tomwardillgoing to attempt the loggerhead upgrade trello card10:10
tomwardillnever tried to get loggerhead running locally, so here goes...10:11
tomwardillgarbo OCI job appears to have DTRT on labbu10:13
SpecialK|Canonobligatory "wait my builds are gone, are you calling them garbage" etc. etc.10:15
tomwardill... yes, yes I a10:15
tomwardilloh hey, a list of OCI Registry Credentials just appeared on my test instance!10:33
tomwardillhow do I bzr push to a local instance....10:37
tomwardillfound it, but bzr still expects /dev/ to be on launchpad.dev10:40
tomwardillhacked it10:41
tomwardillupgrade loggerhead to r501: https://code.launchpad.net/~twom/launchpad/+git/launchpad/+merge/38600110:50
tomwardillta, landing. Will give it a proper poke on staging as I've only got limited test data to hand in my dev instance11:01
ilascyep, makes sense11:02
ilasctomwardill: in relation to the list of OCI Registry Credentials: please start filing bugs with things you don't like, or think you  would like to see improved and subscribe me11:15
ilascnot long and we should have the Edit OCI Registry Credentials functionality too 🙂11:15
tomwardillilasc: left some comments on your credentials edit MP14:10
ilascthanks tomwardill !14:11
tomwardillhappy to be wrong about the removeSecurityProxy things, but it just looked a little odd14:11
ilasc I'll have a loo, thanks Tom :-)14:13
tomwardill"Total: 0 tests, 0 failures, 7 errors, 0 skipped in 7.570 seconds."15:52
tomwardill... going well then15:52
tomwardillfairly sure there should be more tests than that15:52
tomwardill"Total: 181 tests, 0 failures, 137 errors, 0 skipped in 33.517 seconds."15:54
tomwardillunsure if progress15:54
tomwardill" Path 'Question.<primary key>' matches no known property."16:34
pappacenawell, at least the error message changed... hehe16:58
tomwardillokay, not the model I started with, but Converting questionsubscription to Storm: https://code.launchpad.net/~twom/launchpad/+git/launchpad/+merge/38603117:15
* pappacena reviewing17:20
tomwardillthanks pappacena, I'll land that in the morning when I'm around to poke buildbot if required17:27
tomwardillone step closer to Storm Questions.17:27
* pappacena 🎊17:36
* tomwardill -> EOD17:47
tomwardillgoing to file the buildbot RT in the morning, because why not on a Friday?17:47

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