brodacodehi! :)01:09
brodacodedude, you have a similar name xD01:09
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abtm_question, I have an xubuntu VM that is displaying the wrong time.01:30
abtm_it knows what timezone I am in and displays the accurate minutes and seconds but it shows the hours to be 4 hours ahead01:36
abtm_shell date command shows the correct time01:38
abtm_the clock applet is displaying in the custom format of %a %b %d, %Y%n%-I:%M:%S %p01:42
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Guest19156Hey can someone maybe help with an issue I have05:28
diogenes_!ask | Guest1915605:36
ubottuGuest19156: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:36
Guest19156I am using 20.04 and it has a flickering screen when I move the mouse around I'm on a compaq with and amd athlon x2 nvidia driver05:54
diogenes_Guest19156, try disabling compositor.05:55
Guest19156That did the trick thank you very much diogenes your a hero !05:57
diogenes_you're welcome but now you probably gonna have a bit of tearing.05:59
Guest19156Yeah I'm able to live with that05:59
diogenes_then all is good :)06:00
Guest19156Yes thanks again06:01
jarnosIs it normal that I see splash screen by Ctrl-Alt-F1 even after boot has finished and I am logged in an Xfce session? I see progress inicator circulating and text below tells it is checking filesystems. (20.04)07:57
pmjdebruijnit's not mormal07:58
pmjdebruijnps axuf | grep fsck07:58
jarnospmjdebruijn, it just shows the grep command08:01
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jarnospmjdebruijn, /etc/default/grub here https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/GGMJ8TM27G/; using closed nvidia graphics driver.08:14
pmjdebruijnyeah I have no clue about the closed nivia drivers, I avoid that asif it's covid :)08:24
pmjdebruijnstick around, maybe someone else might be more helpful08:24
lyrHi there. trying to switch my bluetooth headset to adp, got a "Failed to change profile to a2dp_sink" in the UI. Used to work on Ubuntu (gnome)08:58
dreamonhello. made a upgrade 18.04 to 20.04 since xfce is after a period of time (5minutes) not clickable. I see taskbar working but cannot click anything.09:45
dreamonSTRG+ALT+F1 work. Its a notebook ATI radio HD5409:46
abtm_question, I have an xubuntu VM that is displaying the wrong time.10:40
abtm_it knows what timezone I am in and displays the accurate minutes and seconds but it shows the hours to be 4 hours ahead10:40
abtm_shell date command shows the correct time10:40
abtm_the clock applet is displaying in the custom format of %a %b %d, %Y%n%-I:%M:%S %p10:40
abtm_also the lock/login screen shows the correct time10:45
varun_anmyjjuydjtyhhhh vjdytyt fdpor8ytp;'''''9gfdisojpjpb n11:28
xu-help32wsono italiano12:06
CelsoGood afternoon!15:20
CelsoHow do I increase the font size on tty?15:20
CelsoMy monitor is 24 "and the font is small.15:20
CelsoIs there a shortcut like in xfce4-terminal?15:21
pmjdebruijnCelso: you mean the kernel console15:25
pmjdebruijnCelso: https://www.tecmint.com/change-console-fonts-in-ubuntu-server/15:25
Celsoincrease the font size on the console.15:26
pmjdebruijnsee the link I pasted15:26
Celsopmjdebruijn: thank you15:27
CelsoIt looks like it's already set to 8x18.15:33
pmjdebruijnI would expect 8x16 to be honest15:40
pmjdebruijnthere is a 12x24 version of terminus15:40
pmjdebruijnnot sure if it's installed by default though15:40
Celsopmjdebruijn: I will restart the computer to see if the changes apply.15:46
Celsopmjdebruijn: I managed to increase the font size, thanks!16:07
Noboru55Hello, i would like to know some light email client to xubuntu16:29
Noboru55can't use gmail in sylpheed, connection failled18:23
Noboru55is gmail blocking or... need to do something special to run client mail in xubuntu ?18:24
Noboru55only gmail does it..  i am using other account imap and its working very well18:26
Noboru55when tried the gmail, gmail adviced on browser mail they found someone trying to connect the mail18:27
