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jphilipsthe more i use gnome software, the more i hate using it - https://imgur.com/cEqxx9M.png04:35
jphilipsthank god for synaptic04:35
jphilipsbluesabre: lightdm is used in mx linux :D05:03
Unit193LightDM is used in a fair bit of places, there's not a lot of options when it comes to DM.05:04
Unit193LightDM, GDM (which IIRC doesn't work outside of GNOME well), SDDM (KDE's), Slim which is very unmaintained, LXDM which is also very unmaintained, and maybe XDM? :P05:06
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jphilipsUnit193: when i was mentioning lightdm, i was specifically talking about the gtk greeter that bluesabre works on, as other distros/flavors use lightdm with a different greeter17:57
jphilipscurious if you replied to my question about how we could get xubuntu core as official17:58
jphilipsis there a GUI for configuring light-locker?18:01
TheMasterjphilips: It'd be official if built on Canonical infra, eg released on cdimage.ubuntu.com.21:58
jphilipsTheMaster: and what steps would need to be done to get that started21:59
TheMasterWe've been *trying* to do it for years, it's not that the thoguht never occured to us...22:00
jphilipsoh okay22:06
TheMasterIIRC, we've been trying since about Bionic, but I could be off on my timeline.22:12
jphilipswould like to help it along if i can by reaching out to popey or wimpy if need be22:13

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