jrwrenhaha... SRE - simple restart everything00:45
mrgoodcatgreg-g: just got word WMF voted thanks for your help :)03:36
jrwren"self updating" i wonder if I have any control over that.14:46
greg-gmrgoodcat: no worries, I literally didn't push just said "hey, I got pinged, please take a look"14:52
greg-gmrgoodcat: meaning: it wasn't a forced vote, you earned it :)14:52
mrgoodcatcool :)14:52
mrgoodcatmost AC members I deal with either don't know they're on the committee or forgot their password or something similar so this is like the best experience i've had haha14:53
greg-gEvan Prodromou is good people (our AC rep)14:55
greg-gyou may know him from a bunch of things: wikitravel, identi.ca/status.net, some weird AI startup, and now Wikimedia :)14:55
mrgoodcatpodromou is a name i recognize but i'm not sure from what15:02
cmaloneyOh snap15:02
mrgoodcatits fairly recognizable though15:02
cmaloneyEvan is really good people15:02
cmaloneyEvan is on my list of "favorite beverage on me"15:03
greg-ghe's a PM for us on our Core Platform team15:37
cmaloneyOh, nice15:42
rick_hjrwren:  pay for a snap proxy store and sure15:44
rick_h(control over auto updating)15:44
jrwrenha! yeah.15:49
cmaloneySorry, your fridge has a borked bind and cannot make ice15:51
rick_hwell an the other side is "your fridge has a giant security whole folks can use to turn it off on you remotely and it's updated now"17:04
rick_hworks both ways17:04
rick_hfolks want routers maintained and security automatically but are afraid of those auto updates as well :/17:04
cmaloneyrick_h: I just want the good things, not the bad things17:06
cmaloneymake it work, dammit. ;)17:07
* rick_h waves a magic wand17:07
jrwrenlol, no, not at all.17:08
jrwrenits very simple, never smart antyhing. my fridge, toaster, oven, microwave will never be networked.17:09
greg-gunless I'm running joey hess' haskel driven solar powered freezer17:14
mrgoodcatnot sure i understand the reason for an internet connected fridge17:28
jrwrenit can place your amazon fresh order for you when you are out of sour cream.17:39
jrwrenwhy is there an alexa microwave.17:46
jrwrenoh sorry - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kY-pUxKQMUE17:47
jrwrenlinks, lynx, or elinks?19:10
cmaloneythough it depends on the use-case19:11
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