Noboru55of course i tried to configure it.. but i think gmail does not allow me to use the imap18:27
Noboru55i will not enable 2 steps verification18:30
junoNoboru55, maybe try https://www.claws-mail.org/faq/index.php/Using_Claws_Mail_with_Gmail18:38
junoclaws is forked from sylpheed, so maybe it will work18:38
Noboru55trying it right now18:38
Noboru55i think that option of "less secure" will hepls me18:39
Noboru55juno thank you very much18:39
junosure thing18:39
Noboru55yes, worked very well18:42
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LogimiteI need help with installing xubuntu20:36
Logimitei am getting an error.20:36
Bashing-omLogimite: Pastebin the error for the channel to see ?20:40
Logimitei have a video of the error20:40
Logimiteshould i post link to that?20:40
Bashing-omLogimite: Sure, we can try that and see what we can determine.20:40
Logimiteis anybody on?20:42
Bashing-omLogimite: ^^ I do not have access to goggle drive :(20:42
diogenes_Logimite, better upload to imgur.com20:43
Logimitecan you upload imagess?20:43
diogenes_or youtube20:43
Logimiteit says files are too large20:45
Logimiteso i cant upload to imgur20:45
Logimitesorry i disconnectedd20:47
Logimitecan you please help me?20:48
Logimitewith the thing i said earlier20:48
Bashing-omLogimite: We do not have crystal balls to know what is going on - how do you suggest we proceed to get you installed ?20:48
Logimitei thought i said it earlier20:49
Logimiteand i disconnectedd20:49
Logimiteand i came back20:49
Logimiteokay i think that this video should explain my error20:49
Logimitethis is while installing xubuntu20:49
Logimiteoh not that20:49
v1adimireasy, there, killa :P20:49
Bashing-omLogimite: At this point all we know is there is some error - so vauge there is nothing to go on.20:49
Logimiteit is while installation20:49
v1adimirYou need access20:50
v1adimirAsk for access, or switch to an account with access.20:50
Logimitehow do I do that20:50
LogimiteI am installing xubuntu20:50
Logimitei dont have account20:50
v1adimirmaybe try https://postimages.org/ or https://imgbb.com/20:51
Bashing-omLogimite: No ides of what google drive could have to do with an xubuntu install.20:51
Logimiteit is a video20:51
Logimiteso i cant share with any of those site20:52
Logimiteokay let me put it on yt20:52
Logimitethis is it20:53
Logimitethis is my error20:54
Logimiteis anybody on?20:55
diogenes_Logimite, patience please.20:56
v1adimirnobody but us chickens here20:56
LogimiteI am very sorry20:56
Bashing-omLogimite: Sorry - I can not make out what the video portrays.20:57
Logimiteit is my error during installation20:57
Logimitewhen I am trying to install it20:57
Logimiteit closes the window20:57
Logimitewhen i have the partition error20:57
v1adimirLogimite: is it a blank drive you're installing to, or?20:58
Logimitei installed it by using a sata adapter20:59
Logimiteand flashing directly20:59
v1adimirugh. what? :)20:59
Logimitei took out the hard drive20:59
Logimiteand i used an adaapter20:59
Logimiteso i can flash the drive20:59
Logimiteinstead of using anything else21:00
diogenes_Logimite, what happens when you click 'device for bootloader installation"21:00
Logimitelet me try it again21:00
Logimitewhere is that button21:00
v1adimirdiogenes_: his "problem" is going to be wayyy beyond that, as he's "flashing" a HDD via a adapter...21:00
Logimitewhat is wrong with that?21:01
v1adimirHonestly, I wouldn't even know where to begin, LOL21:01
diogenes_no clue what adapter is that.21:01
v1adimirand, you know.. just, why. :)21:02
Logimitei didnt know how to do it another way21:02
v1adimirum, that was rhetorical I swear21:02
v1adimirLogimite: how was your hard drive working before, what operating system did you have and are there any other drives in the system?21:03
Logimiteso i flashed it on macos21:03
diogenes_Logimite, ok i hope guys in here will help you to figure out because at this point my brain is boiling, if you don't solve the issue come back again tomorrow.21:03
