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cyberspectreIs there a straightforward way to make Ubuntu boot (and work) despite daily unclean power loss?00:18
cyberspectreOr is there another distro designed for this?00:18
sarnoldcyberspectre: have you looked over ubuntu core yet? https://ubuntu.com/core00:19
sarnoldcyberspectre: the ubuntu core update mechanism is transactional and doesn't rely on maintainer scripts (to the same degree?) that they are used in typical deb packaging; it should be more resilient to random power losses than the usual 'classic' ubuntu00:20
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cyberspectresarnold, thanks, I'll check that out01:22
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cluelesspersondoes anyone know a good gigabit wifi card that plays nice with linux?01:35
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moonfmdesireI have an nvidea card I just installed and went into 'proprietary driivers' tab to install drivers. I launched Blender and it does not recognize the card I have. Therefore, I may have done it incorrectly.02:44
Bashing-ommoonfmdesire: Show us in a pastebin ' sudo lshw -C display '.02:47
skyliner_369AAAAA curse you nvidia! making youtube videos randomly freeze during playback02:49
skyliner_369and keeping everything else closed source about your GPUs so that there's only 2 unpaid interns making linux drivers02:51
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poutinehmm not sure you can blame nvidia for that03:18
skyliner_369I don't really... it's just more complaining about the awfully made drivers.03:22
poutineSo I've been using linux since the 90s, and it used to be you had to install catalyst control center, and everyone hated ATI/AMD drivers/cards in linux, it's a little crazy to hear the opposite in 202003:24
poutineI guess they just need to compete against CUDA03:25
skyliner_369it's probably actually because AMD has been getting a TON more open about their stuff. it puts them constantly on the back foot because any innovation they make nvidia will instantly snap up but when nvidia makes an innovation AMD has to skirt the patents for their own version.03:28
conris it possible to use cli to rename folders dynamically from `[2020] Title` to this `Title (2020)`?04:18
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kinghatwith systemd timers why does it need to invoke a service?04:56
kinghatcant it just run its directive and that it?04:56
kinghatWakeSystem=true in this case04:56
kinghatotherwise you have to create a no-op service04:57
kinghatthis and under the resume timer section: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2348514&p=13590987#post1359098704:58
poutineconr: pretty ugly and not perfect, but IFS=$'\n'; for i in `find ./ -type d`; do ND=`echo $i |sed 's/^\.\/\[/(/g' |sed 's/\]/\)/g' |sed 's/^\([^ ]\+\) \(.*\)$/\2 \1/g'`; mv "${i}" "${ND}"; done;05:01
nanthencodeneethmidhun@midhun-Vostro-15-3568:/media/midhun/52ECEF3AECEF174F$ mkdir newmkdir: cannot create directory ‘new’: Read-only file system05:02
poutineconr: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bSthygCVpy/05:02
quadrathoch2you have to chown the usb stick nanthencodeneeth05:02
poutinequadrathoch2: eh looks more like a ro file system05:02
poutinelike the message indicates05:02
nanthencodeneethit is a harddisk partition05:02
conrpoutine: thx ill try05:03
poutinenanthencodeneeth: Remount it as rw05:03
quadrathoch2i get that error when I just created the filesystem with parted *shrug* poutine05:03
nanthencodeneethquadrathoch2 not allowed to do chown05:04
poutinechown really has nothing to do with this05:04
poutinequadrathoch2 doesn't know what he's saying05:04
poutineremount it as rw05:04
poutineI'm not saying it's not possible there's more permissions issues once you remount as a read/write filesystem, but you just can't mkdir (write) to a read-only filesystem, it just doesn't work05:05
poutineno amount of chowning will change that05:05
nanthencodeneeth@potine can you give me commands to do that05:09
nanthencodeneethsorry* poutine05:09
poutinenanthencodeneeth: What's the device and mount point?05:11
poutinesudo mount -o remount,rw /dev/something /mnt/something05:12
poutineif you post the output of the 'mount' command I could probably tell you05:12
nanthencodeneethpoutine https://paste.debian.net/1152439/05:30
nanthencodeneethsorry for delay my connection got interrupted05:30
conrpoutine: looks like it only works if running from the same level05:33
poutinetrue conr, it is flawed05:33
conrpoutine: can i run one folder up? no its still great.05:34
poutinehmm nanthencodeneeth, it does look like it's mounted read-write here05:34
poutineis this ntfs?05:35
nanthencodeneethpoutine yes it is ntfs05:35
poutinemight need ntfs-3g, but I don't know, I didn't realize it was a fuse mount05:35
sazawalHow do I disable the keyring password prompt on linux? ubuntu-keyring in my case.05:54
pi0how can i troubleshoot an app that does not load06:10
pi0when i try to launch it via cli06:10
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bparkerpi0: gdb perhaps, but it kinda depends on what you mean by "does not load"06:28
pi0bparker: i downloaded unityhub06:40
pi0to install unity3d06:40
pi0its an applimage06:40
pi0these are the permissions -rwxrwxr-x06:40
edgarsubuntu 20.04 +10TB hdd, why autopartitioning creates 538MB fat32 partition?06:47
edgarsand why after install /boot is empty?06:49
bparkerit shouldn't be afaik06:50
bparkerwhere is your kernel otherwise06:50
bparkerand how did you even boot06:50
edgarsi cant boot06:50
bparkerwell then that would explain it06:50
bparkermaybe should have mentioned that first06:51
pi0hmm let me reboot06:51
edgarshow it comest, that id does not install kernel?06:51
bparkerI can only assume something went wrong during the install06:51
bparkerno idea06:51
OnceMewhen I select encrypt whole drive while installing, I cannot choose partition for / or such?06:51
OnceMecause my partition is now 999G for /06:52
* edgars is frustrated06:56
OnceMehow can I get back my indicator of opened app?06:57
OnceMethere is a dot on left which indicates app is runing, but how do I get indicator dot on right of icon when app is main focus?06:57
OnceMealso how do I switch between apps on a wheel mouse scroll, like it used to be in 16.04?06:57
OnceMeand when maximize apps, I set x - [] on left but when I maximize activity bar is still in top, not like in 16.0406:58
bparkerthat sounds quite dependent on what WM you use06:59
OnceMeits gnome07:01
OnceMecan I use gnome from ubuntu 16.04?07:01
OnceMeI really liked it :(07:01
ducasseOnceMe: iirc 16.04 still used unity, not gnome. that is still installable.07:02
OnceMewas 16.04 using unity07:02
OnceMehow do I know if I use gnome or unity>07:03
ducasseunless you've installed unity yourself you're not using it07:03
OnceMeyeah I think I did07:05
OnceMeIm using 16.04 for 4-5 years and it was unity07:05
OnceMeI didnt get used to gnome let me check unity07:05
OnceMeyes, Unity fixed it!07:15
OnceMeone more bug I saw in 20.04 on Unity is that sound bar when click and try to increase volume on a scroll, its inverted07:16
OnceMescrolling up lowers volume :(07:16
lotuspsychjeOnceMe: you can pick other indicator styles on gnome too, by tweaking with dconf-editor07:16
OnceMewhich indicators are in place?07:17
lotuspsychjeOnceMe: org/gnome/shell/extensions/dash to dock/running-indicator-style07:18
lotuspsychje!info dconf-editor | OnceMe07:19
ubottuOnceMe: dconf-editor (source: dconf-editor): simple configuration storage system - graphical editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.36.0-1 (focal), package size 306 kB, installed size 1212 kB07:19
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odenHi people. I'm on a internal CentOS 8 repo server and need to rsync ubuntu updates 18.x and 20.x. Can someone please advice?07:22
OnceMelotuspsychje: do I need to edit file or to install dconf-editor app?07:23
OnceMeI dont see org/gnome/shell though07:23
edgarsdo i need a separate /boot partition on gpt  partitions for md raid?07:27
quadrathoch2oden what do you mean by rsyncing updates?07:37
odenquadrathoch2: I need to fetch ubuntu updates using rsync to a CentOS 8 server. I'm not sure what the minimum is needed for this.07:38
quadrathoch2oden i assume the centos server is the repository for the ubuntu servers?07:39
quadrathoch2as in do the ubuntu servers have internet or not?07:40
odenquadrathoch2: The CentOS server is the repository server that I plan to use to distribute ubuntu updates to internal servers.07:41
OnceMewhy disks and gparted show different number for partition of my ssd?07:42
OnceMedisks shows partition luks 999G and 700MB for grub etc.. but I thought my ssd does not 1TB, thats only in theory, in reality it has 950G right?07:43
quadrathoch2oden you can look here, and see how you would set up a mirror. that's probably easier than trying to rsyncing only specific packages07:43
quadrathoch2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors ^07:43
IAEONOnceMe: there iswhatiscalled GB and GiB coders disntget it rightso it reports false07:44
IAEONat that dont trust luks07:46
IAEONcant get a filesize right07:46
OnceMeso to trust gparted?07:46
IAEONwhy encryptiin07:46
OnceMewhy not?07:46
IAEONbecause it isnt right07:47
IAEONthe keys need to be separated and if you do it youmay find it doesnt work07:47
IAEONusing a backup and restorefor luks headers07:48
IAEONdont run any sata commnds euther07:48
IAEONcant get a filesize,cant get luks, cant calibrate a screen, cant send an ata command07:49
quadrathoch2what are you talking about IAEON oO?07:49
IAEONend upbricking the ata drive07:49
IAEONdid you buya warranty from cannon07:49
IAEONno stereo separation07:53
odenquadrathoch2: thank you. i'm looking at the bionic release. do i need ftp://ftp.acc.umu.se/mirror/ubuntu/dists/bionic-security/ only or ftp://ftp.acc.umu.se/mirror/ubuntu/dists/bionic-updates/ as well?07:53
