacefrogis this the off-topic channel?20:51
shibbolethhe said, belittling the outcry due to systemic racism20:52
npmignoring questions about cpufreq scaling bugs in latest 5.3 kernels from 18.04 HWE is racist :-)20:53
shibbolethnpm, black lives matter, turn on cnn to watch them tar and feather a monster who doesn't care20:55
npmsorry, i20:56
npmi'm busy fixing bugs caused by renaming "master" branch in git20:56
shibboleththat is totally uncouth20:57
npmyeah, and i can't use a master key anymore, nor have a master-copy of media.20:57
shibbolethnpm, and the blacklists? oh, the blacklists20:58
IAEONany channel for ubuntu arm support?20:59
spacefrogsolved my own problem21:06
spacefrogneeded the gtk3+ integration package21:06
skmtell us about your problem21:06
skmspacefrog: libreoffice is now pretty?21:08
glue11Hi everyone, for some reason unattended-upgrade is not updating my package list, though if update manually, it installs packages for me. Any idea what's going on? I think I have the right option set to enable updating the package list: APT::Periodic::Update-Package-Lists "1"21:08
sarnoldglue11: iirc unattended-upgrade will install only security updates, not all updates21:13
glue11For me, it installs security updates if there are updates available. The problem is it never knows when there are updates because it never downloads a new packages list.21:14
SirScottafter upgrading from 18.04 --> 20.04, my /etc/network/interfaces file isn't working - the br0 device doesn't get created. Any ideas?  https://bpa.st/PFPA21:15
sarnoldSirScott: did you reinstall ifupdown?21:15
SirScottsarnold: I did 'do-release-upgrade' and that's it. If that was included, yes. Do I need to do that manually?21:15
h00kSo, I was on another ubuntu based distro that was using a 5.3 kernel which did *NOT* have a wifi issue I'm having on Ubuntu with the 20.04 5.4.x kernel. I'd prefer to use an older kernel on ubuntu. What's the way to go about that these days?21:16
sarnoldSirScott: I'm not entirely sure what happens on upgrades to 20.04... does ifup and ifdown exist? do they work?21:16
SirScottsarnold: 'ifup br0' works21:17
SirScottsarnold: 'ifup br0 -> ifup: interface br0 already configured'  (because i have done so manually.)21:17
sarnoldSirScott: hmm, okay, then I was headed off into the weeds ;) sorry21:17
SirScottsarnold: ah, i see an article about how to switch back to /etc/network/interfaces, but if it's deprecated I guess I should learn what the correct way is.21:20
sarnoldSirScott: netplan is the new method, the yaml you give it can either turn into networkmanager configs or systemd-networkd configs https://netplan.io/examples#configuring-network-bridges21:22
SirScottsarnold: thanks, i'll give that a whirl!21:23
jsubl2which dl should i do to get the unity desktop21:24
seven-elevenhi do you see any conflicts to 20.04 packages in this package DSC file? http://download.bareos.org/bareos/release/18.2/xUbuntu_18.04/bareos_18.2.5-144.1.dsc21:25
sarnoldseven-eleven: what problem are you trying to solve?21:26
Bashing-om!unity | jsubl221:27
ubottujsubl2: Unity is a graphical shell for the GNOME desktop environment. Ubuntu used it by default from 11.04 to 17.04. For more information, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity21:27
seven-elevensarnold, i want to upgrade to ubuntu 20.04 but the application bareos packages only for 18.04, not 20.04 yet21:27
seven-elevento me it looks like i could just install that package on 20.04 though, I don't see any depedency issue, but im not sure21:27
sarnoldseven-eleven: aha; the binary dependencies are tracked in the debian/control file in the source package itself, you can't spot those in the .dsc21:28
jsubl2does the latest ubuntu desktop tweak gnome. or is it pretty much the default gnome21:29
seven-elevensarnold, do I find it in the tar.gz here: http://download.bareos.org/bareos/release/18.2/xUbuntu_18.04/21:29
seven-elevenbareos_18.2.5.orig.tar.gz that is?21:30
seven-elevenfound it in the tar.gz yeah21:30
seven-elevensarnold, debian/control: http://ix.io/2pmV21:31
Bashing-omjsubl2: I do not run gnome so can not say -- as to Unity there is also "Ubuntu Unity Remix 20.04" : https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/ubuntu-unity-remix-20-04/15968 .21:31
