BluesKaj'Morning all11:30
mamarleySo it looks like Plasma 5.19.1 fixes the Powerdevil-icon-not-appearing bug I was having.12:56
mamarleyRikMills: Is there some hold-up as far as getting that in the PPA?13:02
RikMillsmamarley: I'll be doing it later today13:02
mamarleyRikMills: Awesome, thanks!  (I'm not trying to rush or pester you; I was just wondering.)13:03
RikMillsnp :)13:03
geniiJust checking if user Michael T. Starnes was removed from Telegram bridge, spammer14:46
BluesKajwe have another spammer, or the same person with different nick,  genii15:25
geniiBluesKaj: Unfortunately, since it's coming through a bridge by IrcsomeBot1, the operator of the bridge needs to do the removal15:27
BluesKajI see, ok genii, thanks for the info...btw how's things ?15:28
geniiBluesKaj: Work is busy now since some restrictions are being lifted, which I guess is good15:29
BluesKajright, good to hear... not much happening up here covid-wise, I'm thankful for that15:31
RikMillsgenii: they are gone16:16
geniiRikMills: Thanks16:17
RikMillssanta_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/188412018:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1884120 in Ubuntu Groovy "[needs-packaging] kwayland-server" [Wishlist,New]18:40
RikMillswill upload later once PPA build is done on all archs18:40
RikMillsuploaded to NEW18:50

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