IAEONoutsource your gpg07:54
odenquadrathoch2: it's quite confusing as i'm not a ubuntu user.07:54
IAEONhey oden07:55
odenIAEON: hello.07:55
IAEONI yave some old pre revenant copies of ubuntu07:56
IAEONdont trust oldversions either they mat have been tampered07:57
edgarsCan anybody point me how to correctly set mdraid with gpt partitions on ubuntu 20? :)07:57
IAEONmay, the web archives07:57
quadrathoch2oden best is both. you probably want main restricted universe (maybe multiverse?) and then the normal bionic bionic updates bionic security, as they push out teh packages on different ways. and you always want to update to the next point release07:58
odenwhat's multiverse and universe ?07:59
IAEON10.04 lucid lynx was pretry much the base07:59
quadrathoch2oden https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu07:59
quadrathoch2there is a short explanation ^07:59
IAEONnotice 12.10 took up arms07:59
odenquadrathoch2: aha, thanks!08:00
quadrathoch2ask away if you have more questions ;)08:00
OnceMelotuspsychje: so how to fix inverted sound scroll wheel issue?08:01
IAEONmade it out to about 14 before it started getting tampered with08:01
OnceMeim on unity 20.0408:01
IAEONhad to eject08:03
IAEONsqueese those dogtags08:03
IAEONdebian squeese08:03
asdfghwhat is a good IRC client for ubuntu 20.04?08:04
asdfghnow i am using konversation08:05
quadrathoch2if you are on plasma, quassel is pretty nice imho asdfgh08:05
IAEONit works08:05
OnceMeasdfgh: hexchat08:05
IAEONthat's good?08:05
OnceMeits a fork of xchat08:05
IAEONmaverik meerkat08:06
asdfghit seems not available on APT08:07
asdfghi did a search for hexchat without success08:07
IAEONsystem76 was spawned08:07
asdfghhow can i install hexchat?08:08
asdfghvia snap?08:08
quadrathoch2oden you are good?08:09
odenquadrathoch2: i think so, had to do something else atm.08:09
quadrathoch2no problem, was just making sure ;)08:10
odenquadrathoch2: thanks so much.08:10
quadrathoch2oden ^08:10
quadrathoch2yw oden08:10
IAEONthinking about leaving the u.s.a. for a less secure military position with an ally having a lightning II and faking a wreck and flying off into oblivion08:13
IAEONcome fly with me08:13
IAEONlet's fly08:13
IAEONlet's fly away08:13
IAEONfreebird union08:14
asdfghhello again08:21
asdfghinstalled hexchat via snap08:21
asdfghwhen i do08:21
asdfghsnap run hexchat i get error with gtk...08:21
asdfghGtk-Message: Failed to load module "gail"08:21
asdfghGtk-Message: Failed to load module "atk-bridge"08:21
asdfghGtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"08:21
asdfghis this "normal" ?08:21
lotuspsychjeasdfgh: please contact the maintainer of the snap: contact:   https://github.com/hexchat/hexchat/issues08:22
OnceMeapt-get install hexchat will do08:22
OnceMesnap sucks08:22
lotuspsychjeOnceMe: please lets not generalize statements like that here08:22
OnceMeok, hexchat snap sucks :D08:22
asdfghback again08:24
asdfghinstalled hexchat via apt :D08:24
asdfghbetter look & feel08:24
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OnceMehow to fix my inveryed sound on a mouse wheel scroll, its unity 20.0408:36
OnceMecan someone help me? sound indicator when clicked and then I scroll wheel on my mouse it increases volume when it should decrease it08:46
OnceMewhen I dont click sound icon in top bar, but just hover and scroll my wheel, direction is correct, what is happening?08:46
IAEONurban audio?08:53
IAEONgota monitor going08:53
OnceMeIAEON:  ha?08:54
OnceMehttps://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/00_global_menu.png when I hover on that sound bar icon left from clock and use my mouse to increase volume and scroll it up it works properly, but when I click on it and in output volume scroll again, its inverted, why and how to fix? :(08:55
s0ullightHi guys, I'm using iwd as the backend for network manager. I just found out support for hidden wireless networks was added in network manager version 1.24 but the latest one for 20.04 is 1.2208:57
OnceMehttps://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/00_global_menu.png when I hover on that sound bar icon left from clock and use my mouse to increase volume and scroll it up it works properly, but when I click on it and in output volume scroll again, its inverted, why and how to fix? :( I've moved from gnome to unity., mabe in process something is messed up? should I remove gnome?08:57
s0ullight20.10 has 1.24 available. can I grab that deb and install it on my 20.04?08:58
MrElendigmay break your system08:59
MrElendigor at least networkmanager08:59
guivercs0ullight, I'd check the dependencies first, but you'll be turning your system into non-LTS for parts; likely not good security wise..08:59
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MrElendigif you make sure you have a copy of the 1.22 deb or alternative network access than wifi then you can try and just roll back if it doesn't work09:01
quadrathoch2s0ullight when you know what you are doing, you could backport it for yourself09:01
OnceMeMrElendig: do you know how to fix my issue?09:01
MrElendigad if apt complains about deps, don't force it09:01
OnceMeor at least some ideas, someone mentioned dconf-editor but not sure what to look there09:02
IAEONaudio is screwed09:02
OnceMeIAEON: for whom, me?09:02
IAEONmy phone09:02
IAEONsame problem09:03
IAEONanythi g after android 409:03
guivercIAEON, please stay on-topic, or use #ubuntu-offtopic09:04
IAEONbythe time it gets to the shelf·09:04
OnceMeguiverc: do you know how to fix my issue with sound scroll wheel?09:05
OnceMethis is a fresh install of ubuntu 20.04 with LUKS and unity instead of gnome, why is this happening?09:05
OnceMeplease help me I dont know what to do09:23
OnceMecan I add some custom .xkeybindkeyssrc or something for this09:23
OnceMehow to change scroll direction for this soundbar?09:23
viktor_Hi. I'm setting up a nextcloud on my server and trying to make it more secure with certbot. But that fails to set up automated redirection. Do i just need to forward the port on my router? Or, something else?09:25
s0ullightMrElendig guiverc quadrathoch2 it worked, had to also get a copy of libnm0, now I'm connected to the hidden network yay09:28
OnceMeMrElendig: what to do09:28
OnceMeIm missing natural scrolling otion09:34
OnceMeI even installed unity tweak tools but which value to change :(09:34
OnceMeubuntu sound settings scroll direction change conf09:35
quadrathoch2viktor_ do you have a domain? or are you trying to do that with an ip?09:38
viktor_i have a domain on a ddns which redirects to my ip09:40
viktor_quadrathoch2: i have a domain on a ddns which redirects to my ip09:41
quadrathoch2viktor_ which ddns are you using?09:42
viktor_quadrathoch2: no-ip09:42
quadrathoch2viktor_ does the normal https work?09:43
MrElendigconsider running it over wireguard09:43
viktor_quadrathoch2: quadrathoch2: this is the first webserver i'm setting up. never configured https before.09:44
quadrathoch2uh, then it would be better to only access it through a vpn or wireguard. as securing a webserver is harder than vpn/wireguard viktor_09:45
viktor_quadrathoch2: i should probably forward a port, but not sure which one.09:45
viktor_quadrathoch2: also, i get this error: Unable to find corresponding HTTP vhost; Unable to create one as intended addresses conflict; Current configuration does not support automated redirection09:45
MrElendiganyway if you have a whatever.no-ip.com then you can't simply gen a cert for it09:45
viktor_but not sure which configuration is refered too09:45
viktor_MrElendig: so, HTTPS is out?09:46
MrElendiga public cert is out, you can make your own self singed09:46
MrElendigbut it won't be trusted by any CA09:46
MrElendigif you could do this, you could just go and grab yourself a certificate for mail.google.com.......09:47
quadrathoch2MrElendig you can do it over no-ip https://community.letsencrypt.org/t/dyndns-no-ip-managed-dns-support/883/1509:47
OnceMeon wayland/gnome sound bar volume increase with mouse wheel works properly, only on unity it does not, whyyyyy09:48
MrElendigquadrathoch2: with limitations09:48
quadrathoch2I still wouldn't recommend it, especially when viktor_ never set up a webserver09:48
MrElendigthey are on https://publicsuffix.org/list/ but many will not accept it anyway09:48
viktor_Is it a bad idea to set up the nextcloud without https?09:49
MrElendigis it just for your use or do you need random people to be able to access it?09:49
OnceMeMrElendig: hey09:49
MrElendigif the later, just spend the 5€/year for a proper domain09:50
quadrathoch2viktor_ very much09:50
viktor_MrElendig: just for me. maybe also for a few close people and sharing email attachment and so on09:50
MrElendigviktor_: what are the actual errors though?09:51
MrElendigand do you have 443 forwarded?09:51
OnceMecan you people see me texting09:52
viktor_MrElendig: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XqdGK32k7W/09:52
viktor_MrElendig: not yet, i wasn't sure that was the (only) problem09:53
MrElendigyou must have 80 and 443 forwarded first09:53
MrElendigare you using apache?09:54
viktor_MrElendig: yes, apache209:54
viktor_OnceMe: yes09:54
MrElendigyou need to set up a vhost for the domain on both 80 and 44309:54
MrElendigor at least 80 if you want to use the automatic config generator09:55
MrElendig(by using --apache)09:55
viktor_MrElendig: vhost for 80 is setup already09:56
MrElendigthe error usually means that certbot can't find the vhost09:56
OnceMecan I set something for my xinput?09:58
OnceMeor can someone tell me where settings conf is in ubuntu for sound bar settings?09:58
quadrathoch2OnceMe honestly, as most people moved on from unity to gnome (as you can configure gnome almost to a unity design) most people just probably forgot how to do that (if they even knew)10:02
OnceMehow do you set gnome to be same as unity?10:03
OnceMeits probably super hard, I want to hide top bar and have app maximized, I want to change apps on mouse scroll, I want to have a right dot when app is focused etc..10:03