Logimitethere were no other drives21:03
Logimiteand there was no operating system21:04
* diogenes_ is offline21:04
v1adimirok and it's a SATA drive, plugged into the motherboard via a SATA cable?21:04
v1adimir(forget any "adapter" that you're talking about)21:04
Logimiteso I should format the drive?21:05
v1adimirdo you have access to another machine, preferably Windows so that you can make a bootable Xubuntu USB, using Rufus: https://rufus.ie/ ?21:06
LogimiteI don't have a windows though21:06
Logimiteso can I use etcher or unetbootin21:06
Logimiteon mac21:06
v1adimirbecause there's NO reason that you wouldn't be able to reconnect your HDD normally, just the way it used to be - and, simply, install Xubuntu using its regular setup menus21:07
LogimiteBut I do not have any other operating systen21:07
v1adimirthe Xunbutu (Ubuntu) installer is *very* good and the only thing that I can think of is that you made "a dodgy" USB21:07
Logimiteon the laptop I am trying to install21:08
Logimiteso it will boot if I use an external USB?21:08
v1adimirhow else are you expecting to install the OS? :) via DVD drive?21:08
LogimiteWait, can I use a dvd?21:09
v1adimirWell, how did you load that setup in the video you uploaded?21:10
Logimitethe sata21:10
v1adimirOh, geez. :))21:11
Logimiteokay right now I will take out the hard drivew21:11
v1adimirSo, made a bootable installation from the Xubuntu on the HDD drive that you're trying to install to? xD21:11
v1adimirThat's too crazy, lolz. :D21:11
v1adimirCan you run a live system with it?21:12
v1adimirAt least use it to create a bootable USB, right?21:12
LogimiteI yes21:12
Logimitei already took it out though21:12
v1adimirWell I guess either etcher or unetbootin ^^ should suffice in creating a bootable USB and /or DVD for your installation.21:13
v1adimirThe plug-in the drive back normally and boot the computer from that ^ USB /or DVD and simply install to the HDD21:14
Logimitebut there is one problem21:14
Logimitemy hard drive cannot be formattedd21:14
Logimiteso should I just put a blank iso file on it?21:14
Logimitelook at what?21:15
v1adimir1) you need to use a Xubuntu ISO to create a bootable USB stick /or write it to a DVD.21:15
v1adimir2) boot from that USB and install to the drive - use Xubuntu setup for ANY disk operations you may need - and IF for some reason it won't let you:21:16
Logimiteso, I can just plug the hard drive back in?21:16
v1adimir3) use the bootable USB to run a live system and install-and-use Gparted to simply remove all partitions from the HDD21:17
v1adimiryou do NOT need to have any partitions on the HDD, nor do you need to format it: the Xubuntu setup does it all for you.21:17
v1adimirhope so :)21:18
v1adimirand don't (ever) use "dd" to make a bootable media from the ISO, btw.21:20
v1adimirwhen you get to those options, if21:20
Logimitewaait, if i decide to use cd21:20
Logimitethen how would I do that?21:21
Logimiteso I flash the cd21:21
MrWarwakaEUVladimir, vi russkij?21:21
Logimiteand then I put it in the computer21:21
v1adimirMrWarwakaEU: Serbian :)21:21
Logimiteand boot21:21
v1adimirLogimite: there's no "flashing" going on, I don't know what you mean by that.21:21
Logimitelike in etch21:21
Logimitelike you put the os on the c21:22
MrWarwakaEUI dont speak serbian21:22
v1adimirRight, it's retarded that they're calling it flashing21:22
v1adimirit's creating bootable media, from a ISO file21:22
Logimiteso how would I do that with a cd?21:23
v1adimirsame way as with a USB :)21:23
Logimitewith the dvd though, it doesnt open until you start the computer21:24
v1adimirI don't know if etcher, or whatever is capable of doing it - perhaps best if you have a USB at hand (all data on it WILL be destroyed)21:24
Logimitewell I know that etcher is capable of doing it21:25
Logimiteand I dont really have a dvd on hand...21:25
LogimiteI know21:25
Logimiteyes, I do have one21:25
v1adimirYou use the computer BIOS to select what drive it will boot from, right..21:25