seven-elevenis there a tool where I can simply copy the depedencies inside and the tool calculates for me if there are issues?21:31
jsubl2tx Bashing-om21:32
jsubl2i been reading the latest techrepublic article on unity.  they were a fan21:32
sarnoldseven-eleven: because that uses openssl and mysql, I'm a little hesistant to say it'll just work -- I suggest trying it out on a test system first21:33
* StatelessCat MEOW !21:33
seven-elevensarnold, hm, the best would be the maintainer itself adds 20.04 support, because in worst case the code is not compatible to newer mysql/openssl versions. but waiting to upgrade to 20.04 only because of that package would be annoying too :-)21:39
seven-elevenunfortunately all my computers are backed up by that software21:39
sarnoldseven-eleven: it might be worth spinning a VM to find out how well it'll work -- it might go fine, it might require a rebuild, or it might even require patching... it's hard to guess21:41
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jjbuggleq: how can I prevent my mouse from waking up my laptop from suspend?  I close my laptop lid and if I move my mouse, it immediately wakes up again, which is not a useful behavior for me.22:44
quadrathoch2hi mnabid23:33
admin0hi .. how do I run a script on every user login ?23:41
admin0in ubuntu bash23:41
admin0i tried to put a script inside /etc/profile.d/ and chmod 755 .. but does not seem to execute23:41
Kali_YugaHello I have an ubuntu system here that has the HWE Stack installed that doesn't really need it, how can I remove the HWE stack or can it even be removed once it's installed?23:42
Kali_Yugaor should I just leave it alone now23:42
Velardeadmin0: I might be very wrong but you could try placing it on xinitrc23:43
quadrathoch2Kali_Yuga it doesn't really hurt honestly23:43
admin0its a ubuntu server without any x installed23:43
admin0the only package installed is ssh23:43
quadrathoch2admin0 then it should be bashrc23:44
Kali_Yugaquadrathoch2: okay I get I will then23:44
Kali_Yugaquadrathoch2: thx23:45
quadrathoch2yw Kali_Yuga23:45
Velardebut isn't bashrc for individual users?23:46
quadrathoch2well he was asking for at user login *shrug*23:46
admin0any user login to be sure23:46
Velardehe said on every user login23:47
admin0i want to get a notice when any ssh user logs in to the jumphost saying "user X has logged in from $ipaddr"23:47
VelardeI'm not really sure23:47
quadrathoch2oh admin0 sorry I misunderstood you23:47
govahave you tried /etc/profile23:47
admin0yep .. i put a script in the end of the /etc/profile that pings -c 1 .. then tcpdump host to check if it executes, it did not23:48
quadrathoch2admin0 btw, what do you mean by notice?23:49
quadrathoch2notification or email or..? ^^23:49
govaDid you try to manually run that script and it executes? (assuming it is a separate script called from /etc/profile)23:49
admin0manually it executes fine23:49
admin0oh .. i put the direct command to profile23:49
admin0i need to call the script from profile ? that i did not do23:50
sarnoldadmin0: and if the user changes their shell to tcsh? what then?23:50
sarnoldadmin0: do yo ustill want the script to run? or no?23:50
govaI don't think it would make difference, I was just wondering that missing shebang or +x could be the case23:51
sarnoldadmin0: keeping track of user logins sounds more like a task for reading /var/log/auth.log or systemd-journald logs or auditd logs -- all of which can be sent to a log collection host23:52
admin0didn't work23:52
admin0sarnold, well actually, the login script connects to a rest api and downloads/activates his training course from first login23:53
admin0all google documents point to either /etc/profile or bashrc or profile.d which did not worked in my case :(23:54
govaif nothing works, try to configure libpam and look at pam_exec module23:55
admin0actually, creating /etc/ssh/sshrc worked ( for ssh use cases )23:56
admin0that solves 1/2 the issue of people login in via ssh23:56
admin0still trying to figure out to trigger a script based on console login23:56
sarnoldhmm, if it's just the first login, you could do something like set their shell to a program that does the http rest request, then tries to change their shell to bash, then runs bash23:57

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