OnceMeall that which comes from unity10:03
OnceMebtw someone mentioned I can change sound bar theme/style with some other, I'm fine with that, but can someone check above logs and tell me where to change it in dconf-editor?10:04
viktor_MrElendig: I just copied the vhost in the conf file again and changed the port in the second part. but it still doesn't work10:05
quadrathoch2well there is an addon for hide top bar, if you want the left panel there is another one. but mostly look into https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1287/unite/10:05
OnceMeits not that10:05
viktor_OnceMe: you can do most of that with gnome-extensions10:05
OnceMeI can hide it completely sure, but I want semi-hidden, in right column to have clock apps etc and in left  column to have - x []10:05
quadrathoch2OnceMe i guess you have to figure it out yourself or maybe you can find somebody there https://github.com/ubports/unity810:06
OnceMehow do I know its unity8?10:07
OnceMeI just installed ubuntu-unity-desktop10:07
MrElendigyou select it when you log in on the dm screen10:09
quadrathoch2OnceMe https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bugs here is the bugreporter if you want10:09
quadrathoch2it's unity7 btw10:09
OnceMehow do I upgrade to unity8?10:10
quadrathoch2i don't know10:11
MrElendigyou basically have to get it trough ubuntu touch10:12
OnceMewhich unity came with 16.04?10:12
OnceMethat works perfectly for me10:12
OnceMeI want to use that unity, I used it for 5 years no issues what so ever10:13
MrElendigchanging the DE specially to one that is basically dead just because the scrollwheel goes the wrong way on the volume icon is a bit..10:13
quadrathoch2OnceMe it was also unity7.10:13
MrElendiganyway: https://unity8.io/10:14
quadrathoch2OnceMe why don't you stay with 16.04 as it is still supported?10:14
OnceMeI dont know10:15
OnceMeI like to be up to date with sowtwares10:15
MrElendignot supported for long10:15
OnceMemy logitech mx master and mx keys have support drivers10:15
MrElendigand a lot of software won't work in it10:15
OnceMe7.4.5 is on 16.04 and now I have 7.5.010:16
OnceMecan I downgrade unity to 7.4.5 ?10:16
quadrathoch2idk paying 25 euros per year for having the system for another 6 years sounds okay for me (when you cling to an eol DE)10:17
quadrathoch2OnceMe probably not10:17
WereCatfWill 20.04 get kernel version 5.7 and, if so, any idea when? I haven't paid any attention before to how often Ubuntu upgrades the kernel available.10:18
OnceMewheres log for this channel10:18
quadrathoch2WereCatf about a year probably (hitting with 20.04.2)10:18
MrElendigOnceMe: check if your client logs10:18
MrElendigmost do by default10:18
WereCatfquadrathoch2: Ugh, so long :/ God dammit10:19
quadrathoch2WereCatf anything special you are looking for?10:19
WereCatfquadrathoch2: GTV-G is broken in 5.4 and up. It got fixed in 5.7.10:20
OnceMe<lotuspsychje>OnceMe: org/gnome/shell/extensions/dash to dock/running-indicator-style10:20
OnceMethere it is10:20
quadrathoch2WereCatf not much better but probably in februrary10:20
quadrathoch2WereCatf did you already look into mainline kernels?10:20
quadrathoch2WereCatf it's not really supported, but it's a way to get a newer kernel10:21
WereCatfquadrathoch2: Yeah, I guess I don't have much choice10:21
MrElendigWereCatf: not that hard to make your own .deb with 5.710:21
quadrathoch2MrElendig why doing your own deb when canonical offers you builds?10:21
WereCatfMrElendig: Nothing to do with it being hard. I just wanted to know if/when an officially-supported kernel with the broken feature fixed would be released.10:22
WereCatfI have no interest in compiling my own kernels, after having done it for years10:22
quadrathoch2btw WereCatf was the fix maybe backported?10:22
WereCatfquadrathoch2: I wouldn't know10:23
quadrathoch2WereCatf btw, no need for compiling https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/10:23
OnceMehow hard this could be10:24
OnceMeits just some conf file to change direction wheel of sound settings10:24
quadrathoch2So go hunt for it OnceMe10:25
OnceMeis it because I use lightdm?10:25
quadrathoch2oO what does a DM have to do with the DE?10:26
OnceMeI dont know where conf files are for unity10:27
quadrathoch2when you can find them then probably /etc/unity and in your home folder (hidden)10:27
quadrathoch2im not sure if /etc/unity is the right folder :/10:28
Saeidhi, when I use "startx /usr/bin/awesome --no-argb" it will run awesome, but when I use "startx" it won't!!! actually my ~/.xinitrc won't run it seems, it has following contents: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5qgCysGc4t/10:34
gr8Hi, I am looking for a calendar software with a vertical layout, like this: http://calendartable.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Calendar-May-2017-Vertical-Days.jpg10:35
gr8Unfortunately all calendar programs that I could find have a grid layout. I am looking for this layout because it's the most intuitive one for me. Does anybody know a program that can do this?10:35
gr8Right now I am using a paper calendar that has this format but I want to digitalize it :)10:36
OnceMequadrathoch2 https://github.com/mate-desktop/mate-indicator-applet/issues/3610:44
OnceMeseems like thats the issue I have, but I dont see a fix there10:45
quadrathoch2OnceMe even if it is your problem, that issue has a different Desktop Environment, so it wouldn't really help probably10:46
OnceMeso what to do?10:47
OnceMeI dont like gnome10:47
OnceMeI would use it only if it could look like unity :(10:47
OnceMemaybe to install 18.04?10:49
OnceMebut not sure if the same problem will be present10:49
evlute1 hello, i need help with preseed.cfg, because i can't disable the network autoconfiguration with d-i netcfg/enable boolean false - it will be ignored.10:49
evlute1any suggestions?10:49
odenquadrathoch2: i need pool/main as well as new updates seems to pull in new deps.11:43
BluesKaj'Morning all11:50
qaz101How to get acpi_call in ubuntu 20.04?11:58
qaz101want to Fully Power Down Discrete GPU11:59
dengihi guys12:00
dengiis there a way to enable flash in chromium?12:00
dengiThe web page at chrome://plugins/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web addres12:00
dengiinstalled adobe-flushplugin12:00
dengidoes anyone here knows how to enable flash???12:03
Velardehttps://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/net-install-flash.html.en did you try this?12:04
ioriaqaz101, you can have a look at this; but it's outdated  https://github.com/mkottman/acpi_call12:05
qaz101ioria, my laptop is made in 2016. it is not supported12:07
ioriai see12:07
=== msalvatore_ is now known as msalvatore
ioria!info acpi-call-dkms focal | qaz10112:08
ubottuqaz101: acpi-call-dkms (source: acpi-call): Kernel module that enables you to call ACPI methods. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.0-5 (focal), package size 13 kB, installed size 47 kB12:08
qaz101ioria how to install it ?12:09
qaz101it supports amd card ?12:09
ioriaqaz101, it's a regular pkg, i guess12:09
zprdon 20.04 lxc-create debian buster have issues starting some services like ntpd, with a debian host it works ok, they use 2 options with apparmor though (generated profile and nesting allowed), any hints on this12:11
zprdhave same issue on 18.04 too12:12
oerhekszprd, sounds not like a host problem, but your debian guest?12:13
qaz101amdgpu is not in methods12:14
zprdoerheks: well, it works on a debian host. I use the -t download template, any of you encoutered this behavior yet?12:15
qaz101ioria https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/F7RyY8SjVg/12:16
oerhekszprd, i don't run debian, nor debian guests12:16
qaz101Everything failed12:16
ioriaqaz101, i don't know that pkg; you probably need the correct code for your hw12:18
qaz101How to find it?12:18
ioriaqaz101, check it here : http://hybrid-graphics-linux.tuxfamily.org/index.php?title=ACPI_calls#Individual_Model_results12:18
qaz101ioria sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name && sudo dmidecode -s system-version outputs HP NotebookType1ProductConfigId12:23
qaz101ioria lspci -vnnn | perl -lne 'print if /^\d+\:.+(\[\S+\:\S+\])/' | grep VGA  outputs only intel12:24
JDBugyHello does anyone know anything better than NoMachine?12:24
ioriaqaz101, try with pciid of the card12:27
qaz101ioria can you please guide?12:27
ioriaqaz101, lcpci -nnk12:28
qaz10101:00.0 Display controller [0380]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Sun XT [Radeon HD 8670A/8670M/8690M / R5 M330 / M430 / Radeon 520 Mobile] [1002:6660] (rev 83)12:28
ioriaqaz101, 1002:6660 indeed is not in the table; maybe you can try with a similar model12:30
ioriaqaz101, check the HP section  with the 1002: ID12:32
OnceMeyeah I downgraded from 20.04 to 16.04 unity 7.5.0 is just broken12:34
OnceMe7.4.5 unity works fine, no issue with scroll on a sound volume and that was a feature killer for me12:34
OnceMehopefully something will be done in 22.04 regarding this, if unity is still supported12:34
ioriaqaz101, honestly, i think that blacklist the module would be enough12:37
__Milenchoioria, don't use blacklist :-D denylist (no to racism)12:41
ioriathat's new; but ok12:42
oerheksmeh, such suggestion is rasism itself.12:42
__Milenchoioria, it was a joke man;]12:44
bmomjianIs anyone running Zoom on Ubuntu and saw the app icons get huge in the most recent June 14 update?12:45
qaz101ioria, will it power it down?12:47
ioriaqaz101, well, the kernel ignores it12:47
qaz101ioria by default it is powered on, if kernel ignore it, who will power it off? sorry, i dont have much knowledge12:49
ioriaqaz101, what you mean 'by default it is powered on' ?12:49
qaz101ioria now the DGP and IGP are plugged to a framebuffer and there is no hardware multiplexer. The IGP is always on and the DGP is switched on/off when there is a need in power-save or performance-rendering.12:50