Logimitei dont know how to use bios21:25
MrWarwakaEUis there any media palyer for linux that shows on autoradio the resolution of video beeing played the way BS player for windows do?21:26
v1adimirMrWarwakaEU: No idea, other than VLC21:26
MrWarwakaEUVLC dont do that21:27
v1adimirLogimite: Maybe you need to take a second, then, and figure out first how to get into your machine's BIOS and change the startup order. Usually it may already be set to boot from a USB/DVD first, by default, unless you've changed it.21:27
Logimitewait, my computer is restarting21:27
Logimitefor some random reason21:27
Logimiteis it possible for me to join again?21:28
MrWarwakaEUI dont mind21:28
LogimiteI have stopped the reboot21:28
v1adimirLogimite: Yes, from here: https://webchat.freenode.net/21:28
LogimiteThe last time I tried that all the chat history was cleared21:28
Logimiteactually,  I will reboot later21:29
v1adimirOr maybe something like https://www.irccloud.com/ from your phone, but you'd need to figure out how to get to chat.freenode.net21:29
v1adimirEasiest is to use the webchat21:29
v1adimirit's ok, there's no critical info here that you may miss later. :) you just need a bootable USB, to which you've loaded the xubuntu installation using unetbootin or whatever, and plug in the drive normally and install21:31
v1adimircareful the USB will be wiped21:31
v1adimirnot sure if a 2GB one will do, but 4GB for sure will work21:31
Logimitei am using a 250gb one XD21:33
v1adimirthat'll do :P21:33
v1adimirLogimite: if you just go for it (and don't change anything in the BIOS) and the computer doesn't start from the bootable USB = it can simply mean that it wasn't made right21:34
Logimitebut are you sure that the internal hard drive doesn't need a wipe?21:35
v1adimirand there's usually, on newer machines, like you can press F11 or something to get a little manual menu during startup to select what drive to boot from just the one time21:35
v1adimirwithout getting into the BIOS at all21:35
LogimiteI am on a 2004 laptop21:35
v1adimirok that's probably NOT going to have it :)21:35
Logimitehow do you go into bios?21:36
v1adimirbt u never know, check what flashes across the screen when starting you know that sort of thing, like at the bottom21:36
v1adimirusually it's F2, or the DEL key depending on the machine21:36
v1adimirsometimes it's ESC on some laptops21:36
v1adimirand just find the boot order there and like put the USB and /or DVD above your HDD - it means that whenever you have a bootable USB /DVD drive when starting the machine, it will load from there before the hard disk21:37
Logimiteon mine it says the lenovo care button.21:37
v1adimir*plugged in21:37
Logimiteany idea what that is?21:37
v1adimirno clue =)21:37
Logimiteokay i am booting21:38
v1adimirdid you make a bootable USB and return the HDD to its SATA cable to the motherboard? :)21:38
v1adimiroh! that was FAST, then. :$21:39
Logimitethere was an option saying boot from first hard drive21:39
Logimiteshould I have done that?21:39
v1adimirright, it's a laptop... so HDD back into the case then..:) err, I don't know - see what's loading now?21:40
Logimitesame screen21:40
v1adimirbecause you have made the HDD into a bootable USB basically xD21:40
v1adimirso we don't know, lolz21:40
Logimiteit is bringing up a new screen21:41
v1adimirhm, well - hopefully!21:41
v1adimiryou don't need any manual partition options - if you select the "automatic" install it will respect the amount of RAM you have and make the swap partition that same size and so on21:42
v1adimirit's all automagical in Xubuntu21:42
Logimiteit is installing21:42
v1adimirfingers crossed21:42
Logimitedo you think xubuntu would run well on a 2004 laptop?21:42
v1adimiryeah, it should be decent21:43
v1adimirjust install the uBlock Origin Add-on for Firefox to get rid of the ads21:44
Logimitecan you install Midori21:44
Logimiteon xubuntu?21:45
v1adimirshould be in there i think21:45
