azend_Hey genii!19:17
geniiazend_: Salutations :)19:25
geniiazend_: I figure you'd know about the steel machining stuff  at the Kwartzlab. I'm slowly accumulating pieces here now for a small setup from scratch. I think I need help with making a chuck backplate19:27
geniimeh, work back in a bit19:28
azend_Work? Bah.19:28
azend_Sure. Happy to help with what I can. That said, I'm not part of kwartz. I'm part of Diyode from Guelph.19:29
azend_Though it does remind me of the time I tried to run for board of directors without a membership19:30
azend_They kicked me out and changed the bylaws shortly after :)19:30
azend_*at kwartz19:31
geniiazend_: I have a couple chucks, one a 7 1/2" 3-jaw, and a 6" 4-jaw. But no headstock. But I do have some sturdy L-099 cast iron couplers that can go on a 1" keyed shaft. So I'm thinking there might be some wayt o make a temporary backplate for both chuck bolt patterns that also bolts or interference-fits fit a press onto the end of one of these couplers19:41
genii( they nominally measure 2 9/16")19:42
azend_No headstock. Do you have the rest of the lathe? :P19:43
geniiIf the Guelph lab has a lathe I could make a day trip at some point19:44
azend_We do19:44
geniiazend_: At this point I have the 2 chucks, motor, a couple gear reducers,pulleys and belts assortment. CXA toolpost on order19:45
geniiI'm going to make my own headstock19:45
azend_We have a lathe to make round things rounder19:46
azend_And a mill to make square things more square19:46
geniiazend_: Can the mill do hole indexing?19:46
geniiwork again :(19:46
azend_There's a digital dro19:46
azend_I'm not sure if we have a spindexer19:47
azend_We do have a rotary table as well if you want to take the time to dial it in19:47
geniiIs the lab still open during these times? I saw Kwartzlab calendar was basically "closed indefinitely"19:51
geniiMy inital plan was to draw up plans for an adapter and shop it around locally for best price at a regular machine-shop and then I remembered you guys had metal working capabilities, thought I'd enquire19:58
azend_Diyode is open to nevermind20:08
azend_Diyode is open to members20:08
azend_We have a booking system for sections of the shop20:09
azend_Open houses and gatherings are still well out20:09
azend_We're accepting members too but without open houses it's a bit more complicated20:11
azend_Just email info@diyode.com when you're ready20:11
geniiOK, cool20:14
azend_I totally didn't just spend 40 minutes of company time trying to find this YouTube channel20:40
azend_Anyway, there's some good stuff20:40
geniiazend_: Very nice22:30
geniiI also like Keith Rucker22:30
azend_I spend a lot of my life watching YouTube22:31
azend_It's great stuff22:31
geniiBetter in general than TV, anyhow22:32

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