ioriaqaz101, i see ... when you need it you modprobe it again12:52
qaz101ioria, that switch script is also doing blacklist?12:59
bluegoonCan someone help me with a question please?13:33
threewhats the question13:35
oerheksask your real question, wait and see13:37
legreffierdon't ask to ask.13:38
Darzn25Hello. Does anyone success install Nitroshare on 20.04?  https://nitroshare.net/13:43
oerheksseems to be in the repos13:46
oerheks!info nitroshare bionic13:46
ubottunitroshare (source: nitroshare): Cross-platform network file transfer application. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.3.3-1 (bionic), package size 150 kB, installed size 540 kB13:46
oerheksfot for focal though https://launchpad.net/nitroshare/+packages13:46
JellyIsAwesomehow can I automatically start a process on reboot?13:49
oerheksJellyIsAwesome, write a systemd unit for it?13:49
h00kJellyIsAwesome: like https://www.linode.com/docs/quick-answers/linux/start-service-at-boot/ for example13:50
threeJelly do you start want a program to start on boot or do you need a service to start on boot13:50
JellyIsAwesomeah, perfect13:50
oerheksh00k +113:50
JellyIsAwesomethree: i'll use the docs oerheks and h00k provided13:51
oerheksenable *.service makes it start at boot.13:51
JellyIsAwesomeoerheks: got it13:51
h00kso, I was troubleshooting a wireless issue a while back, and decided to come back to it. I have a '13 mbp with CM43602 802.11ac Wireless LAN SoC (rev 01). I am not able to join wpa2 protected networks, but can join open networks. I have tried using "mainline" to grab some other kernels and test them, no success. It's using the brcmfmac module, which is supposed to support my chipset.13:52
h00kAnother interseting find is that Elementary OS (latest) works! I compared the bin files in /lib/firmware/brcm and they're the same. I'm not sure what else I can troubleshoot.13:53
h00kelementary OS is using a different kernel, of course, and I guess I'm not sure what other changes are happening under the hood, but it's def' broken on *buntus and POP_OS!13:54
oerheks19 days old; https://askubuntu.com/questions/1091172/ubuntu-18-04-wireless-connections-visible-but-wont-connect-bcm4360213:54
h00koerheks: yes, I have tried that also, no success13:54
oerheksstrange odd fix; txpower 10dBm13:54
oerheksh00k, the BT part works?13:55
h00koerheks: I was also able to track this down: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=193121#c62 but have not tried it yet.13:56
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 193121 in network-wireless "brcmfmac working extremely poorly on MacBookPro13,*" [Normal,New]13:56
oerheksyeah, looking at that -21 report too13:56
amurohttps://pastebin.com/SmCNcsNF Hi, why can't I upgrade the distro in terminal?13:57
oerheksamuro, u[pgrade path is not released yet..13:58
ubottuRegular upgrades from 18.04 LTS to 20.04 LTS will be enabled once 20.04.1 is released in late July. This delay helps to ensure that any lingering issues are resolved before people upgrade production systems. If you'd prefer to upgrade now, use sudo do-release-upgrade -d13:58
feannagI have the following setup: Laptop(Ubuntu) is connected to the internet over Wi-Fi. PC(Ubuntu) is connected to the laptop using ethernet cable. When the laptop is running VPN, the PC doesn't connect to the internet. How can i establish connection with VPN running? Also, i don't want the PC to share the VPN connection.13:59
oerheksfor 19.10 only.. use the -d option, or wait until +- 23 july13:59
amuroOh thx, I can wait14:00
amuroI will upgrade it later then. It14:00
ElodinI have a macbookpro mid1020 and i recently installed ubuntu for my little sister. However whenever it suspend, by closing the lid or not, it never come out of suspension state. It forces us to poweroff by holding power button and turn it on again.14:00
Elodinany hints on why14:01
lotuspsychje!acpi | Elodin14:05
ubottuElodin: to debug ACPI issues on ubuntu make sure your bios is up to date and follow the procedure here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI14:05
h00koerheks: on the offchance you know, that comment 62 on this: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=193121#c62, there's a "ccode" field -- I believe that's country code for the wireless card, but I'm not familiar with the formatting.14:12
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 193121 in network-wireless "brcmfmac working extremely poorly on MacBookPro13,*" [Normal,New]14:12
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OERIASI have problem on Ubuntu where my wireless drops14:36
OERIASthis issue is non-existent when in Windows 1014:37
OERIAS. Not sure if it is driver related14:37
jnewsomeHi - I'm trying to compile libc from the package source (with my own patches). I found the glibc-source package, but it's not clear how to compile it with Ubuntu's config and patches14:37
jnewsomeClosest documentation I could find is for compiling "source packages", but this seems like a slightly different beast14:38
h00koerheks: my last message didnt' send, I found the correct format by checking out some kernel source.14:44
h00koerheks: also, still didn't fix my issue, so I'm thinking it's a regression. I did submit a new bug. I'll keep digging.14:44
h00kMarked as a potential dupe, looking through:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wpa/+bug/188154914:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1881549 in wpa (Ubuntu Focal) "BCM43602 [14e4:43ba] Subsystem [1028:0020]: Upgraded to 20.04 and wifi broke" [High,Fix committed]14:48
h00kI fixed it!15:01
asdfghguys i have installed "fast" throught the software tool, it is basically a speed test from netflix... however i can run "fast" as normal user....but when i do "fast" on root i got an error15:05
h00kenable-proposed had the fix, it was bug  #1881549.15:05
ubottubug 1881549 in wpa (Ubuntu Focal) "BCM43602 [14e4:43ba] Subsystem [1028:0020]: Upgraded to 20.04 and wifi broke" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/188154915:05
asdfghIl comando «fast» è disponibile in «/snap/bin/fast»15:05
asdfghImpossibile trovare il comando poiché «/snap/bin» non è incluso nella variabile d'ambiente PATH.15:05
asdfghit is italian but i think it makes sense15:05
asdfghwhy snap ???15:05
asdfghare the software installed through snap ?15:06
lotuspsychjeh00k: tnx to comment #4815:06
lotuspsychjeasdfgh: contact the maintainer of the snap please: contact:   https://github.com/ddo/fast15:07
asdfghlotuspsychje, no wait i am asking another thing... why do the softwares are coming from snap and not from apt? i am using the default software tool of unbuntu 20.0415:08
lotuspsychjeasdfgh: for ubuntu discussions please join #ubuntu-discuss15:08
jnewsomewould my question (how to recompile libc from package source) be better for another channel? Maybe #ubuntu-devel?15:10
lotuspsychjejnewsome: we dont really reccomend compiling from source, use the packages for your specific ubuntu version instead15:12
lotuspsychjejnewsome: is there a specific reason why you compile your own?15:13
jnewsomelotuspsychje: understood. I'm trying to apply my own patches to the source though. Short answer is that this is for research use15:14
asdfghlotuspsychje, and pardon what about the problem i asked? i m ean... i can run the program with normalò user and not from root...sounds strange :D15:14
jnewsomelonger version is that I'm using LD_PRELOAD to inject my version, but of course I need to be careful that function decls, types, etc are exactly the same as the system's libc15:15
jnewsomeI've already done this with vanilla libc (https://www.jimnewsome.net/posts/patching-glibc-to-make-syscalls-interposable/) but run into errors with more complex problems, I suspect becasue of such incompatibilities15:16
jnewsomemore complex *programs15:16
quadrathoch2asdfgh well it tells you the error. there is no fast executable for root (as it is not configured right (missing PATH))15:19
lotuspsychjejnewsome: do you have a problem on ubuntu with the libc version by default?15:19
jnewsomelotuspsychje: not generally. I'm patching libc to use the syscall function instead of the syscall instruction, so that I can use LD_PRELOAD to interpose on all syscalls. This is for a research simulator15:20
asdfghi thought snap configured it automatiuclly15:20
asdfghi mean globally (or for root at least)15:20
jnewsomeI'm not planning to replace the system's libc, only use my libc with LD_PRELOAD and my simulator15:21
lotuspsychjejnewsome: maybe some advanced users at #ubuntu-discuss might discuss with you?15:22
jnewsomeok, i'll give that a try. thanks!15:22
ioriajnewsome, have you tried with 'apt source  glibc-source'  ?15:24
jnewsomeioria: sort of, it's a little weird. glibc-source is itself a "binary" package without a source package specified. it puts the glibc source in /usr/src15:25
ioriajnewsome,  probably it's the same source15:25
jnewsomeand that includes a tarball of the vanilla glibc source + a "debian" directory with some other stuff15:25
jnewsomeright, but it's not clear how to compile it15:26
jnewsome(more specifically, how to apply ubuntu's patches + configs and then compile it)15:26
octav1aHi all, I am having some issues connecting to a OSX machine from ubuntu via VNC. I believe it is some issue with the security / authentication, bcause it comes back each 5 minutes or so asking for the username and password again. I have tried krdc and remmina. Any suggestions?15:32
ioriajnewsome, well, that pkg is a bit peculiar, the mainlines are here : https://lumiera.org/documentation/user/tutorials/DebianBuilding.html15:33
ioriajnewsome, this section to answer your question : anatomy of a Debian source package15:34
jnewsomeioria: yeah, unfortunately this seems to be not quite laid out as a normal debian source package, and the normal tools for building source packages don't seem to work. (hang on)15:36
ioriawhy ?15:36
jnewsomefirst error is because there's a 'debian' directory instead of 'DEBIAN'. renaming results in a second error15:39
