mupPR operator#327 closed: many: move Model.name to be read from _ModelBackend <Created by jameinel> <Merged by jameinel> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/pull/327>04:32
mupPR operator#330 closed: test/test_main: move actions.yaml into the charm <Created by jameinel> <Merged by jameinel> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/pull/330>04:32
mupPR operator#331 opened: test/test_model.py: racing tests <Created by jameinel> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/pull/331>06:08
Chipacamoin moin08:02
jammorning Chipaca09:04
Chipacajam: how's things?09:14
jamChipaca, doing ok. I joined mattermost at https://chat.canonical.com09:21
jamHopefully you've seen the emails09:21
jamhad a couple hiccups this morning. my VM had crashed, so I hopefully recovered a fresh one09:22
mupPR operator#325 closed: ops/main.py: Use CSafeLoader <Created by jameinel> <Merged by jameinel> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/pull/325>09:24
jamChipaca, we also had a 'bug' in our landing process. I was able to land my Model.name patch, but it actually broke the test suite on master09:26
jam(the tests passed on my branch, and on your branch that you landed, my batch removed an import that your patch started using)09:27
jamI fixed in in the next PR that I just landed, but we should09:27
jamthink about if we want to change anything.09:27
Chipacayeah, that race exists09:28
Chipacaat some point it'll be worth it to serialise commits with a bot09:29
jamChipaca, I think you can set the github flag "PRs must include master tip" before landing09:29
jamit causes humans to serialize, but means you at least don't have the race09:29
Chipacaah, that i can do09:29
mupPR operator#331 closed: test/test_model.py: racing tests <Created by jameinel> <Closed by jameinel> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/pull/331>09:30
Chipacajam: done09:36
jamtime to cover up your hanging lamps: https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2020/06/eavesdropping_o_9.html10:44
jam"passively look at the lightbulb of a hanging lamp" and can recreate speech/music playing inside10:44
jammeasured from 25 meters away10:44
Chipacahah, joke's on them, i can't afford lamps10:56
facubatistaMuy buenos días a todos!11:06
Chipacafacubatista: 👋!11:07
facubatistaChipaca, hola!11:09
facubatistaChipaca, what pip does wrt vendoring?11:15
Chipacafacubatista: it grabs all the wheels it needs and plops them down somewhere11:15
Chipacafacubatista: then when you import _vendor it loads all the wheels11:15
Chipacatakes a couple of seconds here11:16
* facubatista -> kids' school (virtual) meeting11:20
davigar15Hello, where should I ask reactive related questions? There's a guy at Telefonica that has a reactive charm with an action. At the top of the action, he is putting this: `log("Executing action"`. log is imported `from charmhelpers.core.hookenv import log`. For whatever reason, he cannot see the log in `juju debug-log`11:34
davigar15any ideas?11:34
jamdavigar15, I would probably ask in #juju11:59
jamdavigar15, aside from that I would consider "juju model-config logging-config" to figure out if the default log level is omitting his messages12:00
jamChipaca, interesting yak to dig into. pip install pytoml, which is now deprecated in favor of 'toml'12:11
stubYou use pip to build wheels, which you vendor. You can then tell pip to install wheelhouse/*.whl13:01
Chipacastub: pip itself does something funkier with them though13:22
* facubatista is back13:23
mupIssue operator#332 opened: Model.config is mutable <Created by jameinel> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/issues/332>13:56
* Chipaca takes a break16:42

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