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Odd_Blokeblackboxsw: I'm not seeing those changes on #113, did you push?13:41
mockHello. I have searched online yet I cannot find any reference to having the write_files module not add extra line feeds into the files it produces. Can it write the files without those extra line feeds? Is there a trick to it?18:01
meenamock: can you show us an example of what your input and output look like?18:08
mockYes, wait one...18:09
meenaonline, in some pastebin…18:10
mockI have several different files my file is writing. All of them are like that.18:16
meenawhat's the line endings in your input look like?18:17
mockI'm using vim on Fedora Linux, so just \n chars.18:19
rharpermock: what version of cloud-init ?18:20
mockCloud-init v. 19.3-2.amzn218:20
rharperare you running this on ec2 ? how are you getting your user-data into the instance ?18:22
rharperdo you paste in the user-data ?  or upload a file?18:22
rharpermock: ^18:23
mockOh, I think it might how I'm reading the file via Python. Let me try to adjust that and see what I get.18:24
mockNevermind. That's what it is.18:26
rharpercool, glad it was easy18:26
mockMe too, but I wish I had thought to check that earlier.18:26
rharpernp, glad we could help18:27
mockThanks for the cold bucket of water.18:27
mockIt's all good now. Thanks again!18:59
robjoblackboxsw: Maybe a brief chat about https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/1883907 this afternoon? Or anyone else from the core team that matter19:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1883907 in cloud-init "EC2 data source does not properly return the instance ID when cached data exists" [Undecided,New]19:04
Odd_Blokethe r in rharper stand for rubber duck. ;)19:08
rharpernice, TIL19:10
rharperI was sort of doing that in the vmware discussion on PR #229 (fallback datasource)19:11
rharperrobjo: will there be a complete cloud-init.log of the failure scenario ?19:12
Odd_BlokeI have one of these sitting on my desk, so the expression is always top-of-mind for me: https://codewith.mu/img/en/howto/debug_duck.png19:14
robjorharper: No, I can request one but based on my understanding of the context I have done all the digging and more or less am looking for confirmation that I didn't miss anything19:14
rharperthe log file would help; but; it it seems plausible;  looking closer at the instance_id check in stages19:15
rharperrobjo: what version of cloud-init ?19:16
robjoAs far as I can interpret what I received in a bug is 1.) Start instance 2.) Create AMI from Instance 3.) Start instance from new AMI19:16
robjothat's 19.419:16
robjobut that code hasn't change since so master shold have the same behavior19:17
robjoIn the instance from the new AMI initially we load the cahced data source and thus get_instance_id() returns the incorrect value19:17
robjobut I added some debug code and have proof that get_instance_id() eventually returns the new instance data19:18
robjoand that the user data script gets executed19:18
rharperjust checking;  looking at stages.py:_restore_from_checked_cache();  I would expect us to throw away the cache file at local time;   we do restore the object, then we check /run/cloud-init/.instance_id  to ds.get_instance_id();  this fails as run isn't present on new image;  ec2 does not have a check_instance_id() method; so invalidate the datasource cache19:18
rharperthe log file should confirm that for local stage, we'll see a 'cache invalid in datasource'19:19
rharperthen we should try _get_data() on ec2, which will bring up ephemeral dhcp and crawl things; and all should be fine.19:20
robjoThat's what I found in my test, i.e. the initial incorrect information get's discarded and things fix themselves19:21
rharperrobjo: ok, so what's the bug then ?  this happens early in local, so all of the module stages run like new instance; (because it is)  ?19:21
robjoI think we're OK and would tend to close the bug19:21
rharperI can paste this discussin in the bug and mark it invalid?19:22
robjoAs said I wanted confirmation that I didn't miss anything and a bug appeared the natural place for me to capture my data19:22
robjoYes you can close it as invalid, or I can19:23
rharperSure, let me respond there and answer your questions19:23
robjoOK, thanks19:23

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