jnewsomeI could keep trying to hack it up to make it work, but I feel like I'm probablymissing something15:39
jnewsomethere's a control.in directory, which makes me think maybe there's another tool I'm supposed to run to generate a real control file15:42
EriC^^jnewsome: are you trying to create a .deb?15:43
jnewsomeEriC^^: Ultimately I want the .so's of the compiled library. I don't need the .deb but if the build tools end up generating one that's fine15:44
jnewsometotally possible that "dpkg -b" isn't the right thing here, but it's the closest thing I could find that operates on a local directory15:46
jnewsomethe suggested tools for building source packages in https://lumiera.org/documentation/user/tutorials/DebianBuilding.html seem targeted at "proper" source packages in the repo, not a local directory that kind-of-sort-of looks like the contents of a source package :)15:46
ioriajnewsome, let's try this way:    mkdir ~/newdir15:47
jnewsomee.g. "apt-get source --compile PACKAGENAME" doesn't apply here15:47
ioriajnewsome, and cd ~/newdir15:47
jnewsomeioria: ok15:48
ioriajnewsome,  apt source  glibc-source15:48
jnewsomeReading package lists... Done15:48
jnewsomePicking 'glibc' as source package instead of 'glibc-source'15:48
jnewsomeE: Unable to find a source package for glibc15:48
ioriajnewsome,  you don't have src enabled in /etc/apt/sources.list15:49
jnewsomeioria: *facepalm* you're right; hang on15:50
jnewsomeok, this is looking more promising15:51
ioriajnewsome,  you should see a bunch of dpkg-source: info: applying ....15:51
jnewsomeyup: $ ls15:52
jnewsomeglibc-2.27                         glibc_2.27-3ubuntu1.dsc15:52
jnewsomeglibc_2.27-3ubuntu1.debian.tar.xz  glibc_2.27.orig.tar.xz15:52
jnewsomeso I guess now I want to apply my own patches and then... dpkg-buildpackage?15:53
ioriajnewsome,  cd glibc-2.2715:54
jnewsomeioria: ok15:55
ioriajnewsome,  mkdir build-glibc/15:55
ioriajnewsome,  cd build-glibc/15:55
ioriajnewsome,  ../configure --prefix=/usr15:55
jnewsomeok. can I be confident that the binary libc package didn't use other configuration options though?15:57
jnewsomeand does this glibc-2.27 source directory already have ubuntu's patches applied?15:57
ioriajnewsome,   that cmd was just to check if have all the requirements15:57
jnewsomeah ok. yup, it succeeded15:57
ioriajnewsome,   ok, now depends on you ... just DONT run 'make install'15:58
jnewsomeunderstood :)15:58
jnewsomegotta run, but now that I have something that looks like a proper source package I can probably just go read the docs on compiling source packages16:00
jnewsomeioria: thanks a lot!16:00
Ketzerso i uninstalled snap from my Xubuntu 20.04 LTS16:11
Ketzeri tried getting chromium from the apt repository, but it somehow thinks i also want to reinstall snapd16:11
Ketzerit lists that as a package to be installed16:12
Ketzeri'm not sure why it's doing that16:12
Ketzeris this some sort of bug?16:12
VelardeI've noticed that when installing some stuff with apt it installs the snap version of them, is this a thing now?16:13
Ketzeroh, that's something usual now?? o.O16:13
Ketzerso i'm not the only one that's had that happen to them16:13
VelardeI thing Ubuntu merged their software store with snap16:14
VelardeWhen I installed Ubuntu 20.04 as soon as it came out there where both Ubuntu Software and the Snap Store16:15
Monotokoit delivers most things through snap16:15
VelardeNow there is only Ubuntu Software but when I installed spotify it used Snap16:15
Ketzerwell, i did manage to remove the snap store (and all other snap-related thing) with an apt command, but what really confused me is when i tried to install chromium through apt, it also wants to install snap16:16
MonotokoYeah probably shouldn't remove it16:16
VelardeI don't like snap16:16
Monotokoit's almost a 'core' feature now16:17
Ketzeri'm not sure you understand16:17
Velardemainly because of the directory in ~16:17
Velardebut I learned to ignore it16:17
Ketzeri do not want snap, i want to install stuff through apt or manually by compiling from source or whatever16:17
Monotokoyou can always manually compile from source16:17
Ketzerright, but what i mean is, i'm noticing this unusual insistence in the OS to get snap on the system16:17
Ketzeri don't want it16:17
Velardethen don't install it16:18
Monotokobecause it's a core feature for most things now16:18
Velardeis there any downside to Snap?16:18
Ketzeri'm really perplexed now... a core feature why? snap has a ton of issues AppImage and FlatPak don't16:19
VelardeI notice a bunch of loop with /snap/ when doing lsblk16:19
quadrathoch2Ketzer sadly, because of google, canonical moved chromium to a snap, so it's easier for them to get the updates out of the door16:20
Monotokoit's Ubuntu, you'd expect it to integrate with canonical stuff16:20
Ketzerquadrathoch2, so there's no official apt release of Chromium now for Ubuntu?16:20
quadrathoch2Ketzer yes16:20
Ketzeri mean, that may be the reason for Chromium specifically, but what Monotoko said is even more disconcerting16:21
Ketzerlike, a core feature? what?16:21
quadrathoch2Ketzer i wouldn't really call it a core feature, as you can easily remove snap and move on16:22
quadrathoch2at least i only found chromium (which I never use) and canonical-livepatch the only snaps that i would even install. but i still don't use chromium, so probably livepatch? which till nowadays I have no idea how that should work16:23
Ketzeri see.16:25
amuroWhat is snap?16:29
quadrathoch2amuro https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snap_(package_manager)16:29
Velardeis just an easy way to install ugly packaged stuff apparently16:30
jwashhi everyone, i use xfce4-terminal alot, i have created a startup script which i call with a panel launcher: https://hatebin.com/cejpdrcqqn . how do i execute a program like htop directly after i login?16:52
Guest77350 Is there a way to disable a led ( matebook d 14 2020 ) if it's not listed in places like ' /sys/devices/platform/i8042/serio0/input/input3 ' ? The machine has an annoying charing led blinking that I can't get over.16:57
ioriaGuest77350, what you have in 'll /sys/class/leds' ?17:06
Guest77350ioria: input3::capslock  input3::numlock  input3::scrolllock17:08
kinghatwhy does setting up a systemd timer need a corresponding no-op service if all i want it to do is run the WakeSystem directive?17:10
kinghatshould systemd talk be here or #ubuntu-server?17:11
ioriaGuest77350, the led is on now ?17:12
shibbolethhttps://www.debian.org/security/2020/dsa-4704 <--- bionic backports=3.08, stable=3.0.117:22
shibbolethjust how many vlc vulnerabilities do canonical find to be a reasonable amount?17:22
shibboleth"we've fixed in the app store version"17:23
shibboleth"we've fixed it in the app store version"17:23
oerheksso? what is the rant worth, shibboleth ?17:23
oerhekshow many bugs did *you* find?17:24
Guest77350ioria: good point. No. Thou I belive I've checked that already while charging. Let me double check on that thou.17:24
shibbolethso, the most commonly used desktop linux distro just. can't. even. be bothered to keep the most commonly used media player updates with re to vulns17:24
oerheksbla bla bla17:25
shibboleth"nothing to see here, move along. oh, and try our new app store"17:25
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!17:25
shibbolethyeah, i'm pointing out that vlc has multiple vulnerabilities and has had them for quite some time. that oerheks is a fanboy doesn't magically turn it into a discussion17:26
Guest77350ioria: yes, unfortunately it's the same set ( while charging / blinking ).17:26
ioriaGuest77350, cat /sys/class/leds/input3\:\:capslock/brightness17:27
coconutshibboleth, this is the wrong channel for that, go to #ubuntu-discuss17:27
oerheksspreading false and wrong information is not a discussion.17:28
shibbolethoerheks, exactly17:28
Guest77350ioria: 017:31
ioriaGuest77350, cat /sys/class/leds/input3\:\:numlock/brightness17:31
Guest77350ioria: same17:32
shibbolethoerheks, https://security-tracker.debian.org/tracker/source-package/vlc17:32
shibbolethoerheks, also, false/wrong are the same thing17:32
ioriaGuest77350, cat /sys/class/leds/input3\:\:scrolllock/brightness17:32
Guest77350ioria: unfortunatelly the same.17:33
Guest77350ioria: I am afraid it's not listed under 'leds'.17:33
shibbolethso on one hand we have an entirely community-maintained distro which *does* keep vlc updates, on the other we have a distro which fancies itself as the premier desktop linux experience but can't be bothered to keep gnome or vlc updated17:34
shibbolethdoes keep vlc updated even17:34
shibbolethxenial has had a local root in gnome for how long?17:35
lotuspsychje!ops | shibboleth repeated trolling17:35
ubottushibboleth repeated trolling: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu17:35
shibbolethlotuspsychje, how is this trolling?17:36
popeyvlc is in the universe pocket, so it's community maintained.17:37
Guest77350ioria: so I was wandering is there any way to interact with it at all. It's blinking so there is a ( unwanted feedback ) but is it possible it's happening on some bios level I don't know.17:37
popeyalternatively the vlc snap is kept up to date by the upstream vlc developers17:37
threethe universe pocket?17:37
shibbolethpopey, as opposed to debian which is entirely community-maintained. i already mentioned this to preempt the usual canned response :)17:37
popeyshibboleth debian isn't ubuntu17:38
shibbolethand a pig with lipstick is still apig17:38
shibboletha pig17:38
popeyDo you have an actual support question?17:38
shibbolethhave i been overly succinct?17:39
quadrathoch2shibboleth i don't get you, when you have ubuntu so much, why won't you just move on to another distro?17:39
ioriaGuest77350, check in 'sudo lshw'; you might find something17:39
legreffiershibboleth: sure. but with better looking lips.17:39
shibbolethquadrathoch2, now that sounds like a topic for #ub-discuss17:39
