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ducassegood morning06:16
lordievaderGood morning06:17
asdfghare the softwares installed via the default software-tool of ubuntu 20.04 coming from SNAP?15:09
lotuspsychjeasdfgh: its the users choice nowadays to install from apt or snaps15:09
asdfghlotuspsychje, sure ok, but as i wrote i did not install it via snap15:09
asdfghjust via the default ubuntu software tool15:09
asdfghare those packages coming from snap ?15:09
lotuspsychjeasdfgh: before you install the software, you can check at bottom: snap-store15:09
lotuspsychjeasdfgh: 20.04 uses the snap store by default, that does mean yes it holds also snaps by default too15:10
asdfghlotuspsychje, at bootm where exactly?15:10
asdfghi did not find snap-stopre15:10
asdfghor really? i thought we were moving forward to Flatpak15:11
asdfghso canonical is going to replace apt in the next relases?15:11
lotuspsychjeasdfgh: source: snapcraft.io15:11
asdfghinteresting...yes but why this? i mean...we are moving to snap 100% in the next releases?15:12
asdfghi heard about flatpak too, because snap is ubuntu-centric15:12
asdfghno true?15:13
lotuspsychjeasdfgh: no decision yet like that for the future15:13
lotuspsychjebut the snaps are growing...15:13
asdfghlotuspsychje, ok so where i can exactly select snap store from the software tool15:13
lotuspsychjeasdfgh: ubuntu-software is the snap store on 20.04, it just colors orange like the old ubuntu software centre15:14
asdfghooh ok15:15
lotuspsychjeasdfgh: df -h15:15
lotuspsychjeasdfgh: you see snap-store? under /dev/loop ?15:18
asdfghoh yes15:19
asdfghlotuspsychje, yes15:19
jnewsomeHi, I'm working on a research project and am trying to compile the "glibc-source" package. Closest docs I could find are for compiling "source packages" but this seems to be a slightly different beast15:30
UssatPersonally, I rip snap* out of every server install15:31
jnewsomeIt's not a "source package" for glibc, but a regular package that happens to contain the glibc sources + patches15:31
UssatIMHO snaps that decide when to update themselvs outside of my controll have no place in an enterprise server15:32
jnewsomeit's not clear how to use the contents to configure + compile the glibc source in a way consistent with the system's glibc15:32
Ussatand TBH if that gets to the point whee I cant, I wont use Ubuntu15:33
jnewsome(I tried #ubuntu first; they suggested I try here)15:33
daftykinsstrange since it sounds like a support query15:33
lotuspsychjei suggested jnewsome he discuss here as we dont really support own compiles15:50
lotuspsychjebut oh well, ioria is already helping15:50
daftykinsoh i knew it was you ;)15:52
lotuspsychjeits a real user this time daftykins :p15:54
lotuspsychjeUssat: lxd was default snap on -server now right?16:06
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