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Odd_Blokeblackboxsw: I've approved and landed the xenial daily branch fix; it did require configuring the xenial recipe build to use the daily branch (which I'm about to do for bionic and eoan too; this is just FYI), but it's building successfully now. \o/13:24
Odd_Blokeblackboxsw: And now the same for the bionic daily branch fix. \o/13:51
anankesince we've been using cloud-init to manage our automated AMI build pipelines, I am looking for something similar to it in the windows world. it appears there's cloudbase-init project that attempts to do something similar, do any of you have other recommendations?14:25
Odd_Blokeblackboxsw: I have a high-level approach Q on https://github.com/cloud-init/ubuntu-sru/pull/113#pullrequestreview-431851557, so I've posted that and will defer further review until we've discussed it. :)14:48
Odd_Blokeananke: I don't (but I wouldn't really expect to, I don't use Windows for anything other than gaming ;).14:50
anankeOdd_Bloke: it's certainly a very new territory for me too, after managing unix/linux systems for 25 years :)15:03
blackboxswananke: cloudbase-init is the only alternative I was aware of, though it's feature support level seems to pale in comparison :/15:29
blackboxswOdd_Bloke: responded and push commits for discussion https://github.com/cloud-init/ubuntu-sru/pull/113#discussion_r44166517116:15
blackboxsw*pushed commits*16:15
Odd_Blokeblackboxsw: Ack, thanks!16:15
blackboxswOdd_Bloke: I missed it at standup but, I see you've already updated https://code.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/+recipe/cloud-init-daily-bionic and https://code.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/+recipe/cloud-init-daily-xenial to use daily17:14
robjoblackboxsw: Have a few some time? https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/188390717:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1883907 in cloud-init "EC2 data source does not properly return the instance ID when cached data exists" [Undecided,New]17:42
blackboxswrobjo: will glance over that today18:39
blackboxswOdd_Bloke: if you get a chance today I'd like to merge this iteration of consolidated sru-vars if we can so I can push two cloud verifications up (azure and openstack) which rely on this branch https://github.com/cloud-init/ubuntu-sru/pull/11319:04
Odd_Blokeblackboxsw: Looking now.  Do those rely on the supplemental test support?19:11
robjoblackboxsw: OK, thanks, I am a bit confused as to what happens when and why. So based on debug we load the pickled object with the wrong instance data, but then we recover at some point (I have not found the place in the code where that happens) and the data source gets the data fro the new instance. And the user data is executed as expected, in my test19:14
robjoIs there a possibility that a user data script could access the data source data directly and end up with the wrong data, i.e. the data loaded from the cache?19:15
robjoI do not have access to the user data script that supposedly hangs in this context19:16
Odd_Blokeblackboxsw: I have responded.19:16
blackboxswOdd_Bloke: thanks I've force pushed https://github.com/cloud-init/ubuntu-sru/pull/11319:51
blackboxswdropping the changes and moving azure-sru and sru-vars.template into sru-scripts/19:51
Odd_Blokeblackboxsw: Thanks!  Reviewed again.20:09
falcojrin this sru verification, I just discovered a legitimate issue20:13
falcojrit's not technically a regression, because the old behavior failed too...but it hasn't been fixed either20:14
falcojrdo we try to fix it right away and then get it into the SRU? Or do we pull this particular feature out? Or do we file a bug and backport it anyway since it was already broken?20:15
falcojrcreating a swapfile still doesn't work even with dd on btrfs20:17
falcojrfollowing these instructions I was able to make it work20:17
Odd_Blokefalcojr: As it isn't a regression, we don't _need_ to restart the process with a fix.  And, given how far through the process we are at this point, I think it makes sense to file a bug for it and move on.20:19
Odd_BlokeOh, no blackboxsw, I'd also like his opinion.20:20
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blackboxswthanks Odd_Bloke renamed necessary files https://github.com/cloud-init/ubuntu-sru/pull/113 and resolved comments21:22

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