v1adimir"Midori is part of the Xfce desktop environment's Goodies componenthttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midori_(web_browser)21:45
v1adimirbt I've never used it, so idk.21:45
Logimiteis it normal to take this much time to install?21:46
v1adimirafter a while you'll get a button somewhere on the bottom right, something like that to skip the rest of the install - but I don't know by heart, don't wanna say something wrong21:46
v1adimirand if the drive isn't a SSD then yeah it can take a while21:47
v1adimirand also how fast is your internet..21:47
Logimitevery. fast21:47
Logimiteand it is ethernet21:47
Logimiteand its a hard drive21:47
Logimiteit is stuck on Creating ext4 file system for / in partition #5 of SCSI521:48
v1adimiryou may have booted from the HDD again, then21:48
Logimiteoh no21:48
v1adimirrly not sure sry21:48
Logimitebut i got farther than last time21:49
v1adimirpartitioning shouldn't take that long at all, I can tell you that much. :)21:49
Logimiteoh no....21:49
Logimiteshould i shut down?21:49
v1adimiri guess and see how to change the boot order from the bios21:50
v1adimirtry DEL /F2 /Esc when first powering on - just tap the buttons a lot21:50
v1adimirand CTRL+ALT+DEL if you miss it and try again /different keys21:51
v1adimirand CAREFUL with the BIOS, lol, don't rush anything in there. :) no putting any passwords, or anything crazy like that xD21:51
v1adimiryou don't need to DISABLE any devices - just switch the boot order around21:52
LogimiteWhat should I do in bios21:52
LogimiteI got to boot orddder21:53
v1adimir(and save on close, usually it's F10 to save and close)21:53
v1adimirwell, raise the USB drive above the HDD in boot order, right?21:53
v1adimiryou want it to boot from your USB setup first21:53
Logimitelet me show you a pic how it works21:53
Logimitenot workss21:54
v1adimirwe are spamming this channel's logs BIG time by the way, lolz :f21:54
v1adimirok so the USBx ones you need to move 'em up... try + or something?21:56
v1adimirnot the "USB FDD"21:56
Logimiteusb hdd?21:56
v1adimiri think so21:56
v1adimirand "key" for good measure maybe21:56
LogimiteI do not see key21:57
v1adimir"USB KEY"21:57
v1adimirno need whatever that is21:57
v1adimirthen just F10 I think to save and close and blast off!21:57
Logimitei did it21:57
Logimitenow rebooting21:58
v1adimirmaybe you need to press a key when you reboot, to launch USB setup, like any key? does it prompt something like that?21:58
v1adimirjust see21:58
Logimiteit says lenovo care21:58
Logimiteand i see this weird button outside keyboard21:58
Logimitemaybe i press that21:59
v1adimirnah, hopefully it's booting from the USB now21:59
v1adimiryou can always start the live system and not the setup directly21:59
v1adimirand see what's going on21:59
Logimitehmm it is now giving me a black screen with a blinking terminal thing21:59
Logimitewell,  it is not doing anything22:00
v1adimirthat means you're booting from the USB and it's not made correctly - just use a different program to make a bootable USV22:00
v1adimirbootable USB from the Xubuntu iso22:00
v1adimirand you're good to go22:00
v1adimiri guess? :)22:00
v1adimiri never understood how many new versions of etcher with their fancy website will they need to make - to actually have a working product. xD22:01
Logimiteunetbootin is ugly but it is good22:01
v1adimirit's been like that for years, I don't get it. :f22:01
v1adimiralright just highlight me if you get stuck again. gl! :)22:02
v1adimirv1adimir: << like that22:02
Logimitev1adimir it does not worj22:03
v1adimiryou mean from another machine?22:03
v1adimirhow are you going to make the bootable USB?22:03
Logimiteunetbootin is not recognizing22:03
Logimiteso i will use etcher?22:03
v1adimirnow I'm not sure again if we're on planet Earth together. =) are you on a different machine now, to make the bootable USB?22:04
v1adimirok on unetbootin can't recognize your new huge usb? :(22:04
v1adimirwell, ****22:05
LogimiteI turned on unsafe mode on etcher22:05