shibbolethas opposed to there being multiple vulns in multiple "top 5" applications17:40
threeas if what you are are discussing is meant for this channel17:40
shibboleththree, am i talking about the weather?17:41
shibbolethor actual issues with current stable?17:41
shibbolethmind you17:41
popeyPlease stop.17:41
Guest77350ioria: thanks. Will take a look.17:42
shibbolethlistekn, what would actually be conducive to this topic would be an actual user in authority commenting and not a couple of fanboys fawning17:44
shibboleththree, if vulnerable software doesn't qualify as an "an issue" and that hasn't been the gist of what i've been saying you may actually be right17:44
threeshibboleth now that sounds like a topic for #ub-discuss17:44
oerheksi proved vlc has made an update, now in beta.. what would you expect after 1 day?17:44
oerheksspreading false and wrong information is not a discussion.17:45
threesibboleth literally all i said is you werent on topic when i joined the channel and were calling someone out for being off topic. All i did was make a comment about what you said, you dont need to be toxic to everyone who jabs at you17:46
Guest77350ioria: unless I missed something I don't think it's mentioned there https://pastebin.com/REq4w7i9 .17:47
shibboleththree, which rests on the assumption that vulnerable software somehow isn't an issue17:48
shibbolethoerheks, https://security-tracker.debian.org/tracker/source-package/vlc17:48
shibbolethagain, which part of what i've been saying is, as you call it "false and wrong"?17:49
shibbolethhttps://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/pkg/vlc.html <--17:50
shibboleth"yeah, let's keep gnome and vlc vulnerable"17:50
threeall i said is that isnt what this channel is for. never said "false and wrong"17:50
threehow about we just think of this as a bridge and get over it, and back on topic17:51
shibboleththree, yet, oerheks has said it. twice. i'm fairly confident that it is fair to assume that i was referencing him and not you?17:53
oerheksshibboleth, all your previous visits are like this; we give the answer update is available ( https://snapcraft.io/vlc ) but you do not accept or seek help here, you are just a troll.17:53
oerheksplease leave, thanks.17:53
shibbolethyou represent canonical?17:54
shibbolethor ubuntu17:54
shibbolethexactly then how about you stop misrepresenting the truth on any level?17:54
shibbolethexactly. then how about you stop misrepresenting the truth on any level?17:54
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu17:55
threehow about you be civil? its not much to ask17:55
Uqbarhello. I'm running 20.04 and I've noticed that when I enter the wrong password at the greeter, the delay before the systems accept new input is more than that specified in /etc/pam.d/login (which is 3 seconds). What happens is that after 3 seconds where the dialog shows a spinner, the text area appears as ready to accept input, but it actually doesn't for another 1.5 seconds. Is this intentional? Whe …17:55
Uqbar… re is it configured?17:56
shibbolethi'm pointing out several "issues" and referencing public data to back my claims. your response is "off topic" and when that fails, "not civil"17:56
coconutsomeone can +q shibboleth ?17:56
popeyThis isnt the place to do that17:56
popeyYes, i work for canonical on Ubuntu17:56
threeuqbar its possible thats intended i've never messed with it. does making the delay longer affect anything?17:56
shibboleththere are multiple vulns in gnome and vlc17:56
shibbolethanyone in authority care to comment?17:57
shibbolethand the reason i'm being somewhat assertive is the *fact* that some of these vulns have been known for *years*17:58
popeyYou're being assertive in the wrong place17:59
popeyto the wrong people17:59
threeWhat do you expect to get out of this? Go email canonical is you're that concerned. this is just the ubuntu support irc17:59
shibbolethwell, as i've said multiple times: someone in authority commenting on the actual issues.17:59
shibbolethsince fanboys apparently fanboying hasn't worked as of yet18:00
popeyI did18:00
shibbolethhey, judging from you cloak you seem to be ub-affiliated18:00
shibboleththank you for pointing that out18:00
rapidwaveWhat package has 'ps' ?18:01
threeand you expect to find someone of authority in here? Most of us are users ourselves18:01
shibbolethpopey, now, to be best of your knowledge, how come these vulns have been on the back-burner for years?18:01
rapidwaveGreat. I'm using a docker container and it says that package doesn't exist18:01
shibbolethrapidwave, my bad18:02
popeyAs I said, the deb is community maintained. Find someone in the Ubuntu community (not here) who can update it. I can ping someone, and will, but again, this isn't the place for this18:02
shibbolethtotally the wrong package name18:02
rapidwaveThat doesn't exist either18:03
rapidwaveI might know why...all apt sources are set to debian buster18:03
rapidwaveSpeaking of which, how do I check Distro and distro version using CMD?18:04
threeneofetch will give you this aswell as other information18:05
popeyrapidwave cat /etc/os-release18:06
threei didnt even know that file existed18:06
rapidwaveOkay, so yes, the container is using Debian 10 Buster18:06
popeyi suspect neofetch reads it :)18:06
rapidwaveI guess I need debian support then18:06
MordocWhen desperate I use uname -a as you often find the distro there at least.18:08
popeyYou find the distro the kernel was built on in uname -a, not the distro you're running18:08
Uqbarer... how do I tell systemd-logind to reread /etc/pam.d/login ?18:10
UqbarI've changed the value of faildelay but so far it's being ignored18:10
Mordocpopey: Totally correct. Thanks for pointing that out.18:10
BlueShark_Hello. On my Acer Nitro 7 laptop, I am having trouble installing Ubuntu in dual-boot mode (with Windows). Tried the instructions from https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/15347 but still unable to boot. Think it's got to do something with AHCI mode or something. Any ideas what can be done?18:18
Uqbarthree: I've tried changing the value of faildelay but nothing changes. systemd-logind seems to disregard it.18:21
MordocVelarde: If you have a question, go ahead...18:55
VelardeMordoc: I have no question, I just like hanging out around here18:57
diskinhi, could anyone recommend good software (for gnome) for limiting user's daily computer usage? I want to create a schedule for my kids.18:57
MordocVelarde: No worries. Have a good one...18:58
mechpilotaceanybody have any export song/track information from mpv? Im listening to a internet radio stream but would like pipe that information to a file or copy it from mpv some how19:02
ioriadiskin, this sounds interesting : https://www.linuxuprising.com/2019/11/timekpr-next-is-linux-parental-control.html19:02
mechpilotacediskin, might want to check out pam_time as well: https://superuser.com/questions/467811/how-to-restrict-user-from-login-saturday-and-sunday19:06
Mordocmechpilotace: Are you doing from the command line or from the GUI?19:10
Mordocmechpilotace: I use mpv from the command line a fair bit and only some stations display the track info.19:14
seven-elevenmy upgrade to 20.4 failed, now the installer asks me to resurrect or terminate the window, should I terminate?19:16
leonardusIs it possible to get UWP Windows 10 Store apps to run on Ubuntu?19:17
seven-eleveni terminated now, because resurrect just brought me back to the same error. now I get sudo: pam_open_session: Modul ist nicht bekannt19:17
seven-elevensudo: Regelwerks-Plugin konnte Sitzung nicht initialisieren19:17
seven-elevenso it seems like the upgrade damaged sudo hmm19:18
seven-elevenand su is also not working. should I reboot?19:18
Piratycan anyone assist me in removing ukuu and the kernels managed by it, and installing the "official" kernel package that comes with ubtuntu 20.4 ? i used to roll newer kernels because of hardware support which is now resolved (since 5.x). however i would like to revert managing kernels with ukuu and just follow whatever ubuntu ships by default19:19
seven-elevenreboot didn't help, authenticating phyisically is also not working, seems I need a rescue disk or use the backup19:20
seven-elevenim back in the machine, reverted a snapshot, so the full error is: https://dpaste.org/yURD19:22
seven-elevenshould I uninstall perl to workaround this error? :-)19:22
lackI'm trying to find out what (if anything) is normally supposed to run mpris-proxy from the bluez package.  Is there some normal way it usually runs, or is it something I should just set up on my own?19:32
lack(20.04, btw)19:32
oerheksbluez-utils i guess19:33
oerheks!info bluez-utils19:33
ubottuPackage bluez-utils does not exist in focal19:33
oerheks!info bluez-tools19:34
ubottubluez-tools (source: bluez-tools): Set of tools to manage Bluetooth devices for linux. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0~20170911.0.7cb788c-2build1 (focal), package size 149 kB, installed size 1023 kB (Only available for linux-any)19:34
openfacei have change perms in / and also sudo not works it tells it's a part of world, how can i reset all perms (chmod/chown) for / in system from rescue?19:34
oerheksopenface, backup data from live iso and reinstall?19:35
oerheksthere is no easy command to reset those values19:35
openfaceoerheks: i think chmod -R 644 / not helps19:36
openfaceor 75519:36
seven-elevenwhere should libcrypto reside, in /lib or /usr/lib?19:37
oerheksthis is my / >> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XnTTjFzRbq/  but if you did something chown -R recursive ...19:37
ioriaopenface, you might try this : (i'am curious if it works )  : https://askubuntu.com/questions/958141/fix-permissions-of-server-after-accidental-chmod19:39
oerheksinteresting url, if he did not use -R19:41
macakI have issues with screen flickering. My graphic card is supported by Ubuntu Kernel, but still i am getting screen flickering.19:42
