hpidcockkelvinliu: it wasn't added in the rc branch00:00
hpidcockonly the 2.8 branch00:01
kelvinliuah, ic00:01
hpidcockwallyworld: did you want me to quickly look at both issues and land in 2.8?00:08
wallyworldhpidcock: if you had time that would be grand00:08
pmatulisdoes the '--map-machines' option need to be used when deploying with both a bundle and an overlay? i'm thinking that the bundle will define the existing machines and then the overlay needs the option. or is an existing machine completely "pre-deploy"?02:01
hpidcockwallyworld: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1172004:25
hpidcockended up chasing my tail, thought I saw really small binaries of 40mb etc,  for some reason was unable to repro04:26
wallyworldhpidcock: lgtm ty04:33
wallyworldi shold merge directly04:33
wallyworldi'll let the check run pass04:34
wallyworldhpidcock: merged04:46
timClicksstupid question sorry... is --device just a k8s thing?05:09
kelvinliutimClicks: yes05:32
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manadartachilleasa: QA is failing for me on #1171609:01
mupBug #11716: psycopg: new changes from Debian require merging <psycopg (Ubuntu):Fix Released by amu> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/11716>09:01
manadartStupid mup. The PR, not LP.09:02
* Chipaca guesses09:06
* Chipaca guesses poorly09:06
achilleasamanadart: ho?09:06
manadartachilleasa: OMW09:07
achilleasamanadart: pushed the acpi fix to all kvm PRs; taking a look at the failed QA now09:50
stickupkidCR anyone https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1171510:11
manadartstickupkid: I'll do it, then swing back to achilleasa's stuff.10:13
stickupkidmanadart, run this https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/11715#issuecomment-645285581 if you intend to run it all10:15
stickupkidmanadart, life is too short10:15
manadartstickupkid: Running now.10:25
manadartstickupkid: Done. You still looking at mine?10:35
stickupkidmanadart, nearly done10:35
achilleasamanadart: hmmm... so the remove call is skipped because lxd reports the nic type as "broadcast" instead of "bridged"...11:00
manadartachilleasa: Yeah, I added some Criticalfs here was surprised they weren't hit. So it's bugging out earlier.11:02
achilleasaalso, the lxd from snap on focal seems to remove the entry from the bridge as expected...11:02
achilleasayay :D11:02
achilleasaso I need to tweak some things and re-test on bionic11:02
manadartachilleasa: I suspect this difference goes hand-in-hand with the profile changes.11:03
manadartSo we get 3.0.3 on Bionic and the latest Snap on Focal.11:04
achilleasaI will amend my comments accordingly11:04
achilleasamanadart: updated the PR and verified it works on bionic (I also move the maybeRemove call a bit higher up); can you take another look?11:27
manadartachilleasa: Yep, saw. Upgrading now.11:27
achilleasamanadart: if you set juju.core.networking level to DEBUG you should see a log of the call to remove the veth11:34
manadartachilleasa: Yep, that one's done. Onto the next.11:40
manadartachilleasa: You try and merge the wrong PR?12:23
achilleasamanadart: yeah. cancelled the merge once I spotted it... too many open tabs12:24
achilleasathe right one just landed12:24
hmlstickupkid: i think i know why height and width are not unmarshalling in Media… they can return integer or null15:32
hmlstickupkid: pieced that info out of http://api.snapcraft.io/docs/charms.html15:33
stickupkidhml, any reason why we read the resp.Body twice?15:34
hmlstickupkid: not that i can think of.15:35
hmlstickupkid: missed that in putting together the spike15:35
stickupkidhml, as we're not doing auth yet, I'm going to cull most of the do command and bakery client for now15:35
stickupkidhml, we can add as required (which I'm sure will be soon)15:36
hmlstickupkid: will it be harder to move back in when we do?15:36
stickupkidhml, nah, just align to an interface15:36
hmlstickupkid: rgr15:36
stickupkidhml, so the http client and the bakery client both conform to `func (Client) Do(request *http.Request) (http.Response, error)`15:37
stickupkidhml, so as long as we do that, we can inject what ever we want15:38
hmlstickupkid: ack15:38
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cory_fu_wallyworld: Hey, for CMR, is there a way to get the remote side's model UUID?21:26
cory_fu_wallyworld: Actually, I should step back.  What I really want to know is when a CMR is created on AWS, how are the SGs modified so that the two units can talk to each other?  Are specific rules added to the unit SGs?21:34
timClicksdoes the juju/gnuflags package support modifying a Var once it's been added to the flagset?21:40
timClicksthe juju deploy command includes flags from add-unit directly.. I would like to add " (charm only)" to their help lines when someone execs `juju help deploy`21:42
cory_fu_wallyworld: Nm, tested and confirmed that it's the specific rules on the unit SG, which makes sense.21:55
timClicksthumper: I keep wanting to make juju help topics a thing again22:41
timClicksjuju help charm-urls22:41
thumpertimClicks: I'm ok with that...22:45
timClicksI'm going in circles trying to make 'juju help deploy' shorter. It's getting easier to read, but longer.22:52
tlmwallyworld: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1172323:48
wallyworldtlm: add bug to PR description, make as in progress...23:49
tlmah yep23:49
wallyworldtlm: just to test end-end, might be work hacking an existing charm and try it, as we've seen once or twice a missing bit in practice, just to be sure etc23:51
wallyworldit looks ok, but you never know23:51
tlmany suggestions what what charm to hack etc ?23:52
wallyworldi use a mariadb one i have unpacked locally. ~juju/mariadb-k8s23:52
wallyworldjust hack the extra line in the yaml23:53

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