v1adimirmaybe try etcher i don't know, i make 'em via windows using Rufus always - can't remember the last time I've used anything else sorry22:05
v1adimirgonna eat something b4 i pass out22:06
Logimitehmm it still doesnt work22:19
Logimitehmm i think that he left22:23
Logimitehas he>22:23
Logimiteor has he not22:23
Logimitehas he22:23
Logimiteor has he not22:23
v1adimirLogimite: You see how on the Rufus website https://rufus.ie/ that first screenshot shows MBR and BIOS/UEFI22:28
v1adimirThere's a difference between a UEFI install and a regular BIOS which you have and if you use a (modern) tool like Etcher it will always default to making a UEFI bootable media and that's why it's not working.22:29
v1adimirIf you can believe it..22:29
Logimiteso should we use  unetbootin?22:29
Logimiteit didnt work22:29
v1adimirit doesn't see your USB drive is that it?22:30
v1adimiryea, that's messed up :( you'll have to look for a different tool and maybe someone here can help22:30
LogimiteI know what is wrong22:31
Logimiteit says you should reformat it aas fat3222:31
Logimiteso that it can reaad22:31
v1adimirsry I don't use the tools, so don't know by heart22:31
LogimiteI know how but it will be difficult...22:32
Logimitewell, thank you22:32
Logimitei will try on my own22:33
Logimiteand tell you if it workss22:33
v1adimirYeah man, good luck. :)22:33
Logimitewait what?22:33
Logimiteunet bootin is acting weird22:33
Logimitesomething happened22:33
Logimiteand it started writing22:33
Logimitethat is weird!22:33
v1adimirlook if you want 100% bulletproof way (and this is retarded), then:22:34
v1adimiron your other linux machine you can always install the oracle VM and install windows and use Rufus within it to make the USB. :))22:34
Logimitebut that is just...22:34
Logimitevery stretched out22:35
v1adimirbut, I mean.. That's crazy, for whoever else is reading they may wanna kick me in the butt for even suggesting it. =)22:35
v1adimirif you have a DVD writer on your other machine, use some other software to write a bootable dvd from the xubuntu iso22:35
Logimitei have that22:36
LogimiteIT INSTALLED22:36
Logimitelet me try it22:36
v1adimirwhatever program that may be idk. https://www.google.com/search?q=xubuntu+make+bootable+dvd =) ah, ok22:36
Logimiteoof i forgot to eject22:36
Logimitewill that corrupt it?22:37
v1adimirhopefully not, if it was done writing /caching everything xD22:37
Logimiteit says this is not a bootable disk22:38
Logimiteon the laptop22:38
v1adimiryeah, certain unetbootin versions work with certain ISOs and certain USB drives, that's just the way it is (another totally insane thing, which is true)22:38
v1adimirit's like disneyland, except in hell :D22:39
v1adimiryou have a blank DVD, have you checked if your other ubuntu computer can do this? https://tutonics.com/2012/07/how-to-create-bootable-live-cddvd.html (the first half of the page, it's automatic)22:41
Logimitei have an elementaryos computer22:41
v1adimirthere's even "Steps for creating a Live CD with MacOS"22:41
Logimitewell elementaryos is based on ubuntu22:41
Logimitei will try22:42
v1adimirMaybe the sotware is there, if you're lucky22:42
v1adimirand if you *do* make a DVD, you'll have to move your BIOS order https://ibb.co/dbSctP222:43
v1adimirto boot from dvd first...22:43
v1adimirif it asks you for write speed on the dvd, use the lowest possible or "failsafe" or whatever, not the highest22:45
v1adimirlike, literally 4X or whatever it is22:46
v1adimirdont select test, dont verify data..22:46
Logimitedo you  have discord?22:47
v1adimirI have Telegram /Signal22:47
v1adimirLike Viber, on my cell phone22:48
v1adimirdiscord is *horrible*22:49
v1adimir.. there's so much scripting to it, it doesn't even run in my protected Firefox. :$22:50
v1adimirand there's no way I'm using any app of it, or anything crazy like that, hehe22:51
v1adimirdid you see my /query /private message? :)22:51

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