macakEvery distro that i install is flickering.19:43
macakCan anyone help me?19:43
tomreynmacak: run this to get your current mainboard firmware:  journalctl -b | grep DMI:19:45
tomreynthen look on the vendor website for an update19:45
tomreynalso, different kernel versions may be worth a try.19:45
macaktomreyn i currently running Windows 10, i cannot do any of linux commands.19:45
tomreyni see. well, we only support ubuntu here19:46
macakI'm running Radeon 4650 graphic card.19:46
Velardemacak: switch to your Ubuntu install19:47
macakIt's supported graphic card in Ubuntu kernel, but i have screen flickering.19:47
macakVelarde every distro that i install is screen flickering. I don't know what to do.19:48
macakIt's some but in Ubuntu Kernel Radeon driver.19:49
macakOr is Xorg19:49
oerheks Radeon 4650 is below specs of the open radeon driver, 5xxx and up19:49
VelardeDo you have Ubuntu installed?19:49
macakVelarde no i am currently on Windows 1019:50
VelardeThen nobody here will be able to help19:50
VelardeTry running a live USB19:50
macakI will come back to talk to you19:51
oerhekstry to get an ati 5450 or higher..19:51
lackoerheks: The utility is part of bluez, not bluez-tools.  It installs the utility in /usr/lib/bluetooth/ but I haven't yet found any service definition or script that runs it, though.19:54
lackoerheks: I'm currently running i3 and not the default gnome desktop.  Wondering if there's something specifically gnomish that runs it, maybe?19:55
Piratygnome runs all sorts of things for you automatically19:57
Piratytrying to install linux-image, apt asks me to pick one of the many linux-image-foo packages instead (or along?) What's the most reliable way to install the default linux kernel package and stay with it and get the recommended updates for it? (i'm on 20.04)19:58
Piratyi.e. which is the current default kernel package, and how do i make sure to transition to the next when migrate to 20.10?19:59
tomreyninstall linux-image-generic20:01
Piratyah that looks like it20:01
Piratythanks tomreyn20:01
tomreynusually it'll already be installe,d though20:01
memphistohi. torrent magnetic links won't get open with qbittorrent any more, but with Popcornt time...can't change this20:02
tomreynupon release upgrades, this will just depend on the latest versioned kernel in that release, so nothing do to on your part20:02
Piratythat's good20:02
Piratyi had to use newer kernels due to lack of hardware support back when i installed20:02
Piratynot sure why i would uninstall that one though20:02
tomreynif you're on 20.04, then there aren't newer maintained kernels at this time.20:03
macakI was also stuck with kernel version 3, because when i was upgrading kernel i had issues with screen flickering.20:04
macakPiraty opensuse has newer kernels.20:06
Piratyit's fine now, was't fine with 18.1020:07
Piratyhence i needed to restore default kernel package situation.20:07
Piratythanks tomreyn20:07
oerheksmacak, your Radeon 4650 is below specs of the open radeon driver, 5xxx and up20:07
Piraty(it's not my own machine)20:07
oerheksnothing we can do about that, sorry20:08
macakoerheks so i must buy new graphic card ?20:08
Velardemacak: Or you could configure something like Arch to find a way to make it work20:10
macakI will buy new card i think so, intel20:12
tomreynmacak, oerheks: actually, man radeon on 18.04 lists "       RV710/RV730 Radeon HD 4330/4350/4550/4650/4670/5145/5165/530v/545v/560v/565v" as supported20:12
tomreynso that's radeon(4)20:13
macakMy graphic card is still supported by Ubuntu Kernel.20:13
macakI was reading on ubuntu site about that20:14
macakIt's driver bug i think so20:14
tomreynit's definitely old, but i don't see why you can't use it, yet, unless oerheks has more details20:14
oerheksall i know; AMD dropped support for the Radeon HD 2xxx, 3xxx and 4xxx cards.20:15
oerheksR600 and R70020:16
macakI am getting not much screen flickering, but it's still there.20:17
macakWhen i open the browser then is much more.20:17
macakIn kernel version 3 everything works fine.20:18
macakBut higher kernel i'm getting screen flickering20:18
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macakThanks for the help.20:19
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kyle__Hey, I'm having an odd problem.  I swapped out my old quadro card for a new 1650, and now my box won't come up except in emergency mode.  I already tried purging the old nvidia drivers and installing the latest in the repo (450 I think), and it more cleanly gets me to emergency mode...but still only to emergency mode20:41
kyle__I'm on 18.04, and the card shows in nvidia-smi20:41
* kyle__ is so confused20:42
MrElendigpost the xorg log in a sane pastebin20:43
kyle__It never gets to launching X.20:44
kyle__As far as I can see20:44
Bashing-omkyle__: Normal boot - at the login screen - key combo ctl+alt+F2 - can you log into the system here ?20:46
kyle__It never gets that far.  It dies durring the boot, and drops me into emergency mode.20:47
kyle__Single tty, not even multiple, no network even.  I used dhclient to get an address and ssh out20:48
kyle__I don't know how much thishelps: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Y6mPnyTGbj/20:54
kyle__it's the output of journalctl -xb20:54
SpeedrunnerG55my audio device is disapearing and reapering20:54
SpeedrunnerG55i am using ubuntu 20.0420:54
SpeedrunnerG55im using a logitech g430 headset20:54
* kyle__ hopes he typed that pastebin url right20:56
* kyle__ sighs20:56
Bashing-omkyle__: Taking a look at the log file ^.20:57
tomreyn"#38~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Mon Nov 11 09:16:10 UTC 2019"20:58
tomreynthere's no supported ubuntu release with a 5.0.0 kernel21:00
tomreynand if there was it probably wouldn't be half a year old21:00
kyle__Oh, I added a mainline kernel a while back because my ryzen board was being funky, and the fixes were newer than the (at the time) available kernel21:01
kyle__errr...that's weird. apt-cache madison says it's from bionic-updates/main21:06
Bashing-omkyle__: Sorry " root=/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root " above my skill level.21:07
kyle__NP.  That's just the funness of luks encrypted root :)21:07
kyle__Well...luks encrypted everything really21:07
kyle__What's the package name for the latest blessed 18.04 kernel?21:08
tomreynwhatever linux-image-generic (or -hwe if you use it) depends on: apt depends linux-image-generic{,-hwe-18.04*}21:10
sarnoldkyle__: I don't know what problem you're trying to solve but perhaps https://kernel.ubuntu.com/sru/dashboards/web/kernel-stable-board.html can help21:10
kyle__sarnold: sadly I'm on console only right now  :)21:10
kyle__Holding my creath on my latest attempt to fix this....21:11
oerheks18.04 hwe would give  5.3.0-59-generic #53~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 4 14:58:26 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux21:11
kyle__I'll search for the hwe.  As soon as this attempt times out X(21:12
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ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack21:12
kyle__I normally only have a GUI on my main desktop & laptop, so when this borked, I had to grab an antique netbook I use to run a scanner21:13
memphisto@SpeedrunnerG55 that happens only with your headset?21:16
kyle__FFS if it really is just that I didn't have noauto in the cdrom mount in fstab I'm gonna flip21:25
kyle__Also I had no idea the system had to deal with all that crap for snaps so early in the boot21:25
kyle__:/  Whelp.... That's embarrasing.21:27
kyle__Hu.... itdidn't auto-build the dkms module on install of the new kernel.  Had to dpkg-reconfigure the dkms modules.21:28
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SpeedrunnerG55@mem yes21:37
memphisto@SpeedrunnerG55 you do have usb disconnect ; could it be bad cable ?21:46
memphistoand can you put it to USB2.0 port21:47
SpeedrunnerG55Monotoko ?21:55
aardvark__I have a server and netstat shows only the VERY few ports that I expect to be open (ssh, http, https).  When I scan externally I find EXACTLY what I expect, EXCEPT that for some reason trying to connect by telnet to port 1688 just hangs, does not connect, does not get refused.  WHat is happening here?22:07
=== bparker_ is now known as bparker
bparkeraardvark__: could be a number of things, need more info22:11
bparkerperhaps you have a firewall and that port isn't being allowed through.22:11
aardvark__bparker: what else can I tell you22:11
bparkermaybe the daemon listening on that port is ignoring the requests (try to connect locally to verify)22:12
aardvark__there is no firewall other than iptables on either the machine I am probing from nor to, and there are no entries in there at this point other than what fail2ban has placed there and port 1688 is not there22:12
aardvark__bparker: I agree, but what daemon and why does netstat not show it.  And, tcp does NOT even connect22:13
bparkerdid you verify with e.g. tcpdump that requests to that port are actually being received by the OS22:13
bparker> what daemon <- if you don't know then why are you even looking at a specific port ?22:13
bparkerif you don't know what it is22:13
aardvark__bparker: I am not familiar with tcpdump, stand by please22:13
bparkernormally there is no 'telnet on port 1688' so you must have some idea what you're trying to connect to ?22:14
aardvark__bparker: it is a general port scan that is testing EVERY port, the auditors ran it first, discovered the porta nd asked what is happening there22:14
bparkeryou didn't mention that before22:14
aardvark__bpsecret: no, I am NOT trying to connec to anything, I am just scanning22:14
bparkerso is your actual question, how do I find out why port 1688 is open ?22:15
aardvark__bparker: I guess my question is more "why do I get a timeout when I try and connect".  I am not convinced it is really open.  As I say, I NEVER manage to connect22:15
bparkerthis sounds like a classic XY problem22:16
