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apastegaI'm encountering a strange problem with XUbuntu 18.04 and a new Benq PD2700U monitor (4K)10:52
apastegaafter login, desktop background appears, but panels, icons and windows are transparent (hidden)10:53
apastegaif I switch to virtual terminal with ctrl-alt-f1, then back to xorg with ctrl-alt-f7, windows appear10:54
apastegathis behavior is related to 4k resolution,m it doesn't happen when resolution is lower, e.g 1560x144010:55
apastegatried to delete session files and cache.. nothing changed10:55
apastegaany ideas?10:55
pmjdebruijndo you have any HWE activated?10:56
apastegaI don't know10:57
apastegahow check this?10:57
apastegahwe-support-status --verbose Your Hardware Enablement Stack (HWE) is supported until April 2023.10:58
apastegaso yes10:58
apastegaother strange effect, don't know if related, is that virtual terminal has strange colors10:59
apastegabackground is green-ish, text is pink-is, as if some wrong bit map were used to unpack data from HDMI11:00
apastegatext at BIOS start is correct11:00
pmjdebruijnno well11:13
pmjdebruijnwhat does uname -a say?11:14
apastegaLinux shadoooo-P4 5.3.0-53-generic #47~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu May 7 13:10:50 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux11:15
pmjdebruijnok, so that's current11:15
pmjdebruijnwhat might be interesting is to boot a live 20.04 and see if it still happens there as well11:15
apastegastandard XUbuntu 18.04 with updates11:16
pmjdebruijnmight just be some old xfce bug that already got fixed upstream11:16
pmjdebruijnapastega: hwe don't install with updates by default11:16
pmjdebruijnwhich is why I explicitly asked11:16
pmjdebruijnhwe's are integrated into new install media though11:16
apastegashould try to prepare an USB11:16
pmjdebruijnbut again, try 20.04 live, and see if it happens there as well, that's quick and easy to try at least11:16
apastegaok, will try11:17
apastegabeside this, there could be something I could try to completely delete actual monitor settings, so it will recreate from scratch?11:18
apastegamaybe it's caused from a dirty configuration?11:18
apastegaI had another monitor before this, then added the new as second monitor, now second monitor becomes the one and only11:19
apastegamaybe the change broke something...11:20
brainwashcreate a new user account and do a quick test11:20
apastegaapart from session cache, don't know if something else could affect11:20
brainwashyou want this one ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/displays.xml11:21
apastegaok, will try with new user11:22
apastegadisplays.xml seems ok... but I could try to delete it?11:22
brainwashyou could11:22
brainwashideally, when the xfconfd process is not running11:23
brainwashotherwise, it may recreate the old file11:23
apastegaok, I will try this11:25
apastegathanks by now11:25
apastegaI'll be back if nothing works11:25
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rangergordfrom a Ubuntu Server install, I wanted to use a bare minimum Xubuntu, so I installed xubuntu-core. It pulled NetworkManager while server already has networkd (which is what I want to use). Can I safely remove network-manager or will that break the core desktop?14:53
pmjdebruijnafaik you don't need the metadata xubuntu-core to have working desktop14:56
pmjdebruijnthe question, does purging networkmanager also tell you other stuff is going to be removed14:57
pmjdebruijnrunning a GUI on a server is a bit of a cornercase I guess14:57
rangergordWell, it was only suggesting NM-related packages, so I did it, things seem fine. Although the shutdown menu seems to have been replaced the multiple choices (reboot, save session) with just a shutdown15:15
rangergordchanging network configuration via netplan doesnt work anymore15:18
pmjdebruijnrangergord: does your netplan configu say renderer: networkd16:14
rangergordsorry, I already fixed the issue, it was my mistake.16:15
rangergordI'm glad that removing Network Manager doesn't break Xubuntu otherwise :)16:16
Fernando-Basso[mI can't add a VPN network.21:20
* Fernando-Basso[m uploaded an image: image.png (43KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/AqhMHekOWnSEEKsmxquhzZHY >21:20
* Fernando-Basso[m uploaded an image: image.png (28KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/xMFhoYzVHRMwkDFLybyvvTrU >21:20
Fernando-Basso[m“Save” button is always greyed out.21:20
Fernando-Basso[mI have these packages installed:21:23
Fernando-Basso[mnetwork-manager network-manager-gnome network-manager-openconnect network-manager-openvpn network-manager-openvpn-gnome network-manager-pptp network-manager-pptp-gnome21:23
diogenes_Fernando-Basso[m, try one of these if they work https://www.vpnbook.com/21:33
diogenes_openvpn tab.21:33
Fernando-Basso[mdiogenes_: I will, thanks. But I'm really shocked it is not working. My Arch Linux box is able to create and use VPNs without any problems. I wonder if I am not in a required group, or some other dependency is missing.21:41
Fernando-Basso[mWas missing libnm-vpn-plugin-openconnect-editor.so, which comes with network-manager-openconnect-gnome.21:57

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