aardvark__bparker: excuse the igmorance, what is an XY problem22:16
bparkerwhen you ask how to solve a different problem than what you have22:16
bparkerso far what I've gotten from you is that 1. someone told you port 1688 is open, and 2. you cannot connect to it or find anything listening on that port, but 3. you want to somehow find out why something (that isn't listening) isn't responding?22:17
bparkerthe last bit really confuses me.22:17
bparkermaybe their scan is in fact what's wrong22:18
bparkerand it's not there22:18
bparkeryou could try doing your own scan22:18
bparkerbut if netstat shows nothing listening anyway, I wouldn't worry about it.22:18
aardvark__bparker: no they did not say that port 1688 was open, what the auditors said was that there is an anamoly on port 1688.  I tested, and I found the same anamoly22:18
bparkerand what 'anomaly' is that?22:19
aardvark__bparker: 1) Absolultely my own scan shows it.  In fact, I can even see the issue by just: telnet ipaddress 1688 - for any other port other than the ones I expect to be open, I get the refused, for the http/https/sshd I get a connect - for 1688 it just says "trying ..." and hangs22:20
bparkeryour own scan shows _what_ ?22:20
bparkeryou said it's not open22:20
bparkerso what does this scan say exactly22:20
bparkerand how did you scan22:20
bparkerand from where22:20
aardvark__bparker: my own scan shows, what I say here, I do NOT connect, but I do not get refused either22:21
aardvark__simplest svan I did was using telnet, as I say here.  And I have tested from our servers in vatious sites, countries and on different backbones22:21
bparkerwhat exact command did you use to check that the port is or is not open?22:21
bparkerand what commands did you use to check your iptables rules22:22
bparkerare you sure ufw is not also enabled?22:22
aardvark__bparker: from the repmotes I am just doing the telnet now, and as I say, the vakid ports connect, all other,except this one, refuse22:23
quadrathoch2aardvark__ wouldn't it just be better if you posted some logs showing us what's happening (removing the private stuff)22:24
aardvark__bparker: no ufw - in fact the server I am testing against  I literally just spun up to do this testing after I discovered that I could repeat what the auditors found22:24
bparkersudo netstat -lnt | grep 168822:25
bparkerdoes that show anything?22:25
aardvark__quadrathoch2: the log would be: telnet ip.address 1688 - trying ipaddress ...22:25
aardvark__bparker: the netstat shows nothing, as I hope, am intended to mention, at the start of this whole conversation22:26
quadrathoch2and your iptables and ufw?22:26
bparkerdid you actually run the exact command I pasted ?22:26
aardvark__quadrathoch2: no ufw and as I mentioned previously the ONLY entries in iptables are the couple of addresses that fail2ban has placed there22:26
bparkerplease post proof of that22:27
bparkerwith the commands used22:27
bparkersame for netstat22:27
aardvark__bparker: I just did your version, I had done it without the grep - with the grep, NOTHIN, without, the ports I expected22:27
bparkerI know you're frustrated but I think unless you start actually pasting these things, nobody is going to help much more22:28
aardvark__I'm happy to pate if you don't nmind if I redact the ip address, stand by22:29
bparkeralso did you try telnetting from the box itself, to localhost, on port 168822:30
bparkerwhat happens then?22:30
bparkeryou might have to start getting into the network topology here, maybe this box is in front of something else that's doing this22:31
aardvark__bparker: and others:  pasted at: https://pastebin.com/u9QUYrvx22:34
bparkerplease don't use pastebin.com22:34
aardvark__bparker: yes, from the machine itself I DO get rejected.  SO, I am now starting to thnk it is in the NOC that they are somehow intercepting it22:35
bparkerso there is potentially more hardware inbetween that you never mentioned22:35
bparkerI love wild goose chases22:35
aardvark__bparker: what's wrong with pastebin.com?  what would you prefer I use?22:35
bparkersomething without ads22:35
bparkersee /topic22:35
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:36
aardvark__bparker: there is ALWAYS more hardware - by definition a server is attached to the net through routers22:36
bparkerI think you know what I meant by that though22:36
bparkermore hardware as in something besides a final router on your premise that belongs to you, before the traffic leaves your own network22:37
bparkeror it could be that router itself22:38
aardvark__bparker: as far as I am aware there is nothing else thee, but clearly it is beginning to look like there MAY be - what I don't like about this theory is that I see the SAME  issue on my own servers-co-located and KVM instances at a variety of locations22:38
aardvark__bparker: yep - if all those NOCs are using routers that are similar, I agree - I find that hard to believe nut not impossible.  I had been assuming that the issue was a setting in the template that we spin up22:39
aardvark__We run almost 1200 servers scattered arounf the world22:39
bparkeragain, all of this information would have been more helpful in the beginning22:39
aardvark__that's why I said "what else do you want to know"22:40
bparkerit's not our job to always know how to ask all the right questions to get the info you need22:40
bparkerbecause you don't give us anything22:40
aardvark__I just spoke with Level3 - where the original server that has this issue is located and they now confirm it too and say that it is NOT any of their equipment.22:41
bparkerhelp us help you22:41
aardvark__I am now spinning up a virgin Ubuntu20.4 - not from my template - to see what I see there22:41
bparkerwait you're using VMs or containers or something?22:41
bparkerthat wasn't mentioned either22:41
bparkerthose facilities can also mess with networking22:42
bparkerit could be that they 'open' (let through without explicitly refusing, even if nothing is listening) that port by default for KMS purposes since windows activation uses it22:43
aardvark__bparker: NO - generaly we install from an ISO, it is just that the ISO was made from OUR machine22:43
aardvark__bparker: and everyone else - thanks so much for the help.  By spinning up a clean ubuntu20.4 and sticking it on a KVM I see NO PROBLEM,  With MY ISO I have the problem, so even though we are not aware of anything we did, there is something there - tyour patience got me to this point - thank you all so much22:44
oerheksport 1688 Microsoft Key Management Service (KMS) for Windows Activation[138]22:45
bparkerI'm a bit confused how an entire OS was installed so fast since you're not using VMs or anything22:46
bparkerespecially the phrase "spin up" made me think it was a VM22:47
aardvark__bparker: as I just said - for my quick spin up test, I absilutely did spin up on a KVM, or acyually pair of KVMs22:48
aardvark__since I could see the same symptom on the KVM and on the bare-metal I just spun up the KVM, since it is quicker and less disruptive22:49
aardvark__genera;lly we like KVMs but since we do credit card processing we do not run live sites on them22:50
bparkerwhy would that matter if you're not storing PFI anyway (at least I hope you aren't)22:55
bparkernot storing or handling in any way*22:56
aardvark__bparker: even when you store nothing, for a short period they keys and the CCARD number have to be in memory, otherwise I could not transmit the CCARD number fro m the venue to the processing house.  In THEORY, on a shared machine there is a small risk of things like RowHammer being able to sniff that22:57
aardvark__we are certainly MORE cautious than we need to be - but that's what gets us the clients.  Almost 1200 active cients, some with MANY venues22:58
aardvark__bparker: but you are correct, we do not store ccard or like information other for the short time that it is passing through.  Actually PCI compliance requires that22:59
bparkeryou should never even be seeing people's card numbers23:00
bparkerthat problem has long been solved23:00
bparkeryou don't need your own PCI compliance if you let your merchant handle the PFI23:00
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aardvark__bparker: the one other time we need to store a little, is when someone comes in and wants to run a tab.  We do scan their card at that time and need to keep that info until they check out, UNLESS the venue is one where they actually physically hold onto the card, in the latter case we just keep a salted hash of the card23:01
aardvark__bparker: we get MNUCH better rates for our clients by handling our own PCI compliamnce.23:02
bparkerthat sounds completely backwards and asinine23:02
bparkerthe less eyes a card sees, the better23:02
aardvark__but that is the way the banks work - the more you work with payment cards the wierder it gets - we've been doing this for thirty years23:03
bparkerwhat kind of rates are we talking here?23:03
aardvark__bparker: I 100% agree with you.  And I also believe that we should become like Europe where almost noone ever sees the card.  They bring the machine to the table, I put my card in, I enter my pin, I give them the card back23:03
aardvark__bparker: most of our clients are on a 5c scan no percentage.  Some chose a scan fee free but small fraction of a percent.  And some are higher, if their banks don't like them.  We have one granchise with arounf 1000 coffee shops, I believe he is actually gree with Visa and a scan fee for M/c and AmEx23:05
aardvark__and we have a loit of clients that are fee free with Discover23:05
aardvark__I guess Discover makes their moeny on finance fees23:06
aardvark__I do know that the fee thinbg is a horrible mess.  We jave a module tht estimates what the client will be paying and it has to have like 10 values enetered for each client when we set him up23:07
aardvark__we are processing many millions of dollars per day with Visa alone for our clients23:08
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